Strange Stranger (shot 3)

Hello everyone, here goes Shot 2..
Gauri POV
Its 11.18A.M. and I’m still here in Marine drive waiting for those idiots who planned for shopping. I’m sure, I would have completed walking at least 4kms within that 100mts by walking to and fro. I finished my regular 2plate pani puri, vada pav and pav bhaji at perfect time interval, but still there is no sign of them, no reply for my messages too. Okay.. let me wait.
» 5mins» »15mins» »25mins»
Thats it.. no more wait.. I dialed them in conference call, one said she’s struck in traffic, other said she got late in her designing class. Ufff.. I have to wait for one more hour ??. Let me walk for sometime, so that I can kill some more minutes.

After walking for some good mins, I saw something catchy.. what is that? Let me go near that.. it looks like canvas with painting. (Reached canvas) Wow.. its such a good.. no awesome gorgeous painting.. looking so realistic, but why can’t I feel it soulful.. is it something related to darkness or loneliness? Ummm.. Painting is really good.. just fantabulous.. but what does it convey? (Trying hard to figure out)

I don’t understand.. who is the artist? I wanna know what this means, also appreciate him/ her for this work. (Search search search..) Aaahh!! There is young man with long hair and big framed specs.. he is so simple and have that artistic touch on his face.. if my guess is not bad, he must be the artist of this painting.. Just go for a try Gauri.. (Walking towards the man).

What had happened to me? This is not my kind of work, Y did this happen in my life ever time, that it started reflecting in my passion. How will I come out of this?
Already I lost hope in relationship because of my parents.. Riddhima and Ishana r the ones who added fuel to the fire. Why do I feel empty even though I’m surrounded with lot of good and positive things.
I can’t take this loneliness.. no its emptiness.. I can’t take it anymore. I never believed in miracles or magic.. (Someone called me? No who would know me here?) but I wish something like that should happen. (Wait someone is calling me I think).

Gauri POV
Ahem Ahem.. Excuse me!! (He turned to her) Umm.. hi.. I’m searching for the one who did this art work.. I think its u.. am I right? (Noded with a smile) Oh damn! That smile.. it just started from his lips and when his eyes shed that spark when his smile reached it.. anyone will fall for him.. even me.. wait.. why am I drooling over him now? (Snapped out)

Oh that’s great!! Ur painting is really impressive, its so realistic (Enough stop that flirty smile Gauri what will this man think about u?) Oh man!!! His voice is too manly and that makes him too s*xy.. how can someone attract the other just with a word “Thank you”.. he did!!

Who is she? What does she want?
What is that expression when I smiled?
And what’s so wrong when I said thank you? What her eyes try to convey.. she’s so confusing man.. I’m already confused.
Excuse me Miss..? R u ok?

Gauri POV
Hell with u and ur flirty thoughts.. control yourself girl. Umm.. yeah I’m good.. actually I wanted to know more about ur painting. This is colourful and realistic, but.. I feel something intense.. u wanna convey something through this..
but I’m not that much good in analyzing art.. could you please explain what it says? (Uff.. I’m gonna kidnap him and arrest in my room forever if he keep staring.. oops.. actually he is looking intensely with his beautiful deep intense eyes)
He is just a stranger girl.. u don’t know anything about him.. Don’t fall for outer beauty.. don’t repeat ur stupid history.. focus on what u want.

Meanwhile his POV
Haha.. just look at her mixed expressions.. she is like a key operating doll.. her body language, gestures and her perfect petite figure makes her look like a live doll.. look at the way she is looking.. I’m sure she is keen know or ask something from me..
Was she talking to me? Oh no.. I didn’t listen anything. Was I checking her out? Uff.. Om what’s wrong with u? Just think what to do now.. think think.

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  1. Awesome

  2. Niriha


    Dear Verna
    Gauri And Om Pov?? It’s Interesting Shot??????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  4. It is awesome dear

  5. Dinu

    Hiiii dr! Welcome back ???? nw only I read both 1 n 2 prts of ur ff.i liked it so much.n specially 2nd prt is awesome ?? n gauri’s flirty thoughts???? bt cnt blame her.any girl would fell 4 our charming om’s smile n his intense eyes?????(including me??) eagerly waiting 4 nxt episode dr.curious 2 know wht answer will he give 2 gauri???? plz post d nxt epi soon dr. byee tc????

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