Strange Stranger (shot 2)

Here goes Shot 1
I woke up when I felt warm kiss from my hot friend Sunny (Sun) all over my face. He is an irritating friend of mine, who will ruin my beauty sleep every morning when he wakes up. He is the only one who I helplessly spare without punishing for ruining my sleep.

I pleaded my Di, even though I know she is also a devil to my sleep, to close the curtains, but she denied and that naughty potato opened fully and went running. I was fuming at her, but she didn’t succeed running out of my room because she was trapped by a hooded figures arms.

And then that evil smile born in my lips and to rejoice victory I went back to my beauty sleep. Di and hoodie man stare each other for few secs and he placed a kiss on her left cheek to turn it blood red. Meanwhile she stood in shock, hoodie man pressed a button using a remote control and suddenly room was dark.

Hoodie came to me, helped me to bury myself inside my quilt with a peck of kiss on my forehead. I raised my hand lazily a bit for hifi. He too clapped with my hand caressing my hair and turned to see our opponent. I heard her huffing and coming towards us to fight back.. she started hitting on his hoodie head and tried to pull off my quilt but before she could reach me, he grabbed her in his arms arresting her for protecting me.

She blushed for his touch and shared a cute eye lock which was ruined by my naughty Creech. Hell.. Why the hell do u guys blush now.. If u wanna romance, get lost from my sight and do it.. I blurted sleepy. They both burst out laughing at me.

After making fun on me, Di asked him, U r the one who spoil this brat even more.. to which he got ready to answer by taking off his hoodie. He turned and winked at me, he said, Look Mrs. Mehek Shaurya Khanna, how many times should I warn u not to disturb my beautiful Saali when she’s in her beauty sleep.. Don’t u understand that?

Di said, U already pampered her a lot and spoiled her more than enough.. now u have turned these curtains to remote controlled.. u never listen to me.. this was my last and only hope to make her wake up now u blocked that way too.. And my Jiju replied, Because this is the only time my Saali’s bak bak will be at pause, so that I will have some peace and started laughing at his lame joke.

But I was really irritated with this answer and started throwing cushions at him with pout on my face. Soon it turned out to be pillow war between 3. Finally that husband and wife duo succeed making me wake up then I went to refresh.

After changing to my casual wears, I headed downstairs to join my family for breakfast. I must say, my sister is SUCH.A.GREAT.COOK. She even owns patents for few of her recipes.. also an equal share holder of my Jiju’s chain of restaurants. Her food and care is the only thing that can heal me at any situations. After all, my Jiju is also addicted like me. Its a hobby for my Jiju to pull my legs.. he sarcastically asked, So what plans do u have in stores today? R u going to meet ur boyfriend? With that sarcastic grin on his lips.

His grin turned to smile when.he saw me rolling my eyes. How dare he shoot such question on me knowing I’m not in any screwing relationships.. I just passed a glare at him. After few mins, my crazy friends called me and we decided to go for shopping. When call disconnected, I looked at my beloved Jiju (Yep.. he s My Beloved Jiju) and as usual he ignored me and got busy in newspaper.

I pouted at my Di who was next to him, she immediately grabbed his wallet from his pant pocket and threw his platinum card in air so that it’ll reach me. All these happened withini seconds and before he conclude anything I kissed on Di’s cheeks and flew from there. When I was heading out I heard cry of my Jiju and my Di consoling him. Haha.. such a crazy couple.. aren’t they ??
Oops I forgot to tell my name.. my name is Gauri Sharma 😉 😉
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Love u all.. Take care 🙂 🙂

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  1. Awesome

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  3. Negisanyukta

    Fabulous.I just loved it to the core.????
    The way u r describing Gauri’s character is totally different from the read track nd i m loving it.?????
    Gauri nd her sister have a cute sissy bond.I must say u r an adorable author.????
    Keep writting dear.

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  5. Niriha

    Awesome…lovely bonding btwn thm.waiting for next part update soon

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