Strange Stranger (shot 1)

Hello my drs.. I’m back with another new crazy story. I prefer to write Few Shots often than regular FF or one shot. Because I can implement all new ideas and different story plots can be choosen.

So this time my few shots described about 2 strangers and their conversation as strangers. Let me introduce the character names and their look.

Omkara Singh Oberoi

An Artist, sad soul who is very sensitive when it comes about his family, he is a believer only when it happens. In his own words “Love can be realized/ felt, only when it happens”.

Right now his relationship status is single.. and NOT ready to mingle. Because he lost hope in love after experiencing his parent’s failed relationship. He is not that type of man who runs behind money. Yes, he is a well recognized artists around the world, a self made billionaire despite being an Oberoi.

His views and breath is Truth.. just TRUTH. Whatever happens, he never dump truth for anything and anyone. He even experienced a failed relationship with his long term girlfriend Riddhima, who showed him a bitter taste of love and poisoned his mind about love. Fate didn’t spare his belief on friendship too, his belief was destroyed and trashed by a con women Ishana, who used and betrayed him for his money.

All these made him go weak, and enter the drug world, which is heavenly looking hell. He stick to his past, which always give him pain. He never rised up his head to see his future. He is not opening up person except with his beloved brothers Shivay and Rudra. Although life gave him hard lessons, he remains a simple, caring and kind hearted person.

Gauri Sharma

A chirpy, happy go lucky girl who wants to enjoy every moment of her life, never ever worry about anything unless she feel it is important. Her smile, sense of humor and chirpy nature attracts anyone towards her.

She too have some bitter past, failed relationship, loss of her dear ones and few betrayal by her dr ones which turned her to be a strong girl. She never worries and think about her past which gave pain, instead she learnt lessons from her past to build her better future.

She is bit rude at nature. But very loving and caring deep in heart. Loves to love each and everything around her. She never show her kind nature so easily, She is very hard to open up with anyone, but sometimes, if her mood permits, she’ll be the craziest thing in this world.

Shivay and Annika Shivay Singh Oberoi (Shivika)

Omkara’s elder brother and sister in law. They r very supportive to each other and love their family. Omkara’s moral support at his painful situation. Family and their safety are their first priority.

Rudra Singh Oberoi (Rudy/ Ru)

Naughty youngster, cry baby, who tag himself as a playboy. He is fun loving, chirpy guy. Fun material in all 3 brothers. He is supportive and helpful in anyone’s love matter. He plays Cupid role in his brother’s life.

Shaurya Khanna and Mehek Sharma (MehRya)

Brother in law and Sister of Gauri Sharma. Shivay’s business rival. Mehak is a caring sister of Gauri and Shaurya is an over protective husband and brother in law who assures his family safety all time.

I really don’t knkw how much shots it will go.. it may go for quiet long story or may end up in just 2 shots. Its based on my mood and response I get from u. Pls do comment, to encourage me writing.

I’m also writing in Wattpad and my Id is VernaVeru.. those who have account there pls do follow and vote me there.

Take care drs.. Love u all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  1. Niriha

    Awesome…waiting 4 next part

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    First Congrats for completing 100 articles here.
    Nice introduction for each characters.
    Don’t know i will be continue with reading as my exams are coming….if time permits will read.

    1. Verna

      Wow.. Thank u so much Fenil.. I didn’t notice that this is my 100th article here.. no problem read when u have time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear


  5. Your Comments it’s nice plz continue and update quickly

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