our strange love story THAHAAN (EPI 7)

hii guys thanks for ur response love u all stay blessed
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as u knw that TU page is not submitting a long epi so as my frnds suggested I will give only short epi

hope u understand lots of love
so here starting my epi 7

sorry guys I m so shy in writing Romance so u had to wait little bit but u all will enjoy every epi that’s my promise

here in jungle thapki was laughing continuously recalling the bihaan scared face and how he hides behind her..
he make an angry face and look at her
bihaan:”oh madam do u want to laugh whole night standing here or will be come with me and find any way …”
thapki(controlling his laughter);” OK OK sher g let’s go who knows when a mouse jumped on u and eat u ..”
bihaan:”plz stop it now u r so bad just coz of u I was in this jungle ..”
thapki realise that its not correct time to fight with him now and they had to need to find to eat something and a shelter to spending whole night coz its not possible tat any medium will come at this time…

thapki:”OK bihaan I think we had to have our dinner nd find a shelter coz its impossible to find any one who can help us…”
bihaan:” gajab I didn’t imagine that A chuk chuk gadi had a brain also…. anyway u r right as we don’t have any option ..but mata g what will we eat ha …. we hadn’t brought anything for dinner I had thought that we will have our dinner when……”
she stop him in middle and said:”I knw Mr fat head what u had thought now just leave it ,,,, I had brought some food we will eat that OK.”

bihaan:”wow great … hmm! u had got brain after coming to my house quite impressive!!.”
thapki:”I m smart since birth so u just stop ur stupidity and let’s have a dinner.”

she take out her tiffin she open it but he was shocked …
:”just two chappatis and veggies !!!!! omg it will not fill even half of my stomach madam…. really u r too clever…”he said
thapki:”stop ur nonsense Mr fat head I had packed it for me only did I knw that we will have to spent night in this jungle coz of ur Katrina.”

bihaan:”hey!!! don’t say anything to my kattu I mean Katrina she is innocent its just coz of u chuk chuk gadi.”
thapki:”oh really!!! so see what I do ? now I will not give u anything to eat u just call ur Katrina she will give ur dinner and even will feed u with her hands OK.”
saying this she started to eat…. bihaan can’t tolerate this and began to snatch the tiffin box ..
she too tried her best that he didn’t take the Tiffin from her…
they began to fight. (thahaan funny bgm plays)

bihaan:”give it to me chuk chuk gadi!!,” he says while struggling
thapki:”take it sher g if u have courage…”she replied giving him a look
bihaan :”OK now wait and watch what I do with u…”
he moves forward to her…
she got scared…
he come close and said:”u don’t want me to eat the chappatis and veggies so OK I will not but I will taste them..”
he said while looking at her lips
she got more scared…
he come closer..
her heartbeat raised…
she closes her eyes he come more closer and holds her from waist … thapki was freezed ..
he look at her….
he come more close now inch gap between their lips

before she could understood he had taken away the tiffin box ..
soon she realised he had tricked her but what she do he had eaten the food and was smiling looking at her stupidity….
bihaan:”so u understand what will happen if someone challenge B phor bihaan pandey…”
he laughs and said:”u r really a fool chuk chuk gadi…. junglee Billi…”
thapki:”I will not leave u Mr bihaan pandey soon u will get answer of this…..”she makes an angry face

bihaan:”kali jali huyi junglee billi…”
he laughs
thapki too smiles and thinks(really bihaan u r not that bihaan which u pretend to be , I can see a innocent cute kid in u . Be like this always I didn’t like that rough tough and fake bihaan..)

ranjhana plays…
for a while she had just forgotten everything and was looking his cute dimple sweet smile… (uff mere manuu ki smile…. love u manuu… Oho anu again I go in my dream land sorry returning back to ff actually its not my fault my bihu is really very cute )

bihaan:”oh madam what r u thinking come out from ur dream world and think where would we will be spent our night…”
he moves his hand in air in front of her.
soon she come out from her world and said:”yes wait let’s find some shelter..”
they move forward…
he was carrying the bag and she was walking few steps behind him…

after going some metres thapki saw a small hut and signs bihaan that they can spent their night here…

bihu nods and they enter..
no one was there… so its easy for them
so thapki takes out two stalls of her which usually she carry
they can put it on floor and can sleep on them after all its just for one night..
bihaan get worries but he knows they r helpless so they had to manage…
soon they sleep on their respectively stalls and bihu say :”oh madam good night and plz ha dont try to do anything wrong with me in ur sleep….. he giggles…
thapki got irritated and said:”good night fat head …”
they look at each other
its full moon that day and moonlight was falling on thapki…and she is looking more beautiful he get mesmerized….
but then he realised and move his face and fall asleep…..

soon she too sleep

at 3 pm night

she turns and suddenly she heard a lion roar..
thapki:(why bihaan is producing lion sound may be he is trying to irritate me no no bihaan pandey u can’t I m not coward like u)
she thinks again she heard the lion roar and soon realised that it really a lion
she got too scared.. and starts sweating
she said in a low voice:”bbbbbihaan lllion!!!!”
bbbihaaan lllllion!!

he heard her voice and said while sleeping”:yes thapki I knw I m a lion now just sleep”
thapki said:”oh u fool I m saying lllion lllion,…:”
lllion llion lion!!!!
bihaan:”yes I knw I m lion now stop it thapki…”
he wake up
after getting irritated and he too saw the lion in front of the hut door..
he get shocked and look at thapki:”u mean lion.”
thapki nods

bihaan got frightened ….

A little boy around 3 years in a dimly lit bedroom.
boy- mom…mom…..mo….mommmm.. what happened next did the lion had eaten the hero heroine plx mom tell me fast.
a woman laying on bed with him..no response??
B- maaa ( his smile now transited to a pleading face)….please tell me fast..
W- ( in a sleepy tone) beta I m feeling sleepy now u too sleep I will tell u rest tomorrow now sleep my boy
B- Maaa…. plz mom .. ( he couldn’t complete his sentence seeing his mom’s look…)…….( suddenly all colours of rainbow n butterflies he had imagined in his thoughts…flew away…)
She won’t tell me a story… she never will…. she’s always like this…but why bhagwanjii….WHY????????
W;now stop ur drama and sleep quietly otherwise I will not tell u the rest story then u had to repent…
B:”OK mom …”
saying this he quickly sleeps holding her with her little arm thinking of story…

epi ends

hope u guys like it

love u all
keep thinking about the Lady and the boy

and how will thahaan will save from the lion

next epi soon

one question guys
whom u want in my ff

PRECAP: surprise and new entry

love u

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  1. except sankar, I want all of them

  2. Sheena & kabir !u feel shy to write romantic scenes really???????

    1. Anubhuti

      yes I m but I will try

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    Was a great one dear n I want shraddha Kabir n sheena plzz don’t bring sankar in ur story I really hated her n she is the reason our thahaan is not together today.n shraddha I hate her too I liked her funny Bhabi ji charecters but not she is irritating to watch..plzzz don’t seperate our thahaan here because cvs did it all to us now nothing is left

    1. Anubhuti

      OK my frnd thanks for reading
      love u

  4. Sorry When would u update next episode?

    1. Anubhuti

      I m writing

  5. Simrank

    Amazing epi it was so funny I loved lion parts and that tiffin one too I love bihaan ‘s character nd I guess the small boy will bihu nd lady will be kosi devi I want kabir shradha and sheena no Sankar plz update soon darl tc lu ??

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks yar keep reading


    wowwwww…….. ???…..superbbbbbb…….
    mujhe toh ff mein sirf aur sirf Thahaan ko dekhna hai. aaj ke episode padhke mujhe poorane pyaari Thahaan yaad aaya….???

    new entry joh bhi woh kohi baat nahi. lekin, 2 love tracks padhne mein maza nahi aayega.

    haan….ek aur baat love triangle toh bill kull math likhna Anuuuu…..??…
    new entry thapki ya bihaan ke achche dhost ho toh achcha lagega…..?

    waiting for next part….. ?

    1. Anubhuti

      tension na lo love triangle bilkul bhi nhi hoga
      thanks for commenting

  7. Mansak

    Hey guys one bad news for all jigyasa fans
    She has got badly injured
    Pls pray for her

  8. what a superb part…….gajjab dear.i want shraddha bhabhiji……..keep writing.you just rock it dear……my dear friend anu…..

  9. I want Sheena,kabir,shraddha.I don’t want sankar.she is my hatest one.already CVS have made sankar to separate thahaan.

  10. Mansak

    and one more thing your ff is awesome and i want sheena as bihu friend then jealous and all

  11. bihaan why did u leave the serial i and others are going to miss u a lot i am so angry at u i miss u and will always do 🙁

  12. Navami

    Hi dr…nice epi…i dont want sankar….really…pls dont bring her to ur ff..tc dr

  13. KUDRAT

    Sorry ANU,
    Sorry for so late cmt,
    SUPERB episode..
    Wating fr next..

    To jungle m dhoom-dhaam ker rhe h

    Take care,
    Nd thax for updating..

  14. Anu sorry mai toh phir late hoon yar .pr thahaan ki no jhok gajab .
    Aur gober bilkhul b nahi chaiye I hate her hate her hate her plz sankri k elawa meri shradha bhabhi g ko dalo.

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