our strange love story THAHAAN (Epi 6) part 1

Sorry for late guys finally my xams are over and now I will continue my ff I knw in original tpk bihu had died and lots of emotional drama and so our thahaan had separated from us mani sir Monza di had quit Tpk and so everyone is sad still mani entry is not confirmed and lots of tension so through this ff I try to makes u all happy and this and upcoming episodes will be full of comedy nok jhok of our thahaan hope u guys support me as always and keep reading my ff so here I start my epi 6 really sorry for late

in bihaan room that a an were looking at each other and thapki was emotional and scaredSoon he moves away and shout in anger:”Don’t ever try to come in my room . I hateu and even u didn’t like my face so why this kind of caring drama and acting of being a nice wife .I m not a kid I can take care of myself so u better stay away from me Get out from here!!!”He shout thapki get teary eyes and left from thereAfter she went bihu feels bad for her and said:”I don’t knw whatever I m doing is right or wrong but I knw one thing that I love my mom thapki and u had hurt her and so I can’t forgive u but whenever I saw ur innocent face my heart says that u r innocent and u had done thing and so I turn weak but I will not …. I had to ignore my heart coz For B phor Bihaan Her Mom is B phor Bhagwan and her saying is lineon stone for me ..” He saw outside ( bihaan sad version bgm plays)Here outside his room thapki was thinking:” why I dream such things ??? I hate him and so he too hates me ,how can I forget that he cheated me he married me forcefully he always kept me on chains why whywhy??? Whenever I saw him my heart says that he is not what he pretends to be…..bihaan pandey had a different side which no one knows. His eyes try to tell me everything about him but thats me who is unable to saw the real bihaan pandey..……Oh God! Just show me a way I m confused whom I believed my brain or my hearts whom I see ?? The one who is Goon or the one who cares for everyone and had a nice and pure heart …. SO CONFUSING……”She was thinking all this suddenly she faints..

Mali kaka saw thapki and shout :”BAHU RANI!!…… BIHAAN BETA COME SEE BAHURANI HAD FAINTS….Bihaan come outside and saw thapki he runs to her and try to wake her up .. He carries her in arm and take her to his room..KOSI & LADIES come upstairs.
Mali kaka call doctor..Soon the doctor came and examines thapki. Bihaan was worried for her Kosi too shows fake tears and concern..Doctor said:”Don’t worry she is fine… Its a good news she is pregnant …. Bihaan and kosi g congrats…”Doctor leavesEveryone get shocked..Bihu was hell shocked kosi looks at bihu (seems she was trying to say from her eyes how it happened???)Ladies congrats kosi and bihaan Soon thapki get up and one lady tells her Thapki too get shocked thapki(in mind):”oh God!! Ye kya??? How???.She looks at bihaanAnd our hero was too thinking how it had happened but he goes and hugs thapki suddenly and she get super shocked …Soon ladies and kosi devi left…Bihaan close the Door and thapki look at him angrily and began to cry and throw the room stuff towards him and said:”Ghatiya insan (cheap man) u I will kill u .. What had u done with me what’s all this?? Ha tell meU r so cheap cheaper man….,, why u done this with me??? I m right u r goonU used me ….She was crying hard like a kid.Both r confused what had happened and how??She continues:”u r very bad …… Gunde mawali u made me pregnant how dare u I will call police and send u jail” .. She began to say all bad words to him…He can’t tolerate nd shout:”Chup just shut up!! Ha how dare u to think about me like this I m not such kind of guy and I never do anything against my values nd I respect u … I m shocked too we both knw that we dont have such kind of relation I think its misunderstanding but u had to continue this drama
.”Thapki:”but why? We will say that’s its doctor misunderstanding and everything will be fine.

“Bihaan:”No its can’t possible its about my ma respect in front of society so u had tobe pregnant…..”She get shocked hearing his wordsBihaan said :”I mean u had to act like that u r pregnant…” He sighs a relief
Thapki:”Are u idiot ?? What r u talking how can I act no its impossible go nd inform everyone ..
“Bihaan:”no way its about my mum respect and I can do anything for her respect in society and that’s why I Marry……”.( He realise what he said and stop for a while). I only mean that u had to act and that’s final no more arguments..
.”Thapki:”but bihaan 9 months drama nd what about the kid and all???
Bihaan:”no worry I will find a cute baby u just continue ur drama.
“Thapki:”bihaan ji don’t be silly I think u r not in senses how can I act I mean….”
Bihaan:I understood u can act same like actors act in serial and films u can keep pillow (ha ha ha)Thapki:are u crazy??? What r u talking? Ok u don’t want to say so I will inform everyone OK…”She try to go but he holds her hand and push her towards himShe lose her balance and falls on himThey both fall on bed…She was on himThey r very close they have an eyelock (na na na bgm plays)Soon they separate and she gets up He feels irked She goes outside and go to downstairs but there she saw doctor already tell ladies and kosi devi that its his fault and thapki had faints due to weakness she is not pregnant soon he leaves Thapki sighs a relief
Bihaan too comes downstairsHe is also gets happy
Ladies tells kosi:”don’t worry kosi g better next time and ur son and Daughter in lawhadn’t gone to honeymoon u had to sent them na…”Kosi don’t want to sent them away but for her respect in society and in front of ladies He tell thahaan to pack their bags and be ready for their honeymoon…Thahaan again super shocked
Bihaan;”oh god what’s happening with me today??? Honeymoon with this girl why ma is doing all this.. She herself want me to stay away from her and now honeymoon… Hey uparwale what’s going on

Thapki too thinks the same but kosi with her sweet words made her agree and she goes in hr room

To be continued……..

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