Our strange love story THAHAAN (EPI 14)

Hii guys I m back with epi 14 of my ff
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Only few epi more & then I will end this ff

So plz bear me …

Here I start…

Its little ayan habit to hear his hero heroine story from her mom
Yet he was too small to understand love as he is only 3 years old but he love to hear the story as hero was brave like a superstar & heroine was like an angel whom he often watch in cartoons so he imagine them and gets happy and so thapki has an hidden intention to tell him his own parents story …

So everyday she use to tell him one part of her story & cute little kid hear it with full interest…

Today again after supper she is ready to tell him the story…

Ayan comes & sleep on her lap and started hearing the story

Thapki continues…..

Fb shown…

One fine day @ kosi residence
Thapki shown in kitchen….and sheena was in garden with mali kaka looking at the flowers
Suddenly her eyes fall on thapki & she gets an idea & sign kaka

Kaka winks..

He goes inside in kitchen

From another side bihaan enter talking with his friend on phone (uff our bihu )

Sheena saw the water pipe

Here he was busy in talking
Suddenly sheena began to throw the water on him..
& he fully drenched in water
B:”uff sheena what u done? U will never changed …. Wait I show u the real bihaan pandey….”

He snatch the pipe from her hand & began to splash the water on her…
Both Sheehan was playing with water & enjoying it …
S:”uff teddy bear….”
They laugh…

Here in kitchen
Thapki saw them from inside & really how much she was jealous how I tell u guys….?

Kaka smiles and saw her cute jealous face…
Suddenly he saw something burning smell
Uff it was the chapati ? ..
Both mata g & chapati Sheehan ko dhk ke kala ho gye ??

Who is more jealous no one knows
Thapki or chapati…

Kaka laugh on her condition

Soon thapki realise what she done & she become angry on sheena …

Here outside

Shehaan was fully drenched…
But bihu want to take revenge from sheena so he again throw water on him

:”holi hai!!!! Chipkali…”

S:”uff Teddy bear .. U will make me ill stop it now,…”
She try to take the pipe from him but she fail & due to slippery place
She slip
She hold bihu shirt & it get open
(Uff and my bihu look super hot ??? in naked body…) Mera manuu


thapki who was watching all this
Get extremely jealous & her mouth was wide open

Mali kaka smile in his heart…

She angrily come outside & close the tap
T”bihaan & sheena u both play enough now u go & change otherwise u will catch cold ….”
Uff her face burning like a furnace….

Sheena observe this & gets happy

Bihaan look on confused(in mind):”what happen to her why she is behaving strange I think kitchen mai rh ke sar garam ho gya …”

He leaves giving a strange look to thapki

Thapki too leaves from there (in mind):”this girl come to snatch my husband no I will never let her succeed I knw its kosi plan they both want to snatch him from me but I will never let them succeed…”

Sheena laughs :”oh thapki u r so sweet I knw u love teddy bear a lot & will always take care of him…”

Scene shift

Everyone on dining table…
Thapki about to sit next to bihaan
But sheena come & sit with him
Which make her jealous…

Kosi:”sheena bitiya I was thinking that u had come after so many years so let’s go to famous matarani temple ?….”
S:”nice idea aunty g I m ready ….. What u say teddy bear?…”
B:”hmm OK we will go there…”

Suddenly sheena thinks:*uff what I had done I had to bring thapki bihaan close & if they will come to temple then???? No no sheena think something & stop them to go..”

She gets an idea

After some time
Everyone was in Hall

Sheena to thapki:” thapki I don’t know clearly but I think I forget the puja materials in storeroom will u bring it plz…”
Thapki:”but sheena I Had taken everything ….”
S;”plz thapki plz plz check once,..”

Thapki nods & she went…

When she didn’t return
Sheena understood that kaka done his work

Sheena to bihaan:”bihaan thapki isn’t looking?? Where is she?
I think she is in trouble
U had to find her…”
B:”but why chipkali she is not kid
She was busy somewhere ..don’t worry,..”
sheena:”she consider u as ur friend will u not help her go na find her for me….”
Bihaan:”ok my red chipkali I m going…”
He went

Sheena becomes happy…

Here in storeroom someone had lock thapki there & she was shouting for help but no one listening

Bihaan comes there & found the door lock

He open it and saw her:”oh madam what r u Doing here? Let’s go ..”
They were about to leave but again someone close the door from outside…

Thahaan get shocked…

Sheena & kaka smiles

Kosi search for bihu by couldn’t find him
Sheena tell her lie that he will join us later
Let’s us go ….”

They left
& now our thahaan alone in that dark store room

B:”wow see just because of u … I m stuck here ….”
He gave her an irritating look
T:”so who had told u to come here & rescue me Mr super hero….
they began to fight
B:’i m really very sorry mata g next time if u will jump into well or from mountain I myself be there to push u…”

T:”oh how sweet of u then I will hold u too & we both will fall from mountain OK….”
B:”no way I have no interest to die with u., it will be more horrible than death .. Newspaper will say Mr handsome dashing bihaan pandey jump with an ugly fat witch ,…omg sound so horrible,,”

T;”I will not leave u,..”
B:”first catch me…

Bihaan started making fun of her

:”God g save me otherwise this chudail will eat me up
U knw na I m still kid and this will be child abuse …”

T:oh stop ur drama … Mr kid and think so that we go outside from here…”
B:”really u want to go outside but u r enjoying fighting with me now wat happen LADY KATAPPA,…”
T:”what? What? Did u say?? Lady katappa… I will kill u ha what u think of u… That u will insult me & I will bear it no its false ..Mogambo g …”

B:”wow mogambo ?? …. OK mogambo khush hua …

He keep teasing her
& she getting irritated
T:”oye mr chedi Singh ….”
B”what??? Chedi singh
Ok yes lady katappa
But miss katappa is this ur original hairs or a wig as original katappa is taklu so it means u also taklu ??…”

T:’stop it otherwise na today u will die .??

B:”K phor kill me lady K phor katappa but before this plx tell me why lady katappa kill bihaan?
Lady katappa bihaan ko kyu Mara ????”

Thapki become so angry and she move towards him ….
T:”ok I will tell u why I will kill u…”

She move towards him with angry face just to scare him but suddenly she shout

:”chuha !!! Mouse mouse !….”
B:”what u call me mouse?…??
T:”no bihaan not u real mouse …”
B:”again u call me mouse ….u knw na I scared from mouse ..,”
T;”that’s why I m saying mouse on ur shoulder..”

Bihu get scared & said:”thapki plz save me
Plz plz do something …”

She began to cry …
Thapki get confused what to do?…”

T:”mouse plz go from here plz I will give u ladoo..”
B:”wht rubbish?? Thapki do something otherwise it will kill me & eat me like ladoo …”
T;”stop bihaan I m thinking,..”
B:stop thinking do something … Plx ..”
He started cry
:”ma plz save me na?…”
Mouse g plz go na I promise this lady katappa will always give u her clothes …. & I bought daily food items for u,”
T:”what my clothes ??..”
B”oh lady katappa stop na I m talking ..”

Bihaan continues
:”mouse g leave me plz …”
Thapki saw few grains lying on the floor
She collect it & put it near the window

After a while mouse saw it & goes from bihu shoulder & soon went outside…
Bihaan gets happy
And hugs thapki

B:”thank u so much u save my life? U r always my dear friend thank u very much …”
Ranjhana plays

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  1. Anubhuti

    T(in mind):”sometimes he behave like a kid but I knw he is pure hearted and only I knw this bihaan & just want him to stay near me don’t knw why but its nice feeling whenever he is near me it give me happiness when he is with me but if I saw him with someone I cant tolerate it,,, really strange ..”

    T:”its ok bihaan ..”

    B(in mind):”I really can’t understand why always I love to irritate u ..
    Sheena is too my friend but their something which only I feel around u .. Our marriage our meeting all r destined
    but don’t knw why I just want to irritate u whole my life
    Just want to feel u …strange. ..”

    They separate
    They didn’t look in each other eyes
    T:”no worry bihaan its ok…”
    She smiles

    He too smile looking at her

    Epi ends

    Hope u guys will like the nok jhok & jealous thapki

    Love u all
    I will give short updates
    Do comments
    Have a marvellous day

    Precap:”thapki drunked again & u all knw what she do when she drunk…
    Who will save bihaan from her hand

    To knw this keep reading

  2. Nice and cute epi ??

  3. Nice part anu. waiting for next one

  4. Thahaan i just luv them……they were the first on whom i wrote a ff

  5. Oh!!!my goodness lady kattappa…gajjab yaar.how are you dear?miss you dear…pls update your comments on written group…take care my friend.

  6. gd one….but wants to knw more …plz update lng epi…


    Hi anu,
    kesi h..
    thax yaar, thanku sooo much , pta h m do din s pagel ho ga..e ki ab tera ff aaega, ab aaega.. Mene har ek minute m 6 bar check kia..
    well, superb yaar.. MINDBLOWING.. Eagerly wating for next plzzz yaar.. Please..
    chal apna dhyen rakeooo..
    or plzz jaldi ff ktem mat ker..
    Good luck..!!
    bbbye….a !!
    or soooon
    nd LOVE YOU…

  8. Juveria.ghalib

    Hi anu sorry for late comment.loved the episode dear..jealous was soo cute n that shirt treating scene was fun as she was over jealous..best part he hugged her.loved it,.so amazing.love tc n do read my ff have submitted it.precap is awesome.do show some romance between them.n waiting for the next part

  9. Apeksha

    Hi anubhuti di. Sorry for commenting late. Di don’t be sad, ur ff is very very interesting. I think u r not getting comments becoz many of the members have stopped visiting tu page due to the poor storyline of tpk. The episode was awesome especially the lady katappa scene and I’m eager to know the mis understanding that lead to thahaan’s separation.

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