Our strange love story THAHAAN (EPI 13)

Extremely sorry for too late……

But now I will give episodes daily so from this epi to few episodes u will read Flashbacks what happen before 3 yrs… Thahaan realisation confession and remarriage and after that revelation of thahaan separation ………….

So here I start..

Thapki’s house

Little ayan was jumping on bed :”mumma story time mumma…!!

He began to his mischief ……
Thapki comes and saw his naughty child

Thapki:”ayaan!!! First be like my ayaan then I will tell u the story OK….”
Ayaan sits quietly and quickly finish the glass of milk and said:”OK mata g now tell me fast…..”

Thapki pats him and lie him on bed and began the story….”

Fb shown….

Same scene bihu lies on bed injured and thapki doing his dressing…
Suddenly she saw someone shadow behind the curtains and she secretly followed it…..

She was kosi…..

Thapki get confused
Kosi laughs
And said:”oh!!! Poor girl a loving wife but….u r a fool
He is my son and will do whatever I tell him but don’t knw why he is changing
Why he is choosing you ??? I will never let him do
So I just give him a small punishment “””
Thapki becomes angry and cried:”kosi devi!!!!! No I will never let him suffer???? I m his wife and for him I will fought with u….. U can’t harm him now u will see a wife….”
She warns kosi devi and leaves from there ….


Thapki:”shhh ayaan just keep quiet and listen otherwise I will not tell u whole story…”

OK ok …” Ayaan made puppy face …


Fb shown…

Thapki comes to bihaan room and saw him lovingly

(Ranjhana plays)….

Thapki:”I will never let anything happen to u.……”

she goes in her room

Next day

Bihaan wake up and he recall how last night thapki take care of him…
He smiles and goes to bathroom…

Scene shift
In hall servants shown decorating the house and kosi ma instructing them…
Thapki saw all this & get confused
She ask Mali kaka :”kaka is anyone coming today??? …”
Mali kaka smiles and said:”bahu rani u will come to knw soon…OK now I had to go ..I had to brought flowers..”

He went

Thapki looks on

Bihaan comes downstairs
He too get confused.

B:”it seems someone is coming …but who?….”
He went to kosi :”Ma who is coming?”
K:”wait my child but yes u will get happy when that person come…”
Saying this he turns and he move

From another side thapki was coming
They didn’t saw each other and collide…

She was about to fall
Bihaan holds her

Mali kaka who was holding flowers his leg slip and whole flowers fall on thahaan..

(Na na na plays)….

And our thahaan lost in each other eyes….

Soon they realise and separate….

After some time…

Thapki was on kitchen
Kosi in hall reading newspaper
Bihu was talking on his phone….

Someone enter….


KOSI hear her voice and gets happy and call:”Sheena bitiya u came….”

Yes that girl was our Sheena (Sharan mam) WHOM WE MISS A LOT)

S:”wow aunty g so maintained very nice still look 20,……”
K;”offo aate hi shuru ….come inside…”

Bihaan still busy on phone hadn’t notice Sheena ….

Mali kaka too greets Sheena…

S:”aunty g where is teddy bear?…”
Kosi:”see he is there..”
Sheena saw him busy in phone …

She goes to him and snatch the phone and said:”talk later Mr. Teddy bear first meet me,,,”
Bihaan saw her and get shocked … & happy too

B:”wow chipkali its u…..”

He hugs her….

Same time thapki come with morning tea and saw SHEHAAN in hugging position,,,
She get jealous and didn’t like it…..

They separate
B:”offo at least u inform me …. Ekdum samne se chipkali dhk ke dar gya….??..( I got afraid after seeing lizard suddenly),??

S:”oh Mr teddy Bear look at urself but I should admit.., u turn more cute than before and this dimples ….”(she poke his dimples… And pull his cheeks),..
B;”oh sheena I should tell u everytime I m not cute I m H 4 handsome….”

They were so busy in talking no one notice our thapki ???? (poor mata g.)

They laugh and pamper each other…
Thapki gets angry(in mind):”I m standing here too but no one noticing me,, everyone busy in talking with this CHUDAIL ??…. Even bihaan.,”
She was much jealous & angry that she didn’t notice that cup start shaking and it fall on her,…


She shout..

Bihaan turn and saw thapki…
He moves towards her but kosi stop him and say:”u take sheena in her room I m with thapki,,,”
Bihaan didn’t want to go but kosi send him with sheena….

Thapki saw them going and again she feel bad that he didn’t notice her

Mali kaka help thapki and take her to room and bring ice,….

Poor thapki,,
Don’t knw where to apply this ice

On her burns or on her heart,,,

Sheena’s entry make her worried ..
T:”this chudail has come and bihaan forget me …, I knw we r not husband wife we didn’t love each other but we r frnds na how can he leave me in pain……I was mad who was talking care of him last night ….”
Suddenly she get worried about his wounds and she hurriedly stand and went towards his room
Ignoring her pain
Love is reflecting from her eyes clearly,…

She goes inside and saw bihaan was sitting on bed half naked….
He was trying to apply the medicine on his back …..

Thapki saw him and move towards him ….

She take the antiseptic from his hand
He just look at her without speaking anything

She began to apply the cream on his wounds ….

(Kaun tujhe play in bgm)….

She gets teary eyes ….

He saw her crying in mirror …

Soon she give the cream to him and said:”take care bihaan and from next time if u need any help call mali kaka ….”
She began to leave
Bihu holds her hand ,,,

(Ranjhana plays)….
Thapki close her eyes…..

B:”thapki!! Thank u so much whatever u r doing I have no words ….
” he too get emotional…
Thapki turns :”no bihaan u don’t think that u had done anything wrong its past and now as friends we will start our new journey.,”
Bihaan smiles and move his hand towards her
B:”friends ..”
T;’ok friends”
They shake hands and smiles

Mali kaka & sheena saw them from outside and they too get emotional
Mali kaka”sheena bitiya see their love for each other….. ”
S:”yes I m watching kaka & that’s why I came here to unite them forever … To give my teddy bear his happiness…”_

Fb ends ….

Ayan smiles:”wow mom hero heroine turn friends but who is this another girl? And why our heroine didn’t like her,,.”
Thapki thinks and said:”oh my cutie baby she is another friend of hero … And tell me when someone else will become friend of ur friend … Shyam .,,, do u like it?..”
Ayan replied:”no mumma I didn’t like it..”
Thapki:”hmm so same here our heroine didn’t like another girl understand….”
Ayan:”yes mumma..”
Thapki kiss on his forehead :”so now sleep my boy….”
Ayan:”mumma first sing lullaby na…”
Thapki:”ok…. She sing lullaby for her baby and then she switch off the lights and she too sleeps with him,….

Epi ends

So guys in upcoming epi I will tell u the three year back story ….

Love u all do support

Precap: shehaan scene & thapki jealous……

love u all keep supporting guys
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hope u will like thapki jealousy & upcoming realisation & confession scene of thahaan

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  1. Love u anu..
    baki baad m… “PROMISE”

      1. KUDRAT

        Sorry yaar..
        Mera exam tha na,
        Ealea jyeda kuch keha nahi..
        Muje hasi aa rhi h, tu kuch gelat to nahi samej beti

        Jaldi s next post ker d..
        Or TU ko to m dekti hoon..
        remember ur readers always with u..
        Love you anu,
        Keep writing,
        God bless you..

  2. Hi Anu happy to see your story again it was great waitting for next

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks dear I submitted four days ago
      its ignore then I write this short epi
      & posted

  3. Apeksha

    Hello anubhuti di. I just loved the episode. It was too good and I like shehaan’s conversation and their friendship bond. Eagerly waiting for manyasa’s confession and excited for knowing the misunderstanding that lead to thahaan separation.

    1. Anubhuti

      thank u dear
      next part tomorrow

      yes soon they will realise

      yes and twist will come soon

  4. Juveria.ghalib

    Amazing episode anu”.n finally our thahaan r friends. N thank is always soo generous..n then sheenas entry rocking as always..n the best part when thapki applied Ointment on his wound then it became an emotional one..so awesome.waiting for next tc. ….

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks juvi love u always

  5. Amazing part anu.I really like it. Waiting for thahaan confession.

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks dear

  6. Garima

    Love it so good my dear friend.

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks a lot garima my friend

  7. loved it….u made me remind the real tpk jaelousy track….which is one if my fav track….but cvs never give such epi again….but tnkx to write it for us..keep writing but plz write long one…

    1. Anubhuti

      ok my write I will write long

      its my favorite too

  8. Dear anu…gajjab yaar.. Precap is good waiting for to read upcoming parts. .keep writing friend.

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