our strange love story THAHAAN (EPI 12)

Hii guys I was free and I m getting bored so I m back with epi 12 ?? I m much fine 6 injections in 5 days ??
Mera naam anu se chedi Singh na ho jaye ???

Any way let’s start

Its morning time ayaan is sleeping
Thapki saw him and smiles he look so cute while sleeping..

Today thapki has to go for an important meeting she is worried for ayaan as she can’t leave him alone…
She gets ready

She saw herself in mirror and goes in flashback

Fb shown

Thapki was getting ready and bihaan was waiting for her
(They were going on a date) ??

Bihaan:”are oh chuk chuk gadi when ur train will ready we are going on date today not next year …. If u aren’t ready then u stay at ur platform I will find any other beautiful hot ? girl ? u enjoy ur M 4 makeup M 4 mirror date…??.”

Thapki:”oh shut up bihaan I m coming ….”
Bihaan:”quick madam…”

Thapki come outside wearing a pink gown…
Bihaan get mesmerized seeing her beauty..
(Na na na plays)

Bihaan”gajab u r bit late but u r looking so beautiful….”
He come close to her..
Thapki push him..,”offo bihan let’s go kosi mom & Sheena instruct us not to meet before our remarriage but just for u I m ready to go on a date with u…”
Bihaan make his face:”oho mahan aatma ???? for me how sweet…actually u want to spend time with me after all I m handsome…. And girls die on me ??….”

Thapki:”oh wah mitthu miyaan ?? girls die on u what a joke ????…. What’s in u?? Hmm .,unromantic & khadoos…”

Bihaan:”what did u say? Me B phor bihaan unromantic ??? ??? OK ? now I will show u the real bihaan pandey…. Mrs. Thapki bihaan pandey ??…”
He come close to her and holds her from waist and touch her face romantically
Thapki feel shy…
He come more close thapki close her eyes

He kiss her on cheeks

He was about to kiss her on lips

Suddenly they heard kosi voice:”whose there???? ..”

Thahaan got separated and scared they hides behind a Pillar

Bihaan held her more close and said:”today I will show u my romantic side madam g …”
He give a naughty wink
He holds her face and they were about to kiss

Suddenly someone hold bihaan ears…
Bihaaan said:”ouch ?…

She is kosi…
Kosi : bihaan beta keep calm my bahu is urs but after 3 days no one will disturb u now go from here…”
Bihaan look sadly :”but ma my date…..”???

Kosi:”no date leave ???…

Bihaan look at thapki and went
Kosi look other side
Bihaan turns and give thapki a flying kiss and went

Thapki smiles on his innocence…

Fb ends

Thapki smiles but suddenly she get angry….

She recall something and cried:”no I can’t smile while recalling him
I hate him and even if ever he will come in my mind so I will only show my anger … Whatever he do with me he deserves hatred, anger..in his life,…. His mom is here to give him love he didn’t need anyone else (NOTE HERE THAPKI DONT KNW ABOUT BIHAAN CONDITION & ABOUT KOSI DEATH)

he is happy there if he didn’t care of me & ayaan then by recalling him I m doing a sin…..”
She shout and breaks the mirror
:”Hate u bihaan!!!! Why u still in my mind…. Why why why?????????…

She put her hand on broken glass
Her hand started bleeding….

She didn’t notice it
Little ayaan wake up with her shouting and saw blood in her hand

He goes and shake her and said;”mumma blood is coming…,,”
He got scared and hug thapki in fear …
Thapki observe her hand and ayaan fear
She wrap a cloth in her hand and calms down ayaan
She hugs her( in mind):u r like me ayaan I will never let u be like him

Here in dark room

Bihaan was sleeping suddenly he get flashes of something
He mutters :” I kill her…… I m murderer ….
.. Maa maa come back maaa.
. She leave me maa!!!
I m murderer ….”

He woke up and shout:”NO U CANT GO!!!!!! stay with me………

He look here & there in his room suddenly he saw the Pomegranate juice and began to shout.
:”blood!!!! “Blood!!!!!
He become restless he shout
I m murderer

He shout more & more
He began to throw the room stuff and he hold his head
He get some flashes and behave abnormally

Flower vase fall and he step on it…
His leg started bleeding
And seeing that blood he began to cry like a kid
An unknown fear,….

From his face anyone can detect that something big had happen with him
Mali kaka enter in his room
Bihaan saw him and shout:”leave me go away from here I will kill u..Go!..”
Bihaan see door was open and he run from there
Mali kaka try to stop him but he run…
His leg was bleeding
He is unable to walk
His behavior is totally strange even he don’t knw why he is behaving like this

He goes upstairs and he get a flash of a girl running and a boy following (they r thahaan) BUT their face was not clear…..

Bihu moves forward and he said:”now I will jump … He saw kosi standing …(his imagination)..
He said:”Ma catch me I m coming….”
He was about to jump…

Sheena saw him and shout:”bihaan!!!! No …”
She ran….

Bihaan about to jump but sheena hold his hand and pull him towards her..
He said:”let me jump. Ma will catch me…..”

Sheena get teary eyes…..
Bihaan shout on her and try to free himself but sheena hold him tightly and take him to room
Again she give him the injection
Bihaan sleep muttering kosi name….
Sheena saw his leg bleeding and do the dressing
She was crying its impossible for her to saw her friend like this…..
The one who never let anyone in problem is now suffering ….

:”its all coz of u thapki I will never forgive u…
U had died but u made my friend life much worse than death…. U r a curse in his life…”

She look at bihaan

Scene shift to thapki house…

Thapki come outside and saw ayaan fighting with some boys…
Ayaan:”how dare u to say anything to my mumma …, I will not leave u…”
Bihaan tashan bgm plays….

Thapki recall bihaan & his attitude
That’s she observing in Ayaan…
Thapki goes to him and shout:”Ayaan…
How dare u to fight with them….
Ayaan began to cry and goes inside…
Thapki sent the kids to their house

Thapki goes inside……

She saw he was crying
She felt bad on her behavior
She try to console him
But he didn’t listen…
Thapki;”so my ayaan is angry from her mumma .., yes he is right mumma is very bad so mumma deserve punishment… She began to beat herself…”
Ayaan saw this and make a puppy face….
He goes to her and hug her..

Thapki:”sorry beta but u knw na mumma don’t like this fighting and u promise me that u will never fight… Mumma want u to be a nice guy not a goon.”
Ayaan:”OK mata g .,,”??
She smiles and kiss him on forehead

Epi ends

I knw today epi is full of emotions
Plz bear me
Very soon everything will be clear and I will end it…
Love u guys
And I had to go somewhere don’t knw when I will return
Its marriage function in my relation
So I had to go with mom
She taking me forcefully ????
Love u

Precap: not decided yet

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  1. Nice part.

  2. Enjoy wedding???nice epi

  3. Anu tuje mumaa forcefully l ja rhi h….
    muje na abi tuj m ayaan dik rha h….
    GajaB anu..!!!
    bhot acha episode tha..
    love u…
    miss u yaar…
    chal ab ja mumaa k saath or enjoy kereoo kya pta vha tuje apna bihaan mil jae..
    jaldi aaeoo next part bhi update kerna h…
    mmuuuaaaa… Meri TUTI FUTI..
    or Madam thank you so much 4 this WONDERFUL episode..
    love you

  4. Nice di

  5. Juveria.ghalib

    Yes today’s episode was full of emotions some romantic flashes n something unexpected really excited to know what happened with them..ayaan is love tc anu hope ur health is good now

  6. Bbcqueen77

    thank you so much !!!

  7. Anu you will finish this ff so soon… Waise I am also not well yaar.. I fell down and broke my molar tooth. Last week doctor extracted it and am on liquid diet nowadays..

  8. nice….but comebk soon now two stories are runing….bak to bak….waiting to knw the nxt prt…..

  9. Simrank

    As usual amazing but my bihu baby u portrayed it vry well ?? update soon cntvwait ??

  10. Simrank

    M in love with ur story tc nd hope u r f9 now hope u return soon will miss u nd love u alt ❤❤ njoy function

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    Gajjab dear…

  12. Hi anu how are u?when would u update next epi ?

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