Our strange love story (my plot)

our strange love story {my plot}I m so sorry as I can’t give regular epi of my this ff as i m injured but don’t worry today I m sharing what exactly my story wasso a brief description of rest episodes
recap : From epi 1 to 13bihaan marry thapki for her mum kosi who want to take revenge from thapki And her family so she order her son to marry thapki on her wedding with Dhruv Pandey
Bihaan who consider her mom his god marry thapki but always have s soft corner for thapkihe always stand with her even when thapki family broke relation with her but soon bihaan come to know kosi Past that how much thapki’ family insulted his mom and His own father balwinder Throw her out of house When bihaan was 3 yr old bihu even try to be rude with thapki but he didn’t realise that he love her kosi didn’t like and beats him which she used to do since he was 10 and always out her frustration on that soft pinkish body.
and try to leave from there bt bihaan stop her and they had a Emotional scene .when bihaan brought thapki home kosi again beats bihaan mercilessly which make him fall weaker and weaker he faints thapki saw him and cure him and so challenge kosi that now she can’t harm bihaan as now his wife is with him. thapki too began to fall for him but didn’t realise.
soon bihaan’s Bestie comes to meet him which made thapki jealous and uncomfortable. [THIS STORY WAS ACTUALLY TOLD BY THAPKI TO HER 3 YR SON AYAN SHE IS TELLING HIM HER STORY WITH AN HIDDEN INTENTION AND BOY LOVE THE STORY

SHE IS LIVING SEPARATELY WITH HIS SON AND HERE BIHAAN WAS WITH SHEENA HE HAD COMPLETELY LOST HIS MIND AND HE BEHAVE LIKE A MAD HE THINKS HIMSELF A MURDERER AND KEEP IMAGINING KOSI WHO IS NO more Sheena who was his doctor too try To make him fine and kept him lock and curse thapki whom she thinks that thapki dies 3 yr ago
other side thapki recall some good moments with bihaan but then get angry and hurt her hand and fall him cheater and show her hatred towards him. why was thapki angry?what happen 3 yr back and How did thahaan Confessed and what was that mis understanding and reason and mystery of kosi death ?all ur question will get answered today sorry for not giving much romance or whatever I plan but due to injury I can’t give regular epi

So hereI start according to my story next in further episodes I was about to write that how shehaan lock in bathroom and thapki mis understand them and get jealous and angry .bihaan plan a date for thapki so that her anger vanished but it get flopped as bihaan take her old gf natasha name in front of thapki Wich make her more angry then she left but bihaan follow her and on the way he sings song for her and while singing he fell on a Pit and thapki saw this and finally she laughs and both return back
days passed and sheena made bihaan realise that he loves thapki and both try to make thapki realise that she too love him bihaan decide to propose thapki
sheehan becomes happy while practicing thapki saw him and misunderstood that he is proposing sheena
thapki felt heart broken and cries a lot but for bihaan sake she decided to sacrifice her love and hide her feelings the day come when bihaan was about to propose thapki
thapki arrived that place and without thinking she says to bihaan that finally he get someone who will be him forever and understand him.
Bihaan becomes happy as he thought that finally she too love him but then thapki take sheena name and began to congrats him which make him surprise and she is hiding her tears she began to leave but he stop her and pull her towards him they share an emotional scene both are crying

bihaan ask her to look at his eyes and read whom he love she confessed to him she cried happily and finally they said the three most beautiful and Magical words to each other and then some lovely moments between them
Finally they got married once again
kosi too accept their love
everyone was happy
thahaan living peacefully { u can imagine all cute romantic Scenes as I have no time to write them so sorry again }
month passed

One day thapki comes to know that very soon a new member is coming in thahaan life to make them complete . she was excited to tell this good news to her husband her love bihaan and so she Plana date and began to wait for him
at night thahaan was on their date thapki hugs him and tell him how much happy she is get him in his life. she tell him how much she love him and thank god to sent him in his life she was about to tell him about his pregnancy but then he separate her and began to laugh which made her shocked
he tell her that he never love her its all his plan to take revenge from her Whatever happen with his mom. it was him master plan as he already tell her that he will make her life hell and even worse than death
thapki broken completely still she beg in front of him and thinks its a joke but it wasn’t
thapki inform him about her pregnancy but bihaan denies saying that he is not father of that child which made thapki angry and she slaps him and curse him and left from there.
little ayan get shocked and said now I understand mumma that from now I will never trust any one blindly and will never make stranger my friend.
thapki gets happy and finally she succeed in her Motive that now his son will never suffer like her in his life soon coz of her work thapki went to a different town and she left ayan with her close friend maya

Here bihaan escape from his house and some how he reached in that city where ayan & thapki used to live
some people think him mad who will harm them beats bihaan
ayan and maya from their House saw people beating some one and they brought bihaan homeand get him admitted in a hospital
Maya never saw bihaan so he couldn’t recognise him
ayan take care of bihaan and he becomes bihaan friend
he make him eat timely and have his medicines because of ayan true love
bihaan began to cure
Sheena find bihaan
and Then she saw ayan and his care towards bihaan
unknowingly ayan curing his father and thapki has no info about it
as she is on another town
in a month
bihaan recovers and now he is no more wild
Sheena with help of ayan makes a plan so that bihu get his memory back
her plan succeed bihu get back his memory and so he left with sheena to his home but promise ayan that he will keep meeting him thapki too come back from her work and thanks maya to take care of ayan in her absence

ayan tell thapki that he made a new friend and how he cured him
thapki gets glad that ayan is like herwho help others not like bihaan who hurt everyone she don’t know that whom help ayan did.
one day bihaan comes to meet ayan and thahaan come face to face after 3 yrs he comes to knw that ayan is his son bihaan ask forgiveness from her but she push him outside and close the door
both of them cried sad song plays in bgm bihaan return back to his house and cries Sheena saw him and he tell her that ayanwas his son and tell her everything
sheena gets angry and ask him how can he stoop so low and cheat thapki but then bihaan tell her rest story that he was blackmailed by dhruv & balwinder that if I will not do what they say they will kill thapki and kosi whatever he say to thapki was all fake he truly loves her and was helpless so thapki left him but a bad thing happens again kosi hears all this and angry on bihaan as he showed that he is son of balwinder who had a dirty blood she CURSE HIM TO AND BROKE RELATION WITH him she began to leave but a truck hits kosi and she died at the spot bihaan shout MA!!!!!!and after this incident he turn mad and that’s why he all himself a murderer
sheena hears all this and cried shehaan share an emotional hug days passed and so again thahaan met in a hotel he try to tell her truth but she didn’t listen to him she insulted him bihu try to explain but fails she tell her that its true a child need a mother but he/she needs a father too thapki scold him without listening
bihu lefts from there and he decided that he will left this countr

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  1. Anubhuti

    sheena hears all this and cried
    shehaan share an emotional hug

    days passed and so again thahaan met in a hotel ardently
    he try to tell her truth
    but she didn’t listen to him

    she insulted him

    bihu try to explain but fails

    he tell her that its true a child need a mother but he/she needs a father too

    thapki scold him without listening

    bihu lefts from there
    and he decided that he will left this country forever.

    sheena didn’t like it
    and she decided to meet thapki

    thapki met sheena

    and thapki feel ashamed of her not to trust her love and she repents
    sheena tell him to stop bihaan and thapki runs to stop bihaan

    bihu reached air port

    thapki too reached there
    and the two love birds meet
    they hug each other and cries

    and they re United
    They say sorry to each other
    and gets happy to get each other love back

    bihu gets a call from shraddha
    she inform him that there he is enjoying with his wife and here she kidnap his son
    and so sheena was also missing
    as dhruv & balwinder kidnaps her
    and now only two hours left so whom he will save
    his friend or son
    thapki worries for ayan

    biHaan ask her to calm down
    and They decided That thapki will go to shraddha
    and bihaan will go to dhruv

    thahaan go separately to show their enemies the power of love

    bihaan as a angry lion eager to take avenge from her mom murderers
    dhruv and balwinder bihaan began to search sheena and soon he succeed to free her from them
    Sheena ask him to come with her
    bt bihu denies

    he decided to end this game forever
    dhruv men surrounded him

    bihaan fought with them bravely
    and then he move towards the two devil who destroy his life
    He hold them from collar and drag them to the Road
    He ties them with his bike
    and drag them till the police station
    and beats them in front of police until they confess their crimes

    finally his mom kosi get justice
    balwinder & dhruv get arrested

    now bihu has to save thapki & ayan.
    here shraddha caught them
    and she try to harm ayan.
    shraddha laughs on her victory
    and try to shoot thapki
    bt bihu reach nick of time
    and save thapki
    bihaan has a fight with shraddha men

    shraddha fears and slowly
    she run away

    thahaan hug ayan
    and bihu tell him that he is his dad and now he will be with him forever .
    thahaan family had a cute family moment
    ayan was happy to get his parents
    he got his hero heroine .
    thahaan had a cute nok jhok and ayan close his ears and shout:”uff u both are much smaller than me
    now I had to take care of u both
    now Say sorry to each other.
    thahaan smiles and said:”as u say Ayan pandey.
    thahaan say sorry to each other.
    they were very happy as now nothing wrong will happen with them

    bt then shraddha came up with a gun
    and aims to shoot ayan

    thahaan saw it and they come forward to save their ayan
    and bullet hits them.
    both fell on the ground and little ayan get shocked to see them in pool of blood
    he sat down and began to cry

    thahaan saw him crying and tell him never to cry of always to stay strong, thahaan bless ayan
    and promise him that they will always in his heart until he get some one who will take care of him and love him more than his parents
    and never let him cry.
    ayan promise to them that he will be strong and be a good boy who will make them proud
    now thahaan falling
    they hold each other and look at each other
    ayan request thahaan to sing a song for him

    thapki sing the lullaby and bihu join her

    ayan fall on their leg and close his eyes and listen it carefully

    soon thahaan stop singing and they become silent for forever
    ayan gets up hurriedly and began to call thahaan
    wake up please
    talk to me na
    please na wake up.
    he began to cry
    bt then he hear a voice that
    beta we hadn’t leave u we r always with u
    whenever u want to talk to us
    just put ur hands on ur heart and look up at the sky

    the two stars which will be very close to each other that will be ur mumma & papa and so u can share everything from them.
    ayan wipe his Tears and lay down on the dead bodies of thahaan

    Sheena come with police and shraddha got arrested.
    Little boy still lying on thahaan….

    The end
    Dont forget to give ur views

  2. Juveria.ghalib

    Anu such a drastic end omg I don’t have words for this..but I really appreciate ur work dear n also ur patience this tu page is always updating half of ur chap.n u again have to copy the rest of it in the comment box..then back to the episode it was an all in one.the whole story in one chap.i was really curious to know what had happen n finally my curiosity is over.i read it n loved it..love u come back with another one tc

    1. thanks juvi actually I met with an accident so my hands got injured and thats why giving regular epi wasn’t possible for me so I write this part in two to three days and I submitted it thanks for ur support and I m waiting for ur ff too loves u lot

  3. ur ff is really nice …its not happy ending as thahaan die bt atleast in ur ff have some logic in ending compare to real tpk ending….bt i request u to come back soon with one more awsum wala ff …

    1. thank u so much I will try to come back again here by Os or FF as thahaan forever in our hearts

  4. Nice fan fiction. And the end is not happy. But I like it. Please come with another fanfiction


    Sorry Anu m tora late ho gae..
    Yaar Awesome story thi..
    M to es p film bnaongi Tu bus RIGHTS d dio..
    Comeback soon with new Thahaan story..
    Love you Yaar..
    Nd miss you Bhotttttttt jyeda..

    Please take care..
    Or btaa to Kon s college m addmisson liaa

  6. oh so sad abt ur acident….dear….hooe u will get cure soon….nd come back wd a new ff….yes i miss the romntic scenes nd the shena scenes that how she made thm realise about their love…but the lst part ws too emotional….means thahaan met after a long time but again the bad is wd them….ufff…..but its ok u are ending it but come back soon dear….by …t.c…l.u

  7. I finally read this bhabhi ji…but yeh kya? Ek chapter me hi the end… but the story was totally nice.. Kosi apne revenge aur justice lene k liye kya kya karwayi bihu se…aur ayan bahut cute hoga hai na?? but I loved it..sapola aur uska baap jail me….awesome…. do come up with something new if you get time..and take care of yourself…

    1. actually I met with an small accident and so even my tab breaks on that accident and so I m injured badly and recovering now so I give the further episodes in one part as a description of my ff once I recover I will try to write a new one

  8. Simrank

    This was so amazing i loved every bit of it and especially the way bihaan proposed her. It was damned lovely love u so much ????

  9. Simrank

    Plz write another story as soon as u become well ??

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