The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI,BHRK,TPK,YVR) Episode 3


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The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR) Intro

The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR) Episode 1

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Scene 1: All
Scene 2: TEI, TPK and YVR
Scene 3: All
Scene 4: BHRK and YVR
Scene 5: TEI and TPK
Scene 6: All
Scene 7: BHRK
Scene 8: TPK
Scene 9: YVR
Scene 10: TEI

(All part)
The episode begins with Kunj and Thapki coming at home. Kunj is quite frustrated and he sits down. Surili comes and asks.
Kunj: What is happening? I am just so frustrated. That girl if she comes infront of me again I won’t spare her.
Thapki: Bhaia, cool down. It’s okay. It happens. It was just a bad day.
Surili: What happened you both seem to be in a bad mood?
Kunj and Thapki are silent.
Surili: Will anyone say anything? Kunj.
Kunj: Just don’t ask what happened.
Surili looks at Thapki
Surili: At least you tell me what happened?
Thapki: Nothing. Just met someone whom we didn’t want to?
Surili: Who?
Kunj: Enemy.

Surili: Enemy?
Kunj: Yes.
Surili:Who is my son’s enemy? Who is that villain?
Thapki: Your son’s enemy is not the villain she is very nice, but her brother is a devil.
Kunj: No you are wrong. The brother still have some brains, the sister is the problem.
Surili: Okay fine, I don’t know who is good or bad, but for now at least have lunch both of you.
Kunj and Thapki goes to have lunch.

Here Shaan brings Rajni, who is frozen. Survi follows Shaan behind and asks him for apology.
Survi: I….I I am so sorry Sir, I didn’t know that
Shaan: Keep Quiet.
Survi keeps quiet and Shaan makes Rajni sit down.
Survi: (in her mind) Am I still dreaming? How can a human get electrocuted by just water being spilled on them.
Shaan: Do you even have any idea how much difficulty I faced in innovating Rajni.
Survi: I am really very sorry Sir.
Shaan: Now stop apologizing and bring out the toolbox.
Survi: What sir?
Shaan: Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what I just said?
Survi: Okay sir, I will bring the toolbox.
Survi goes to bring the toolbox.
Survi: (in her mind) this scientist has gone crazy, made a human a robot. But how did Rajni got electrocuted? I think she had panic attack. I have to do something to save Rajni from her crazy husband.
Survi gives the toolbox to Shaan. Shaan opens the toolbox and was about to put screwdriver on Rajni, Survi gets surprised.
Survi: No!
Shaan looks at Survi surprised,
Shaan: What happened?
Survi: Sir, actually I was saying that be careful.
Shaan: I am a scientist no need to teach me what to do, you are just my assistant.
Shaan finally puts screwdriver and opens the back of Rajni. Survi gets stunned seeing this.
Survi: (in her mind) That means Rajni is really a robot.
Shaan is about to complete fixing Rajni, Survi gets even more shocked seeing wires on Rajni, she sees this and she faints and falls down over the equipment and a huge noise is made.
Shaan is stunned.

Surili, Kunj and Thapki who were having lunch gets stunned listening to the noise.
Surili: Ore Baba, what was this noise?
Thapki: It seems to come from Shaan Bhaia’s lab.
Kunj: I am sure he must have done a blunder. It must be result of that.
Surili: Kunj, I am worried.
Kunj: No need to worry, who told him to make useless innovations.
Thapki: I think we should check what happened.
Surili, Kunj and Thapki goes to Shaan’s lab to check what happened.

Survi regains consciousness,
Shaan: What is happening? What are you doing?
Survi: That means Rajni is really a robot?
Shaan: Yes, do you have any problem with that?
Survi: No, sir I mean what an innovation.
Shaan: Okay, okay but now you
Just then Shaan sees Surili, Kunj and Thapki coming upstairs, and gets stunned.

Shaan: Hide.
Survi: What?
Shaan: Do as I say.
Survi: Okay.
Survi gets confused and hides.
Shaan: I should hide Rajni also.
Shaan looks around and finds Rajni missing.
Shaan: Rajni?
Shaan: (in his mind) Looks like Rajni knows that she should hide, and maybe she is hiding somewhere, and accepted my command.

Surili, Kunj and Thapki comes to Shaan.
Surili: What happened Shaan? I just heard a loud sound.
Thapki: Is everything fine?
Shaan: I was working, but accidentally dropped one of my heavy machines that’s why.
Kunj: I thought you cannot make things, but now I am seeing that you can’t handle simple things at all.
Shaan: I am not talking to you.
Thapki: It’s okay Bhaia, you do your work we are leaving.
Shaan: Thank you Thapki.
Thapki brings Kunj and they leave.
Survi: (in her mind) Looks like his family also have no idea about the robot.
Surili:Okay beta, take care and do your work. I am leaving too.
They leave. And Rajni comes out,
Shaan makes Rajni lie down, and as Survi was about to come out, and Shaan is fixing Rajni,
Surili: Beta, I came back to ask.
Surili gets shocked seeing Shaan and Rajni in a weird position,m
Surili: Shaan!
Shaan gets shocked.

Scene 2: Kapoor Residence
(TEI, TPK and YVR part)
Here Twinkle is scolding Bihaan and venting out her frustration on him and Bihaan also scolds her back.
Twinkle: Today only because of you, I had to see that arrogant guy’s face.
Bihaan: Why are you blaming me?
Twinkle: Yes, it’s your entire fault. I thought I will help you but I met that guy instead. I can’t even tolerate his face.
Bihaan: Hello, you are not the only one. I had to meet that Chug Chug Gari.
Twinkle: I don’t know about that, I am really frustrated right now.
Bihaan: Ghajab. Why am I even being blamed at the first place? I haven’t even done anything. Infact, you should be the one blamed if you didn’t threat me, I would have got the car and never met that girl again.
Twinkle: Wow, I came to help you out and you are putting all the blame on me. I shouldn’t have given you a chance at the first place, I should have told mom what you did yesterday at the first place?
Bihaan: Then go and tell her, you are only good at B for blackmailing me which is B for Bad.
Twinkle: Look you.

Just then Leela comes,
Leela: You both can stop fighting for now at least.
Bihaan and Twinkle stops fighting and they look at each other angrily.
Leela: Bihaan, Karthik have come to meet you.
Bihaan: Really?
Bihaan smiles and goes to Karthik.

Bihaan sees Karthik and they both hug each other.
Bihaan: Karthik, good to see you here.
Karthik smiles.
Bihaan: I know very well you must have come here for a reason.
Karthik: (in his mind) How do I ask him for Survi’s number?
Bihaan: Hello, what are you thinking?
Karthik: Actually, you know the girl whom we met yesterday
Bihaan: We met so many girls yesterday, which one?
Karthik: Areh, the one your relative her name is Survi.
Bihaan: Oh, so this is the matter. Why, what will you do with her number?
Karthik: I will ask her so that she can take care of mom.
Bihaan: But she didn’t tell me anything of this sort?
Karthik: Bihaan yaar please try to understand the matter.
Bihaan: I just have to ask her, just what for a while
Karthik: Why do you not understand, I want her number to talk with her.
Karthik gets silent as he realizes what he just said.
Bihaan: Oh, so you want to flirt with Survi.
Karthik: No, Bihaan I just
Bihaan: No need to say anything, I got your point. I will give you her number.
Karthik gets happy as Bihaan gives him Survi’s number. As Karthik was about to go,
Bihaan: Make sure you don’t talk nonsense.
Karthik: Sure.
Karthik leaves, and Bihaan smiles.
Bihaan: (in his mind) All the best, Karthik.

Scene 3: Shaan’s lab
Surili sees Shaan and Rajni and gets shocked.
Surili: Shaaaan!!!!!
Kunj and Thapki listens to Surili and again rushes to the lab and also are shocked.
Kunj: See I told you, Shaan was with a girl.
Thapki: What do you mean?
Kunj: She was the same girl I saw with Shaan late night at his lab yesterday.
Thapki gets shocked.
Surili: Shaan, whatever Kunj is saying is it true?
Shaan gets silent.
Surili:Answer me.
Rajni: Yes this is true.
Surili looks at Rajni shocked.
Surili: Who are you?
Rajni: My name is Rajni and I am
Shaan: Yes her name is Rajni.
Surili: Okay fine, her name is Rajni but can you tell me what she was doing here late night yesterday and also now?
Rajni: Helping Shaan.
Surili: What do you mean?
Shaan: (in his mind) Shaan, now you are dead, you must reply to mom. But what to say?
Shaan looks around and sees Survi hiding and gets an idea.
Shaan: She is my assistant.
Survi gets shocked.
Survi: (in his mind) But I am his assistant not Rajni.
Surili: Assitant?
Shaan: Yes assistant. My lab assistant Rajni.
Surili looks at Rajni and smiles.
Kunj: Is she your assistant or girlfriend?
Shaan: Keep Quiet.
Surili: Okay stop fighting, but Shaan if this girl is your assistant why is she hiding from us?
Shaan gets surprised and makes an excuse.
Shaan: Because she comes early and goes home late. She comes even before all are awake and goes after all are asleep.
Rajni: Yes.
Surili: Her parents do not say anything?
Shaan: She doesn’t have any parents. She is orphan.

Surili feels bad for Rajni and hugs her as she gets emotional.
Surili: Don’t worry beta, I will treat you like your mom.
Rajni: Thank you very much.
Surili: Let me guide you to the house, and Thapki come along with me.
Thapki: Okay, mom.
Surili and Thapki brings Rajni for a tour in the house.
Kunj: This house is full of melodrama. Nothing can happen about our strange and full of krazyness family.
Kunj leaves.

Survi comes.
Survi: Sir, why did you lie to your family that Rajni is your assistant?
Shaan: Survi, no one in my family knows that Rajni is a robot.
Survi: But why? It’s like an amazing innovation.
Shaan: I don’t want anyone to get to know about this. If this happens they will take advantage of Sajni.
Survi: Sajni?
Shaan: I mean Rajni.
Shaan: Look Survi, no one in this house should know that Shaan Singh’s assistant is Survi Sharma. Is that clear?
Survi: Sir, but
Shaan: Look I will increase your budget with that, but make sure nobody gets to know. This secret is between me and you.
Survi: Okay, sir don’t worry, I won’t tell this secret to anyone. You don’t need to worry.
Shaan: Thanks for understanding, you can join to work from tomorrow.
Survi gets happy.
Shaan: Do you want me to drop you home?
Survi: No sir, it’s okay I will manage.
Shaan: No, I will drop you home.

Scene 4: Sharma Residence
(BHRK and YVR part)
Shaan drops Survi to her house, Tai opens the door.
Tai: Survi, where were
Tai looks at Shaan from bottom to top and gets shocked.
Tai: I even had to see this day?
Survi: What happened Tai?
Tai: You have done the wrong thing Survi. But you are too young for this.
Survi: But what happened? Can you tell me?
Tai: Oh so this boy is your lover
Shaan: What?
Survi: Tai. What is this? You have took it wrong. He is my boss not boyfriend.
Shaan gives a weird look to Tai and Tai looks at Shaan.
Tai: Boss? I told you not to do a job.
Survi: Boss, I mean the main leader in our friendship gang.
Tai: Oh okay,
Shaan looks at Survi surprised, just then someone calls Tai.
Tai: Come in.
Tai goes
Shaan: From when did I become a student, I am Shaan Scientist not Student
Survi: I am sorry sir, but I am doing this job for my aunt, please hide this matter, she doesn’t know.
Shaan: Okay fine.
Just then Tai comes.
Tai: Beta come in.
Shaan remembers about Rajni, and gets shocked.
Shaan: I am so sorry I have to leave now.
Shaan leaves.
Tai: Such a weird boy.
Survi is looking behind.
Tai: Now what are you seeing, quicklty come in.
Survi comes in.

Scene 5: Kapoor Residence
(TEI and TPK part)
Here Bihaan is smiling while looking at pictures and Twinkle comes and pats him. The phone slips from his hand but he catches it back.
Twinkle: May I know Mr. Bihaan Kapoor what is going on in your mind?
Bihaan: Nothing is going on in your mind.
Twinkle: Exactly. That is because you are brainless.
Bihaan: Bihaan is not brainless, B for Behan is brainless.
Twinkle: Very funny.
Bihaan: Yes.
Twinkle: Now stop doing good for nothing things, and study after a few days is your exams followed by your result.
Bihaan: Wow looks like you can be a good teacher. Always lecture and make people feel sleepy.
Twinkle: There is no even use of talking to you.
Bihaan: Then don’t talk

Just then Twinkle gets a call and she jumps in joy as she is very happy.
Bihaan: Now what happened have some crazy dog bite you?
Twinkle: You stop talking nonsense, I don’t want to spoil my mood by listening to your nonsense.
Bihaan: Ghajab.
Leela comes in,
Leela: What happened, Twinkle?
Twinkle starts spinning Leela and making her dance.
Twinkle: I am so happy.
Leela: What happened?
Bihaan: Your daughter have gone crazy.
Leela: You keep quiet, and you tell me.
Twinkle: Mom, I got selected for beauty pageant contest and it will be in a few days time.
Leela: Really? That’s a great news.
Bihaan: I will love to meet the person who chose you. Have you even looked at your face in the mirror?
Twinkle: You better keep quiet, I am happy now thats why not saying much.
Bihaan: Okay fine enjoy.
Bihaan leaves and he gets a call.
Bihaan:Thank you for doing as I said. If you won’t choose my sister, I would have not spare you.
Bihaan keeps the phone and leaves.

Scene 6: Singh Residence
Here Shaan reaches home and he gets shocked as he sees Surili is about to feed Rajni.
Surili: Have the food beta?
Thapki: Yes Rajni you are lucky. It’s not easy to eat food cooked by mom.
Surili: What do you mean?
Thapki: Nothing.
Surili was about to feed Rajni, Shaan comes and stops Surili.
Shaan: Stop!
Surili gets shocked.
Shaan: Don’t let Rajni have the food.
Thapki: But why?
Shaan: (in his mind) What to do?
Rajni: I can’t consume anything.
Thapki: But why?
Shaan: Because she is fasting.
Surili: Oh thats the thing, such a well-cultured girl. Thapki learn something from Rajni.
Thapki: Why mom why?
Shaan: Right now Thapki no need to think of anything and just focus on your studies after a few days is your exam.
Thapki: Okay Bhaia.
Kunj: Sometimes you speak wisely Shaan.
Shaan: Thanks but not completely, because I always speak wisely.
Kunj: I can say how much wisely you speak.
Shaan gives an angry look to Kunj.
Shaan:Mom, now can I bring Rajni to the lab.
Surili: Sure beta, but don’t give her much work, she is fasting.
Shaan: Okay.

On the other hand, Karthik calls Survi on the phone.
Survi: Hello?
Karthik: (in his mind) What to say? I am feeling so nervous.
Survi: Hello? Will you speak or will I decline the call?
Survi was about to decline the call
Karthik: No, no don’t
Survi: Who are you?
Karthik: I am Karthik Mathur remember the day we met at the cafe.
Survi smiles.
Survi: Yes, I remember you Karthik
Karthik gets happy.
Survi: (in her mind) Finally I got to talk to him.
Survi: By the way, how did you get my number.
Karthik: Bihaan gave me your number.
Survi: At least that idiot did something good.
Karthik: Did you say anything?
Survi: No, no. Anyways, I have a good news
Karthik: And that is you got the job.
Survi smiles.
Survi: Yes, you got it.
Karthik: So when will you treat me?
Survi: Very soon.
Karthik: I will be waiting.
Just then Tai calls out Survi,
Tai: Survi!
Survi: Coming.
Survi: I will talk to you later, bye.
Karthik: Bye.

Shaan brings Rajni to the lab.
Shaan: Did you have anything?
Rajni nods yes and then nods no.
Shaan: What are you trying to say?
Rajni: According to my system, if it’s in term of food then it’s no I didn’t have in other words consume anything, and if it’s in terms of love then yes I have got a lot of love from your mom.
Shaan: I mean by did you eat anything?
Rajni: Eat means having food, no Rajni didn’t have any food.
Shaan: Try to understand what I say.
Rajni freezes a little.
Shaan: Looks like I need to update you.

In these few days, Shaan is repairing Rajni in the lab and always updates her. Survi and Karhik continues talking to each other on phone till night. Thapki and Bihaan studies for their exam and also gave their exams. Kunj is busy with talking to people on phone about events, and Twinkle prepares and also participates in the beauty pageant contest.

After a few days,
Scene 7: Singh Residence
Here Shaan is walking and talking someone to phone and he collides with Rajni. He looks and stares at Rajni lovingly.
Rajni: What’s the matter Shaan?
Shaan: You are so good.
Rajni: You are the one that have created me so how can I not be good.
Shaan smiles.
Rajni: I am very lucky that my maker is you, Shaan.
Shaan holds Rajni’s shoulder,
Shaan: No, I am very lucky that you are my companion.
Rajni: This is not available in my data. Meaning?
Shaan smiles.
Shaan: Meaning is that I am very lucky that you are my robot.
Rajni smiles.
Rajni: Thank you Shaan.

Just then Amrish comes,
Amrish: Robot?
Shaan looks at Amrish surprised.
Amrish: Why did you call Rajni a robot?
Rajni: Because I am a robot.
Amrish gets surprised.
Shaan: (in his mind) Oh no what to do now?
Amrish: Shaan,I understand that Rajni is your assistant and try to avoid scientist language, robot? How can you make a human robot?
Shaan: Okay fine dad.
Amrish: Rajni beta, don’t you mind when Shaan calls you a robot?
Rajni: No, not at all after all I am a robot,
Shaan gets shocked and Amrish too.
Amrish: Shaan, why are you forcing this girl to call herself a robot?

Just then Surili comes,
Surili: Amrish let it be, if Shaan calls Rajni a robot, and Rajni likes it then what is the big deal?
Amrish: Do you like it when Shaan calls you a robot, Rajni?
Rajni: Of course.
Surili: See Amrish,

As Surili is putting the plates on the table, Rajni comes and helps Surili. Surili smiles.
Surili: Rajni, it’s okay it’s fine I will do everything by myself.
Rajni: No, it’s not. I am here to help you.
Surili: Such a sweet girl.
Rajni helps Surili to put the plates on the table, and Shaan smiles seeing this. Surili starts coughing, Rajni pours a glass of water from the jug and serves it to Surili
Rajni: Drink this glass of water.

Surili is happy and she drinks the glass of water. Surili pampers Rajni.
Surili: Beta, don’t think that you are alone. You can call me Maa.
Rajni: Okay, maa.
Surili smiles. Shaan is very happy seeing this.
Shaan: (in his mind) I always wanted to see this bond between Sajni and mom. Thanks Rajni.
Just then Surili remembers something,
Surili: Amrish, you got call Thapki today is her result day?
Amrish: Yes, she have already went there.
Surili: I wonder what will happen.
Rajni: Don’t worry everything will be fine.
Surili smiles.

Scene 8: Outside the campus
Here Thapki and Bihaan comes to their campus to check their results.
And they collide with each other,
Thapki: I am sorry,
Bihaan and Thapki are shocked.
Bihaan: You?
Thapki: You?

Bihaan: At least say sorry properly.
Thapki: This sorry is not for you.
Bihaan: Now let me go, Chuk Chuk Gadi I need to check my results, I don’t want to crash into you and die.
Thapki: You just get lost.
Thapki goes away angrily and goes to check her results.
Bihaan: I have already repeated a year twice if I fail this time, dad won’t spare me this time.

Bihaan goes to the board and he checks the name. Bihaan sees his name Bihaan Kapoor and gets happy. He starts jumping in joy and shout loudly,
Bihaan: Finally B for Bihaan Kapoor have passed the exam. I am so happy. Now I will not need to get scolded by dad.
Just then a guy comes,
Guy: You seem to be quite happy.
Bihaan: Yes, after all I passed the exam.
Guy: Good for you, now go.
Bihaan: I didn’t know I will feel so relieved in passing the exams. No more studies. I am so in mood today. I am going crazy now.

Bihaan is jumping in joy and he finds Thapki weeping in a corner.
Bihaan: Now why is this Chuk Chuk Gaadi crying?
Bihaan goes and check Thapki’s name in the board, but couldn’t find it.
Bihaan: Oh, she failed that’s why she is crying? Poor girl. No today is Bihaan Kapoor’s good day, no one will cry today.

Bihaan comes to Thapki,

Bihaan: What happened?
Thapki is still crying.
Thapki: It’s none of your business.
Bihaan: Look at me.
Thapki: What’s the use?
Thapki looks at Bihaan.
Bihaan: You know I failed twice, only this time I finally succeeded and pass. Listen failures and success will always be there. If not this time, there is always a next time.
Thapki: I am not crying for that reason. I should have done much better.
Bihaan: Areh yaar
Thapki: For you, passing maybe enough but for me it’s not enough at all.
Bihaan: You passed?
Thapki: Yes, but I came third.

Bihaan: What?
Bihaan checks again.
Bihaan: But the one who came third her name is Vaani Singh.
Thapki: That is my name.
Bihaan gets thinking and starts laughing.
Bihaan: Ghajab. I am so happy that I passed and you came third you are crying?
Thapki looks at Bihaan.
Bihaan: Listen Thapki or Vaani in life, it’s not necessary to come first, do what you can do the best. You tried your best and this is your achievement. And you will get many more opportunities.
Thapki stops crying.
Bihaan: Good. Now smile.
Thapki smiles.
Bihaan: G for good. G for Ghajab.
Thapki is about to thank Bihaan,
Bihaan: Look if I came third I would have died out of heart attack. No wonder why trains are so fast.
Thapki gets angry and leaves.
Bihaan: Excuse me, at least thank me.
Thapki looks at Bihaan angrily.
Bihaan: Ghajab. I made her feel better and she?
Just then someone calls Bihaan.

Bihaan: Hello? What? Date.
Bihaan smiles and keeps the phone.
Bihaan: I hope Karthik succeeds in impressing Survi.

Scene 9: Outside
Here Karthik is waiting for Survi outside.
Karthik: I wonder where this Survi is? I have to go for meeting after that
Just then Survi comes and Karthik smiles,
Survi: Sorry for coming late
Karthik: No problem, I was just waiting as I have meeting.
Survi: Meeting?
Karthik remembers that Survi doesn’t knows that he is a businessman too.
Karthik: Meeting. Yes meeting with friends.
Survi: Oh I see, how about me I am not your friend?
Karthik: You are more than a friend to me, Survi.
Survi smiles.
Karthik: I mean that you are my close friend. We may not have met each other much but when I had conversation with you,I felt better.
Survi: No Karthik, nothing is like that. There is a lot of things I kept closely to my heart, but I am so happy that there was someone I could share all these with, Karthik.
Karthik: (in his mind) I don’t know how to tell that I am in love with you, Survi.

Survi looks at the pani puri vendor.
Survi: Oh wow, pani puri. My mouth is already watering.
Karthik: I didn’t have pani puri for many days.
Survi: Then, why don’t we have some now?
Karthik looks at Survi as Survi holds his hands and brings him to the pani puri vendor.
Survi: Give two plates of pani puri.

The guy gives Survi two plates, and Survi and Karthik starts having pani puri.
Karthik: This much is fine.
Survi: What are you saying, this is just the starting.
Survi asks for more pani puri, Karthik gets surprised.
Karthik: No, this much is fine, really.
Survi: Just accept defeat. Done.
Karthik: No, I am not among those who accept defeat so easily.
Survi: Oh really? Then let me see if you can defeat me.
Survi and Karthik have some pani puri competition and finally Karthik isn’t able to do anymore.
Karthik: I can’t have it anymore. I accept defeat.
Survi: Wow, so fast.
Karthik: How can you have so much pani puris at the same time?
Survi: This is nothing, you are yet to see how much more I can have.
Karthik: No, no this is enough. No need to show me.
Survi: Okay fine, I will not have any pani puris.

Karthik pays the money and they start walking on the road.

Karthik:Looks like you love street food a lot.
Survi: Yes, street food is my life. What do you like?
Karthik: You.
Survi: What?
Karthik: As a friend.
Survi smiles.
Survi: What are your interests, I mean like what do you do?
Karthik: Business.
Survi gives a weird look to Karthik.
Karthik: I mean I mind my business in cricket.
Survi: Then its fine.

Just then it starts raining,
Karthik: It’s raining, let’s take some shelter.
Survi: No!

Survi gets drenched in the rain and enjoys it.
Karthik: What are you doing here? You will fall sick.
Survi: No, you also enjoy.
And she makes Karthik drenched, Survi is dancing and Karthik lovingly looks. Banjara from Ek Villian plays.
Later, Karthik gets a call,
Karthik: Kunj, you manage everything just for today, please.

Scene 10: SHOW
Here Twinkle is in the final round of the modelling contest. The modelling contest begins. Kunj comes there as the judge. It’s Twinkle’s turn now. Other models have finished their cat walk, and Twinkle begins her catwalk. She walks confidentially, and Kunj is shocked to see her. Twinkle is also shocked but she continues smiling and she doesn’t show it on her face.
Kunj: (in his mind) I wonder who the previous judge was. How can they chose this Siyappa Queen as a model?
Twinkle: (in her mind) If this Arrogant Kunj Singh wasn’t the judge, I won’t have spared him. I would have killed him at the right spot. Lucky guy.
Later, it’s time before the final showdown, and there is interval. Kunj is talking with other girls and is trying his best to ignore Twinkle and so is Twinkle.They both look at opposite directions and collides with each other.
Kunj: You?
Twinkle: You?

Kunj: Now get out from my way.
Twinkle: You get lost.
Kunj: Look, you are not lucky every time and thank god this time I am the judge, I will see how you will win.
Twinkle: You are not the only judge idiot, and see I will prove you by being a winner.
Kunj: I will see.
They both look at each other angrily and walks at opposite directions.

Later, it’s the final question drill.
All the models are being asked questions and as usual they answer the question confidentially. And this time it’s Twinkle’s turn.
Host: Miss Twinkle Kapoor, why did you participate in Miss Amritsar?
Twinkle: That is none of your business.
All are stunned.

Host: What will you do after winning?
Twinkle: I will do whatever I want to do. You no need to worry.
Others are super stunned, and Kunj tries to laugh.
Host: Final question, what do you think about the judges?
Twinkle: Who chose these judges, really a bad choice. One not good looking, one expressionless, and Kunj Singh who will forget him he is such an arrogant or useless guy.
Kunj: How dare you Twinkle Kapoor?
The judges get angry and the host cools them down.
Host: Results will be declared later.

Time to announce the winner
Host: The winner is none other than Tanvi.
Tanvi gets happy, and Twinkle is sad as she loses.

As Twinkle is walking , Kunj comes.

Kunj: What did you say? You will win? What happened big talks but nothing?
Twinkle is about to go and Kunj blocks her.
Kunj: Why what happened?
Twinkle: Let me go.
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj: Remember one thing before going. You are a failure and a big loser. Nothing can happen about you.
Twinkle gets very sad and have tears on her eyes, and she goes away.
Kunj: Such a coward.
Just then Tanvi comes to Kunj.

Tanvi: You shouldn’t have done so, Kunj sir.
Kunj: Meaning?
Tanvi: Twinkle answered wrongly purposely just to made me win. Actual winner is not me it’s Twinkle. I needed money for my father’s treatment that’s why Twinkle lost purposely. You shouldn’t have done so.
Kunj is shocked, Tanvi leaves .
Kunj: (in her mind) I spoke way too harsh to her. How to apologize to her?
The episode ends.


(A promo on this fan fiction will be published on this Tuesday, 3rd May you can get to know from that. Please do read it.)
Here is my episode 3 for my fan fiction- The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story. I am happy that till now I am able to balance between my classes and also writing fan fiction. Your comments encourage me to write more. I am planning to publish a special or kind of maha episode for all of you next week.

Till then there is a special survey for all of you (5 questions)
1) Do you want to see Rajni as robot or human in this fan fiction?
2) Do you want me to include Yuvi’s character in this fan fiction? (He will be a cameo, neither positive or negative)
3) Which character of TPK should I add as a cameo here: Aditi, Dhruv or Shraddha?
4) Do you want Karthik to confess love first or Survi to know about Karthik being a businessman first?
(Answer the ones you want to answer)
Which is your favourite pair?
A) Twinj (Twinkle-Kunj) from Tashan-e-Ishq
B) Shajni (Shaan-Rajni) from Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant
C) Thahaan (Thapki-Bihaan) from Thapki Pyaar Ki
D) Karvi (Karthik-Surv) from Yeh Vaada Raha
(Two different votes maximum for each ID)

(It’s just a question, it have got nothing got to do with this fan fictions, and whoever wins or loses, it’s not like winner will be given more importance or loser will be ignored no way. Even then all four couples will be given equal importance. This is just for fun. Please do vote if possible)

If you don’t like this fan fiction feel free to tell me and give me tips on how I should improve it. And once again thank you for taking out your precious time to read my fan ficton.
I will publish two episodes this week as I got a holiday also.

(Episode 4and 5 will be slightly shorter than Episode 1-3 but would be very crucial for this fan fiction so please don’t miss it out and read it if possible)


Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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  1. Hi Joyee
    For the survey these are my answers
    2)yes I want yuvi
    4)Kartik being a buisness man

    And yes Im so happy!…this is the 1st comment again ?????????

    1. Thanks once again Mariyah for replying all the questions in this survey 🙂 and yes u r the first one to comment again 🙂

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    1. Okay Alisha thanks for commenting and what will happen that u will get to know by the promo which I will update on Tuesday 🙂

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    1. Thanks for commenting Asha and yes I write long after all I publish it once a week 🙂

  4. All of them are my favorite pair!!! Because man I’m in love with ff so much!!! Rajini and Shaan to cute!!! Kartik and suvri!!! They’re amazing!!
    Thahaan just cute even more!!! Kunji and twinkle they’re honestly so cute!!! I love this ff so much!!! Man you’re just to amazing for this ff!! Aha, also what happened to your other ff? Do you write it!? If you do send me the link!! Can’t wait for the special episodes either, aha sissy~Nusz

    1. Nusz my sis once again thanks for commenting I m so happy 🙂 and yes about my other ff it’s named one more chance once again and yes I m still writing it and I publish both the fan fiction episode together on Sundays and you can find it in Beintehaa or Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do (all episodes) page easily as Meri aashiqui Tumse hi or Manmarizyan page have lot of ff

  5. U r superb dear
    I loved it . Plzzz post the next one soon dear

    1. Sanam re I m very happy to see ur comment re. Usually I publish only on Sunday but as Monday I also have holiday this week Tuesday I will publish the promo Friday episode 4 an Sunday episode 5 🙂

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    Wao yar result scene boht acha tha.rajni robot He ache ha.dhruv aur sharadha to hr ff ma han bring additi between them.i like thapki and bihan.

    1. Haha thanks for commenting rafay 🙂 and in Tuesday u will get to know my decision from the promo which I m gonna publish that day 😛

      1. rafay don kon

        Ok waiting.

      2. Hahha thanks for waiting 🙂

  7. i loved it
    no yuvi but shraddha
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    1. Hey anu thanks for commenting was waiting for ur comment and Tuesday I will tell via the promo what I decided 🙂

  8. Fatarajo..
    Srsly ur FF is wonderful..
    But today’s episode was outstanding I loved it to the core Adam the Twinj last scene like I thank u so much for putting that scene..pls pls pls pls pls upload the nxt episode for me atleast pls..

    1. Thanks for commenting SMC I will update the promo on Tuesday and the episode 4 on Friday 🙂

    1. Wow ff on Ragsan interesting I loved the title gonna read it I have a request whenever u publish can inform me on ur or my ff that u publish the next episode so that I can read it as at times there are too many Swaragini ff and I m too lazy as u know 😛 but I always read Anjali, anu, angel and some other ff on Swaragini also

  9. Hey Fatarajo! First of all for the survey:
    1) I want to see Ragni as a robot because seeing her is kinda fun in that character.
    2) Yes, I do want Yuvi to be the part of your fanfiction.
    3) I want Shraddha to be the part of your fanfiction from “Thapki Pyaar Ki” because I love Monica’s acting and she always nails it!
    4) And yes, I want Karthik to confess his love first.
    Coming to the couple thing, I started watching “Bahu Humari Rajni-Kant” after reading your fanfiction. I had been watching this previous episodes this weekend and I loved the show especially Shajni,they are ?❤️?. I also love Thahaan but now a days Shajni are my all time fav!
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    Love Alisha! ?❤️

    1. OMG Alisha so sweet of u thanks for commenting an u will get to know what will happen next on Tuesday’s episodes

  10. It was damn nice.. And, it was funny.. That’s what you were trying to make right! I suppose you wrote so in your info..
    And, coming to all the questions.. The only show I watch is tei among all of them so twinj is my favorite pair and, if yuvi doesn’t have a negative role then you can surely add him.?

    1. Het thanks for commenting Ria yes the main focus of my ff is comedy there will be spice of romance and suspense too 😛 and u can know in Tuesday via the promo if there is Yuvi’s charcter or is it positive or negative

  11. Here are d ans
    1.I want to see rajni as a robot.
    2.I want yuvi entry.
    3. No ANS
    4.I want that survi to knw first karthik is a businessman
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    1. Hey astha thanks for commenting 🙂 as also thanks for doing the survey 🙂

  12. amazing . I think shradha should be included.Thahaan rocks

    1. Hey Tara u will get to know whether shraddha will be included or not on Tuesday when I will publish te promo 🙂

  13. 1)human
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    4)karthik being a business man
    5)A)twinj and D)karvi

    1. Thanks for doing the survey kurshi thanks for commenting 🙂 and will publish the promo on Tuesday

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    4:} kartik to confess love first

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    1. Hey Fiona thanks for commenting and also thanks for doing the survey and actually comments by u all inspire me to write so I don’t mind at all 🙂

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    1. Thanks for commenting Chandra 🙂 and how will I know if u know me 😛 I can’t remember anyone named Chandra 😛

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    1. Thanks for commenting Prema and I already published the promo u can check it out 🙂

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