The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR n KT) Promo for Episode 10 and Suggestions



actually this Promo is for only Episode 10- Maha Episode

This time I will write my promo in a different manner, There will be an overall show promo/precap and then individual shows promo.

Overall Promo: There is a hat-trick of weddings going on in Singh family and the Singh family are very happy. But they have no idea the marriage will turn out to be a strange and full of krazyness wala marriage. Their eldest son (Shaan) is marrying a robot(Rajni) their middle son (Kunj) is marrying a girl (Twinkle)whom he doesn’t love and they think is love marriage, and their daughter (Thapki)is marrying a guy just because he is Bengali(Karthik). Their friend(Bihaan) is trying his best to help them out. And he loves someone else which is Shaan’s assitant(Survi). Survi’s family thinks that Survi will marry Shaan. Well there is a big twist in the marriage. Well what is the twist, a lot of them. But just then tey get a shock as they see police coming in the marriage and arrests Shaan. Twinkle and Kunj are about to get married or they got married or not (yet to be revealed) their fathers get into a serious fight for some reason. The youngest son(Yug) and the Bengali guy’s sister(Kali) hate each other but they know only they can help their family out.

Here are the individual show promos:
Promo 1: (TEI)
Twinkle and Kunj are getting married and they used to hate each other a lot. Twinkle speaks in her mind why m I even getting married to him, Kunj thinks that wow my own marriage turned out to be a Siyappa by marrying Siyappa Queen. Later, in middle Twinkle and Kunj stop their pheras and look at each other angrily.

Promo 2: (BHRK)
Shaan happily makes Rajni and updates her and says my cute adorable Robot. But later he gets sad as he knows he will marry Rajni, he and Rajni get married and Shaan realizes that Rajni is down and he rethinks about his decision.

Promo 3: (TPK)
Thapki is not at all happy with her marriage, and Bihaan promises her to free her from this marriage. Bihaan and Thapki elopes but at the last moment they get caught and they realize that they are in trouble.

Promo 4: (YVR)
Karthik and Survi are angry with each other and they are also thinking how to stop getting married. Karthik while taking rounds is confused who is Shaan getting married to Rajni or Survi? He stops every minute and eveyone looks on.

Promo 5: (KT)
Kali and Yug are two enemies. But seeing their family in a weird situation they join hands and they vow to stop the wrong marriage. And they become good friends and they are doing all they can to stop this marriage.

Well I know the promos may not match with each other but believe me as soon as you finish reading episode 10, you will realize that by reading episode 10 it do matches with the promo. But how for that you have to wait for episode 10.

Nowadays I m quite confused what to do. So I need your help readers.

Thing is I m confused between two things as a lot of ideas crop up in my mind.

1) Should I publish my episode 10 in two parts?
Reason is because this week I am busy as it’s last week of classes before my 2 weeks break.
So if Yes,
I will split into two parts this week part 1 which will be a little bit short
And part 2 which I will publish next Friday or Sunday
If no,
You all have to wait till Sunday night or Monday morning

2) Should I end this ff in episode 10 and then comeback with season 2 in end of August?
If yes
I will write two new FFs instead of this
1) Combo of Tashan-E-Ishq and Thapki Pyaar Ki
2) Combo of Kaala Teeka and Yeh Vaada Raha
I have the intro in my mind already just have to type them out

Will publish the intro next week
If no
Then I will continue with this fan fiction but maximum episode will be 20.

And I have a good news. By end of August, I will come back with season 2 of most of my previous fan fictions as I have 2 months break that time. They are:
1) Tashan-E-Ishq: Intense Love(Season 2)
2) Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat (Season 2)
3) Kaala Teeka- The apple of my eye (Revamp)
4) Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a Promise (Season 2)
I already have the storylines in my mind just that I have to work on it more. And I also can’t wait for August to write them.

So please do help me out what should I do and then by Sunday I will tell u my decision.

Credit to: Super Confused RANDOMFAN

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  1. aah what a promo.. I have a request unite thahaan :D..and no please please dont end this..

    1. Hey annonymous thanks for commenting dont worry all the couples will reunite soon and I will decide on what majority wants

  2. answers of your questions jo :-
    answer 1 :-
    ok spilt epi 10 in two parts it will make your work easy.
    no , first end this ff then comeback with other ff’s because we will loose interest in it then and will also forget something about it and now we can continue reading it.
    it is going very nicely and to be frank, i suggest you that first end this because now in your minds you have this ff but after sometime (after two months) may be you get bore or something other reason.

    i am very excited for the season 2 of twinj intense love
    promo was very nice and laughed after reading name ‘ Super Confused RANDOMFAN’. 🙂 🙂

    1. i agree with Fiona end this ff as we will loose interest
      And i am waiting for intense love.

      1. Hey aastha thanks for commenting i will most likely end this ff and will comeback with intense love season 2 soon 🙂

    2. hey fiona thanks for commenting will think about it and will publish the intro for intense love season 2 in mid of august and it will be completely different storyline

  3. Very very very very very very nice promos…loved them yaar….and omg your coming back with season 2’s Yayyy
    My answers to your questions
    .Yes end the ff in episode 10->and if you will end it in episode 10 then please make it long as it will be the last episode?
    .and i think you should upload your ff twice a week
    Fatarajo you made my day today your coming back with a season 2 of its a promise yay

    1. Hey Mariya thanks for commenting if I end this ff I will definately publish it on Sunday and also longer but I will spilt into this part as this week I m quite busy due to which I publish the promo. Part 1 which will be published this week will be short but part 2 will be quite long

  4. Omg combo of kaala theeka and Yeh Vaada Raha if you make that I will be jumping up and down in happinesss

    1. mariyah plzz post your ffs episodes missing them

    2. Well Mariyah I will publish season 2 of it’s a promise during my holidays in end of August as I will be totally free that time and I can also update more regularly

  5. Di the promos were wonderful. Please don’t end this ff. And split it in two. It would be better. And thanks for continueing kaala teeka the apple of my eye.

    1. I will continue apple of my eye but there will be a revamp like a small changes as I wrote for only two episodes and I will most likely continue it on August

  6. Hey all sorry I may not be able to reply u all one by one as I have a session for my competition till 10pm but will try to reply during my break and what I decided I will try to inform u all by tomorrow and
    hey tellyupdates team is the possible to upload the pic I inserted yesterday while submitting the article last time also I give a diff pic for my other ff but it didn’t get published is it due using my phone instead because last time also used my phone but didn’t get published
    Actually I wanted to publish this two days ago but I delayed it due to the new pic so please do publish it if possible.

  7. rafay don kon

    Nahe end mt karo part ko divide kr dana.and bihan ko to pta tha na kartik survi ko like krta ha to wo kasay.

    1. Oh Rafay all ur questions will be replied in episode 10 I purposely made promos confusing to trick u all 😛 and yes most probably I may divide

  8. As u wish

    Season 2 of thapki pyar ki loving pat

    so excited


    promos r gajabbbbb

    Bt 2 parts i have to wait to read the next one in next week

    oh sad

    1. Hey anu thanks for commenting happy u liked it and season 2 I will most likely publish it on August. And happy u like it sorry my super busy this week that’s why can’t write long episodes

  9. Hey firstly publish that in two parts and don’t end your ff plzzz you can start new ones after finishing this one plzzz and eagerly waiting for intense love part 2

    1. Well don’t worry even if I finish this one I won’t give it an abrupt end and I may comeback with season 2 of this ff too. And as for intense love that I will update on August as I have holidays that time so m mostly free that time

  10. Can’t wait for yeh vaada raha season 2

    1. Hey Nisha thanks for commenting will update it’s a promise season 2 on August as my semester break starts at end of August and also I will e able to update more regularly if I update then 🙂

  11. hahahaha.. i loved ur name… super confused random fan lolzzzz
    btw u can split the epis.. it will be convenient for u/….
    nd abt ending it its urs choice.. idk..
    excited for ur season two.. intense love..

    1. Hey Tara thanks for commenting well I may most likely end it but I will comeback with season 2 if this ff even if so end it and will update intense love on August

  12. the promos are quite confusing
    if u are busy then u can split it
    and plzz dont end this ff and after completing this u comeback with new ffs
    too much exited about the yvr its a promise season 2

    1. Hey Karvi thanks for commenting actually I purposely made this promo confusing as I wanted to trick the readers 😛
      And will update season 2 soon at the end of August during my semester break so that I can update more regularly

  13. Hey jo u can split it into two ……. and m so much excited for season 2 of intense love …….

    1. Hey panchi yes will likely publish this episode 10 into two parts and also most likely the ff into two parts and yes will start intense love season 2 at end of August so that I can update it more regularly

  14. superrrrr…….. fatarajo…….. its awesome……… I was a silent reader of ur ff intense love,…..,……… and loved ur writing since then GLAD DAT U R COMING WITH INTENSE LOVE SEASON 2….,….. BUT I have a doubt.—– DO U STILL WATCH TEI AFTER SID’S EXIT?????????

    1. Hey khushi happy u commented and happy u liked my previous ff too will update intense love on August and actually I also stopped watching the show after Sid quit but sometimes rea the update just in case to know how they r shaping up the story

  15. split it…… it would be easy for u to write. eagerly waiting for loving pat season 2. yaar i love season 1. come back soon.

    1. Hey true love thanks for commenting yes will most likely split it and will update loving pat on August as that time I have semester break

  16. ????????????♿♻

  17. nice promo ????????????♿♻

    1. Hey tris thanks for commenting loved the symbols 😛

  18. Hey fatarajo I love to read ur ff’s. ..ok u end this ff on a happy note…this ff is awesome. ..and plz dear write more ff’s, Ts,os on thapki pyaar ki my thahaan. ..thank u dear…

    1. Hey vinloRa thanks for commenting happy u liked my stores well will come back with loving pat on August

  19. I know I’m super late. But, please don’t mind. What I was telling is don’t separate the characters. Even though I don’t watch the shows but, I’m loving their collaboration. And, please post the episodes according to your convenience. I don’t mind it either way.
    Too excited for intense love part 2.

    1. Hey Ria thanks for commenting well I will see what I can do and will publish part 1 of episode 10 this sunday and part 2 next week and yes will start intense love season 2 soon

  20. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRahLima) You need to rock the world!!

    This promo is amazing, but I like this track please don’t end it so quickly the story just started properly :(( I will miss it though~Nusz

    1. Hey nusz thanks for commenting dont worry I will be back with season 2

  21. fan of twiraj n kayu

    hey..i m a silent reader n i lyk ua epis very mch ..u r just awsme ….n yaar i have a reqst plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzcan u write ff on twiraj ..plz dont upset me..its ua fan request….

    1. Well yaar I m a big fan jabra fan of Twinj but when I m free will write a one shot on Twiraj for now I will write for one of my fav Twinj n also KaYu

  22. Kalpana

    Waiting eagerly….

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Will update it next week dear got to know some time ago that we can publish FFs today that’s why I couldn’t write and I wrote different ff also submitted the intro already

      1. Kalpana

        Excellent!!!! Will start reading your other ffs 🙂 🙂

  23. Hey Fatarajo…promos are amazing… I wanted to ask ,”Are you ending this ff or not ?”

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey lakshita yes I m ending this ff next week next epsiode will be published on Sunday next week and I won’t split Up it will be one big episode

  24. Hi di I want to ask that when u will publish your epi 10 I dont read ff but I like your ff only

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Sam I will publish episode 10 this Friday and then I will be on season break

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