The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR n KT) Episode 8



Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 8 of The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story. First half will be like who is in which team, not so important, if you don’t want to read it you can skip it, and second half (Scene 3-4 onwards) will be couple scenes and very funny so do read it. It’s a must 😛 and also a big twist will be there in the end of the episode. Well I said this so that you all don’t get bored and also save your time 😛
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Which scene(s) is for which show:
Scene 1: All
Scene 2: All
Scene 3: TEI
Scene 4: KT
Scene 5: TPK
Scene 6: YVR
Scene 7: BHRK
Scene 8: All

Scene 1: Singh and Kapoor Residence
(All part)
The episode begins with Shaan is taking something and arranging it.
Shaan: Make sure you do what I say,
Rajni: Okay Shaan, command accepted.
Just then someone calls Shaan,
Shaan: Okay I am going downstairs you also come there.
The entire family is sitting together having breakfast.
Amrish: After many days we all are eating together.
Thapki: Dad, can’t we all go out anywhere?
Meanwhile, Rajni comes.
Surili: Good Rajni beta, you came here.
Rajni: Good morning everyone.
Amrish: Good morning beta.
Surili: Come, Rajni come and join for breakfast with us.
Shaan gestures her not to eat anything. Rajni nods.
Rajni: No its okay Aunty, I am fully charged.
Amrish: That’s great.
They continue eating.
Yug: Today’s breakfast is awesome.
Rajni: Oh so you all are breaking your fast?
Shaan is surprised, and Kunj tries to laugh.
Surili: We are having breakfast, I mean Nastha.
Rajni: Oh I see.
And just then Surili looks around,
Thapki: Mom, are you looking for something?
Just then someone comes and Surili smiles.
Surili: My cousin’s son is here now.
They all look and its none other than Yuvraj.
Kunj is shocked as he recalls how he slapped Yuvraj. Yuvraj holds his cheeks seeing Kunj.
Surili: Yuvi beta, why are you touching your cheeks like this?
Yuvi: Nothing aunty, how are you?
Surili: I am fine.
Thapki: Aww he is so cute.
Yug: Oh Thapki didi your first crush? Hmm
Thapki: You keep quiet.
Shaan: Hey Yuvi what’s up?
Yuvi: Nothing, Aunty called me here.
Everyone looks at Surili.
Yuvi: Aunty, I brought for what you asked me.
Yuvraj passes the envelope to Surili.
Yug: Mom, are you flying overseas?
Surili: At least let me open the envelope.
Surili opens the envelope.
Kunj: IPL final tickets?
Everyone gets happy.
Thapki: Where did you get it from?
Yuvi: My friend knows where to get them, so I asked them.
Yug: Wow great job bro, it’s not easy to find them.
Thapki whispers to Yug.
Thapki: See I had the crush on the right person?
Yug: I agree.
Thapki: Yuvi are you going for the match?
Yuvi: Yes, definitely.
Thapki gets happy. Shaan counts them.
Shaan: 11 tickets?
Kunj: 11? You can’t even count.
Kunj counts.
Kunj: It’s really 11.
Shaan: Hello Yuvi there are 11 players in a team, and in our family there are 6 + you so 7 tickets. And we are not playing a cricket match that we need 11 tickets.
Yug: Oh no 4 valuable tickets spoiled.
Surili: Boys let Yuvi speak.
Yuvi: Aunty told me to buy 11 tickets.
Shaan: Why mom?
Surili: Simple Shaan. It’s for Rajni and her family.
Kunj: Oh. And you call yourself a scientist? Can’t even solve that the number of members in your to-be wife’s family is 4?
Shaan: If to-be-wife is a robot, what is my fault in that?
Kunj: What?
Shaan: No nothing.

In Kapoor Residence
Here Twinkle asks Bihaan
Twinkle: Did you get the tickets for IPL?
Bihaan: I tried, but I couldn’t.
Twinkle: I knew it, you are good for nothing.
Bihaan: Ghajab. When I play cricket that time you scold me for that and now that I didn’t get ticket for cricket match, you are bent on scolding me.
Twinkle: This is IPL. And you and cricket? Hello Moti Buddhi from when you become a cricket player? Comparing yourself with IPL, really my Bhai is a Moti Buddhi.
Bihaan: Hey don’t call me that, I am also no less than an IPL cricket player.
Twinkle: Oho, oho look who is talking?
Bihaan: Oh yes you are Twinkle Twinkle little star. Talking to you is equally talking to a star.
Twinkle: I can’t believe I won’t be able to watch IPL final this time.
Bihaan: From when you became a IPL fan?
Twinkle: You no need to know so much.
Leela: Oho, can you both stop fighting? Every time fighting.
Just then someone knocks on the door.
Leela: No use none of you will open the door.
Leela opens the door and smiles.
Leela: Oh Karthik and Kaira how are you both?
Kali: We are fine aunty.
Karthik: Aunty, where is Bihaan?
Leela: There he is.
Bihaan: What’s up bro?
Twinkle listens to music and Kali goes to her.
Twinkle: Kali?
Kali: Twinkle did you listen to this song?
Twinkle and Kali are discussing about singers like Zayn Malik, Taylor Swift, K-pop.
Bihaan: What is it yaar?
Karthik: Open this envelope.
Bihaan opens the envelope, and finds IPL tickets.
Bihaan: Ghajab. IPL tickets? How did you get it?
Karthik: Online.
Bihaan: Wow.
Karthik: Here is 4 tickets for you and your family members.
Bihaan: Really you are my best friend.
Bihaan hugs Karthik and goes to Twinkle. Twinkle looks at Bihaan who is singing while listening to songs.
Twinkle: Why are you showing irritating face to me?
Bihaan: You stop your sa re ga ma and listen to me.
Twinkle: For you it may be sa re ga ma but for me is music. It’s too good.
Bihaan: Look what is this.
Twinkle sees the tickets.
Twinkle: IPL finale tickets?
Bihaan: Now say what you want to T for Twinkle because I already got T for ticket.
Twinkle: T for thank you.
Bihaan: Now call me Moti Buddhi,
Twinkle pulls Bihaan’s cheeks.
Twinkle: Aww my adorable brother you look so cute when you are angry.
Bihaan gives Twinkle a weird look. Kali smiles seeing this.
Kali: I am also coming,
Twinkle: Really?
Twinkle and Kali gives each other hi-5.

Scene 2: Stadium
Here Singh family is about to go to the stadium.
Kunj: One thing is sure today Bangalore will win.
Shaan: For the first time you said the correct thing.
Kunj: I am always correct.
Shaan: (whispering) Never fails to self-praise himself.
Kunj: Nothing can happen about you.
Surili: Thapki?
Surili gestures Thapki to make Shaan and Kunj stop fighting.
Thapki: Today I won’t stop them.
Shaan and Kunj looks at Thapki.
Thapki: Because I am supporting Hydrebad.
Shaan: From when you became Hydrebad fan?
Thapki: For a long time.
Yug: This time I am with Dii, Hydrebad rocks.
Yug and Thapki gives hi-5 to each other.
Amrish: Wow seniors supporting Bangalore, and juniors supporting Hydrebad. Wow.
Yug looks at Rajni,
Yug: By the way, Rajni Bhabi who are you supporting?
Thapki: Whoever Rajni Bhabi will support that will win. If she supports Bangalore, then you both win if she supports Hydrebad we both will win.
Shaan: Rajni, she is neutral supporter, but today she is supporting Bangalore, right Rajni?
Rajni: Wrong Shaan, I am supporting Hydrebad today.
Shaan is shocked.
Thapki: Now Bhabi is also supporting Hydrebad. So we win.
Amrish: I am on my daughter and daughter-in-law’s side I also support Hydrebad.
Surili: Don’t be sad Shaan and Kunj, I am supporting Bangalore, no Kolkata no Bengali at least Bangalore.
Shaan: Illogical but better.
Surili: Did you say anything?
Kunj: He didn’t say anything.
Just then Yuvraj comes and smiles seeing them like this.
Yug: Bro you are in which side?
Yuvi: Hydrebad.
Yuvraj joins and gives Thapki, Yug and Rajni a hi-5.
Shaan whispers to Rajni,
Shaan: You are a robot, how did a robot become Hydrebad fan?
Rajni: Because of you?
Shaan: Me.
Rajni: You set Hydrebad as my place. Did you forget?
Shaan: Oh yes Survi’s family is from Hydrebad, I forgot, just that Mom doesn’t gets a doubt I set up Rajni’s dilect as Hydrebadi.
Yug: Bhabi, if Hydrebad wins you will cook us Hydrebadi Biryani.
Rajni: Okay, Yug. Command accepted.

In stadium
Karthik talks with Survi on phone,
Karthik: Hydrebad will win, after all I am a Hydrebad fan.
Survi: Me too, we will cheer for our fav team.
Karthik: You are also coming to stadium.
Karthik comes and Survi waves to Karthik.
Survi: Hi.
Karthik: You and here?
Survi: My boss arranged tickets that’s why.
Kali: Hi Bhai, who is this girl?
Karthik and Survi gets surprised.
Karthik: Your sister-in-law.
Kali and Survi are surprised.
Karthik: My friend, Kali.
Kali: Oh hi I am Kaira, but people also call me Kali.
Survi: Hi. I am Survi. You are a Hydrebad fan?
Kali: No, I am Bangalore fan.
Just then Kapoor family comes,
Twinkle: Today Bangalore will win.
Bihaan: C for correct.
Survi: You all are Bangalore supporter?
Twinkle: Our entire family supports Bangalore from day 1.

Characters Supporting which team:
Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB): Kunj, Twinkle, Shaan, Bihaan, Kali
Sunrisers Hydrebad (SRH): Rajni, Thapki, Survi, Karthik, Yug

Scene 3: In stadium,
(TEI part)
Here all are finding their seats and Kunj make sures everyone gets their seat, so he is observing and Twinkle tries to find her seat.
And they collide here.
Twinkle: You?
Kunj: You even came here?
Twinkle: Why do you have any problem with that?
Just then the DJ makes an announcement,
DJ: Which team will win the IPL trophy?
Twinkle and Kunj: Bangalore! (They shout together)
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other,
Twinkle: Hey you don’t copy me?
Kunj: When did I copy you? You are the one.
Twinkle: Just now, when I cheer Bangalore.
Kunj: You are a Bangalore fan?
Twinkle: So what is so shocking about it?
Kunj: I didn’t know you had brains to support the right team.
Twinkle: What did you just say?
Kunj: Nothing.
Twinkle: Hey I listened to what you just say.
Kunj: And what is that?
Twinkle: That I don’t have brains.
Kunj: Correct.
Twinkle gets irritated.
Kunj: By the way what made you support RCB?
Twinkle smiles and acts shy.
Twinkle: My boyfriend.
Kunj looks around.
Kunj: Where is your boyfriend? I can’t see him anywhere around.
Twinkle: Areh he is playing today.
Kunj: Heh?
Twinkle: Just look there.
Kunj: They are only showing Virat Kohli. Where is your boyfriend?
Twinkle: Yes, it’s because of Virat my boyfriend. He is my boyfriend.
Kunj hits his forehead with his hand.
Kunj: Oh yes I completely forgot, what else could be the reason?
Twinkle: You won’t understand.
Kunj: One supports team seeing how strong the team is not good looks.
Kunj: It’s better to keep me away from all these stupid logics.
Twinkle: Hey you don’t call my logic stupid. By the way where is your so called girlfriend I can’t see her.
Kunj: Who?
Twinkle: Sanjana and who else?
Kunj: Look Twinkle she is just my friend.
Twinkle: No need to explain. The match is going to start soon I don’t want to waste my time talking to you.
Kunj: Time is also very precious for me.
They walk in opposite directions and continue finding seats.

Scene 4: Stall
(KT part)
Here Yug decides to buy some food.
Yug: Bhai, I am going to buy some snacks from the stall.
Shaan: Okay, come quick.
Yug goes to buy some snacks from the stall, and at same time Kali also comes there to buy coffee. Yug buys a lot of snacks as there are a lot of people. Yug keeps them together, and walks. Kali drinks coffee and as she was about to fall, Yug holds her cup of coffee and then holds her with one of his arm with difficulty and keeps his snacks. Saajna plays. They look at each other.
Kali: My coffee?
Kali takes it from Yug’s hand and is shocked.
Kali: You?
Yug: You?
Kali: What are you doing here?
Yug: Oh hello, I came to watch match here understand, and I thought you are a lawyer. You don’t have any case today or you are not getting any cases.
Kali: Hey you stop badmouthing about me.
Yug: I tell you what you go and download and then play Criminal Case, I am sure you will get a lot of cases.
Kali: I am not like you, who have time to play this nonsense games.
Yug takes his snacks,
Kali: Don’t you even dare to touch my coffee.
Yug: Acha Baba wont hold your coffee. The case is closed. Now I spoke in your law language.
Kali nods no, and as she was about to go, she is about to shove Yug the coffee gets spilled on her dress. Both Kali and Yug get shocked.
Kali: Why you didn’t hold the cup of coffee from falling?
Yug: Strange, you were the one who told me to not touch your cup of coffee, and now you are saying why you didn’t hold it. Look, you are confusing me a lot.
Kali: It was my bad luck I met you.
Yug: Bad luck? What is your name, oh yes Kali your name is incomplete it should have been Kali Billi (Black Cat) Your face itself is like a Kali Bili. Today is my bad luck.
Kali: You Yug?
Yug: Yes, I am Yug, Yug Singh.
Kali look at Yug angrily and they both leave.

Scene 5: Match
(TPK part)
Here Singh and Sharma family are sitting in one row and Kapoor and Mathur are sitting in another row.
The match begins, both the team are playing well in their own way till now. Yug comes.
Shaan: Why did you take so long to bring the snacks?
Yug: It’s a very long story.
Thapki: Hydrebad is playing well they will win for sure.
Bihaan is sitting infront of Thapki and he is unaware that she is the one sitting behind him.
Thapki: I am sure Hydrebad will win. East or west Sunrisers Hydrebad is the best.
Bihaan: Oh madam, better luck next time, one and only Bangalore will win.
Thapki and Bihaan look at each other and they are shocked.
Bihaan: Chug Chug Gari?
Thapki: Bihaan?
Shaan: You know each other.
Thapki: He is the stupid friend of mine.
Bihaan: Oh look only Bangalore will win.
Shaan: Correct.
They give each other a hi-5.
Thapki: Too bad, still Hydrebad will win.
Bihaan: I will see.
Thapki: You better concentrate on the match and then see how they play.
Bihaan: What will I do with that?
Thapki: You don’t even know how to play cricket, you can’t even take one run I hope if you see this match it helps you a little at least you can take some runs.
Bihaan: Are you teasing me?
Thapki: No, I am telling you. I doubt if you can hold the bat?
Bihaan: Look Chug Chug Gari.
Shaan: By the way why does he calls you Chug Chug Gari?
Bihaan: Pranam Bhaiaji, if I tell you the reason you won’t spare me.
Just then RCB hits a six,
Shaan: Bro, Bangalore will win they are playing well.
Bihaan: Yes B for Bihaan is supporting B for Bangalore they will definitely win.
Thapki: Someone please support Hydrebad.
Bihaan: Not everyone is stupid like you to support Hydrebad. By the way tell me what made you support Hydrebad.
Thapki: All the international players are so cute.
Bihaan: Really? Even this player.
Bihaan shows a not so good looking player.
Thapki: You keep quiet.
Just then Yuvraj comes,
Yuvi: Hydrebad will win for sure,
SRH takes a wicket,
Yuvraj and Thapki enjoys the match, Yug also.
Yuvi: Today there should be a treat if Hydrebad wins.
Thapki: Yes.
Bihaan looks at them surprised as he sees Thapki-Yuvraj’s bond.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Should I ? No way.

Scene 6: Another part of stadium
(YVR part)
Here Survi and Karthik are sitting together,
Karthik: In a way its good that there were tickets which had separate seats. At least we both got to watch the match together.
Survi: Luckily that Yuvi agreed to change the ticket.
Just then SRH takes another wicket and Survi cheers.
Survi: Out!
They both give hi-5, but then the player drops the catch.
Karthik: He dropped the catch?
Survi: Oh no.
Karthik: Areh guys at least hold the ball properly.
Survi: Cool down Karthik. It’s a match.
Karthik: Right this is just a match. But this is final match they can’t afford to make any mistake at this stage.
Survi: Okay my Mr. Cricketer.
Karthik: If I was in their place, I would have caught it.
Survi listens.
Survi: I know you play very well, but what to do the match isn’t in our hands.
Karthik: But still?
Survi is smiling.
Karthik: By the way, who is your favourite player?
Survi: Well despite being a Hydrebad fan, my favourite player is Rohit Sharma.
Survi: He plays so well.
Karthik gets a little jealous.
Survi: But you are my most favourite.
Survi pulls Karthik’s cheeks and they smile.
Tai comes there and she is stunned to see them like this.
Tai: Why is this Survi pulling Karthik’s cheek?
Shraddha: Let it be, he is so cute.
Tai comes and Survi gets shocked, and later she acts as she is speaking to Karthik as they are supporting the same team

Scene 7: (same as scene 5)
(BHRK part)
Here Rajni comes to Shaan.
Shaan: Oh so another Hydrebad supporter is here?
Bihaan: By the way who is she?
Shaan: My robot.
Bihaan: What?
Kunj: His to be wife.
Bihaan: That’s why different team.
Suddenly RCB starts hitting sixes,
Shaan: Now RCB will win the way they are hitting sixes.
Rajni: This is not fair, why is RCB sending the ball outside the stadium, and the others are not able to catch a ball. I must do something.
Rajni goes in a corner,
Shaan: Hey Rajni where are you going?
Thapki: Looks like Rajni bhabi is angry with Bhaia.
Rajni extends her hand and one of the ball that was to go for six she takes it and places it on one of the player’s hand.
Player: (assume your favourite SRH or any player) is shocked.
Player: OUT!!!
The wicket falls and all Hydrebad fans gets happy.
Shaan: Rajni what did you just do?
Rajni: All I could do for Hydrebad my team.
Shaan: Look Rajni read cricket programme and then you will understand.
Rajni: Okay Shaan.
Rajni sits in a corner seat and she analysizes herself. Just then Neil comes with his sister, Ankita to the stadium.
Shaan: He even reached here?
Shaan makes sure Neil doesn’t sees him and slowly gets away. Neil sees him but Shaan leaves.
Neil: Why is this Shaan ignoring me?
Ankita: It’s not Shaam its Raat.
Neil looks surprised and leaves.

Scene 8: Stadium
At one point of time, all the characters meet each other together, and due to cheering of different teams, RCB fans sit in one side, and SRH fans in other side. Bauji and Amrish look at each other angrily.
Leela: I think our Bangalore will win.
Surili: I also think so.
Later, others,
Yug: The match is getting even more interesting.
Kali on the other hand,
Kali: Let me put the phone on silent mode.
Kunj: I think RCB can do it.
Twinkle: I hope so.
Kunj and Twinkle carefully watch this match.
Bihaan: Yaar, I don’t think SRH can win.
Thapki: The game is still going on, don’t say anything too early later you will regret.
Karthik: It’s a very tense situation.
Survi is biting her nails.
Here all the characters are at their gallery and they are observing the match. And 6 is required off the last ball for SRH to win. Everyone looks at the match. The bowler balls the batsman hits.
(Who won you will get to know in today’s IPL final match if RCB wins that means catch was taken here and if SRH wins that means that player managed to hit six. So watch today’s finale to know who won 😛 )

After the match,
Here Shaan gets a call.
Shaan: Okay fine I will go and check.
Shaan: (in his mind) Where will I keep the papers?
Shaan collides with Kunj.
Kunj: Where are you going, Shaan?
Shaan: I … I have some work.
Kunj: You and work? Impossible.
Shaan: You are the only one who works in this world?
Kunj: At least I work more than you.
Shaan: There is no even use to talking to you.
Kunj leaves.
Shaan: This Kunj never leaves the opportunity to irritate me.
Shaan: Now who will I hand this paper to?
Shaan sees Yuvraj walking around.
Shaan: Hey Yuvi, good I found you here. Can you do me a favour?
Yuvi: What favour?
Shaan: I am going nearby for some work, can you hold these papers for a while.
Yuvi: Okay sure bro no problem.
Shaan hands the papers to Yuvraj and leaves. Yuvraj is standing there.
Rajni is analysizing the entire stadium.
Rajni: Now according to my logic, for next few days there won’t be any matches held here.
Just then Kali comes and is talking on the phone.
Kali: (in her mind) Thank God the match finally ended. Now I can make my call.
Kali talks on the phone.
Kali: Hello? Sorry for calling late, I am in the stadium that’s why.
Kali continues talking.
Kali: Okay I will note down the number.
Kali looks for paper.
Kali: (in her mind) Now where will I find the papers?
Just then Kali sees some papers in Yuvraj’s hand. Kali comes to Yuvraj.
Kali: Excuse me, if you don’t mind may I lend a paper from you, I need to note down a paper.
Yuvi: Okay sure.
Yuvraj finds a blank paper among the documents and gives one to Kali.
Kali: Thanks.
Kali notes down the number, and just then Neil comes, and sees the documents in Yuvraj’s hand.
Neil: This is the documents I was finding. The documents for Shaan’s robot.
Neil smirks and he comes to Yuvraj.
Neil: Bhaisaab, can give me a paper?
Yuvi: (in his mind) These people made me a paper supply machine.
Yuvraj was about to give Neil a paper,
Neil: It’s okay, I will find it myself.
Yuvi: No, it’s okay I will give you.
Neil: I will take it.
Neil and Yuvraj starts arguing over the paper, and they pull the paper towards each other.
Rajni sees this, Rajni gets into flashback and remembers what Shaan said?
Shaan: Whatever happens make sure that businessman Neil Gupta doesn’t get hold of your documents.
Rajni: Okay Shaan, command accepted.
Rajni gets out of the flashback,
Rajni: Now only I can do something.
Rajni extends her robotic hands, and takes the documents of Yuvraj’s hand.
Kali while talking on phone,
Kali: Thanks for the number.
Kali hangs down the phone. Kali sees Rajni’s extended hand and gets shocked and drops her phone.
Neil, Yuvraj and Kali are shocked as they get to know Rajni is a robot, as she messes the other papers around.
The episode ends.

Precap: Twinkle and Kunj are surprised as they get scolded by their parents a lot, and they hold each other responsible for it. Bauji and Amrish fights due to bitter past. Shaan tries to make sure anyone else doesn’t knows that Rajni is robot, so he preponed his marriage to save Rajni from Neil. Neil make evil plans. Yuvi decides to tell someone the truth. Thapki and Bihaan’s fight intensifies and they are seriously angry at each other. Karthik is about to tell his family about Survi, Surili and Lata declares Karthik and Thapki’s marriage. They are shocked. Kali is shocked with Rajni being a robot and she is about to say, she faints on Yug’s arm. Yug is shocked and he gets tensed and worried. And says not now.

Sorry for the super big precap. Actually episode 9 is quite crucial that’s why. And sorry if I have bored you, I will try my best, actually this week was a stressful week for me that’s why it became difficult for me to create humour.

The next episode will be published on next Sunday, 5th June. Please do feel free to express your opinions 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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