The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR n KT) Episode 7



Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 7 of The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story. And I hope you all liked the promos. These promo will cover from episode 7 to 10. And by the way, I will take all of your comments in consideration and will try my best to add more comedy scenes. Your comments do make sense and the genre is comedy, so I should try to create more comedy scenes. I hope can make all of you laugh.
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So, here is episode 7. And this must be new for Kaala Teeka fans. Hope you all liked it. Well beginning will be the introduction of the new characters and later, there will be separate scenes for your favourite shows and jodis. The first three scenes maybe slightly boring, but part 4 to 8 there will be separate scenes for each shows.

Scene(s) for shows:
Scene 1: TEI, BHRK, TPK and KT
Scene 2: YVR and KT
Scene 3: All
Scene 4: TEI
Scene 5: BHRK
Scene 6: TPK
Scene 7: YVR
Scene 8: KT

Scene 1: Singh Residence
(TEI, BHRK, TPK and KT part)
The episode begins with Shaan being stunned after listening to his mom’s decision.
Shaan: Mom, do you know what you are saying?
Surili: Yes, I know very well what I am saying.
Shaan: And what is that?
Surili: Why don’t you listen properly? I have decided that you will marry Rajni and no one else.
Shaan is super stunned.
Shaan: But mom?
Just then someone rings the bell.
Surili: Now who is this? Anyways, yes Shaan this is my final decision.
And the person non-stop rings the bell.
Surili: Oho, who is this? Kunj, Thapki please someone open the door.
As Surili was about to talk, still someone rings the bell.
Surili: Looks like I have to open the door.
Surili leaves, and Shaan sits down on the bed stunned.
Rajni: What happened Shaan?
Shaan: I have created a robot. And instead of getting a reward, I am getting a punishment and that is to marry a robot.
Rajni: Oh okay, Shaan.
Shaan: What okay okay?
Rajni: I have nothing to say.

Here Surili comes, and sees Kunj and Thapki busy playing games using play station.
Kunj: See, how easily I will defeat you, Thapki.
Thapki: Thapki never loses Bhaia, I will win this game for sure.
Surili: You both are playing video games?
Kunj: No, we are watching movie.
Kunj and Thapki gives hi-5 to each other and laughs.
Surili: Someone is ringing the bell for non-stop. And you both are? Unbelievable.
Thapki: Believe it mom.
Surili: I think the person must have left by now.
Surili opens the door and is stunned. She finds a guy sleeping leaning on the wall.
Surili: (in Bengali) Hey boy, why are you sleeping at my doorstep? (Ai Chele amar bashai dorjar kache emon kore ghumacho keno)
The guy wakes up rubbing his eyes. And Surili gets happy as he is none other than Yug.
Surili: Chotte!
Kunj and Thapki looks and they go.
Thapki: Chotte! You?
Yug still rubbing his eyes.
Yug: (yawning) Hi mom. Hi dii. Hi Bhai.
Kunj: What are you doing here?
Yug looks around left and right.
Yug: Surprise!
All are stunned.
Kunj: Heh?
Yug: I came here as I am free now.
Kunj: Now he will sit idle at home forever.
Yug: Did you say anything?
Kunj: Yes, and good you didn’t listen.
Yug is still yawning. Shaan comes.
Shaan: Yug?
Yug: Hi. Mr. Einstein.
Shaan: Okay, okay now what are you doing here?
Yug: I am sleepy.
Surili: Okay beta, go and sleep. You look like you are very tired.
Yug was about to go, and he sees the playstation and he becomes fully awake.
Yug: Wow, playstation!
Yug goes and plays playstation.
Kunj: Hey, I was playing it.
Yug: Let me play Bhai.
Kunj: Strange. Just now you were so sleepy.
Yug: Dii you play with me, and Bhai bring some popcorn and juice for us.
Kunj: Am I your servant?
Yug: And what else?
Kunj: Pathetic. I am sitting here.
Yug: Mom please.
Surili: Okay fine beta.
Surili leaves.
Surili: My children are so strange. When they see parents they are like I am so sleepy, and playstation suddenly wake them up. I think they were not so excited even when they were late in school when they were kids.

Scene 2: Mathur Residence
(YVR and KT part)
Here Karthik is talking on the phone.
Karthik: Hello Survi? Hello?
Here Lata is watching a serial, where the girl is speaking on the phone and the villain overhears. Karthik sees this.
Karthik: (in his mind) Did Survi’s Tai get to know about mine and Survi’s relationship?
Just then someone rings the bell, and Lata goes and opens it.
Lata smiles.
Lata: Beti!
It’s none other than Kali. Kali is having earphones in her ears.
Karthik: Kali!
Lata: How are you beti? You and here?
Kali is busy in listening to something with her earphones.
Lata: Open this! You came back home after several days and you are listening to music instead of talking to us and that too on the doorstep. If you didn’t want to talk with us, why did you even come here? Remove this.
Kali: What mom? I was talking to a client on phone. And I used earphones as it’s not good to keep your phone holding it on your ear for long time.
Lata is surprised.
Kali: Hello, sir? Actually I will talk to you later, and don’t worry all the cases, I, Kaira Mathur have fought I have always won. And even this time the same will happen.
Kali keeps the phone and sees no one there.
Karthik: What mom? You scolded Kali for no reason.
Lata: Yes beta, she must be feeling so bad. I thought she was listening to music, now how will I talk to her?
Just then Kali comes and pats Lata. Lata looks on.
Kali: How can I ignore you mom? Actually I was quite busy due to these cases, and I missed you a lot
Kali hugs Lata. Lata pampers her.
Karthik: May I join you both?
Lata hugs Karthik and Kali and pampers them.

Scene 3: Singh Residence and Kapoor Residence
(All part)
Here Tai brings Survi holding her hand.
Survi: Tai, please let me go.
Tai: Let you go, how dare you even did this job without me?
Survi: I was about to tell you, but
Tai: Don’t make excuses, you never wanted to tell me.
Survi: Tai, honestly speaking now you look like Tai less, and the villians of daily soaps more.
Tai: What did you say?
Survi: Nothing.
Tai: You thought what I didn’t listen, hey heroine, I will teach you and your hero a lesson, understand.
Survi: (in her mind) If Tai got to know about Karthik, why did she bring me to Shaan sir’s house?
Tai comes to Singh’s residence. And she knocks the door. Surili opens the door.
Surili: Yes?
Tai: I am Kamla.
Surili: Okay nice to know, and there is a bell here you should have ring it, what was the need of knocking the door?
Tai: it’s my wish.
Just then Yug and Thapki sees this.
Yug: Who is this aunty?
Thapki: I have no idea.
Yug: Her daughter is so hot.
Yug looks at Survi.
Thapki: Yug, don’t do like this if Bhaia sees you like this you will be in trouble.
Yug: I am always in trouble whenever I see their face Dii.
Tai and Surili continues.
Surili: Who are you? And what are you doing here?
Shaan just comes home from outside with Rajni and sees Survi and Tai. Shaan gestures Survi to come to him and she does so.
Shaan: Survi, what are you doing here? If mom gets to know that you are my assistant, not Rajni I will be in big trouble.
Survi: Sir actually,
Tai answers
Tai: I am Tai, Tai of your son’s assistant.
Survi: Oh no that means Tai got to know the truth.
Shaan: What?
Survi nods.
Surili smiles,
Surili: Oh welcome sister, come and join us for a cup of tea.
Tai: (in her mind) How come this Bangalan is so sweet to me? Something is wrong.
Tai: No, it’s okay I will manage her and I don’t drink tea. I can’t sleep.
Surili: At least come and sit with us.
Tai agrees.
Shaan: Can you tell me what’s going on here, Survi?
Survi: I have no idea, sir.
Rajni: Just wait and watch. You will automatically know the answer.
Yug continues talking,
Yug: Who is this girl with Shaan Bhaia?
Thapki: That is Shaan Bhaia’s assistant, Rajni.
Yug: She is also very hot.
Kunj comes,
Kunj: Really, nothing can happen about you?
Tai comes and sits.
Surili introduces all the family members and finally she is about to introduce Shaan
Tai: No need I know him very well.
Surili: Great. Actually I have something important to tell you.
Tai: Me?
Surili: Yes, actually I want to ask my son’s hand for your niece?
Tai: Heh?
Surili: I want my eldest son, Shaan to marry your niece.
Tai is stunned. Survi and Shaan are super stunned. And Kunj, Thapki and Yug are confused.
Surili: Look sister, whatever your decision is I will accept that happily?
Shaan: Survi, can you tell me what is going on here? I don’t mind being your boss, but I hope in that pretext I don’t get married to you.
Survi: Sir, you are not the only one, I have a boyfriend I can never marry you.
Tai sees this.
Tai: What are you both whispering?
Surili: Let it be sister,
Surili looks at Survi,
Surili: By the way, who is this girl?
Survi and Shaan are stunned.
Tai sees Rajni and assumes Suriki is asking about Rajni.
Tai: Oh she, she is my niece’s friend.
Surili: Oh I see. Beta what’s your name?
As Survi was about to speak,
Tai: Survi, you keep quiet, I will speak.
Surili: Survi, nice name.
Surili looks at Tai,
Surili: By the way, what’s your decision?
Survi and Shaan gets nervous.
Tai: I accept this proposal. And my niece will marry Shaan and no one else.
Survi and Shaan gets stunned.
Shaan: (in his mind) I think I am the first man in this planet, whose marriage got fixed with two girls in one day, wait one is not even a girl she is a robot. Wow Shaan scientist look at your destiny.
Shaan whispers to Survi,
Shaan: See, neither I am interested in getting married to you nor I am interested in getting married to Rajni, understand.
Survi: Sir, because of you I am in trouble. I will marry my boyfriend and no one else.
Shaan: Okay, no need to say.
Tai: Look Behenji, I have to go now, and also make some preparations.
Surili: No problem sister, I will bring all the ritual things this evening, and Shaan knows where Rajni leaves.
Tai: Rajni?
Surili: Oh yes, she lives with you, right?
Tai: Yes, she is like my daughter.
Rajni smiles. Surili thinks Tai is talking about Survi.
Kunj: For the first time, mom did something right for Shaan.
Yug: Now Bhaia is getting married, his freedom will be stolen soon. Poor thing.
Thapki: Rajni is good, but is Bhaia happy with the marriage?
Yug: No idea.
Tai, leaves along with Survi.
Tai: Rajni beta, come with us are you intending to stay here forever?
Surili: Let it be, she will anyways stay here forever.
Tai: What?
Surili: I was just kidding, don’t worry you can take her home.
Tai, Survi and Rajni leaves.
Kunj gets a call,
Kunj: Hello? Okay I am coming.
Shaan: (in his mind) What is going on in mom’s mind? First she is intending to make Rajni my wife and now Survi. Who is she choosing for me?
Shaan was about to talk to Surili
Shaan: Mom actually
Surili: Kunj, where are you going?
Kunj: I have a party tonight, annual party.
Surili: Okay, anyways only me and Amrish are going to Rajni’s house for the alliance in her Tai’s house.
Shaan: (in his mind) Oh so mom misunderstands that Survi’s Tai is Rajni’s Tai, wheras she is actually Survi’s Tai. Complicated but better.
Thapki: Thank god, now I can hang out with my friends.
Yug: Even I have some work
Kunj: Oi Chotte, what work you have? S
Shaan: Sleep and what else?
Shaan and Kunj laughs and gives hi-5. Yug looks at them disturbed/
Kunj: I have to go now, bye.
Thapki: Bye Bhaia.

Kapoor Residence
Here Twinkle and Bihaan are fighting as usual.
Twinkle: Did you make any arrangements for that?
Bihaan: I have already told Karthik, he say he will make arrangements.
Twinkle: Then there is no use.
Bihaan: Why are you talking like this about my friend?
Twinkle doesn’t cares, and as she looks at something and shouts. Bihaan closes his ears with her hand.
Bihaan: What did you see? Cockroach.
Twinkle sees Kali, and they both hug each other.
Twinkle: Kaira!
Kali: Twinkle!
Bihaan: Ghajab. The way Twinkle shouted I thought she saw a ghost or something. Strange girl. I can’t believe with this girl.
Twinkle: How are you yaar, long time no see.
Kali: Yes, yaar true I was so busy with fighting cases.
Twinkle: Did you find your guy?
Kali gets stunned and a little nervous.
Kali: What Twinkle? What nonsense?
Twinkle: You took it seriously, sorry yaar? By the way how is aunty, how is your brother?
Kali: They are fine.
Bihaan: Wah. Just now a minute ago, she was back-bitting Karthik, and now asking about how he is? Ghajab.
Twinkle: You know Kali, I have a party tonight want to join me?
Kali: No yaar, I am busy with my work. I came here this is a lot.
Twinkle: You are always busy, anyways let’s go and talk. I need to talk a lot with you.
Kali: Me too.
Twinkle and Kali leaves.
Bihaan: Hello, yes yaar I am coming and no changes in plan. And don’t worry I won’t be late.
Bihaan keeps the phone and leaves.

Scene 4: PARTY
(TEI part)
Here Twinkle comes to the party, and she collides with Kunj.
Twinkle: You?
Kunj: Hi.
Twinkle: Hi.

Kunj: People say hi when they meet each other, but you directly said you.
Twinkle: Okay that’s fine. Good you came.
Twinkle: I can’t imagine his face at the first place.
Kunj: Did you say anything?
Twinkle: No, I didn’t.
Kunj: She must be back-biting me as usual.
Twinkle: Did you say?
Kunj nods no.
Twinkle: Anyways.
After a while some people are dancing.
Twinkle: Hey Kunj let’s go and dance.
Kunj: Actually thing is
Twinkle: Me, I am so stupid.
Kunj: For the first time you said something right.
Twinkle: It was so stupid of me to ask you to dance. You , Kunj Singh don’t even know how to dance.
Kunj: No, I can dance.
Twinkle: Let it be, no need to lie.
Twinkle leaves and she dances with others.
Kunj: Twinkle Kapoor, now I will prove to you that I can dance, but the thing is I cannot dance at all.
Kunj: (in his mind) What to do?
Kunj gets an idea and he takes out his phone.
Kunj: I can check in Google how to dance.
Kunj types how to dance and he reads it and gets stunned.
Google: You have to follow each and every word of the lyrcis of the song you are dancing on and show it in the right way.
Kunj: What nonsense! This doesn’t seem right to me, but I have no other option also.
Kunj goes and he orders the DJ to give a new song. The DJ plays Manma Emotion Jage from Dilwale.
Kunj: Now how on earth will I feel the word or express my feelings?
Kunj makes weird gestures while dancing (not really) and he makes faces as he hears the word and goes to Twinkle when he hears the word Choriya and he tries his best. And he falls down. Twinkle and all laughs.
Kunj: (in his mind) Kunj Singh, what did you just do? You got to Twinkle Kapoor’s talk and made a joke out of yourself.
Just then a girl comes and helps Kunj. Kunj smiles.
Girl: Kunj?
Kunj: Sanjana?
(You can assume Chadni Bhangwani as Sanjana who was last seen as Sanjana in Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi)
Sanjana: How are you yaar?
Kunj: I am fine.
Sanjana scolds others who were laughing.
Sanjana: Look you all are not professional dancers. So stop teasing him.
Sanjana: Its okay happens, next time I will teach you.
Kunj: Thanks yaar.
Kunj and Sanjana holds hand and leaves Twinkle is stunned.
Twinkle is about to go, and Kunj messages her.
Kunj: Listen Twinkle Kapoor don’t follow me, I am going home now. Bye.
Twinkle feels bad.

Scene 5: Shaan’s Lab
Shaan is walking here and there.
Shaan: Shaan Singh you are getting married to the great Rajni Robot, I don’t know if I should be happy that I am not getting married to Survi or sad that my to be wife is going to be a robot.
Just then Rajni comes,
Shaan: Rajni what are you doing here? What if anyone sees us like this?
Rajni: I am going to be your to-be wife and I have the rights.
Shaan: Hey Rajni, to others you are my to be fiancé and to me you are tension.
Rajni is standing still.
Shaan: Rajni?
Rajni is still.
Shaan: Rajni why are you not responding?
Rajni is still freezed.
Shaan checks.
Shaan: Everything is fine. Now I am having tension.
Rajni: Hi. I am Tension.
Shaan hits his head with his hand.
Shaan: You are not tension, you are back to Rajni now.
Rajni: Okay Shaan, Hi I am Rajni, again.
Rajni winks.
Just then someone comes and pats Shaan, Shaan looks and super is stunned. Rajni looks on.
Shaan: Mr. Neil you?
(Assume Neil as Dev in Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant)
Neil: Yes, me.
Rajni: Shaan looking at your face you seem to be stunned.
Neil: Yes, Mr. Shaan why did you get stunned seeing me?
Shaan: No, nothing she was joking.
Neil: By the way who is she?
Shaan: She is my fiancé.
Neil: Oh I see congratulations.
Shaan: Thanks.
Neil looks at Rajni and smiles.
Neil: By the way, Mr. Shaan if you make something good that will be great if not I have to fire you.
Neil leaves.
Rajni: Why don’t you show him to me? That is an good innovation by you but me I have some flaws in me.
Shaan holds Rajni’s shoulder.
Shaan: No, Sa Rajni who said that.
Rajni: Then why are you not showing me to him?
Shaan: This is because this Neil will take advantage and he will make wrong use of you, and I am afraid he may harm you in that pretext also.
Rajni: But your job?
Shaan: I don’t care about my job, I don’t mind getting fired. But I cant let any harm come to you. After all, you are my best innovation, my Rajni Robot.
Shaan kisses on Rajni’s forehead. Rajni looks on.
Someone(not revealed) overhears Shaan’s conversation and gets to know about Rajni being a robot.

Scene 6: On The Car
Here Thapki and Bihaan are in the car and they are going for a long drive.
Thapki: Thanks for the long drive.
Bihaan: No problem. Now we have to see how long this drive will be.
Later, they reach at ice-cream parlour
Bihaan: Let’s go and have ice-cream.
Thapki: Thank god you brought me for ice-cream I thought you will treat me with Chamanprash.
Thapki and Bihaan starts laughing.
They go to the ice cream parlour. There they order Ice-cream.
Bihaan: Give me Strawberry.
Thapki: Give me Chilli Chadka.
Bihaan: Look Chuk Chuk Gadi we are ordering ice-cream not Kurkure Chips.
Thapki: I know, there is a flavour called Chill Chadka right?
Man: Right.
Bihaan: Strange flavour. First time hearing someone having spicy ice cream.
Thapki: I like it any problem?
Bihaan: No.
They take their ice cream and they start having it.
Thapki: May I ask you something?
Bihaan: Sure.
Thapki: Do you have any girlfriend?
Bihaan starts choking. Thapki makes him drink water.
Bihaan: Hearing the word ‘girlfriend’ is enough to kill me. Having one will be like hell. You got boyfriend?
Thapki: Nope.
And she is having her ice cream.
Bihaan: How can you have it?
Thapki: How can you have strawberry, it’s so yuck.
Bihaan: Better than Chilli at least, only someone crazy like you will choose these kind of flavours.
Thapki: Look I don’t like it when people insult my choice.
Bihaan: I am going to have another scoop. I am coming.
Bihaan takes another scoop and he collides with a girl and drops her ice cream which is also strawberry.
Bihaan: I am so sorry. You do one thing, you can take my ice-cream I already had one scoop.
Girl: It’s okay.
They look at each other and smile.
Girl: B for Bihaan.
Bihaan: V for Veera.
(You can assume Digangana Suryavanshi as Veera who was last seen in Veera)
Veera: How are you yaar? After graduation no news about you.
Bihaan: Yes yaar, finally got graduated.
Veera: Congrats.
Bihaan: Thanks for helping me.
Thapki is waiting for Bihaan and she comes and sees Bihaan talking with Veera.
Thapki: Who is this girl Bihaan talking with? She seems to be my senior.
Bihaan: Now this ice cream is only yours.
Veera: It’s okay Bihaan.
Bihaan: Have it yaar, take it at least as your friend.
Veera takes it,
Bihaan: (in his mind) Thapki must be waiting for me.
Bihaan: I have got to go now.
Veera: Bye.
Bihaan and Veera hugs each other.
Thapki: This Bihaan Kapoor is such a big liar, he already have a girlfriend. How can he?
Bihaan goes and smiles looking at Thapki.
Bihaan: Let’s go.
Bihaan and Thapki leaves, and Thapki looks at Veera and gets thinking.

Scene 7: Sharma Residence
(YVR part)
Here Surili and Amrish comes with the goods to Tai’s house.
Tai welcomes them and introduces Shraddha to them.
Tai: This is my daughter, Shraddha.
Shraddha: Hi Aunty, Hi Uncle.
Here they are talking about the marriage, Survi sees this and gets sad as she thinks its about her marriage.
Survi is about to go, and she is stunned.
Survi: Karthik?
Karthik: Yes, me.
Karthik comes by the window.
Survi: What are you doing here? What if anyone sees you here?
Karthik: No problem.
Survi looks around and she closes all the windows and doors.
Karthik: Strange. Other girls pull the guy out first and then closes all the windows and doors, but my one is opposite.
Survi is standing.
Karthik: Why are you standing here? Pull me out.
Survi: No I can’t.
Karthik: Why?
Survi: I don’t have much strength. I can call Rajni, oh wait she is now at lab.
Karthik: What are you murmuring at least try?
Survi takes a dupatta and tells Karthik to climb.
Karthik: Baapre! What was that? I just did a stunt.
Survi: Who told you to come like this?
Karthik: What to do I couldn’t resist from meeting you.
Survi: Look Karthik sit down.
Karthik sits.
Karthik: At least you got one step right.
Survi: Now listen to me carefully.
Karthik: Say whatever you want you are given the freedom to do so.
Survi: I am getting married to Shaan.
Karthik is stunned and he stands up. Just then Survi gets a call.
Shaan: I have a good news for you. My bride is not you its Rajni.
Survi: What are you saying?
Shaan describes how Tai had a misunderstanding, and Survi gets happy.
Survi: Thank you so much sir, you don’t know how much relieved I am.
Survi keeps the phone.
And in happiness she jumps into Karthik and hugs him.
Survi: Finally I am his.
Karthik: Who?
Survi: You and who else?
Karthik smiles.
Karthik: Look Survi I don’t like this kind of jokes.
Survi: This joke was real a while ago.
Karthik: Meaning?
Survi: That’s a very long story.
Karthik: Is it so long that it will be morning to finish the story?
Survi: Karthik?
Karthik: Okay fine. I have a surprise for you.
Survi: What?
Karthik: Let me whisper to you.
Survi: What Karthik, you are impossible.
Karthik: Look, even walls have ears nowadays.
Survi: One day you will say walls can talk.
Karthik still whsipers and Survi gets happy.
Karthik: Okay I have got to go now. Bye.
Survi: Bye, but go carefully.
Karthik leaves by the window.
Survi: Karthik truly loves him if not he won’t have do this suicide stunt.

Scene 8: Near the court
(KT part)
Here Kali is walking and she takes auto. Kali gives money to the driver.
Driver: Madam, I don’t have change.
Kali: What?
Driver: It’s better to take change from someone.
Kali looks around and she sees a guy(Yug) walking. Yug is wearing a hoodie.
Kali: Excuse me, do you have change?
Yug: No don’t have.
Kali: Oh no. I have to pay to this auto driver.
Yug: Sorry I don’t have.
Just then someone calls Yug and he talks on phone, and Kali sees that he have a lot of change in his wallet.
Kali: Why did you lie you have a lot of change?
Yug: Sorry I am actually.
Yug ignores, and Kali sees the auto driver waiting, Kali takes the money from Yug and gives it to the auto driver.
Yug: What is this?
Kali: I had to do this.
Yug: Why did you take money without my permission?
Kali: If you can lie to me that you have no change, then why I can’t I take it from you when you actually have change.
Yug doesn’t answer.
Kali: I am a lawyer, understand. If I get the chance, I make sure I fight a case against you and you will never get bail.
Yug: Oh wakil sahiba, acha good to know I will take help from you, actually I was too lazy to take out money.
Kali: I will file case for being too lazy. Can you imagine how long that guy was waiting for?
Yug: Look, I don’t know about that I am sorry and I have got to go now.
Kali: Look Mr. Hoodie I have no interest in talking with you but I had no other option as you were the only one here.
Yug: And Miss. Robber, now spare me at least, do I have to do puja of you?
Kali: How dare you call me robber?
Yug: You are a thief for stealing my money, and lawyers always lie, so you are a big liar. So that sums up you being a robber.
Kali: Look, I am Kaira Mathur, you have not done right by doing so, and I am a
Yug: I know lawyer, but a good for nothing lawyer.
Kali: You?
Kali points finger at Yug,
Yug: Put your finger down.
Yug makes Kali do so.
Yug: And I am Yug Singh, you must have heard this name before? Oh you never heard it. Now better hear it. If you ever do anything against, Yug Singh you will see the worst of me.
Kali ignores him, and as she was about to go, Yug holds Kali’s hand and they look at each other. Sajna plays.
The episode ends.

Precap: IPL SPECIAL. All the strange and full of krazyness characters are gonna meet each other while watching IPL match in the stadium. And a lot of strange and krazyness things to take place. Kunj and Twinkle fights for their favourite team, Rajni shows her robotic features which shocks Neil and some two other person. Thapki is taunting Bihaan and telling him this is how you play. Karthik making jokes and Survi laughing, and Tai is stunned to see them like this. Kali and Yug another encounter, and Yug accidentally spills something on Kali’s clothes which makes her furious. And Bauji and Amrish meet each other and are super angry. Surili and Leela enjoy. Everyone observes the match, as they are curious who will win the match.

Well, someone was asking me if I have written fan fiction for Tashan-e-Ishq before. Yes, I have written 6 fan fictions on individual shows during my holidays from January to March. Here are my 6 fan fictions:
1) Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White
2) Kaala Teeka- The apple of my eye
3) Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do, phirse- Let love happen, again
4) Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love
5) Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat
6) Yeh Vaada Raha – It’s a Promise
Well, many people still do talk about my intense love and loving pat fan fiction today. Anyways, here are my 6 fan fictions, and I loved all equally 

Hey, all sorry for not adding much comedy scenes in this episode as the time I saw your comments I already finished writing episode 7. So I couldn’t make changes to it due to my busy schedule. Well I promise episode 8, the next episode will be really funny and thrilling and at the same time exciting. And there will be a big twist upcoming soon. Hope you all understand. And please do comment on how you felt about this episode. Sorry if it’s boring and thank you if you liked it.
And I will publish episodes once a week. The next episode will be published on 29th May Sunday, or 30th May Monday, as 29TH is IPL final 😛 Moreover, I have quizzes and tests next week so I may publish late. But I assure you all will love my episode 8, which means next episode, especially cricket fans. And those who don’t like cricket will also like it due to comedy and also twist coming up. See I am a big fan of cricket and IPL 😛

And please feel free to express your opinions, and do drop you valuable comments. Thank you and have a nice day 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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    1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB N EDKV FAN)

      hey anu happy u liked it overall and sorry couldnt add much comedy because by the time i saw the comments i already wrote this episode and was busy thats why couldnt make the changes and thanks for commenting 🙂

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      honestly speaking besides rakn

    2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV N Dehleez fan)

      honestly speaking besides rajni show i m fed up with all the current tracks of the show. TEI broke my heart like twink getting seperated seriously??? broke my heart and yvr n kt dont ask too much negativity by tai n gauri uff. but i m enjoying kt these days due to kayu scenes and tpk i was so angry on that show but finally thahaan love track gonna start yesterday episode was a relief. and i only watch these shows when i m free for now i m watching the three shows i loveregularly, others only when i m free. amd thanks for commenting btw is ur hollywood story published i wanna read it where is it and yes i will comment on ur ragsan ff as i read it but couldnt comment as i was busy

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      no tara yaar i m feeling shy itna tarif bhi maat karo 😛 and happy u liked the other shows also and ur ffs are awesome too i always wait for it and kya karoo cricket is my life cricket is my first love n thanks for commenting angel parilok wali 😛

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      hey sasha really u loved it and happy it made u laugh i thought it was little lame today but i feel my next episode will be better haha no problem the misunderstanding scene 😛 actual’y i thought many will kill me for that 😛 and no problem but ur ff is too good

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      yes karvi i so agree with u really besides bhrk the current track of all the shows is so disappointing and no yaar my ff is not that good i know i just write it for time pass and thanks for commenting 🙂

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      2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

        Really? Thanks 🙂

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      haha true love happy u liked the yvr track yes yaar that tai is a kabab ki haddi in their romance and happy u liked the kt part too and next episode hopefully u will like all the part and thanks for commenting 🙂

  10. Hi! The episode was very good. KT dialogues were damn funny. I loved them. And, TEI yes it was good too. And, what did kunj mean by “how will I express my feelings”!! Basically, it was FATAFATI.. Oh yes, the song MANMA EMOTION LAGE not jage.. And, one more heartbreaking news is that Sidhant Gupta is leaving the show.??

    1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV N Dehleez fan)

      Hey ria happy u liked it thanks for commenting and happy u liked the kt part too and actually i dont know the meaning of manma song i just select randomly and thanks for pointing out the mistake and yes i also got shocked when i got to know sid is quitting so sad will miss twinj very badly

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      Hey Tara thanks for commenting happy u liked all the pairs 🙂

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    1. Hey aiza thanks for commenting and happy u liked it will update the next episode on Sunday or Monday

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        Sorry ignore the name

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    All the best for your quizzes and tests!

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    1. Hey Kalpana thanks for commenting and happy u liked my ff a lot your comment made my day Nd wow back to back I m too lazy to even read my own ff back to back thank u so much and will try to add more in the upcoming episodes and will update my next episode on Sunday or Monday and thanks for the wishes have a nice day 🙂

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    1. Hey Khnds thanks for commenting and well kali is a lawyer that’s why u thought that it’s quite similar to dehleez right , actually this is the only similarity because Yug is a lazy n spoilt guy here unlike adarsh in dehleez don’t worry u r not the only one even my best friend thought tht my Kaala Teeka charcters r inspired from dehleez 😛 and in the upcoming episodes there will be a twist happy u liked it 🙂

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    1. Hey Ayesha thanks for commenting happy u liked it wow some new person and silent readers commenting today I m so happy today thank u all for making my day 🙂

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