The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR n KT) Episode 10 LAST EPISODE



Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 10 of The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story. Sorry for being super late, I thought we couldn’t publish fan fictions last week that’s why couldn’t publish part 1 so I decided to publish part 1 and 2 together so episode 10 will be a long episode. Please do read it as you all know it’s last episode.

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Scene 1: Singh Residence
(All part)
The episode begins with everyone joining hands to make sure the wedding doesn’t happens and Amrish calls out all of them.
Amrish: Come here, everyone.
Kali, Yug, Thapki, Bihaan and Karthik comes downstairs together. And they start talking among themselves.
Yug: I wonder what Dad has got to say now.
Karthik whispers to Thapki
Karthik: I wonder for how long I have to tolerate this drama.
Thapki: Listen I also have no interest in these dramas but you have no right to talk to my dad like this.
Kali: I feel so bad for Dada and Thapki Didi, they are being forced in this marriage.
Kunj: Wow, marriages marriages everywhere.
Twinkle: I was so happy I never expected that this marriage will happen and that too mine, and that too not my dream man,
Twinkle starts to cry,
Kunj: You keep quiet. I am also sad more than you but I am not portraying it.
Bihaan: They both are my friends I have to help them out.
Later, Leela sees this and smiles, and talks to Karthik’s mom Lata,
Leela: Your daughter is very sweet
Lata: She is indeed very sweet, your son is quite well mannered also.
Leela: I was thinking after Karthik’s marriage, we can do Kali and Bihaan’s marriage, after all they are good friends.
Lata: Good Idea.
Bihaan and Kali listens to this and gets shocked.
Bihaan: 3 marriages was less, that they are trying another one. Yaar, what did I do, why me?
Kali: I just don’t understand what is with this marriage, it’s so complicated, even more than cases.
Yug: Wow, what a story. All of them are never happy. Someone said right, a common person is never happy after getting married.
Just then Kunj and Shaan comes in, and they come together. Everyone gets surprised seeing their bond.
Surili: Shaan? Kunj?
Shaan: We both brothers are getting married at the same time, so why not we clear out our differences.
Everyone gets happy.
Thapki: At least something good is happening with my brothers.
Karthik: You love your brother a lot?
Thapki nods.
Just then Survi and her family comes,
Surili: Oh this is my eldest son’s to be in-laws.
Survi gestures to Karthik that she is sorry, and Karthik feels bad. Thapki sees this.
Thapki: You love Survi a lot right?
Karthik nods yes.
Tai: Who are they?
Surili: Actually not only Shaan, also Kunj is getting married to Twinkle and Thapki to Bihaan.
Thapki and Bihaan gets shocked.
Surili: Sorry, I mean Karthik.
Survi is shocked.
Survi: What?
All are surprised.
Survi: Oh I mean 3 marriages? Buy 1 and get 2 free?
Surili: All happened so suddenly that’s why we couldn’t tell you all.
Tai: It’s okay, we understand then there will be more fun.
Survi is sad and she looks at Karthik angrily.
Amrish: I have decided wedding will take place tomorrow itself.
All: What!!!!
Amrish: No need to be so shocked. I consulted the priest he said the date is either one day or one years.
Leela: But one day isn’t it too early.
Amrish: We have no other option also Samdi Ji.
Tai: So fast? Weddings are three but days are one. For the first time I am seeing one days for three weddings.
Yug: Today I understood why our family is called strange and full of Krazyness.
Amrish: So tomorrow turmeric and mehendi will take place together early morning and afternoon wedding. That’s my decision. Anyone have objection.
Everyone nods yes, Amrish looks and they immediately nod no,
Tai: I think we should leave now.
Shaan goes to Rajni,
Shaan: Rajni, take care of yourself and tell Survi to charge you up.
Rajni: Okay Shaan, Com
Yug: Areh Bhaia, its only one day why so impatient? Can’t you live without Bhabi?
Shaan: You keep quiet.
Tai: We should leave now.
Karthik tries to talk to Survi and Survi nods no to him and she ignores him and leaves.
They all leave.
Thapki: Areh this Survi and Karthik love each other, now this misunderstanding? Uff I just hate marriages.
Bihaan: Oh ho, I am their friend I won’t let this marriage happen. No way. One problem doesn’t go another keeps on coming.
Bauji sees this,
Bauji: (in his mind.) I can’t let Bihaan do what Twinkle did.
Bauji: We should also leave,
They also leave. Even others goes to sleep.
Yug: All my three siblings are getting married, but none are happy I can see it from their face. Yug Singh you have to stop this marriage somehow.
Just then Amrish comes,
Amrish: Impossible!
Yug gets shocked.
Yug: Dad?
Amrish: This marriage will happen at any cost. All the marriages will take place.
Amrish leaves.
Yug: Now only I can do something. But what?

Here, the next day all are busy with wedding preparations and as you all know all the couples are unhappy.

Scene 2: Outside
(TEI part)
Here Twinkle just comes and will get ready for her marriage and her mom comes to her.
Leela: Twinkle, the mehendi girl is coming soon.
Twinkle: So what will I do?
Leela: She is on her way, do one thing you keep this henna with you, once the mehendi girl comes pass it to her, she will apply henna for you.
Leela leaves.
Twinkle: Strange, even in my own marriage looks like I have to apply the mehendi uff.
Twinkle looks at the henna and she rotates the henna cone.
Twinkle: Mehendi lagake rakhna, doli saga ke rakhna
Twinkle accidentally presses the cone, and Kunj comes there and the henna gets entirely spilled on his clothes. Twinkle is shocked. And she stands up and drops the henna cone.
Twinkle: I…..I am so sorry Kunj.
Kunj: Lene tujhe o gori, Aayenge tere sajna.
Twinkle: What are you trying to say?
Kunj: Nothing can happen about you.
Twinkle: Look Kunj, I am not saying anything doesn’t mean you do whatever you want to.
Kunj: But do not trouble your mother.
Twinkle: When did I trouble mom?
Kunj walks and he slips by the henna cone and he falls on Twinkle, and the henna gets onto Twinkle’s clothes too.
Twinkle: My dress!
Kunj: Earthquake didn’t come it’s just a little bit.
Twinkle: Oh really?
Twinkle empties the cone and puts the full henna on her hand.
Kunj: O, Siyappa Queen have you gone crazy.
Twinkle goes to Kunj, and she smears the entire henna on Kunj’s face. This shocks Kunj to an extent.
Twinkle: Now stay happy.
And she leaves angrily. Kunj is stunned.
Kunj: Before wedding is like this, after marriage what will happen.

Scene 3: Shaan’s lab
(BHRK part)
Here Shaan is explaining Rajni the rituals and Rajni agrees to it.
Shaan: Now we are going to the most important part of a marriage and that is the rounds.
Rajni take rounds and Shaan trains her.
Shaan: Walk round and round and round.
Rajni does so.
Shaan: I must be the first ever scientist who is also doing the job of a priest.
Just then a guy comes,
Guy: How are you feeling teaching Rajni getting married?
Shaan: You know when you to the circus, and the ringmaster always trains the animal, I feel like the ringmaster,
Rajni: And I am the animal.
Shaan is shocked as he sees Neil’s face and he falls down from his chair.
Neil: What happened, Mr. Shantanu Singh, now you got a current shock?
Rajni: No current shock.
Shaan: Neil, what are you doing here?
Neil comes to Shaan and looks at him angrily,
Shaan: What’s going on?
Neil: You want to marry a robot?
Shaan nods.
Neil: Should I send you to mental asylum?
Shaan: I wish that could be you instead of me.
Neil: What?
Shaan: I mean Rajni. Rajni could have listened to your command not mine.
Neil: That will happen.
Shaan: No sir, Rajni will listen to my command.
Neil holds Shaan’s collar.
Neil: I want the marriage to be stalked at any cost.
He leaves and Rajni sees Shaan tensed.

Scene 4: Room
(TPK part)
Here Thapki is in bad mood.
Henna Girl: Mam, give me your hand.
Thapki: Why what are you intending to do?
Girl: I want to apply Henna on your hand.
Thapki: You see my hand?
Girl: Yes, why
Thapki: If I want I can give you a slap with this hand.
Girl: Okay, I am leaving.
The girl leaves and Bihaan comes in.
Bihaan: Oh Chug Chug Gari, sometimes you should make sure that your engine gets cooled down.
Thapki: Look this Chug Chug Gari, may burst in anger now so you better leave.
Bihaan: Oho, I was just asking if Aunty gets to know that you fired the henna girl, then.
Thapki: I didn’t know this day will come, where I have to apply Karthik’s name on my hand.
Thapki: Okay whatever, now what to do?
Bihaan: Who told you to fire the lady?
Thapki: Idea.
Thapki takes orange marker and she starts designing on her hand.
Thapki: No one will get to know that is used marker.
Bihaan: I didn’t see such a stupid girl like you, henna is red not orange.
Thapki: Oh Bhola Bihaan, I purposely choose orange, see if mehendi color is deep like red its believed that one’s husband and mother-in-law will love her a lot, so it’s not red, no love thus no marriage.
Bihaan: Areh Baapre, I didn’t know you were so cunning.
Thapki: At least I am wise like you, unlike you fool.
Thapki smiles and leaves, Bihaan realize what she just said.
Bihaan: O Chug Chug Gari how dare you call B for Bihaan Kapoor fool, you C for Chipkali, I will spoil you’re A for anarkali,
Thapki: First say the alphabets properly.
Bihaan gets angry.

Scene 5: Living Room
(YVR part)
Here Karthik is walking and Survi comes and ignores him.
Karthik: Survi, listen the thing is
Survi: Look Karthik, I have no interest in speaking to you.
Karthik: How to say that I don’t love that Thapki at all, I only love you.
Survi: I have seen that you all businessman are the same, you all only know how to deceive and cheat girls. No.1 Cheater!
Survi goes,
Karthik:Listen, Survi.
Just then Tai comes,
Tai: Come quickly, today is your marriage right?
Karthik: Survi’s marriage
Tai: Yes, along with you Survi is also getting married.
Karthik gets happy
Karthik: Really?
Survi is surprised,
Tai: You marry the elder son of the family, and you marry the daughter of this family. Crazy family and weird also.
Karthik: What? Survi and Shaan??
Tai: Yes, and what else
Karthik: But isn’t Shaan suppose to marry Raj
Survi: Let’s go Tai.
Tai: You stay here for a while, I have some work.
Tai goes, and as Survi goes, Karthik holds her hand.
Survi: Leave me Karthik
Karthik: You are getting married with Shaan right?
Survi:Look Karthik it’s a misunderstanding, me and Shaan sir
Karthik: I have understood you never loved me,
Karthik leaves and Survi becomes sad.
Survi: Karthik, listen to me.

Scene 6: Living Room
(KT part)
Here Yug is just walking around and stretching himself and he sees Kali with a couple.
Kali: Don’t worry the work will be done.
The couples leave, and Kali looks through the paper,
Kali: I hope this contract marriage goes well.
Yug: Oh Wakil Sahiba, this is my house not your court.
Kali: Listen Yug, I have some important work.
Yug: You should seek permission first.
Kali: I already did that.
Yug: You don’t have any other work, how much will you lie?
Kali: Are you insulting my career?
Yug: It’s better to stay lazy than become a lawyer and lie it’s a good deed that I don’t lie.
Kali ignores Yug, and someone calls Kali,
Anonymous: Hello, Madam did you sign the paper?
Kali takes a paper from the file and signs it and writes her name.
Kali: Done.
Kali leaves.
Yug: Who works in her brother’s wedding,
Just then Kunj comes to him, wiping his face after washing his face,
Yug: What bhaia, even before your marriage your face has turn red?
Kunj: Don’t even talk about it.
Yug: Oho.
Kunj: Did you sign the document?
Yug: No, I forgot.
Kunj: I am keeping it here, sign and give it to dad.
Yug: Okay.
Kunj leaves and Yug closes his eyes, and he gets a message,
Yug: People won’t even let me sleep peacefully.
Yug gets message from Kunj to sign the paper,
Yug anyhow signs the paper and writes his name, and goes to sleep again. Kali comes, to take her documents,
Kali: Lazy boy.
Yug opens his eyes and closes and Kali leaves nodding her head seeing Yug’s laziness.

Scene 7: IN THE ROOM
Here Survi is following behind Karthik,
Survi: Karthik, listen to me na.
Karthik: No, I won’t listen to you. You didn’t listen to me, why should I listen to you?
Karthik pretends to be angry and smiles from inside,
Karthik: (in his mind) Now Survi will apologize to me instead, and then I am done.
Survi: Okay fine, don’t listen you go and get married to that Thapki,
Karthik: No Survi you are misunderstanding me
Survi: You were being quite angry on me just now?
Karthik: Okay fine, I won’t talk to you.
Just then Thapki, Bihaan , Yug and Kali comes and sees this.
Thapki: Oh no, misunderstanding is arising between them, what to do?
Bihaan: These two are just putting themselves on trouble.
Kali: But we must do something.
Yug: We have to break this marriage at any cost, and only six of us know that both Thapki and Karthik are not happy with this marriage,
Kali: Yes, Karthik loves Survi instead, and Thapki
Thapki: No need to say anything about me.
Bihaan: Now think, how should we break this marriage?
Just then Yug looks behind and is shocked,
Kali: Now why are you shocked, your marriage is not happening.
Yug: We are gone.
Kali looks behind and is shocked. Later, Thapki and Bihaan also looks behind and is shocked. It’s none other than Shaan and Kunj, who overheard their conversation.
Part 2 is going be quite long so you all may want to have some drink or reply some message or other things, take a short break and then read part 2 😛 If you want to read part 2 immediately also fine. Just enjoy it as this is the last episode.
Part 2
Scene 8: (Continuation of Part 7)
Part 2 begins with Kunj and Shaan being shocked after overhearing the entire conversation.
Yug: Bhaias?
Kunj: What did I just hear?
Shaan: Whatever you just heard, this marriage they are planning to break.
Yug: No, it’s nothing like that
Shaan: You should have at least told us, I maybe some crazy scientist but not that crazy to let my sibling get into a marriage where they are never happy.
Kunj: And Thapki, you should have at least told us that you are not happy with this marriage, we would have stopped this marriage at any cost.
Thapki: I would have definitely told you Kunj bhaia, if you told us the truth that even you are not happy with your alliance with Twinkle Bhabi.
Kunj: But?
Just then Twinkle comes,
Twinkle: You are absolutely right we are not at all happy with this marriage.
Thapki: But Twinkle bhabi you should have at least told us na.
Kunj: But dad?
Twinkle: That is the reason.
Yug: So now we have to also think to stop Twinkle Bhabi-Kunj Bhaia’s marriage too, I just don’t understand why our parents don’t understand what we like.
Thapki: Shaan bhaia, you are lucky that you are marrying the one you truly love.
Shaan smiles and Kali looks on.
Kali: But Rajni is a
Shaan gestures Kali not to tell the truth and she stays quiet.
Yug: What about Rajni bhabi?
Kali: She is a good person.
Yug: Hmm.
Bihaan: Now we will have to plan up how to break this marriage and we must stop 2 marriages today.
Yug: And what about Karthik and Survi they are just getting angry for each other for no reason, we can’t even do anything.
Rajni comes.
Rajni: There is a way.
Everyone looks on.
Rajni: According to my logic, if both are happy marriage should happen, and if one is not then she should elope and if none happy they should somehow stop this marriage from happening.
Shaan: Rajni, now please deactivate your dictionary for a moment.
Rajni: Okay, Shaan
Bihaan: Ghajab, you made Rajni Ji, a live robot.
Shaan: She is a live robot?
All are shocked,
Shaan: I mean that she is no less of a robot. She can help us.
Yug: Rajni Bhabi has given us an idea.
Shaan: I was just praising her for fun not for real.
Yug: First listen.
Kali: Okay say.
Yug: See in both cases none are happy, and in Thapki dii and Karthik’s case, Karthik is doing so because of his fight with Survi so he is in happy mode for fake now, so Thapki dii should elope to somewhere else by train, and Twinkle Bhabi-Kunj bhaia just do something which will break both of your marriage.
Shaan: Not a bad idea. Yug today you proved you are my brother. So proud of myself.
Kunj: Okay okay enough now we should execute our mission no marriage plan.
Shaan: Except for my marriage.
Yug: If you want I can break your marriage too.
Shaan: Keep quiet.
Kunj: Now Bihaan can do me favour?
Bihaan: Tell me Jija ji.
Kunj: I don’t understand one thing if I and Twinkle are not getting married at the first place, then why are you all calling us Bhabi-Jiju.
Bihaan: Okay sorry.
Kunj: I want to say that
Bihaan: You said one favour?
Kunj: Two favours, okay?
Bihaan: Okay
Kunj: You go with Thapki, and go away at least till the wedding ends.
Bihaan: Okay done.
Thapki: But why Bihaan?
Shaan: Because you know there must be something to shock others.
Thapki: Me and Bihaan act as couple, impossible.
Shaan: When did I say that? Bihaan himself told me that.
Bihaan: Me?
Shaan: Yes, everytime you say what Ghajab.
Bihaan: Ghajab.
Shaan: See.
Bihaan: You also praise yourself.
Shaan: Look you?
Yug: Guys I think we should execute our plan now. Let’s go.

Scene 9: ROOM
(TEI part)
Here Kunj is looking at the mirror in his groom attire and his face.
Kunj: Look what that Twinkle did to my face even before marriage I am turning red.
Twinkle comes there in her bridal attire.
Kunj: If she comes infront of me I will make her face red.
Kunj gets shocked and sees Twinkle through the mirror and looks at her.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle: You want to make my face red right? Do one thing.
Twinkle passes him her lipstick.
Kunj: Lipstick?
Twinkle: Do one thing use this lipstick and make my face red.
Kunj: Crazy Girl.
Twinkle: What are you looking at? Apply lipstick.
Just then Leela calls Twinkle, and she leaves. Kunj comes to the wedding place, and Bauji shows Leela his gun. Kunj sees this.
Leela: Why did you bring the gun here?
Bauji: Whoever hurts my daughter, I will kill that person on the spot
Kunj sees this and gets shocked and he walks to the opposite direction.
Leela: Oho, you will never forget this, again you brought this fake gun here.
Bauji starts laughing. Kunj, on the other hand while walking,
Kunj: Now how do I stop this marriage? This Twinkle’s dad turned out to be a goon. Now he won’t spare me.

Scene 10: Shaan’s lab
(BHRK and YVR part)
Here Karthik and Survi are angry with each other.
Shaan: Why are you both angry with each other?
Survi: Sir, that’s none other than your business.
Karthik: Survi, you will call your to be husband sir.
Survi: Look Karthik, you
Rajni: Karthik, why will one call her husband sir? Survi is right one should call her husband by name.
Karthik: I don’t understand what you are saying but you are right, yes Survi why are you calling your to-be husband sir.
Shaan: Wait a minute there have been some misunderstanding.
Rajni starts analysing,
Rajni: Misunderstanding?
Shaan: I am not marrying Survi, or you are not marrying Rajni.
Karthik: Rajni?
Shaan: See again misunderstanding.
Rajni: (in her mind) Looks like I have to do something.
Karthik: It’s Thapki not Survi.
Shaan: Looks like you are more interested in my sister than Survi. See Survi he doesn’t love you.
Survi: Correct sir. He doesn’t love me.
Survi runs and cries. Karthik looks at Shaan and angrily and Karthik also follows Survi.

Scene 11: On the Road

(TPK part)
Here Thapki in her bridal attire is eloping from her marriage, and she is waiting for auto.
Thapki: What? This is not fair none of the auto is waiting for me.
Just then Bihaan who is riding his bike comes to Thapki,
Bihaan: Do you want lift from me?
Thapki: No. Thank you.
Bihaan: See no one will give you lift.
Thapki: Fine I am coming.
Bihaan gives her lift,
Thapki: I saw you giving rounds around this place only.
Bihaan: What to do, your brothers gave me strict order that you should reach safely.
Just then a random girl who comes from eloping her marriage too, and she asks for lift.
Girl: Please help me, they are chasing me.
Bihaan: Okay come
The girl sits behind, and Bihaan continues.
Girl: Looks like you both are also eloping and getting married.
Bihaan: She is the one not me,
They see the guys chasing them.
Girl: Oh no, they are behind us.
Bihaan: Looks like I got a job of helping brides eloping from their marriages.
They reach train station. Bihaan goes in the train, followed by the girl and then the train goes. Thapki chases the train. Bihaan forwards his hand, and Thapki gives her hand too. They look at each other.

Scene 12: Room
(BHRK and YVR part)
Here Survi is crying and Karthik comes to Survi.
Karthik: Survi, Shaan was kidding. I don’t love Thapki, I love you.
Survi: I am not crying for that reason.
Karthik: Then?
Survi: I am crying because I am hungry.
Karthik: This is the matter?
Karthik gives Survi some biscuits and she starts eating.
Karthik: Look Survi, are you still angry with me regarding the marriage matter?
Survi: Why will I be angry with you? You are so strange na.
Karthik: But I am getting married to.
Survi: I was angry and then I realized the mess when your sister explained to me, the mess created.
Karthik: What mess?
Survi: All this marriage happening na, is itself a mess.
Karthik: I am not understanding a single thing at all.
Survi explains Karthik something, and Karthik smiles.
Survi: Thapki eloped so like typical hindi serials I will save your reputation and get married to you instead.
Karthik: What an idea. For the first time, that girl did a good job.
Survi: Strange you are praising her not me, I also not less.
Karthik: Sure, sure definitely.
Karthik hugs Survi.
Rajni: Oh no. Thapki didi is going to get cheated. I must do something to teach that Karthik a lesson.
Suddenly, Rajni’s charge starting to get low.

Scene 13: Outside
(KT part)
Here Kali is talking to someone on phone,
Kali: What? You need two witnesses for the marriage to be done?
Kali keeps the phone and she gets thinking,
Kali: One is me, who will be the other witness? Bhaia is getting married. Now who to ask?
Kali looks around and sees Yug sleeping.
Kali: Now only this lazy guy can help me out.
Kali goes to Yug,
Kali: Hey lazy boy wake up.
Yug is still sleeping, Kali sees a glass of water and she takes it and pours on him,
Yug: Cham Cham Cham!
Yug looks at Kali,
Yug: Oh so this is your deed, wakil Sahiba,
Kali: You listen to me carefully, Kaira Mathur is ordering you.
Yug: You are a lawyer not judge. I have to give dad that paper.
Kali shows him drenched paper,
Yug: Oh no it got drenched,
Kali: You want me to tell your dad?
Yug nods no.
Kali: Then come with me to the court.
Yug: Why?
Kali: I have got a court marriage and I need one more witness.
Yug: Yaar what is this everyone in this world had to get married today only?
Kali: Why you want to get married? I can find a girl for you.
Yug: Do find me a hot girl like Rajni Bhabi.
Kali: You will never change.
Yug: What made you thought I will listen to you?
Kali: I can make arrangements for the papers again.
Yug gets happy and agrees.
Yug: Okay let’s go to the court for the marriage.
Shraddha sees this and misunderstands.

Shaan: Now this marriage thing is making me crazy what to do?
Yuvraj comes to Shaan,
Yuvi: You are really getting married to a robot?
Shaan: What to do I have no option.
Yuvi: Meaning.
Shaan: Problem is Rajni is a special robot. I don’t want people to make wrong use of her.
Yuvi: When besides me and Kali anyone doesn’t know about Rajni being a robot how can they make wrong use of her.
Shaan: Areh that guy Neil.
Yuvi: You know him.
Shaan: Yes, I will never forget him, he wants to take Rajni away for his selfish purposes, and I can’t let Rajni go like this.
Yuvi: Doesn’t that mean you will marry her?
Shaan: No option bro.
Shaan leaves.
Yuvi: I must stop this marriage, and also must stop that Neil from taking Rajni, but how?
Yuvi: (in his mind) Only one person can help me, Kali but where is she?
Shraddha is looking for Karthik, and she collides with Yuvraj.
Shraddha: What’s your problem?
Yuvi: Have you seen Kali anywhere?
Shraddha: You know her.
Yuvi: Yes, why?
Shraddha: Good I found you.
Shraddha holds Yuvraj’s hand and brings him somewhere,
Yuvi: Where are you bringing me?
Here Twinkle comes to the mandap, and also Rajni and Survi who is veiled, Rajni also covers herself.
Shaan: What are you doing?
Rajni: I am covering myself so that no one sees me.
Shaan: Yes, that Neil better don’t see you.
Survi: (in her mind) Areh why this Rajni cover herself?
Surili comes to Survi,
Surili: Oh my daughter, as she was about to open her veil,
Shaan: Let it be mom, after the marriage you can see her face as much as you want,
Surili: But she will leave after the marriage, how is it possible?
As she was about to open the veil,
Kunj: Let’s get married.
Twinkle: Why you are in hurry?
Kunj gestures Twinkle,
Twinkle: Let’s go.
Surili: Okay let’s start the marriage now.

Scene 15:
(TEI part)
Here Twinkle and Kunj’s marriage.
Amrish: First it will be Twinkle-Kunj’s marriage.
Kunj: But why me? Shaan is elder, it should be of Shaan and bhabi right?
Twinkle: Yes, correct.
Amrish: I know but this is my order, and I know what I am doing.
Twinkle: Mr.Kunj Singh you did say you will get married now, now how?
Kunj: I had no other option.
Leela: Areh Twinkle and Kunj after marriage you both can talk as much as you want. Now take rounds.
Twinkle and Kunj starts taking rounds,
Kunj: Now think of a way to stop the marriage,
Twinkle: Wait, I am thinking,
Twinkle and Kunj are taking rounds
Twinkle feels dizzy and she falls down,
Kunj: Twinkle,
Everyone rushes to Twinkle, Kunj gets concerned,
Kunj: Twinkle, Twinkle wake up
Twinkle winks at Kunj, Kunj smiles,
Kunj: Someone bring some water for Twinkle,
Kunj sprinkles water on Twinkle, and Twinkle pretends
Twinkle: I don’t know why I was feeling so dizzy in taking rounds.
Surili: Who feels dizzy like this?
Twinkle: No aunty, even when I was a kid I hated merry-go-round as I felt dizzy everytime and now, I don’t think this marriage will happen.
Leela: It will happen.
Surili: Your daughter can’t even take rounds then how
Leela: So what if she cannot take rounds, your son can do it for her.
Kunj: I am doing it myself too, that’s why I am getting married to your daughter,
Leela: Lift her in your arms.
Kunj: What?
Bauji: What damad ji you can’t even lift my daughter?
Amrish: Of course he can.
Kunj sees Bauji’s gun and gets scared and lifts Twinkle in his arms.
Twinkle: Why are you spoiling my plan?
Kunj: I don’t want to lose my life.
Twinkle: What?
Leela: What are you both whispering?
Twinkle: He may have problems.
Kunj is taking rounds carrying Twinkle and he gets an idea and smiles,
Kunj: Ouch!
He drops Twinkle, Twinkle is stunned.
Surili: What happened?
Kunj: My back is paining a lot I can’t carry her.
Twinkle understands and she is happy inside.
Amrish: Oh you can’t make any excuses, just take the seven rounds and then done.
Kunj again sees Bauji’s gun.
Kunj: Okay fine.
Twinkle: This Kunj wants this marriage to stop or not? Weird guy.
Kunj carries Twinkle in her arms and they look round unwillingly.
Priest: Now apply mangalsutra and sindoor.
They do so.
Priest: Now they are married.
Kunj and Twinkle look at each other as they are unhappy.

Scene 16:
(TPK part)
Here Bihaan forwards his hand to Thapki so that she can hold him. As Thapki was about to hold his hand, she remembers about her mom and dad. She stops.
Bihaan: Areh chug chug gari this is your place get in.
Thapki stops and doesn’t listen to him. Bihaan sees the train almost going away. Bihaan jumps out of the train on time and falls down.
Bihaan: Ouch!
Thapki is lost in thinking,
Bihaan: Oh Chug Chug Gari, what’s in your mind?
Thapki: Bihaan, you are okay?
They go out.
Bihaan: What you have this feature to respond late? See firstly because of you, we missed the train and secondly I got hurt
Thapki: I am sorry
Bihaan: Sorry? Seriously? By the way why did you get into the train?
Thapki: I was thinking about mom and dad, they will be so hurt.
Bihaan: I didn’t know that you are also a Mahaan atma.
Just then the goons chasing the girl comes and surrounds Thapki and Bihaan.
Goon: Where is that girl that was with you?
Bihaan: Which girl?
Bihaan remembers and Thapki and Bihaan are shocked.
Bihaan: I don’t know any girl.
Goon: Tell us if not we will kill you.
Bihaan: No!
Thapki gets shocked, and as she was about to go,
Goon: Hey you stop here.
Thapki stops.
Goon: Who are you?
Thapki: Thapki.
Goon: Do you know where is the girl who is eloping from marriage?
Thapki: I am the girl.
Goon: Don’t lie. Where is she?
Just then a gigantic guy comes to Thapki, Thapki and Bihaan gets shocked.
Guy: Where is my sister?
Thapki: We don’t know.
Guy: You are her friend right? You are defending this guy.
He assumes Bihaan to be the guy,
Guy: Heh what’s your name?
Bihaan: B for Bihaan Kapoor
Guy: Where is my sister?
Bihaan: How do I know?
Guy points gun at Bihaan, Thapki and Bihaan gets shocked.
Guy: Oh so she is your girlfriend Bihaan?
Bihaan: What?
Bihaan nods no.
Guy: So, you are behind my sister.
Bihaan: Yes, she is she is my girlfriend.
Thapki: What?
Guy: I am convinced how will you all convince me?
Some goon suggest,
Goon: Marriage.
Thapki and Bihaan are stunned.
Guy: Yes, let’s get them married.
Thapki: I eloped because of this.
Guy: Then this marriage will definitely happen.
Thapki: No I said, because I don’t want marriage.
Guy shows Thapki and Bihaan gun. They bring them to the temple. Thapki and Bihaan in fear takes rounds.
Bihaan: Sir, listen?
Guy: I want my sister or your marriage? If not
Guy shows him gun.
Bihaan and Thapki continue. And Bihaan applies sindoor and mangalsutra.
Priest: Now this marriage is completed.
Thapki look at Bihaan angrily, and Bihaan look at her nervously.

Scene 17:
(KT part)
Here Kali and Yug reach the court, and Kali introduces the bride and groom to Yug.
Kali: Here is your witness for your marriage, Yug.
Guy: What about the other witness?
Kali: I am your other witness.
Girl: Thank you so much even our loved ones don’t do what you did for us,
Yug: From when did you become love guru?
Kali: Keep Quiet, if you talk too much, then I will not arrange the papers.
Yug: Limit of blackmailing. Only you lawyers can blackmail people.
Kali: Let me go home first. See what I do.
Yug nods no.
Later, they go in the court. The marriage lawyer comes. Kali keeps her files with the court marriage form.
Girl: I am feeling very nervous.
Kali: Don’t be nervous.
Kali was about to take a glass of water and as it was about to fall in the court marriage form, Yug anyhow takes the files and form and the water falls.
Yug: I am not like you Kali.
Yug was about to give Kali the files it falls down,
Kali: Whatever I am at least I am better than you.
Kali takes the file and arranges it.

Just then the marriage judge comes,
Judge: Now give me the paper.
Kali gives him the paper, the judge looks at the paper.
Judge: Congratulations. Now you are married Kaira Mathur and Yug Singh.
Kali and Yug are shocked. The bride and groom are surprised.
Kali: But we are the witness, not the bride and groom.
Judge: What are you both saying you both got married if not why are you wearing these clothes?
Kali and Yug answer together,
Kali: Because its our siblings marriage.
Judge: Wow what a couple, even the answer is the same.
Kali: Look Sir, read properly it’s not us its them.
The Judge shows them the papers, where Kali and Yug’s signature are there.
Judge: Have you considered me foolish? What’s your signature doing here then.
Kali and Yug gets shocked as they see their signatures.
Kali: When did I sign them?
Yug: I never sign them,
Judge: You all admit it or not, the signature is here so you both are married.
Yug: Areh at least you both say something.
Groom: If you both wanted to get married, why trouble us we would have hired some other witnesses. Baby let’s go.
The groom takes the bride and leaves.
Kali: Look Sir, I think there have been some misunderstanding. Our signature is not supposed to be here,
Judge: I don’t think so. See you both don’t waste my time, and you are a lawyer right Kaira, so you should understand. Now you both can leave,
Kali and Yug are shocked and they leave,
Kali: How is this possible? Yug I never expected you will do this cheap thing. You forced me to sign the paper your dad gave you, and it was the marriage contract.
Yug: Some mad dog hasn’t bitten me that I will marry you. You must have done something.
Kali and Yug come out and they get shocked to see Yuvraj and Shraddha there.

Scene 18:
(BHRK and YVR part)
Amrish: Now its turn for Thapki and Karthik’s marriage.
Shaan: I am the eldest, why I am getting married later?
Amrish: Shaan beta, patience, there is some problem in your timing that’s why you are getting married later
Shaan: But still.
Amrish: Why are you so desperate in getting married early?
Shaan: Because Rajni is
Amrish: Okay, okay let your sister’s marriage happen first and then your marriage will happen.
Shaan: My sister is not even getting married at the first place.
Just then Survi comes back still veiled.
Surili: Thapki, where is Rajni?
Survi pretends to stammer,
Survi: Rajni Bhabi, is coming her saree got some problem.
Later, Karthik and Survi take rounds.
Karthik: Survi, finally we are getting married.
Survi: Yes Karthik, but I didn’t expect we will get married like this.
Karthik: Yes, Survi.
They take rounds, and Karthik continues talking,
Karthik: Our love have faced a lot of ups and downs, I loved you since the day I saw you in the field. I was scared that you will reject me as I was a businessman, and you hate businessman.
Survi: And then?
Karthik: And then I realized to also get your love I had to tell my truth first. I did so. And you accepted me. But then there was a misunderstanding as our families wanted us to marry someone else, but then that also got solved and now we are at this stage.
Survi looks on.
Karthik: I just want to say one more time, I love you Survi.
Survi stops
Priest: The marriage is completed now.

Scene 19:
(BHRK and YVR part)
Amrish: Shaan now finally you are getting married.
Shaan: Finally.
Surili: Now where is Rajni?
Just then Rajni comes.
Rajni: Here I am.
Rajni shows only her face to Shaan and Shaan smiles.
Surili: Oh where were you?
Rajni: This saree was a little heavy that’s why was adjusting it.
Survi: (in her mind) Thank god I saw Rajni that time.
Survi was drinking water, Rajni scares her.
Survi: Rajni, what are you doing here?
Rajni: I am warning you that Karthik is a deceiver. He is deceiving Thapki dii and getting married to you.
Survi: I know that Rajni.
Rajni: He may deceive you according to my logic,
Survi: No Rajni
Rajni: If you want I may help you.
Survi: No Rajni its also my decision.
Rajni: He have poisoned your mind. You sit here and I will do the rest.
Survi: (in her mind) Oh no I must do something.
Rajni makes Survi sit down, and Survi sees the switch and switches Rajni off.
Survi: Oh no Rajni had low battery no wonder why she was behaving like this.
Survi charges Rajni and switches her on. And Survi quickly leaves for the marriage.
Survi gets out of flashback,
Survi: Thank god all is fine now.
Shaan and Rajni starts taking rounds, Rajni smiles.
Shaan: Rajni where were you?
Rajni: Ran out of charge.
Shaan: Then how did you get recharged?
Rajni: Survi helped me out.
Shaan: Oh I see. At least she did something good.
Rajni: No she didn’t.
Shaan: Now keep quiet and take the rounds.
As Shaan and Rajni are getting married Neil come there,
Neil: Where is that Rajni? I can’t let her marry that Shaan.
Neil was about to go, he gets surprised.

Scene 20:
Here Shaan and Rajni are getting married, Yug reaches there.
Surili: Yug beta, where were you Kunj and Thapki got married?
Yug: Me too.
Surili: What?
Yug: Me too, missed the marriage, I was busy.
Kunj: You are free all 364 days how come today you are busy?
Surili: Oho, you don’t disturb Yug.
Yug: (in her mind) Mom shouldn’t know at any cost that I and Kali got married, this marriage is fake anyways.
Just then as Neil was about to come, Shaan gets shocked seeing him and quickly take rounds,
Shaan: Rajni, quickly
Rajni: Okay, Shaan command accepted.
Rajni quickly speeds up and Shaan also follows her all are surprised.
As Neil was about to go, he sees Yuvraj there,
Neil: Let me go, I need to stop this marriage.
Yuvi: This marriage will happen at any cost.
Neil goes on other side, and gets shocked to see Kali.
Kali: We won’t let you stop the marriage.
Neil goes on other side and sees a veiled lady,
Neil: Ah veiled lady let me go,
Survi opens her veil and Neil is shocked.
Neil: Survi? You?
Survi: Surprised. Now let me what you can do.
Neil: Survi, that Rajni is a robot.
Survi: I know after all I am Shaan’s assistant.
Neil: You have gone crazy.
Neil reaches there and is shocked,
Shaan: Rajni, rajni slow down.
Rajni: You told me to speed up.
Shaan: But not so much.
Amrish: This Rajni is so fast,
And just then, Neil comes.
Priest: Now apply sindoor and mangalsutra.
Shaan quickly applies sindoor and mangalsutra.
Tai: Shaan slow down, this much desperate to take my niece away.
Priest: Now the marriage is completed.
Neil: No this is not a marriage.
All are shocked, Kali, Yuvraj and Survi come there. All are stunned.
Tai: Survi, what are you doing in Thapki’s bridal attire?
All the characters are surprised as they are all kind of exposed now.
Surili: Question is where is Thapki? Thapki.
Kunj: Now we are doomed. Call Bihaan.
Twinkle tries to call Bihaan.
Twinkle: He is not responding.
Kunj: Now is the end of the world.
Twinkle: But who is this stupid guy who said this marriage cannot happen?
Twinkle comes to Neil
Twinkle: Who are you?
Neil: I am Neil and
Tai: You keep quiet. First Survi tell me what’s going on?
Surili: And what is going on where is my daughter?
Karthik: Actually the person I married is Survi not Thapki. I and Survi got married.
Tai: Shaan beta, I wanted to say sorry to you, my niece cheated you and wait a minute, if Survi is here then who is she?
All are surprised. Rajni opens her veil, Tai and Shraddha are stunned.
Tai: Rajni?
Surili: What do you mean? Shaan and Rajni so what’s the problem. But what did this Survi do?
Amrish: What nonsense? My daughter should be the one getting married.
Just then Thapki comes with Bihaan,
Thapki: And she got married.
All are shocked as they see Thapki and Bihaan married.
Surili: No.
Leela: Bihaan and Thapki?
Bauji: Can someone tell me what’s going on here?
Amrish: I should be the one asking.
Surili: How come 4 marriages happened instead, and wrong marriages.
Shraddha: Aunty 5 not 4.
Yug hits his head with his hand, Kali is shocked, and Yuvraj gestures Shraddha to keep quiet.
Tai: What 5?
Shraddha: Yes 5, Shaan-Rajni, Karthik-Survi, Twinkle-Kunj, Thapki-Bihaan and Kali-Yug.
Lata: Why is my daughter being dragged? She wasn’t here at all.
Shraddha: Aunty Kali and Yug did court marriage.
Yug was about to run away,
Amrish: You stop here.
Yug stops.
Amrish: Can someone tell me what’s going on here.
Surili: I don’t understand what’s happening here. Someone give me an explanation.
Twinkle-Kunj, Shaan-Rajni, Thapki-Bihaan, Karthik-Survi and Kali-Yug are shocked as they are also standing next to each other, and don’t want explanation to give. The episode ends marking the end of this fan fiction.

Well this is not the END, I will comeback with Season 2 in mid or end of August and hope you all will love season 2 a lot too.

Well major reason to end this fan fiction temporarily and take a season break was my projects. I have loads of projects, and also exams and common test due to which I ended this. It used to take me 3-4 days to write one episode as it’s a long fan fiction and I used to write 2 more Fan fictions also. I ended one of them too( that one I ended abruptly.) Hope you all understand me.

Now I write 3 brand new fan fictions and one old fan fiction. 2 of the brand new fan fictions are on individual shows like one show(some TEI and TPK fans know about them) and other two are two shows combined. And these 4 fan fictions are also shorter and easier and I will take less time to write them that’s why.
I used to write 2 Combo fan fictions (5 shows combined) and 1 combined fan fiction (2 shows combined) and I still write that.

Well anyways I have decided to make some changes to the characters for season 2. And when I will write season 2 that time I have one and half month holiday and I can easily write once or even twice a week. Well the change is I am planning to only include 3 of the 5 pairs from this fan fiction. So my question is :
1)Which 3 pairs are your favourite in strange and full of krazyness OR Which 3 pairs you would love to see in season 2 too?
A) Twinj B) Shajni C) Thahaan D) Karvi E)Kayu
And I will be adding some new characters too, so if your fav pair is not any of these 5 you can comment to see your fav pair in strange and full of krazyness season 2 too. And even if your fav pair is any one of the 5 pairs, you can also feel free to recommend other pairs too, yes you can vote for favorite of any 5 pairs and also recommend any one pair too. Well, the pair can be any on air or off air show.
2) Which two totally different pairs you would love to see in season 2 of this fan fiction too?

Anyways, this my small favour I need from all my readers. And this is the last episode of season 1 please do comment. And if by any chance, the comment somehow becomes too less, I will feel you all didn’t like the ending or don’t want season 2. Even if you don’t want season 2 you can comment too. Criticism is 100% open but no foul language to be used. If you want to scold me, you can but don’t say foul languages. And please feel free to express your opinions. Silent readers try to comment even if you don’t want its fine too, but maybe your comment can make a difference. Who knows. Yes I am quite desperate for comments after all its last episode yaar 😛

Good news for Tashan-e-Ishq and Thapki Pyaar Ki fans I have started season 2 for intense love renamed as intense story of our love and a loving pat renamed as another loving pat is what I need. I have published the intro already but I am yet to publish the episodes. Will publish it this Sunday. And even if you didn’t read season 1 you can still read season 2 as it have a totally different storyline from season 1 for both of them and have no link to first season a lot, just that the title is almost the same, so I even made changes to the title.

And for Kaala Teeka and Yeh Vaada Raha fans.
Kaala Teeka- The apple of my eye revamp will have a different name but will have apple of my eye in the title also somehow, I will start that in mid or end of July, (I already have storyline and characters in my mind but almost done not 100%) as that time one of my fan fiction will end(6 episodes completed already)
And as for Yeh Vaada Raha-It’s a Promise will also have a different name but will have promise in the title also somehow, I will start that mid August as I am yet to think of a storyline. I have the characters in my mind but no storyline so I just cant start writing without a storyline.

These are the name and link of my four fan fictions.
1) Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love
2) Thapki Pyaar Ki- Another loving Pat is what I need
3) Our Journey of Friendship and Love, But then…- Story of Ishveer and Ardhika
(Shows related: Meri Aaashiqui Tumse Hi and Manmarziyan)
4) Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other (Episode 6 done)
(Show related: Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Eisa Bhi and Ek Duje Ke Vaaste)
And bye bye. Will miss you all. If you have registered in TU already, you can feel free to message me by clicking my ID.

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      Hey utu thanks for commenting dear and haha lol confusion of marriage without confusing us?haha yaar my motive was to create this confusing marriage lol hey happy u liked my writing skills and i already started tei new ff already, i even published the intro last sunday, its named the tashan-e-ishq: the intense story of our love will publish epi 1 this sunday and love u too 🙂

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