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Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. Actually I am planning to make some changes to all my fan fictions in terms of the days I will publish. Anyways I am here with second promo The Strange and Full of Krazyness I wanted to give you all a surprise thats why never mentioned about the promo πŸ˜› And the 5th show I am planning to add is none other than Kaala Teeka. As most of you voted for Kaala Teeka. So new title for my fan fiction: The Strange and Full of Krazyness (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR, KT). And don’t worry even then all Jodi will be given equal importance. Well Kaala Teeka fans I have already written 6 episodes and published them and I will add Kaala Teeka in 7th episode which will be published this Sunday. Well seperate certain scenes for individual shows and jodis and i mention them in start of episode so no need to worry (You can see how i write episodes in episode 1) here are the links:

(If you cannot read all, at least read Intro and Promo first if you want to, then the episodes)

Here are the two new characters of this fan fiction which means the character played by Kaala Teeka leads.
New characters
Yug Singh/ Chotte (Rohan Gandotra) (Kaala Teeka)
He is the youngest in the Singh family. He is calles Chotte in his family.He is little spoilt and very carefree. Not interested in studies or working at all. Like something like good for nothing. But kind hearted. He have a passion but no one knows. Closest with his mom Surili and sister Thapki. Always gets scolded by his brothers Shaan and Kunj. He shares everything with his sister. He indirectly helps Rajni a lot also.

Kaira Mathur/ Kali (Simran Pareenja) (Kaala Teeka)
Kali aka Kaira’s character is a Bengali character here. She is the younger sister of Karthik. Kali is a lawyer here. She is very professional and also strict. Have a very strong personality and is career-orientated. She likes to wear black and white outfits and only prefer formal. She is called Kali for her love for black. She wears casual but only occasionally. She is very hardworking. Loves her family a lot but isn’t able to give them time due to work. Her brother Karthik understands her very well. So does she.

Those who have read my fan fiction already you all can just scroll down and skip other parts and just read from the promo onwards.
Well most Kaala Teeka fans are new here so here is the concept and recap of this fan fiction.

Genre: Strange and Full of Krazyness is a comedy based fan fiction. There is also some romance and drama but comedy is main focus here, and there will be more comedy in this fan fiction.

Storyline: Revolves around three families, Singh, Kapoor and Mathur and their strange and full of krazyness story, and you can get to know more from the introduction and promo in the given links.

Recap: Singh family have three sons and one daugher , eldest Shaan(from BHRK) a scientist, Kunj a businessman(from TEI) And then only daughter Thapki (from TPK) and youngest son Yug (from KT) (his entry is from episode 7 onwards). They are children of Surili and Amrish(both from BHRK). Surili wants Thapki to marry a Bengali guy, and Thapki isnt interested in marriage at all.Well in this family, Kunj is fed up of Shaan’s innovation as most are failure and he believes he is good for nothing. But no one in the family knows that Shaan made a robot which is Rajni. Only Shaan and his assistant Survi (from YVR) knows this, well one of them sees Rajni accidentally and they were told Rajni is Shaan’s assistant not Survi and this Survi had to hide and she is doing so for her job. Surili thinks Rajni is a good girl and she wants Rajni to marry Shaan.
Mathur family have only one son and one daughter. Karthik (from YVR) and Kaali/Kaira (from KT)(here entry is from episode 7 onwards) well in this family Lata (from YVR) is a single mother. Karthik is a rich businessman and also partner of Kunj but he also plays gully cricket with his neighbour. He falls in love with Survi but survi Hates businessman due to past experiences but later he confesses love and truth but nothing much happens. Survi accepts his love but marriage not yet as she wants to tell her Tai (from YVR) when the time is correct.
Well Survi was hiding also she is doing a job from her Tai who loves her gets to know about it.
Kapoor family also have one son and daughter and they are twins. They are Twinkle (from TEI) and Bihaan (from TPK) They are children of Leela (from TEI) and Bauji (from TPK).well they are adventurous, carefree and loud family.
Twinkle and Kunj have hatred for each other and later one day Kunj insults Twinkle and Kunj realizes his mistakes, well they both have forgiven each other and now they are know each other and also helped each other. Thapki and Bihaan had hatred for each other too but now the are friends as Bihaan helped Thapki.

Okay here is the main cast
TEI = Tashan E Ishq BHRK= Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant TPK= Thapki Pyaar Ki
YVR= Yeh Vaada Raha KT= Kaala Teeka

Shantanu Singh/ Shaan (Karan V grover) (from BHRK)
Kunj Singh (Siddhant Gupta) (from TEI)
Vaani Singh/ Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) (from TPK)
Yug Singh/ Chotte (Rohan Gandotra) (from KT)
Rajni robot (Ridhhima Pandit) (from BHRK)
Twinkle Kapoor (Jasmin Bhashim) (from TEI)
Bihaan Kapoor (Manish Goplani) (from TPK)
Karthik Mathur (Ankush Arora) (from YVR)
Kaira Mathur/ Kaali (Simran Pareenja) (from KT)
Survi Sharma (Sonal Vengulkar) (from YVR)

Recap for episode 7: Tai comes to Singh Residence angrily, and asks Surili if she is Shaan’s mom. Surili says she is Shaan’s mom. Tai introduces and says she is Shaan’s assistant Tai. Surili gets happy and tells her that she needs to speak something important to her regarding her niece. Survi and Shaan gets tensed. Twinkle and Kunj are dancing on Manma Emotion Jaage from Dilwale together in a party and enjoys among themselves. Thapki and Bihaan hangs out with each other, and there they fight. Karthik gets a call and he gets stunned.

Well here is the moment you all have been waiting for the PROMOS:

Promo 1 (KT): A guy is shown being too lazy he switches off the alarm which rings and he sleeps. He is very lazy and is only hanging out with friends. His brothers ask him to do something, he says not interested and goes away. That is none other than Yug. On the other hand, a girl is shown working all day and night, and she slaps a guy hard who was misbehaving with someone else. She is very strict and is scolding someone a lot, her mom was about to hug her she goes away and her mom gets sad. Later she comes back and hugs her mom. She is none other than Kaali. Later, Kaali and Yug meet each other and they are staring at each other none stop.

Promo 2 (TEI): Twinkle and Kunj used to hate each other a lot and couldn’t see each other. But now they are enjoying each others accompany and are dancing with each other. However, one day they meet each other, Kunj says do I know you? Twinkle says I don’t know you and they both walk at opposite each other, and they both were about to gesture that they will hit each other they see each other and nods no seeing each other and they just walk in opposite directions again.

Promo 3(BHRK): Shaan is a scientist who used to struggle a lot, and one day finally he makes a robot, Rajni. Rajni does everything for him, waking him up, brushing his teeth, and doing all mechanical works. One days Surili says that Shaan I have decided that you will only marry Rajni. Shaan is walking at one side he looks at Rajni,and at other side he takes out at a picture and he gets sad and he keeps it back in his pocket. Later, Shaan sits in Rajni in the mandap and gets thinking.

Promo 4 (TPK): Thapki and Bihaan couldnt tolerate each other and now they are friends. Bihaan says Chug Chug Gari is now my friend. Later one very Dark night, Thapki is running to catch a train, and Bihaan comes at the train door, and forwards his hand. Bihaan pulls Thapki to him. Bihaan says Chug Chug Gari in Chug Chug Gari. Bihaan does a lot of bak back in train and Thapki pretends to listen but she is getting very bored.

Promo 5 (YVR): Karthik and Survi are lost in love with each other, as Karthik gives roses to Survi and she takes it from his hand smiling. Howeever one day, Karhik’s mom says you will marry the girl of my choice, and Survi’s Tai says you will marry guy of my choice. They both bow their head and comes to meet each other. Finally they look up and smile and they hold hands walking.

Well here are the promos. By the way, I am slightly disappointed due to the decline in the number of comments, so I am not sure if its due to the day I publish or is it because its boring? Well if its boring, I will try my best to make it interesting and if still cannot then I will end this fan fiction soon. By the way this fan fiction will have about 15-20 episodes. Well the way the comments are decreasing, maybe it may end earlier also I don’t know. Sorry.
I have a question
1) Should I publish my fan fiction episodes once a week or twice a week?
If once a week then no changes every Sunday, and size of the episodes will be same
If twice a week then I will split into two, like half the usual size of my episodes but will be published twice a week. And if twice a week, which two days?
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday , Sunday
(I am busy on Wednesdays and Thursdays so these two days are not possible for me.)

Please do choose what you feel is better and on Sunday, I will inform what I have decided based on the votes you all give. And yes next episode will be published on Sunday, 22nd May.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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    1. No it’s okay I m not surprised there are shows which most not watch like I never watched Krishnadasi like I watch only one or two epi but it seems to be a nice show and happy u liked Kaali-Yug’s character here and will publish the next episode on Sunday πŸ™‚ thanks for commenting

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