The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR) Intro


Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo.I have written ff on Tashan-e-Ishq, Thapki Pyaar Ki and Yeh Vaada Raha before, now I have decided to combine them and write a totally fresh story and I also added Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant as I am a big fan of this show.

I wrote these fan fictions during my holidays and I didn’t know I will get very good response. Now I can’t write for all the four show again so I decided that I will write on weekends as I am free that time and I decided to combine the 4 shows instead.

The story of this fan fiction is totally different and it will be a comedy based story. There will be some romance and suspense too but comedy is the main focus here as I love comedy a lot. I hope I can make all of you laugh. And also a little drama will be there. I hope I can meet your expectations.

Here is the introduction.

Singh family
The Singh family is a mixture of crazyness and gentleness. Despite these, there is a humour in this family.

Shaan, 28 (Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant)
Shaan Singh is the eldest son. He is a scientist and also quite crazy. His siblings are quite worried about him. He has created a robot, but none of his family members know that. The robot is Rajni and they assume her as his assistant. He is close to his mom and sister Thapki the most.

Kunj, 25 (Tashan-e-Ishq)
Kunj Singh is the younger in the family. He is a businessman. He is fed up with his elder brother’s Shaan’s creations as Shaan’s most creation are a failure. He always wants to see his family happy and solves all their problems but he always fights with Shaan. And hates his lab a lot. He doesn’t express his emotion best.

Thapki, 23 (Thapki Pyaar Ki)
Her actual name is Vaani Singh.The only daughter amd youngest in the family. She is gentle and balances between her studies and housework. But she stammers a lot, and she is the only one who can stop Kunj and Shaan from fighting and her siblings always inspire her. She is very close to her dad and brothers.

Rajni (Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant)
She is the robot of Shaan. Shaan’s siblings thinks that she is Shaan’s assistant. Only Shaan’s assitant, Survi knows that Rajni is a robot which follows everyone’s command. She have all features like a robot but she looks like a normal human being. She keeps on saying Command accepted. People think that Rajni is also crazy but they get shocked with her talent.

Survi, 22 (Yeh Vaada Raha)
Survi Sharma is the actual assistant of Shaan, and she is okay with Shaan hiding that from his family members. She works with him as she is in need of money to support her family and she also wanted to work with a scientist as after her studies she wants to be a doctor. She is talkative and a big foodie and that is her weakness. She didn’t believe initially that Rajni is robot but when she got to know she got a shock. She hides when other family members come.

Other charcacters(some episodes only)
Surili (Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant)
Mother of Shaan, Kunj and Thapki. A Bengali lady married in a Punjabi family. She loves Bengali food. She is closest with Shaan and can’t tolerate Rajni at all. She wants Rajni to be fired by Shaan. She wants Thapki to marry a Bengali guy. And she is quite humorous.

Amrish (Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant)
Father of Shaan, Kunj and Thapki. He is silent and cool minded and totally opposite to Surili. He understands and tries to solve them. And he doesn’t mind about his children’s choice. He is closest to his daughter, Thapki. He likes Rajni a lot.

Tai (Yeh Vaada Raha)
Kamla Sharma is the loving aunt of Survi and she is totally positive here. She takes care of Survi who is an orphan and treats her like her own daughter. She tries to come to Shaan’s house to see Survi is happy.
Survi loves her Tai a lot, but she doesn’t like the fact she is over protective. But she doesnt mind.

Kapoor family
The Kapoor family is big hearted but they are very loud kind of family. They are carefree and don’t care about society at all. They are quite adventurous.

Twinkle, 24 (Tashan-e-Ishq)
Twinkle Kapoor is not so close with her brother she is always in her own world and carefree. She is naughty and a little spoilt and fights with her twin brother, Bihaan. She is close to her mother the most in the family.

Bihaan, 24 (Thapki Pyaar Ki)
Bihaan Kapoor is the naughtiest member in the family and he is like the bully. He is kind-hearted and he only share his feelings and talk nicely with his mom and very close to his dad. He always fights with his twin sister Twinkle.

Other characters (some episodes only)
Leela (Tashan-e-Ishq)
Mother of Twinkle and Bihaan. She is very close to her children and advices them. She is the only one who can stop them from fighting. She pampers both of them a lot. She is also very dabaang type.

Balwinder (Thapki Pyaar Ki)
Father of Twinkle and Bihaan. He is very strict with others but completely diffferent and fun loving with his family members. He pampers his children a lot. He wants them to never face any problems.

Mathur family
Karthik, 26 (Yeh Vaada Raha)
Karthik Mathur is the best friend of Bihaan and alsomhis neighbour.He is quite mischevious but at the same time he is a responsible person. He is business partner with Kunj and tries his best to fulfill all the wishes of his family members. He love his mischievous side, and others love it when he teases them a lot. He is also a business man and have a hidden dream.

Other character (some episodes only)
Lata (Yeh Vaada Raha)
She is the mother of Karthik and loves her son a lot. After Karthik father’s death she is being looking after the house and wants to find a perfect daughter-in-law for Karthik. She is sweet to everyone and also treats Kunj like her son.

Promo 1: This is the introduction of Singh family. Shaan is a scientist and he is showing his family members his innovation of vacuum cleaner. Everyone claps and Kunj shows the don’t care face. Shaan presses the button and the vacuum defuses and smokes come out. All are surprised, and Thapki hits her forehead with her hand. Kunj goes to Shaan and pats him by saying better luck next time. Shaan gets determined saying he will do the best innovation, and Surili and Amrish gets worried. Just then, a beautiful girl Rajni makes entry and Shaan falls in love with her. Surili and Amrish sees this with their eyes wide happen. And Surili says bowing her head down now what will happen to this family, and Amrish says only God knows and can do something. Thapki introduces this is my family Singh family strange family and Kunj comes and says very strange and goes away and Thapki looks.

Promo 2: This is the introduction of Kapoor family. The morning of this family starts with Twinkle and Bihaan who are twins fighting. Leela tries to stop them. Balwinder comes and points riffle at them which shocks Twinkle and Bihaan and he shoots them. Some other famiky rushes to them listening to the noise and later , it is shown that Balwinder hits a bull’s eye on the paper, Twinkle and Bihaan smiles seeing this and they are also playing riffle. The ladies complains such a strange family and goes away. And while shooting, as the lady was about to go Twinkle stops her and says yes her family is strange but she loves it. Lady says what will happen to this family. Twinkle says you no need to worry about that. And she looks on.

Promo 3: This is the introduction of Mathur family. Karthik is a typical businessman and loves his mom a lot. His mom pampers him a lot and tells him to take care. Karthik is working the whole day and the clock ticks. He looks at it and smiles. Later, he is shown playing cricket in casuals and also doing some naughty stuffs while bullying others. He is totally differemt from his businessman looks. While doing so on streets, he falls in love with a girl Survi with Tai walking on the street and he falls down. Survi smiles seeing this. Later, in his businessman look he bumps into Survi and she is shocked and says are you the same Karthik I saw yesterday. Karthik nods yes and she says this is strange, Karthik says yes I am very strange. Survi gets shocked and he winks at her.

I hope you all like the 3 promos. And all the lead characters of all 4 shows have equal importance here. And if I get enough comments and also positive response, I will publish the first episode itself on next Sunday, 17 April. I will inform by Tuesday whether I will continue with this story or not,
And please do feel free to express your opinions.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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  1. Oh my godnesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rajni and Shaan!!!!! Kunj and Twinkle and Bihaan and Thapki!!!!! I never watch Yeh vaada raha but their cute too!! But Man I love you so much!!! This ff is going to be a bomb and it looks so promising!!!!
    I swear to god this is really impressive and talented!!! Man it’s way better then miness
    I really can’t wait for the next episode!!!! Love you Fatarajo~Nusz

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      Haha thanks nusz, but your ff is much better than mine, my fan fiction is nothing in front of yours. And I can inform on Tuesday whether if I will continue with this ff or not. And do you have fb or insta?

      1. Oh fb okay , u can send request to me at my email address [email protected] and please do send me a message that u r nusz so that I don’t get a shock ๐Ÿ˜›

      2. Is that your email or fb ID?~Nusz

      3. Its my email id nusz and my account is farin tahrima rahman and my profile pic is me with a Christmas hat

  2. wohhhhhhh…………….loved the intro dear , i am looking forward to this story, and i guess yours is the first ff on BHRK , thats great……………….all the best and do continue…be happy dear……….

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      Yes, this is also my first time writing a ff on BHRK. I love this show a lot as its too funny. And I will be very happy if someone else also write a ff on this show as I m a big fan of Rajni-Shaan pair too.

  3. woowww jo u r back n that to so soon….u r really unique n this ff is going to b unique too…i did nt read a comedy based ff till nw…plz start it asap…looking fwd to it..

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      I can inform on Tuesday whether if I will continue with this ff or not. And I hope I can really meet ur expectations and hope u love it if its gets published, and I love comedy the most that’s why

  4. rafay don kon

    Nice intro must publish i also love comedy?

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      Thanks rafay don ion and your name is quite interesting , and comedy and horror are my favorite genres

      1. rafay don kon


      2. I mean kon* ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. awsome intro you have come back! I was missing you ff badly publish this as soon as you can.

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      I can inform on Tuesday the fate of this ff if I get enough comments then I will continue for sure

  6. hey dear m so so happy to c u back with such a diff story ……. it seems 2 b vry intrstng and totally unique ……. eagerly wtng fr ur ff …….

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      I hope I can meet your expectattions and I will try my best to do so

  7. Omg!
    I mean I watch BHR sometimes as its comic series..
    But I m speechless yar..
    Do continue asao…
    Cary waiting crazly for ur ff.
    Sorry but can u just tell me the name of ur off of TEI
    I want to read it so..โœŒ

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      My ff on TEI is named Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love. It was an 18 episode ff. I ended it like more than a week ago, so it will be difficult for u to find it

  8. How boring……

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      I m sport I couldn’t meet your expectations and maybe on Tuesday I may say I will discontinue it. Don’t worry. And please do recommend me how to make my ff better so that I can learn

      1. I know, I hate swearing but I just like helping others aha~Nusz

    2. If it’s boring f**k off…..btw who the f**k has a full stop (.) as their name how boring? BTW I bet you put a full stop as your name cuz your name is boring…just get lost no one comes here to read b*t*hy comments like you’res so just get lost…don’t say anything to Fatarajo again she takes time to make these ffs and just read 1 episode of one of her ff I promise you will fall of your seat..

      1. Hey mariyah cool down and I didn’t know you liked my fan fiction a lot. And don’t worry I don’t mind these negative comments much its okay

      2. Yo don’t talk to her like that, it’s her ff and she had the right to write anything if you’re so good why don’t you write one~Nusz

      3. Its okay nusz I don’t mind these comments because the positive comments by u and others always makes me forget abput them

  9. Hey Joyee, welcum back dearโ€ฆ
    You came back with a bangโ€ฆ
    Amazing startโ€ฆ
    Ignore haters โ€ฆ They even dnt have guts to post there real namesโ€ฆ

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      Tks ruchi. Yes I do mind that some may not like my ff at least I can learn something so that I can come up with a better work best time. Happy you and most liked it

  10. Very nice yaar continue it..

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      I will inform on Tuesday whether I will continue with it or not

  11. Very nice. ..waiting for the episodes. ..good luck….

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      Thanks I hope I can meet our expectations ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Oh am so happy that u r back with a bang
    Upload d next asap

    1. If I continue this fan fiction I will update it on next Sunday, 17 April ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hey fatarajo it is so good to see you again. And what an idea sirji !!!. i am speechless it is sooo good. The the best thing of your ff is that it is comedy based. Good work. Update the next part soon i am waiting. …plzz continue…. dear most of us has liked ur ff so much. Don’t worry u alwalys do best.

    1. Mineey it’s madam ji not Sirji ๐Ÿ˜› anyways, ur ff was more good and awesome I miss it a lot. And I love comedy a lot that’s why ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks dear for prasing me. Actually from last few days i am trying to write an one shot but i am not getting a proper situation for that as u know writers are adding such a boring track On tpk these days. What to do!!!

      2. Me too I also don’t like the current track thy are in repeat mode they could have shown thahaan nok Jhok after Bihaan confess love and Thapki too. Not liking current track even though I enjoy their nok Jhok

  14. Its awesome yaar plzz continue

    1. I will inform on Tuesday if I can continue and if I continue it will be published on Sun, 17 April

  15. Hi fatarajo,this intro is awesome…Waiting eagerly for the episodes.

    1. Thanks , If I continue with this ff I will update on next Sunday, 17 April

  16. It’s awesom!! Plz continue… it’s really good

    1. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      I will inform on Tuesday whether I will continue with this ff or not

  17. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb Akka u nailed it awesome

    1. I am happy u finally commented Bhaia ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        But I watch yvh,tei,tpk and not another show hope u tell about them soon and i heard that bahu Hamari rajini Kant is comedy show!

      2. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

        Yes in this ff all 4 lead pairs will be given equal importance , and yes it is a comedy show u should watch it ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. joyee its really nyc….
    …its totally different frm other ff….
    i could love to read ur love comedy story…??

    1. Haha thanks I love comedy a lot and I wanted to try something differnt so I tried comedy but it’s a very difficult genre so that’s why it’s a challenge for me

  19. Hey nice combination yaar and I really like it. But I don’t know this Bahu hamari Rajini_kant serial.

    1. Thanks Anu, as I like all the 4 shows a lot and BHRK is aired on life ok 8pm india time. It’s really good with unique and funny storyline and concept.

  20. Plssssssssss continue with the episodes..:-)

    1. I will inform on Tuesday and I m happy with the response till now so it’s almost confirmed that I will publish the episode and if I publish I will publish on Sunday 17 april

  21. WOoow…. sUpprb… yaaar
    i jzt love it…. wat a Idea!!!!……
    cOool …..

    1. Thanks LifNa happy that u commented on my ff ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. hi fatarajo i didnt ur previous ff but intro is awsome waiting fr d nxt update n one more thing if u get pls read my on going ff n pls gimme ur feed back i guess u have lots of fans so i want u to read my ff strangers n pls do review thnks alot fr this introโ˜บ

    1. Sure I do read some ff and I m silent reader for most of them as I m too lazy to comment at times . And I think I saw the name strangers but I can’t remember if I have read it it not but please do give me the link so that I can be confined and read it

    2. just googpe it they vl post in different pages it is difficult to give link so google it u vl find out hope u dnt mind i alrdy wrote sixty parts it is difficult to post all parts thats y u google it and read

      1. Okay thanks I will read and comment it once I find it but can send me the link whenever your next episode is published,

  23. Amazing Fatarajo ! But please don’t have Karthik as a Caracter in some episodes?….btw I watch Tashan e Ishq, Tapki Pyaar ki and Yeh Vaada Raha so it’s a amazing combination!

    1. Hey mariyah I m so happy you commented on my ff and don’t worry karthik is not a temporary character, to clear confusions Surthik, Rasha, Twinj and Thahaan are permanent characters. The other characters like their parents are only for few episodes

    2. Oh few!! I was thinking that Kartika would be a some episodes caracter….

      1. No he is a permanent character , tai and karthik’s mom character are for some episodes

  24. Pls do continue to write…i really liked this..i usually don’t read much ffsbutthis one os truly awesome..i will wait for the next episodes

    1. Thanks and I will publish the next episode on Sunday 17 April

      1. Thank u so much..
        I will wait for the episode

      2. No problem ๐Ÿ™‚ do read it on Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I have decided to continue with this ff as I m happy with the response and I will publish next episode on Sunday 17 April and I m 95% sure

  26. Superb ff yaar. I think this is the best ff after swara : a love triangle. sooo sweet…. luv ur promo. gud job yaar. continue…..

    1. Hey thanks yaar I will continue and pubkish episode 1 on Sunday 17 April. And can give me link of swara: a love triangle and happy u liked it

  27. Wow this is just amazing. I like bhrk a lot. Love to read this. Waiting for next episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I also like bhrk a lot and I will publish next episode on Sunday 17 April ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi bhgi :p

        Eagerly waiting fatarajo…

    2. Two more days to go and then u all can get to read episode 1

  28. OMG! Fatarajo I didnot knew u are writing as well or I would have read nd commented at the 1st place itself.
    Very nice , and all characters are my favorite and yeah do not take harsh comments seriously.
    Upload soon?

    1. It’s okay zuha but my writing is not as gr8 a urs . I luv ur ff. And I don’t mind harsh comments as the good comments Alwyas overpowers them for te time being ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Come on dude , u are also a good writer , actually I am confused r u a girl or a boy , please clear it….

      2. I am a girl many have the same question ๐Ÿ˜› and u can also call me joyee like fatarajo,s Jo is from joyee

  29. […] PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT THE UPFATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo, and I am happy with the response I got for My Strange and Full of Krazyness Story Introduction. Honestly speaking, I didnโ€™t expect that I will get very good response for my fan fiction. I hope I can meet everyoneโ€™s expectations and here is Episode 1. I hope you enjoy it. By any chance, if anyone is yet to read the introduction of My Strange and Full of Krazyness Story, you can find it in this link: […]

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