The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR) Episode 6


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT THE UPDATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. Which scene is for which show will be mentioned.
Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo, and I am back with Episode 6. Well as for the 5th Show, I already made my choice, and the show is. Hold on! I won’t reveal it now. So keep guessing. I will keep it a suspense 😛 In 2-3 weeks time, the 5th show will revealed. But you cannot vote for the show you want anymore as the 5th show is already decided by me. The 5th show will be part of this fan fiction as I said in 2-3 weeks time. Okay, here is link for intro, episode 1-3 and the latest promo and episode 4-5:

Here is which scene(s) belongs to which show:
Scene 1: YVR
Scene 2: TEI
Scene 3: BHRK
Scene 4: TPK
Scene 5: TEI
Scene 6: TPK
Scene 7: TEI, BHRK and TPK
Scene 8: YVR
Scene 9: TEI and TPK
Scene 10: BHRK

(YVR part)
The episode begins with Survi being taken aback as Karthik confesses his love to her.
Karthik: I know that you are shocked by my love confession, but I had to do so before making things even more complicated. The reason why I didn’t tell you my truth that I am a businessman because I love you, and fear to lose you.
Survi is quiet.
Karthik: I would say again and this time confidentally, Survi I love you a lot.
Survi still doesn’t says anything as she is still.
Karthik: Survi, please say something I am quite desperate for your answer. Survi?
Karthik shakes Survi with his hand and she gets back into her senses.
Survi: Am I dreaming?
Karthik: What?
Survi: Please tell me if I am dreaming or if it’s reality?
Karthik: It’s not any dream, it’s for real.
Survi: No, I can’t believe it.
Karthik: Strange. Dream also you don’t believe, real also you don’t believe.
Karthik touches Survi.
Survi: That means is it really for real?
Karthik: Yes, it is really for real.
Survi: Really.
Karthik: Really.
Survi hugs Karthik immediately, and Karthik is surprised.
Survi: I was waiting for this moment. I still can’t believe it with my own eyes.
Karthik: Yes, the eyes are only yours.
Survi smiles and so does Karthik. And then Karthik remembers something, and separate himself from Survi.
Karthik: But I am a businessman, are you fine with it?
Survi: Yes, I am fine with it. What is more important is that you are a sweet person.
Karthik smiles.
Survi: But don’t be arrogant, I hate arrogant people. If you ever behave rudely with me I will kill you, and I promise I will curse that you become bankrupt if you never meet my expectations.
Karthik: Now I am scared.
And they both start laughing.
Karthik: You don’t know my happiness have no boundaries now.
Survi: So what if there are no boundaries? There is at least raining sixes.
Karthik smiles.
Karthik: Wow. But you didn’t get angry. I thought you will burst like a volcano.
Survi: There is a reason for it.
Karthik: What is it.
Survi: Food!
Karthik: Food?
Survi: Yes, where is food? This is date, and there should always be food. For me food comes first.
Karthik: So, you are a foodie?
Survi: Yes definately, whenever I see food I feel good and whenever I eat food I feel better.
Karthik: And if you have dinner with me, you will feel the best.
Survi smiles, and they both have dinner together.
Later, as they finish dinner Karthik lovingly looks at Survi.
Survi: Why are you looking at me like this?
Karthik: No. Nothing.
After they finish having food,
Survi: Now tell me what you want to say?
Karthik: (in her mind) She seems to be in a good mood now I think I should propose her for marriage.
Karthik bends down on his knees and proposes Survi.
Karthik: Survi, as you know I love you and you love me too, I just have one question will you marry me?
Survi is taken aback,
Karthik: Why are you silent, are you not happy?
Survi: Direct marriage?
Karthik nods yes.
Survi makes Karthik get up and cups his face.
Survi: Listen Karthik, I feel it’s too early for us to get married. I need time, and I need to tell this to Tai but not now once the right time comes, I have to persuade her and it may take some time. I am sorry.
Karthik: Why sorry happy you told me the truth.
Survi smiles.
Karthik: I understand your problem Survi. Now ít’s late. Let me drop you home.
Survi and Karthik leaves.

Scene 2: Isolated place
(TEI part)
It’s late night Twinkle is sleeping while Kunj is driving the car. Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Kunj: Look at this strange girl she is just sleeping so peacefully and I have to drive to home.
Kunj starts yawning.
Kunj: I can’t even sleep even if I want to. Not everyone like Siyappa Queen have golden luck. She got lucky today and also got to sleep moreover.

Kunj continues driving the car and gets into flashback.
Kunj gives Twinkle lift and while driving the car, as Twinkle.
Twinkle: Mr. Kunj, I will love to thank
As Twinkle was about to thank Kunj, they hear a blast in the car, and Twinkle gets scared and screams.
Kunj: What just happened?
Twinkle: How would I know?
Kunj: I think it’s something to do with the car.
Kunj goes to check the car.
Kunj: Oh no this tyre had to be punctured now and also I don’t have extra tyre.
Twinkle comes out of the car.
Twinkle: What happened?
Kunj: The tyre got punctured, and I don’t have extra tyres.
Twinkle: It was my mistake I took lift from you. Biggest mistake.
Kunj: Hello, Siyappa Queen have you seen your face on the mirror?
Twinkle: Look Mr. Singh you,
Kunj: Me what.
Twinkle: You should have checked the tyre first, then offer me lift.
Kunj: How would I know that this tyre will get punctured later.
Twinkle: It was my mistake. Let it be.
Kunj: But there are no vehicles, around as it’s an isolated place.
Twinkle: Yes, you wanted to play maze by taking shortcuts right? Now suffer. But sadly I also have to suffer. Now what will we do here?
Kunj: Can you at least let me think?
Kunj thinks and gets an idea.
Kunj: There are some houses here, we should go there and ask help from the people there. And we will stay there by then the car will get fixed.
Twinkle: What to do this is the only way now? Let’s go.
Twinkle and Kunj goes to a house and there they knock the door and some lady opens the door.
Lady: What do you want?
Kunj: Actually on our way, our car got spoiled and we don’t have any other places to seek shelter, so can we stay here for a while. It may be till night. But it’s a request.
Lady: Oh so you both are married?
Twinkle: (in her mind) Who would marry a guy like Kunj?
Kunj: (in her mind) Who would marry a girl like Twinkle?
Kunj: No, we are friends.
The lady gets angry and as she was about to close the door, Kunj holds the door back.
Kunj: I was just joking.
Twinkle looks at Kunj stunned. The lady gets impressed.
Lady: Okay fine, both of you can stay here.
The lady pulls Kunj’s cheeks, Twinkle tries to laugh.
Kunj and Twinkle goes to the room, as Twinkle was about to say something,
Kunj: I will go and make sure the car gets fixed.
Night Time,
Twinkle is angrily waiting for Kunj, and Kunj finally returns.
Twinkle slips and she along with Kunj fall on the bed and later they get up. Music plays.
Twinkle: Oh so you are finally here?
Twinkle: How dare you marry me?
Kunj: What?
Twinkle: That’s what you said. Look Kunj I can’t act as your wife understand?
Kunj and Twinkle looks and are stunned. The lady comes. Twinkle pretends to cry.
Twinkle: I feel so bad I did not marry but had to act like one.
Lady: It’s okay.
She comes and takes the slipper and beats Kunj.
Lady: This is how you force a girl? Shame on guys like you.
And she continues.
Kunj gets out of the flashback.

Scene 3: Shaan’s lab
(BHRK part)
Here Shaan is fixing Rajni.
Shaan: Rajni, you are almost updated. Just have to chare you a bit.
Rajni is smiling, and Shaan continues fixing her.
Shaan: By the way Rajni, what you did today was very strange?
Rajni: How is it strange? Everyone was enjoying so much. Even you, you also danced with me.
Shaan: Okay fine, anything else.
Rajni: No.
Rajni is smiling as usual.
Rajni: You are actually a good dancer Shaan, the best thing you can do after innovating things.
Shaan smiles.
Shaan: Thanks Rajni, if a robot like you liked my dance that means my dance is really very good.
Rajni: It seems that someone taught you how to dance, who was it?
Shaan gets sad and he keeps his tool and sits down.
Rajni: What happened Shaan, why are you so Pare Shaan (worried)?
Shaan: No. Nothing.
Rajni holds Shaan’s hand.
Rajni: You seem to be missing someone a lot.
Shaan: I forgot that robots can understand someone’s feelings at time.
Rajni: You are the one who created me, and you forgot? Oho. Share your feelings with me.
Shaan: How will you understand how I feel?
Rajni: Just like husband-wife can understand each other, mother-child, brother-sister, same way even scientist-robot shares a special relation. I am not a human, I may not understand human emotions completely, but I can at least understand that my maker is not happy for some reason.
Shaan: This is one thing I liked about you, you always make people feel better. Okay I will tell you, but just like your robot secret, this will also remain your top secret.
Rajni: Okay Shaan. Command accepted.
Shaan: Just like you, I had someone special in my life.
Rajni: Who is it? Your mom? Sister?
Shaan: No, she was someone very special. But she left me, forever.
Shaan nods his head down, Rajni also nods her head down.
Shaan: Now why are you also putting your head down?
Rajni: My owner is sad, that’s why I am also sad. I am a bad robot. Rajni robot is a very bad robot.
Shaan: Who said so?
Rajni: I never made my owner happy.
Shaan: Rajni?
Rajni walks forwards and she switches on the stereo,
Shaan: Rajni, what are you exactly trying to do?
The song Kuch Toh Huwa Hain from Kal Ho Na Ho plays. Shaan gets glad listening to this. And he gets up on his foot and starts dancing.
Rajni: I knew this will make Shaan feel better.
Shaan takes Rajni’s hand.
Rajni: What are you doing?
Shaan: Dancing with you.
Rajni: But you didn’t like the fact that I was dancing with you.
Shaan: Rajni, activate dance mode.
Rajni: Okay command accepted. Dance mode activated.
Rajni also dances along with Shaan, and Shaan dances gracefully with her. Surili comes there.
Surili: Where is this loud music coming from?
Surili gets stunned to see Shaan and Rajni dancing together, and gets stunned and she smiles later.
Surili: Now my work is done. I got what I wanted.
Shaan was about to look, and Surili leaves from there. Shaan continues dancing and the music ends. Shaan smiles.
Shaan: When did the music ended I didn’t even realize. Thank you so much Sajni for making me feel better.
Shaan looks and sees Rajni’s eyes closed. Shaan puts his hand on his head and smiles feeling shy,
Shaan: Her charge got finished.
Shaan makes Rajni sit down to make sure she gets charged.
Shaan: Thank you so much Rajni for making me feel better. I am proud that you are my robot.
Shaan leaves the lab and keeps it locked.

Next day morning,
Scene 4: At the park
(TPK part)
Here Thapki and Bihaan are walking in the park and returning back home.
Thapki: Finally this camp ended! Bihaan: Yes. It was tiring.
Thapki: Now I understand why mom always denies me for camps. It’s so tiring.’
Bihaan: I agree with you.
Thapki: But at the same time we had a lot of fun.
Bihaan: True.
Just then Thapki sees some kids playing in the park and someone calls Bihaan on the phone.
Bihaan: Yes dad, I will be coming home soon.
Bihaan looks around and doesn’t finds Thapki.
Bihaan: Thapki?
Bihaan sees Thapki playing with the kids and he smiles and goes there.
Bihaan: What are you doing here?
Thapki: Playing hopscotch with the kids.
Bihaan: Ghajab. I love this game a lot.
And he plays well. It’s Thapki’s turn, and Thapki does well, and as she was about to fall Bihaan holds her, They look at each other. Mast Magan from 2 states plays.
Thapki: Leave me?
Bihaan: Oh I am sorry.
Thapki: It’s okay.
Bihaan: You should not daydream, Bihaan Kapoor.
And just then it starts to rain,
Bihaan: Areh yaar it had to rain now.
Thapki: Let’s go.
Kid 1: No didi, stay here.
Thapki: But it’s raining. And you all will catch cold you should all go in.
Bihaan: Okay fine let’s enjoy.
Thapki: Bihaan, have you gone crazy what are you doing?
Bihaan: I will see if it’s really fun to enjoy in the rain. I saw in bollywood movies.
Thapki: You and your bollywood movies.
Thapki is about to go, and the kids and Bihaan make some plans. Bihaan tells the kids to do so. One of the kid goes. The kid plays Chak Dhum Dhum from Dil Toh Pagal Hain. Bihaan and the kids enjoys in the rain and Thapki looks on and still refuses. Whenever the girl part plays, Thapki keeps on scolding them, and they refuse. Thapki holds Bihaan’s ear.
Thapki: Along with you, you are gonna make me and these kids sick too. Off the music right now, and kids go back to your house.
Thapki goes,
Kid 2: Didi didn’t agree.
Bihaan: Our plan is foiled.
Bihaan angrily hits the MP3 which is covered with plastic so that it doesn’t gets wet.
And the music changes to Cham Cham from Baaghi.
Thapki: This is my favourite song.
Thapki gets into mood of dancing, and she gets the beat right and starts dancing. Everyone is shocked especillay Bihaan.
Bihaan: What am I seeing? Am I dreaming? Thapki and dance that too on Hindi song?
The kids also join Thapki and they enjoy in the rain.
Bihaan: What’s going on here?
Bihaan sees them dancing.
Bihaan: This is not fair. I should also join them and dance.
Bihaan joins them and Bihaan and Thapki continue dancing and are enjoying along with the kids in the rain. One of the kids mother comes and is stunned to see them like this and she scolds the kids.
Lady: It’s raining and you all are enjoying in the rain? What if you all fall sick?
Thapki and Bihaan feels bad.
Lady: You both are eldest, at least you both should have stopped them instead you both also started to dance in the rain. Look if the kids fall sick then its not my fault.
Bihaan: Feed them Chamanprash they will not fall sick. Chamanprash khao sardi bhagao. (have Chamanprash cold is gone)
Thapki gestures Bihaan to keep quiet.
Lady: I have nothing to say.
She takes the kids away.
Thapki looks at Bihaan angrily/..
Thapki: You wanted to advertise Chamanprash? Do one thing go to the studio and do auditions. I am sure you will get some Bollywood movies.
Thapki she leaves from there angrily Bihaan follows her.
Bihaan: Thapki Express, don’t leave me.

Scene 5: In the car
(TEI part)
Here Kunj and Twinkle are in the car, and Kunj while thinking about that incident falls asleep and he puts his head on the steering wheel and the horn rings. Twinkle jumps out of her sleep.
Twinkle: What happened?
Twinkle sees Kunj feeling sleepy.
Twinkle: Ho, you felt asleep! Good I woke up if not accident would have happened.
Kunj: I didn’t know how I felt asleep.
Twinkle: You shouldn’t have fallen asleep.
Kunj: I am a human, I am bound to sleep at least for a while.
Twinkle: But in that pretext accident would have happened.
Kunj: But that didn’t happen right?
Twinkle stays quiet and Kunj drops Twinkle to her house and later he also leaves.

Scene 6: Outside Park
(TPK part)
On the other hand, Thapki is angry and Bihaan is chasing her.
Bihaan: Yaar, listen to me.
Thapki: Look Bihaan, I hate it when I get scolded for something I didn’t do.
Bihaan: But I was the one who get scolded more by that aunty.
Thapki starts sneezing.
Thapki: See because of you I even started sneezing. You forced me to get wet in the rain.
Bihaan: Now who would have know that you will suddenly dance crazily.
Thapki: But not as crazy as you.
Thapki continues sneezing.
Thapki: Now how will I stop sneezing?
Bihaan: Chamanprash.
Thapki: Keep your chamanprash with you. I am leaving.
Bihaan: Listen, Thapki?
Thapki: I will talk to you later once I reach home, and I have to change. You also change once you go home.
Thapki leaves and Bihaan smiles.

Scene 7: Singh Residence
(TEI, TPK and BHRK part)
Here Kunj and Thapki comes home together,
Thapki: Bhaia you and at this time?
Kunj: Why are you totally wet?
Thapki: Don’t ask.
And she continues sneezing.
Kunj: You caught a cold?
Thapki: Yes. Because of this stupid rain. I can’t imagine people find this romantic. Seriously?
And she sneezes and Kunj yawns.
Thapki: You seem to be sleepy? You didn’t sleep well?
Kunj: That’s a very long story. Let’s go in.
Thapki and Kunj goes in.

Later, Surili is walking and suddenly the light goes off.
Surili: Looks like there is a blackout.
And suddenly the light comes out,
Shaan: Surprise!
Surili is happy as Thapki brings cake for Surili with “Happy Mothers’ Day” written.
Kunj: Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom! Surili is happy.
Surili: Kunj, Thapki you both? Kunj why you came late?
Kunj: The car got spoiled mom.
Surili smiles and looks at Thapki.
Surili: Beti, you could have stay in the camp for more days.
Thapki: Mom, you are right going to camp is so unnecessary and tiring. Now I know why you denied me.
Shaan also comes and hugs Surili.
Shaan: Happy Mothers’ Day mom.
Surili: Thank you beta.
Rajni whispers to Shaan.
Rajni: What is mother’s day, Shaan?
Shaan: A special day for all the mothers and also children where children gives appreciation to their mom for always be there for them.
Rajni: But then why only today, everyday should be mother’s day because a mom is always there for her children, from morning till night, and also she is the one who gives birth to her children and also she takes care of them. So all 365 days are mothers’ day.
Thapki: Yes, Rajni Dii I totally agree with you at this point.
Rajni smiles. Rajni comes to Surili.
Rajni: I call you maa, so that’s why Happy Mothers’ Day.
Surili hugs Rajni.
Surili: Thank you Rajni beti.
Shaan, Kunj and Thapki gift Surili some gifts. Surili is very happy.

Amrish: Now all of us let’s cut the cake.
Surili cuts the cake and goes to feed Rajni first. Shaan is stunned.
Surili: Rajni, I should feed you cake first, after all you are like my daughter.
Shaan comes and eats the cake from Surili’s hand.
Surili: Shaan?
Shaan: I am the eldest that’s why I ate the cake first.
Surili: But that was for Rajni?
Shaan: Rajni says she will have cake later, as she is full right Rajni?
Shaan gestures Rajni and Rajni nods.
Surili: Okay fine.
And she feeds Kunj and Thapki too. Just then someone calls Thapki.
Thapki: Hello?
Anonymous: Hello Dii, it’s me.
Thapki: Chotte!
Surili gets happy.
Chotte: Dii, pass the phone to mom.
Thapki: Sure.
Thapki passes the phone to Surili.
Chotte: Happy Mothers’ Day Mom.
Surili: Thank you beta, and when are you coming?
Chotte: Very soon, mom.
Kunj takes the phone and talks to Kunj.
Kunj: I hope you are not doing wrong things.
Chotte: No way, bhai.
Shaan: At least talk to him nicely.
Kunj: I am not talking to you.
Later, Kunj passes the phone back to Surili.
Chotte: Mom, I will talk to you later.
Surili: Okay bye, beta.
Chotte: Bye.
Thapki starts sneezing again.
Surili: Looks like you caught a cold I will prepare hot soup for you right now, Thapki.
Thapki: It’s okay mom, today is mothers’ day, you won’t do anywork.
Rajni: I will go and prepare soup, don’t worry Mom.
Rajni goes and prepares soup. Surili smiles.
Surili: Finally my youngest son called me, and now I am so happy, really this time Mothers’ day is special for me.
Shaan: As Rajni said not today, everyday should be special for mothers like you, mom.
Everyone smiles.

Scene 8: Mathur Residence and Sharma Residence
(YVR part)
Here, Karthik comes to his mom and wishes her.
Karthik: Happy Mothers’ Day Maa.
Lata: Thank you beta.
Karthik gifts Lata something.
Lata: What was the need for that beta?
Karthik: Let it be, Maa it’s just a saree.
Lata: But beta, this saree is more than enough for me.
Karthik: Maa?
Karthik: (in his mind) Mom, you wanted me to get married right? This is my actual gift for you. Survi is perfect for being your daughter-in-law and I am sure about that. Once Survi is ready for marriage, I will break this news to you first, but for now you must wait.
Lata is happy but she is actually sad and it’s shown in her face.
Karthik: Maa, you don’t seem happy? What happened?
Lata: She forgot to wish me sometimes.
Karthik: Maa, I know my sister very well, she will never forget to wish you.
Lata: She have forgotten, it have been almost a month since I last spoke to her, and it is not surprising she forgot to wish me.
Karthik:Maa, she must be busy don’t worry.
Lata: She should have called me at least once.
Just then someone rings bell, and Karthik opens the door, and the courier man gives him a parcel.
Lata: Who is it, beta?
Karthik gives Lata the parcel.
Lata: What is this beta? Karthik: Your daughter sent you this.
Lata gets happy and she opens it, and then she finds a letter. She reads the letter.
Letter: Maa, I am so sorry for not contacting you for many days. I am very busy in my work. I will try to come here as soon as possible. Happy Mothers’ Day mom, I hope you understand. From your lovely daughter.
Karthik: See I told you she didn’t forget.
Lata: You are right beta.

At Sharma residence,
Here Tai is cutting cake, and she feeds Survi and Shraddha cake.
Survi: Happy Mothers’ Day Tai.
Shraddha: Happy Mothers’ Day Mom
Tai smiles.
Tai: Thank you betiyan,
Survi: I miss my mom a lot, but since the day you took care of me, you never let me felt that my mom is not here. Thank you so much Tai.
Tai gets emotional, and she hugs Survi.
Shraddha: I also want to join in.
Tai hugs Survi and Shraddha.
Later, someone calls Survi and it’s none other than Karthik.
Tai: Who is it beta?
Survi: My friend. It’s okay I will talk later.
Tai: It must be some important call, pick up the call beta.
Survi: Okay Tai.

Survi goes upstairs and talks to Karthik on the phone.
Survi: Hello?
Karthik: Hi. Are you fine?
Survi: Yes, you?
Karthik: Yes I am fine too. What were you doing?
Survi: I was celebrating Mothers’ Day with my Tai and cousin.
Karthik: Looks like you are very close to your Tai.
Survi: Yes, after my parents’ demise she took care of me as both mom and dad. She never let me felt their absence.
Survi gets emotional and Karthik tries to divert the topic.
Karthik: Your Tai seems to be a supportive person. I am sure she is always there for you.
Survi: Karthik, when the right time will come I will tell Tai about our relationship, Yeh Vaada Raha( it’s a promise).
Karthik: It’s okay Survi. You can take your time. I understand your situation. I won’t force you. Yeh Vaada Raha.
Survi smiles.
Survi: Thank you so much for understanding me.
Karthik: By the way how is your job?
Survi: That is a long story.
Karthik: Anyways, your Tai must be proud of you right?
Survi: She doesn’t have any idea about my job. She doesn’t knows that I work part-time as Shaan scientist’s assistant.
Karthik: Okay but why you didn’t tell her?
Survi: Actually thing is
As Survi was about to tell Karthik, she looks behind and is stunned as Tai overhears her conversation. Tai is equally shocked.

Scene 9: Kapoor Residence
(TEI and TPK part)
Here Leela is waiting for Twinkle and Bihaan to come home.
Leela: Where are the both of them?
Bauji: Don’t worry Leela, they will come home soon.
Leela: Today is mothers’ day and all children are celebrating mothers’ day with their mother, but my children are outside. They don’t even care about me.
Just then Twinkle and Bihaan comes home, and they gesture each other to go in first.
Bauji sees them and gestures them to stop fighting and come here.
Leela: Now what are you doing?
Bauji: Nothing, there is a lot of flies that’s why I am shooing them.
Leela:I can’t see any flies.
Leela looks behind, and Twinkle and Bihaan hides.
Leela: You are acting really strange.
Just then someone comes and covers Leela’s eye, and that is none other than Bihaan.
Leela: Beta, I know that’s you, now leave your hands.
Bihaan does and Twinkle comes and hugs Leela.
Twinkle: Mom, I am here too.
Leela: Why are you both late, you both should have came early today at least?
Bihaan: Why is anything special?
Twinkle: As far as I remember your birthday have already pass by, right?
Leela: Let it be.
Twinkle winks and she hugs Leela.
Twinkle: Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom! Bihaan: Happy M for Mothers’ Day to my M for Mom.
Leela: Oh so you both remembered, and were teasing me? Leela pulls the ear of Twinkle and Bihaan with each of her hand.
Twinkle: Ouch mom! Bihaan: Leave it mom!
Leela leaves them.
Leela: I am disappointed that you both came late at least you both should have come early.
Bihaan: Ghajab. I left my camp for you and you are not happy?
Leela: How about you, Twinkle?
Twinkle: Mom, actually I was suppose to come yesterday but now if I don’t find any transport what’s my fault in that?
Bihaan: Twinkle Twinkle little star, I like mom more than you.
Twinkle: No, I like mom more than you.
Bihaan: Ghajab. You were supposed to come yesterday but you came today, and I was supposed to come tomorrow but I came today. So in that pretext , I love mom more than you.
Twinkle: You keep your useless logic with you, I was suppose to come yesterday, not like you who was ready to stay at camp during mothers’ day.
Leela: Oho, both of you stop fighting.
Twinkle: Mom tell the truth who do you love more your Ladli Twinkle or Ladla Bihaan?
Leela: I love both my children equally. No mom ever discriminates between her children.
Twinkle and Bihaan hugs Leela, and Leela pampers them.

Scene 10: Shaan’s room
(BHRK part)
Here Shaan is talking with Rajni in the room.
Shaan: Rajni, today you have done a very good thing.
Rajni: What have I done, Shaan?
Shaan: You have made mom very happy today.
Rajni: This is nothing, it’s just my duty.
Just then Surili comes in,
Shaan: Mom, you and here? Rajni: Hi Mom, come and sit here.
Surili smiles.
Surili: Shaan beta, I came her to speak with you regarding something important.
Shaan: And what is that mom?
Surili: I have came here to talk about an alliance.
Shaan: Mom, are you planning to get Thapki married? She is still too young, she just finished her studies, let her enjoy these days.
Surili: No, it’s not about Thapki.
Shaan: Oh I get it now. It’s about Kunj, right? Then he is fine, he keeps on showing attitude and throwing tantrums, and only a girl can teach him a lesson now, and that will be his to-be-wife. I am with you, mom.
Surili: Shaan?
Shaan: Don’t worry I will make sure my brother gets married without any problem with a nice girl.
Rajni: Shaan, at least let mom speak. You are the one who is speaking without listening. At least listen to her first.
Shaan: Oh mom, okay I will stay silent now say what you wanted to say?
Surili: Actually Shaan, I am here to talk about your marriage. I want to fix your alliance with Rajni.
Shaan: Mom, I what?
Surili: Yes, I want you to marry Rajni, and I want Rajni to be Bahu Hamari Rajnikant.
Shaan is stunned and he looks at Rajni who is smiling.
The episode ends.

Precap: Tai comes to Singh Residence angrily, and asks Surili if she is Shaan’s mom. Surili says she is Shaan’s mom. Tai introduces and says she is Shaan’s assistant Tai. Surili gets happy and tells her that she needs to speak something important to her regarding her niece. Survi and Shaan gets tensed. Twinkle and Kunj are dancing on Manma Emotion Jaage from Dilwale together in a party and enjoys among themselves. Thapki and Bihaan hangs out with each other, and there they fight. Karthik gets a call and he gets stunned.

Well, as you all know I am yet to reveal which is the 5th show I selected. But I can give a clue. The lead actor of the 5th show will be playing Chotte’s character who is the youngest son in the Singh family and Kunj, Thapki and Shaan’s youngest brother and the lead actress of the 5th show will be playing Karthik’s sister’s character who is the only daughter in the Mathur family. And yes, Chotte and Karthik’s sister will be pair. I hope you can guess the 5th show. In 1-2 weeks time I will reveal the name of the 5th show. I will also show their character introduction when I will publish the next promo at the end of this month which will mark their entries, till then keep guessing (
Currently I write three fan fictions
1) The Strange and Full of Krayzyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK and YVR)
2) One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM)
3) Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other
Well I write fan fictions Friday to Sunday only.

The next episode will be published on 22nd May. Till then stay tuned. And please do express your opinion about this fan fiction, if you are feeling bored or not liking this fan fiction please do tell me so that I can try my best to improve on it. And it’s my request please do comment because the fate of this fan fiction and the no. of episodes are solely based on the no. of comments by different IDs. And you can ask me if you have any questions. Thank you and have a nice day (

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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      1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

        Thanks for commenting jazz 🙂 Okay I will take that in consideration and I will make sure I will add more karvi scenes from next episode

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    1. Hey anu thanks for commenting happy u liked it and love u too 🙂 and what will be the 5th show that you will have to wait for one or two more weeks to know 🙂

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    1. Hey karvi thanks for commenting happy u liked it 🙂 and next episode I will update next Sunday and which is the 5th show u must wait for at least this week or next week 😛

    2. And as for my fav Jodi well my fav changes over time actually my all time fav is ardhika and arshi. Currently if I have to choose among on air shows my fav Jodi are twinj and thahaan. But I love karvi and shajni too. And I will give equal importance to all Jodi no need to worry about that. And well my fav show currently u can say it from my id 😛 but among these 4 it’s Rajnikant

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        Awwwww utu that’s very very sweet of u and I will use that 😛

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      Hey Fiona thanks for commenting happy u liked it 🙂

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    1. Hey truelove thanks for commenting and will take your comments in consideration will add more thahaan scenes in the next episode 🙂 and actually I wanted to write ff on TEI n TPK combined only, but at the same time I also wanted to write ff on BHRK, and YVR also and also other shows so I decided to combine these 4, as it’s possible for me to write 2-3 FFs once or twice a week

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      Hey Tara thanks for commenting happy u liked it and when I get comments I get inspired 🙂

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      Hey Sasha really u liked today’s episode I don’t know why I thought it was boring maybe due to decrease in comments well thanks for clearing my confusion 😛 anyways thanks for commenting i hope I can make it better and interesting day by day

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