The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR) Episode 1


Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo, and I am happy with the response I got for My Strange and Full of Krazyness Story Introduction. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect that I will get very good response for my fan fiction. I hope I can meet everyone’s expectations and here is Episode 1. I hope you enjoy it.
By any chance, if anyone is yet to read the introduction of My Strange and Full of Krazyness Story, you can find it in this link:

The first episode will be more of the introduction of the characters. Hope you all enjoy the episode 1.
Best would be if you read entire ff. But if you think you may not want to read the other shows part as you don’t recognize them you can read the parts which involve your desired show(s).
Here are which scenes are for which shows.
Scene 1: BHRK, TPK and TEI
Scene 2: TEI and YVR
Scene 3: TEI and YVR

Scene 4: TEI and TPK
Scene 5: YVR
Scene 6: BHRK and YVR
Scene 7: All
Scene 8: BHRK
Scene 9: TPK and YVR

(BHRK, TPK & TEI part)
The episode begins with the introduction of the Singh family. Here a lady, Surili is doing veneration singing in a sweet voice and her daughter, Thapki looks on. Surili finishes singing and she passes the plate to Thapki who is dressed in Indo-Western outfits.
Surili: Now it’s your turn to sing.
Thapki: Me?
Surili: Yes you.
Thapki: But mom I will

Surili: No excuses.
Thapki takes the plate and starts singing. She stammers a lot.
Thapki: I give up. I can’t even sing a line properly, the entire song is just impossible.
Surili: You must sing this song and that too properly. Bengali people love sweet voices a lot.
Thapki: Oh really, I thought Bengali people only loved rasgullas.
Surili: Not funny. You know you must sing well after all I must
Thapki: Find a Bengali groom for me.
Surili: Yes, correct.
Thapki gives the weird look.
Surili: Why are you looking at me like this sing the song?
Thapki: But mom is it necessary?
Surili: Yes, I want a Bengali groom for you.
Thapki: But I am so young? Why do you want to throw me out of my life?

Just then Amrish comes
Amrish: Who wants to throw my princess out?
Thapki: Dad!

Thapki goes to Amrish and hugs him.
Thapki: Dad, I don’t want to get married at such young age.
Amrish: Sure beta, I will get you married when you are ready. If she doesn’t want to sing why are you forcing her?
Surili: You have been spoiling your daughter, that’s why she never listens to me.
Amrish: Why are you forcing her to sing?
Surili: I need to find her a
Amrish: Bengali groom.
Surili: Yes
Thapki: Even dad knows that.

Just then Kunj comes who is dressed in formals.
Kunj: Mom, I will any kind of groom you and my sister likes.
Surili: Kunj beta, at least there is someone in this house who listens to me.
Thapki: Kunj bhaia, you also? Kunj gestures her that he will make everything fine.
Kunj: Mom, just tell me what qualities you want, I will find a guy with all these qualities for my sister.
Surili gets happy and later changes her expression.

Surili: But your sister never listens to me.
Kunj gestures Thapki something, Thapki smiles and she goes.
Surili: See, she just went away like this.

Later, Surili smells something and she gets glad. She looks and smiles. Thapki brings kheer.
Thapki: Everyone come to the table. Kheer is here.
Thapki starts serving kheer to her family members. Surili eats it and gets happy.
Surili: Thapki, if you want to get married later, I am totally fine with it. I can at least get to enjoy the kheer for more days.

Thapki smiles and goes to Kunj.
Thapki: Thank you, Kunj Bhaia for helping me out.
Kunj: I have always told you. The key of happiness is through someone’s stomach be it a man or woman.
Thapki laughs. Kunj gestures her to stop laughing and also tries to laugh.
Kunj: Now I deserve some Kheer right?
Thapki: Yes, I am getting your special Kheer for you right now.
Kunj: Quickly bring it. I have to go to office.

Thapki goes to bring the Kheer, and as she serves it to Kunj.
Thapki: Here is special Kheer for my brother.
As Kunj was about to have it, someone takes the bowl and haves the kheer. It’s none other than Shaan dressed in casuals.
Kunj: You!
Shaan eats it.
Shaan: Yummy! It’s very tasty, Thapki.
Kunj: Why did you have my Kheer?
Shaan: Who said it’s yours?

Kunj: Of course, it’s mine.
Shaan: Looks like you are not only stupid, but also deaf. Didn’t you listen what Thapki said? She said this special Kheer is for her brother. And I am her brother.
Kunj: Then what am I? Am I her step-brother?
Shaan: It seems so because you are not so smart like me or Thapki.
Kunj: Oh please, I have already seen how much smart you are?
Shaan: Very good. Now let me have some Kheer.
Shaan continues eating, and Kunj takes it from Shaan’s hand.
Kunj: This Kheer is only for me.
Shaan: No it’s mine.
Kunj and Shaan continues fighting.
Surili: These two always fights.
Surili and Amrish bows their head down.
Thapki: Stop!

They both look at Thapki.
Thapki: Here is more Kheer, you both can have it.
As they both were again competing for Kheer, Thapki stops them.
Thapki: I will serve the Kheer to both of you.
Thapki serves them Kheer and they have it. Just then someone calls Kunj. Kunj goes to receive the call. Shaan steals some Kheer from Kunj and have them. Thapki sees it and Shaan gestures her not to tell Kunj. Kunj comes back.
Kunj: I have to leave for work now.

Surili: But Beta, finish the food and then go.
Kunj: No, mom. I have to go to Karthik’s house and then we will both go to office together.
Surili: Then you should definitely go now.
Kunj: Thanks mom.
Thapki whispers to Amrish.
Thapki: Dad, why does mom gets so happy listening to Karthik’s name?
Amrish: After all he belongs to a Bengali family.
Thapki: No wonder.
Surili: What you both father-daughter are whispering?
Amrish: Nothing, nothing.
Shaan: Kunj. You will miss this Kheer. I will also have your part.
Kunj: Okay have it and then make sure you do something worthy in your useless lab.
Shaan: Hey don’t call my lab useless. You know a scientist feels proud of his lab.
Kunj leaves without replying Shaan.
Shaan: Stupid boy.
Thapki: Shaan Bhaia, don’t get so angry just have the Kheer.
Shaan: Sure.
And he enjoys the Kheer.

(TEI and YVR Part)
Here it is shown a lady calling her son out. That is none other than Karthik’s mom, Lata.
Lata: Karthik beta!
Karthik comes downstairs and is dressed in formals.

Lata: Good you came downstairs, have some breakfast and then go.
Karthik: Sure mom. You make breakfast for me, I will definitely have it.
Lata smiles and Karthik goes to eat breakfast. While Karthik is having breakfast, someone calls him on the phone and Karthik picks it up.
Karthik: Hello?
Lata: Finish talking quickly and continue eating after that.
Karthik: Sure ma.
Karthik is talking on the phone.
Karthik: 6pm? Okay sure I will be there by 6pm.
Karthik keeps the phone.
Lata: Is it necessary for you to go there?
Karthik looks at Lata.
Lata: It’s good that you are doing so, but don’t you feel tired at all? At least come home, have some rest and then go.
Karthik: Ma, I understand but I enjoy doing all these. And how will I feel tired your food always gives me energy.

Lata: Okay stop praising me and now have your breakfast.
Karthik: Now if you stop worrying about me, then I can have my breakfast right?
Lata: Okay have it.
Karthik is eating,
Lata: You think your wife will allow you all these after marriage?
Karthik: Mom, marriage and me? Impossible!
Lata nods.
Lata: You will always be the same.

And as Karthik is having his breakfast, Kunj comes to Karthik’s house.
Karthik: Kunj, you are here so early.
Kunj: I am not early, you are late.
Karthik looks at the time and gets surprised.

Lata: Kunj beta, how are you? Kunj: I am fine.
Lata: How is your sister?
Kunj: She is fine.
Karthik: Mom, ask about his mother or sister later, we have to leave now.
Lata: Beta, at least finish your breakfast.
Karthik: No, mom I am getting late.
Lata: But beta, you at 6pm
Karthik looks at Lata surprised and Karthik gestures her not to tell Kunj anything.
Kunj: 6pm? Why do you have to go anywhere at 6pm?

Karthik: Actually 6pm, oh 6pm I have to bring mom for shopping.
Kunj: Oh I see.
Lata: I will pack breakfast for you. Have at office.
Lata goes, Karthik gestures Kunj that they should go quickly.
Kunj: But Kar
Karthik pushes him and they go out of the house.

Scene 3: Outside Mathur Residence
(TEI and YVR Part)
Here it is outside Mathur Residence,a girl is watering the plants. She hears some sound and she looks at the water hose angrily. And she looks at the door and again at the water hose and very angrily. The girl is none other than Twinkle dressed in casuals.
Twinkle: (in her mind) I will teach that guy a lesson now.
Here outside Karthik’s house, Karthik pushes Kunj.

Kunj: But aunty is packing breakfast so sweetly for you, you should have taken it.
Karthik: We would be even more if we wait for mom.
Karthik: Just don’t look at me, now let’s go.
Kunj goes and Twinkle opens the tap of the water hose. And she splashes water and she smiles. Kunj gets totally drenched.
Kunj: What is this?
Twinkle looks and she is shocked and gets stunned.
Twinkle: I…..I am so sorry.
Twinkle: (in her mind) I wanted to teach that Karthik a lesson but someone else got trapped in my plan instead.

Kunj: Who told you to water me?
Twinkle: I have done a mistake. I am sorry.
Kunj:: Are you blind? The plants are behind you not in front.
Twinkle: Excuse me, who are you to call me blind? Who told you to walk here?
Kunj: Karthik, couldn’t you hire a better gardener?
Karthik: She is my neighbour not garderner.
Karthik tries to laugh.
Twinkle: Hey, you Mr.Whatever how dare you call me a gardener?
Kunj: Right. I shouldn’t have called you a gardener, I should have called you Siyappa Queen, you are making issue of everything.
Twinkle gets super angry and she takes the hose again and completely makes Kunj drenched again.
Twinkle: You just stay wet like this.

Twinkle goes away angrily and as Twinkle was about to go.
Karthik: Twinkle, wait!
Twinkle looks at Karthik angrily.
Twinkle: What?
Karthik: Tell your brother to come at 6pm.
Twinkle goes away angrily.
Kunj: This SIyappa Queen have made me entirely wet. Already we are late for work. Now how will I go to work like this?
Just then Lata comes,
Lata: You can wear Karthik’s clothes beta.
Kunj: Thank you Aunty.
Lata: Now come in and change.

Kunj goes.
Lata: See Karthik, you were trying to escape, now while waiting for Kunj you have your breakfast.
Karthik: If Kunj got wet what’s my fault in that?
Lata: Because you disobeyed your mother. Now keep quiet and have your breakfast.
Kunj: Karthik, wait a minute.
Karthik stops.
Kunj: Why did you tell that girl to tell her brother to come at 6? Aren’t you supposed to go shopping with your mom that time?
Karthik gets shocked.
Karthik: Actually, I will give him the house keys as no one will be at home that time. You never know an emergency maybe there anytime.
Kunj: Good you gave keys to that Siyappa Queen’s brother instead of Siyappa Queen herself. You never know she may have ransacked the house.
Karthik: Now forget about your Siyappa Queen and change quickly. We are late already.
Kunj goes to change.
Lata: Who is he so frustrated on?

Karthik: Twinkle, she accidentally splashed water on him.
Lata: Poor girl, now you have breakfast if not I need to splash water on you.
Karthik goes to have breakfast. Later, Kunj changes and Karthik finishes his breakfast.
Karthik: Now I have completed the breakfast, may we leave now.
Lata: Sure. Now you both can go.
As both were about to go,
Lata: Take care of your sister, Kunj.
Kunj: Okay, aunty.
As Kunj and Karthik were going.
Kunj: Why is your mom so concerned about my sister?
Karthik: I have no idea, now let’s leave.
Kunj and Karthik leaves.

Scene 4: Kapoor Residence
(TEI and TPK part)
Here Twinkle comes home frustrated.
Twinkle: How dare he insult me? What does he consider of himself?
Just then someone come clapping, Twinkle looks and that is none other than Bihaan dressed in casuals.
Bihaan: Well done Twinkle.
Twinkle: What?

Bihaan: What do you consider of yourself?
Twinkle looks at Bihaan.
Twinkle: Look Bihaan, I am already frustrated, I don’t want to talk with you.
Bihaan: Oh T for Twinkle, I know what you did to T for tarnish my reputation?
Twinkle: Your reputation? What kind of reputation?
Bihaan: Look you don’t insult my reputation, understand. I know very well you purposely did so as you wanted to drench Karthik right?
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle: Why… Why would I drench Karthik?
Bihaan: Ghajab. You are such a big liar.
Twinkle: Look, Bihaan. I understand. Yes I wanted to drench Karthik, but if his friend came in between what is my fault?
Bihaan: Why would you do like this to my friend?

Twinkle: Because of him you are spoilt, and I hate him. But more than him, I hate his friend Mr. Whatever, he is so rude.
Bihaan: I don’t know about Kunj, but you shouldn’t have done like this. Karthik is my best friend.’
Twinkle: Yes, I have seen what kind of best friend he is?
Bihaan: Who are you to decide B for Bihaan Kapoor’s B for best friend? And we are of same age. We are twins.
Twinkle: But you forgot that I am a few minutes elder than you?
Bihaan: (in his mind) Why she had to be born few minutes earlier. Now because of that I always get taunt from Twinkle.
Twinkle: Why are you silent now? Bihaan: You still don’t have the right to do so with my best friend, understand?

Just then their mother Leela comes.

Leela: Oho, why are you both fighting?
Bihaan: Mom, if you ask your lovely daughter that would be better.
Leela: What happened Twinkle?
Twinkle: Mom, why do you always take his side?
Leela: I didn’t take his side, I was just asking.
Bihaan: Mom, today your lovely daughter attempted to drench Karthik, but she failed miserably.
Leela: Twinkle, why did you do like this?
Twinkle: Why are you scolding me? I have not wet him. He got saved.
Bihaan: But you attempted right? So, your intentions were not right. And teaching me some manners? Shame shame.
Twinkle: If you weren’t my brother, I would have strangled you and kill you.
Bihaan: If you weren’t my sister, I would have made sure you got arrested.

Just then their father Balwinder comes.
Balwinder: What is happening here?
Twinkle, Bihaan and Leela gets scared. Balwinder comes nearer.
Balwinder: Twinkle beti, if you wanted to have some fun you should have told me. And Bihaan beta you should have invited your friend to have some fun.

Twinkle: But Dad, it’s not my fault we cannot go out anywhere. Ask Bihaan , he is always busy with his friends.
Bihaan: Twinkle, I play with my friends sometimes?
Twinkle: Yes, I understood very well.
Balwinder: I have decided something.
Everyone looks at Balwinder
Balwinder: We all will go out today, return by evening at 5.
Everyone gets happy. Twinkle hugs her dad.
Bihaan: At least, I am free at 6pm.
Twinkle: See, he is always concerned about his friends.
Bihaan: Did I say like this?
Leela: Both stop fighting, if not we won’t go.
Bihaan: Okay fine, now all of us let’s go and get ready.

As they all were about to go, suddenly Leela’s friend calls
Leela: Okay sure we will come.
Leela keeps the phone.
Balwinder: What happened Leela?
Leela: Actually my friend Kamla invited us for dinner.

Balwinder: Okay, we will go.
Leela: That’s fine, but
Bihaan: It’s okay mom, I go there every day. Today we will also have dinner at Kamla aunty’s house. I am fine with it.
Leela: Then its finalized, afte we go out, we will have dinner at Kamla’s house.
Everyone is happy.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Bihaan is happy that he will not be able to meet his friends today? Usually he doesn’t get happy. Something is fishy.
Twinkle looks at Bihaan and suspects him.
Scene 5: Sharma residence
(YVR part)

Here Kamla finishes talking with her friend.
Kamla: Today Leela and her family is coming to my house, I must make sure all goes fine.
Kamla: (in her mind) How will I manage this? Let me do one thing, let me call out Survi to help me out.
Kamla: Survi!
Just then a girl wearing indo-western clothes smiles and she looks and that is Survi.
Kamla is looking around and just then Survi scares her.
Survi: Boo! Kamla gets stunned.
Kamla: Scared me! Survi starts laughing.
Kamla: You know you almost gave me a heart attack.
Survi: Even if you got heart attack no problem.
Kamla gets stunned.
Kamla: You want me to die?
Survi: When did I say so? I mean that if you get heart attack, I will be there for you and give you instant treatment. After all I am going to become a doctor.
Kamla: Ae, Survi what you think? Your this treatment is like Maggie noddles that it will get ready instantly in two minutes?
Survi: Tai, you na.

Kamla: Listen today my friend Leela is coming here with her entire family. Do make sure everything goes on smoothly.
Survi: Okay sure.
Kamla: There are some things I need you to buy from the market, here is the list.
Survi looks and as Kamla is about to go.
Survi: But Tai already there have been so much expenses this month. How will we manage?
Kamla: You don’t worry about this, just buy these things.
Survi: But Tai?
Kamla: Do as I say.

Survi: Okay fine.
Kamla leaves.
Survi: (in her mind) It can’t go on like this, I must get a job as soon as possible.
Survi goes to the market.

Scene 6: Singh residence- Shaan’s Lab
(BHRK and YVR part)
Here Shaan is at the lab and he is talking to some girl.
Shaan: How are you?
Anonymous: Absolutely fit and fine.
Shaan: Is there anything wrong?
Anonymous: No nothing is wrong.
Shaan: I am a scientist, I am a genius but people call me crazy.
Anonymous: No, you are not crazy.
Shaan: How can I be crazy after all I am a
Anonymous: Genius!
Shaan: Correct!

Just then Surili calls out Shaan.
Surili: Shaan, there is a call for you. I am coming to give you the phone.
Shaan gets shocked.
Shaan: Hide quickly.
Anonymous: Okay, Shaan.
As Surili was about to go in, Shaan takes the phone from Surili’s hand.
Surili: Oh you are here.
Shaan: Yes mom, you can go out of the room.
Surili: Okay fine.
Shaan takes the phone and talks and its Survi on phone.
Shaan: Hello? Who is it?
Survi: Hello Sir, it’s me Survi.
Shaan: Oh yes, you called me this afternoon right?
Survi: Yes, actually I called for
Shaan: Job interview right?
Survi: Yes Sir.

Shaan: Do one thing come here tomorrow, I will send you the address via email and make sure you call me once you are near my house, understand?
Survi: Okay sir
Shaan: It will be better if you call me on time.
Survi: Okay Sir what time?
Shaan: I will give you all the information via email. You will get to know everything there.
Survi: Okay sir.
Just then Kamla calls out Survi..
Kamla: Survi!
Survi gets shocked.
Survi: (in her mind) If Tai gets to know that I am doing a job, she won’t allow me to do that job at all.
Survi in hurry forgets to decline the call and she goes to Kamla/

Scene 7: Sharma residence
(All 4 shows part)
Here Tai welcomes the Kapoor family and Survi also comes.
Leela: Survi beta, how are you?
Survi: I am fine Aunty.
Bihaan: Survi remember the work?

Survi: What work?
Bihaan gestures Survi something and Twinkle sees this.
Survi: Oh yes that work
Kamla: What work?
Bihaan: It’s actually regarding studies, I needed help from Survi.
Kamla: Oh I see.
Survi: Come with me.
Bihaan goes with Survi.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Bihaan and studies? Impossible. I am sure he is doing something else. But what is it, which both he and Survi knows.
Kamla: Twinkle beta, you know you are one of my favourite, I have some dishes do taste them.
Twinkle: But aunty?
Kamla: You come along with me.

On the other hand, Shaan is still on the phone.
Shaan: Hello? Anyone is on line?
Shaan: (in his mind) No one is saying anything.
Shaan: Hello?
Shaan remembers about something and he quickly rushes back and he forgets to decline the phone in hurry.

Tai is making Twinkle feed halwa.
Kamla: How is it, Twinkle beta?
Twinkle: (in her mind) This Kamla Aunty is the first person annoying because she is sweet.
Kamla: Is there any problem? Feel free to tell me.
Twinkle: There should have been more salt added instead of sugar.
Kamla: Survi!
Twinkle remembers what she said just now and gets shocked.

Survi goes with Bihaan to her room.
Bihaan: Survi, the thing is
Survi hears Tai calling her out, and she goes to attend her.
Survi: Bihaan I will be coming in a second.

Here Survi comes.
Survi: What happened?
Kamla: I think halwa is too sweet. You said is absolutely fine?
Twinkle: Aunty, I was just saying it.
Kamla: No, you won’t have this, later you will get diabetics.
Twinkle and others get shocked.
Survi: People don’t get diabetics in this much sweetness.
Kamla: I understand you are studying medical, but I got experience, don’t have it Twinkle beta. Survi make a fresh halwa for Twinkle.
Survi looks at Twinkle and Twinkle gestures her sorry.
Survi: Tai, the sugar I used is sugar free with sugar taste. Twinkle won’t get diabetics.
Kamla: Then it’s okay, Twinkle have the halwa.
Twinkle starts having it.
Here Bihaan is waiting and he sees the phone not kept.
Bihaan: I think I should keep the phone.
Meanwhile, Shaan’s sister Thapki sees the phone and she picks it up,
Thapki: (in her mind) Looks like an important phone call. This Shaan Bhaia always forgets about his calls.
Thapki starts talking on the phone,
Thapki: Hello?

Bihaan listens to this and he starts talking.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Looks like some important call.
Bihaan: Hello?
Thapki: Actually thing is that Shaan bh
Bihaan: Hello, I am not listening to you properly.
Due to Thapki’s stammering, Bihaan thinks its line problem.
Thapki: But I can listen to you.
Bihaan: I think something is wrong with the line.
Thapki: No, no I can listen properly no problem in the
Bihaan: Everything you are saying gets stuck, I think some problem.
Thapki gets angry.
Thapki: You know what, you are the problem.
And in anger she keeps the phone.
Thapki: How dare he tease me about my stammering?
In anger, Thapki goes away.

Bihaan: Hello? Hello?

Bihaan: (in his mind) Ghajab. Now I am listening to nothing at all.
Survi sees this and gets shocked, and Bihaan looks at her.
Survi: (in her mind) I hope he didn’t get to know about my job.
Bihaan: I was about to talk, but seems to be L for line problem, I couldn’t L for listen anything.
Survi takes a sign of relief and keeps the phone.
Bihaan: By the way, who was it?
Survi: Some guy was teasing me.
Bihaan: But it seemed to be a girl’s voice.
Survi: Then it must have been my friend.
Bihaan: Oh I am sorry.
Survi: Its okay, I will call her later.
Bihaan: Survi, can you help me?
Survi: Sure. Tell me.

Bihaan: The thing is that actually
Survi: No need to tell I understood already.
Bihaan smiles.

Scene 8: Shaan’s residence – Shaan’s lab
Shaan quickly comes back to his lab and checks everywhere.
Shaan: You may come in now.
The girl comes and it is none other than Rajni. Shaan sees her and smiles and hugs her.
Rajni: What are you doing?
Rajni is about to poke Shaan with her finger. Shaan seperates himself from Rajni.
Shaan: Rajni what were you going to do?
Rajni: You should not hug me like this what will others say?
Shaan: Sajni no one is here.
Rajni: I am Rajni not Sajni.
Shaan: Okay, fine I am sorry, Sa I mean Rajni.

Rajni: You were the one who taught me not to allow any guy to hug me and you yourself were going to hug me?
Shaan: Okay, I am sorry Rajni.
Rajni: Very bad, you are a scientist and your memory is poor.
Shaan keeps his hand around his shoulder.
Shaan: Okay fine, my memory is bad, how about you, you said others are here? Where? No one is here.
Rajni: Who said look at the window, some people are walking around and look when you open the door, your mother and sister are there.
Shaan hits his forehead with his hand.
Shaan: Rajni, I said that no one is here right, others are outside, and they are not present in this room right?
Rajni: Right, but you said that if anyone is in the house don’t come close to me or don’t let anyone come close to me..
Shaan: Okay, fine I understand it’s my problem I am sorry.
Shaan: (in his mind) Wow Shaan despite a great innovation, you are facing problems.
Shaan’s computer gets spoiled and he gets angry.
Shaan: Rajni come here.

Rajni is standing still.
Shaan: Now do I need to extend my hand to help you bring here?
Rajni: How will you extend your hand? I will extend my hand to help you.
Rajni extends her hand with her robot hands and her robotic hands fixes Shaan’s computer in a few moments as she is a robot.
Shaan: Wow well done my Rajni robot. Now come here, I need to install some features in you.
Rajni: Command accepted.

As Shaan was about to connect his laptop with Rajni.
Shaan: Rajni, before doing what others says understand the situation first and all the solutions you find, use the most suitable one which suits the situation, understand?
Rajni: Okay, Shaan.
Shaan: It took me several years to create you, so both me and you need time to update you completely, mistakes do happen. Don’t worry, very soon you will be the perfect robot.
Shaan continues update Rajni.

Scene 9: Outside
(TPK and YVR part)
Some random guys are playing cricket.
Guy: Wow, I must admit it. It was a great idea of playing cricket here. Well done Sirji.
The person looks and its none other than Bihaan.
Bihaan: Now we will have to win this match, only then I would be happy.
Just then Bihaan gets a call and gets surprised.
Bihaan: What? You can’t come here, but why?
Anonymous: I am busy.
Bihaan: Okay fine.

Bihaan keeps the phone.
Bihaan: He will not play today.
Other members get sad.
Bihaan: Now we have to play match without him.

Bihaan and his gang starts playing cricket with the rival team. Bihaan’s team was playing well, but wickets start to fall. And rival team is winning. Now 7 is needed off 2 balls. And 8 wickets is gone. Bihaan and other guy starts running but the other guy gets run out. Now 6 is required off 1 ball.
Bihaan: What did you do? Firstly you got me out of strike, and also got yourself run out. Now our one player is missing and we will be considered all out and we lost this match because of you. G for Gadhe, just G for get lost.
As Bihaan was about to go,
Guy: Bihaan bhaia, our next batsman is here.
Bihaan looks and smiles, and the mysterious guy comes.
Mysterious guy: Now I am here, nothing to fear.
The bowler bowls and the guy hits a 6 and the team wins.
Bihaan: Ghajab. I knew you will be here on time.
And the guy is none other than Karthik who is dressed in casuals and Karthik smiles. The episode ends.

Precap: Here Survi is walking in hurry and she slips, and Karthik who is dressed in casuals holds her. They both share an eyelock. Yeh Vaada Raha plays. Rajni is dancing on Kamli and Shaan gets stunned seeing Rajni dancing. Thapki and Bihaan both starts fighting over a rickshaw on the road, Thapki taunts Bihaan over his English as he called Thapki Chuk Chuk Gadi. Twinkle and Kunj come face to face each other and they both look angrily at each other. And points finger at each other.
Will Survi and Karthik fall for each other? What will happen to Rajni next, what will Shaan do? Will Thapki and Bihaan ever be friends? Will hatred between Twinkle and Kunj vanish?

Here is my episode 1 for my ff- The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story. Honestly speaking, one of the major reasons why I write fan fiction is to improve my language and writing skills. So please do bear with me. If you don’t like my fan fiction please do suggest me what should I do to improve my fan fiction so that I can learn. And if you like my fan fiction please do mention what you liked about my fan fiction. And don’t worry there will be more funny scenes in the next episode hopefully. And please do express your opinios via your comments: How was my episode 1? And do give your honest feedbacks. Once again, thank you for reading my fan fiction and I will be happier if you comment on my fan fiction. Have a nice day (

The next episode will be published on Sunday, 24th April.
If you don’t like the first episode feel free to tell me and give me tips on how I should improve it. And once again thank you for taking out your precious time to read my fan ficton.
If you want, you can read my other fan fiction One More Chance- Once Again:

Episode 1 will be there as a pingback.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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    1. Hey Fiona u ask me millions of questions I don’t mind
      I write ff on combined shows as my lessons just began and I m only free on weekends. I thought that after holidays I won’t be writing ff anymore but the immense support u all gave me during my previous ff couldn’t resist myself from coming back with a new one.

    2. Answers to your question
      1) i like all 4. My fav changes over time. SometimesYVR, sometimes TPK, sometimes TEI currently BHRK. And there are other shows besides these 4 I like, but I can’t combine them too if not it will be confusing, that’s why i picked this 4 shows and if one of my ff end I will write another one on 4 other shows.
      2) I m from singapore and a viewer if hindi serials since childhood as my parents also love hindi serials.

      2) Here TEI and BHRK airs at diff time TEI airs at 8, BHRK airs at 7.30(actual one at . Even if both had same timings I would have record them. Usually I read updates and the episode I like I watch that show first as I have no time to watch all. In weekends if I am totally free and done with studies and stuff I watch others too 😛 but that doesn’t happen often

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      2. Thanks Fiona happy u like my ff , I really like Indian dramas a lot even my friends like them

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