Strange Feeling (Swaragini) Part 1

A boy was sleeping peacefully when a lady enter his room and pour a jug of water on his face
Boy=miss Annapurna maheshwari what is this
Ann=first I am your mom and second you are sleeping for 9 hour have shame sanky
Sanky =ohh my melodrama queen my mom stop it and sry
Ann=that’s like my boy now go wake lucky

In other room.
A boy is sleeping peacefully
Sanky =ohh sleeping head get up
Boy =okkk bhai
Sanky =call me sanky not bhai it’s old fashioned lucky
Lucky =as you wish but don’t call me lucky please my name is laksh
Sanky =how r u my brother we both don’t have a same choice.
Lucky feel sad
Suddenly a girl enter
She was looking beautiful
She was wearing a long beautiful yellow gown
Girl =don’t dare to tease him
Sanky =as if I am afraid of u baby swara my love
Swara =your love my foot laksh get up
Laksh =swara you here thank God you came please tell me what dress I should wear
Swara smiles and say =okkk
Laksh go to washroom
Sanky was feeling jealous because of laksh and swara bond he love swara secretly but show that he is just teasing her
Sanky pinned swara to wall and say=why you always care for him
Swara =what happened to you…… Agggghhh I care of him because
Before she could say he kissed her
He was kissing her deeply all frustration of his was show by love

Swara was struggling to remove his lips from her.
The more she try his tongue was tingling in her mouth he was kissing deeply she was sucking her lower lips he was biting it he then move his lips today upper lips he was sucking it then he enter her mouth placing his hand on swara neck to tight her grip he goes deeper and deeper his tongue was playing games in her mouth
When oxygen was less
He removed his lips and say=I love you from 9 years and you are not giving me answer. Listen carefully you are mine only mine
Then he left
Swara was shocked because he kissed her first time
Laksh came and ask =swara you are like my sister na please tell me what should I wear that your sister does not even look at me you know na I like her
Swara came to sense and said =she will notice you okk Don’t worry
She select a dress and said when you change call me OK bye

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