A strange feeling may be love (chapter 6)


Hy guy hope all are enjoying the festivals lov u loads keep smiling .. enjoy to the fullest ..and now lets start .

Radhika first day of office and her nervousness ,
Arjun care toward her , what is in Arjun mind, why did he care for her such lots of question was running on radhu’s mind ..
she was in her room when Arjun ‘s pa entered and told her that there wil ba a meeting regarding the accounts and design within a week and said that Arjun has told to inform about this ..
radhika checked the files again and thought lots of work before the meeting and started the work , it was lunch when she was trying get out of the chair Arjun came and helped her and said to hav lunch with him she tried to refuse but it was in vains ..
after lunch Arjun made her sit in her table and left the place . both kept staring at each other till evening ..

after the completion of the office timing rads called tina and went out of the cabin before Arjun could reach her..and left home ..
Arjun who saw this was a bit angry on rads behavior , but he did not show it out but left from there
@neil’s place

Neil was in his study doing some work and he heared the doorbell ring and he just came out of study and the maid ‘had opened the door and he found sam there , he called out her name and asked “hey baby , why are u looking worried ?”
Sam was obvious that neil would find out her feeling perfectly , she approached neil and hugged him tightly and neil too reciprocated to it and hugged her back tocomfort her . she told that she got the nightmare about the accident .

Neil tried to lighten her feeling as usual he just lifted sam in his hands to baby position and sam know what is just followed by this , said to neil don’t but neil is always neil walked having her in the arms went near the pool and just threw her into the pool .
Sam was in the pool fully drenched and started cursing neil for he had done but that was of no use becoz she knows he is the same and will never change she silently went near neil who was laughing loud didn’t notice her , in fraction of seconds neil was pulled to he pool and both were splashing water on each other for a while and neil went too close to her and hugged and asked felling better to which sam could only nod her head , neil then kissed her on her forehead then they both were out of the pool and walked in to the house hand in hand .
After a while both freshened up and were in neil’s room , sam asked her why did he not go to office today ,
Neil: my cabin is not ready .

Sam : what happen to ur cabin.
Neil: Arjun threw me out of my cabin , and gave my cabin to radhika so till my new cabin work are over I have no place to work so I am leave ,
Sam could on grasp for this she does not understand what is going on and she questioned neil why Arjun is doing like this ..

Neil reviled Arjun feeling and sam could not imagine how Arjun could do that to rads.
She told that she must speck to Arjun , neil just said some time later he will move on soon I hope even if what he is doing now is wrong he will realse his feelings .
Sam : if suppose some thing else would he is going to hurt her for sure , and because he is our friend we can’ t let her suffer if he does not change ..
Neil : ohh Sammy just wait for few days for sure he will not hurt her , till now he is thinking he will keep her around he as she has a similar name and she is the only hope for us to get our Arjun back from that pit .

Sammy just stay calm nothing bad is going to happen ..
Sam : neil I trust u make thing alright without hurting anyone and I need to go to delhi for a project there becoz dad told me to take charge there I will be leaving in a week .
Neil : (upset) ok
Sam understood him and told that she will talk to him daily and me very often. But neil was not ok so she stood form the seat and went to neil and sat on his lap and caressed his cheeks and told
Sam : everything will be fine I will be back soon .

Neil : don’t repeat my dialog to me , actually this was always neil would say when he goes out of city .

Neil hugged her tight , pushed her soft body into his hard formed body ,
They sat there like that for few minutes and then broke their hug , when sam tied to ged out from his hold neil just pulled her back to him In not less than a second his mouth was on her sweet rose petal lips . the kiss was deep and he was extracting everything from her through her lips .. he kissed her hard a if a hungry man is having meal after a month . the lip lock was about 15 minutes and both broke the liplock and breathed heavy.
Sam : I lov u neil .

Neil : lov u too baby .
Then they composed theirself and went out for a walk in the garden hand in hand .

Sorry if it may be boring but had no time to think twice and some thought just came I the flow while typing hope u may like it lov u …..

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  1. it is awesome. ….

  2. What is arjun plan yaar he is trying to hurt her noooo way plzzzz

    1. he is not planing to hurt her .. u will know what he feels lov u hayathi..

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    nesam part was also nice darling

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  6. Nesam chemistry too gud. i liked it. so they r in love. N their concern for their friend is nice but they seems to worry abt some other thing too. Arjun is like a mystery now but i think he wants to be in her company. Radz has so many questions so are we. waiting for the next one.

    1. every question will hav an answer dr , will update soon lov u manha ..

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    1. Awesome episode nive, arjun caring rads but she trying to escape…n angry arjun again…lol…nesam pool scene n convo was cute n romantic….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

      1. lov u roma … will update soondr

  9. I loved it!! Nesam chemistry!! Awesome!! I’m only concerned for ardhika… Arjun’s temper and his mood swings…

    You have awesome writing skills dear.. It’s not boring… Update soon..??

    Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug??

    1. lov u too shree .. thaank u so much

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    1. ek bi zaruri hai yar , every time noch-joch accha nai lagtha so for a change but there will be noch jock after some chapters … lov u mittu..

  11. Hey nivu its gud ……actu wat s Arjuns plan??????hpe it doesn’t involve rads getting hurt……….i wanna see who ll 1st fall 4 te other……..and 1 doubt:Arjun s grieving te death f hs gf.so y s ge behaving lke tis 2 rads?like taking soooooo mch care abt hr..wen he s nt like tat 2 others??????if he continues lje tis mu8 nt rads fall 4 hm n ten gt heart ♥ broken??????? ……wen ll u unfold Arjun s past??????

    1. sry aastha was bussy with relative was not able to reply to u dr .. verry soon dear ,, humsafar ki saath tum both paaka hoti hai thub oh dardh ko samjithi hai .. sry dr arjun past will be unfolded little later …. lov u aastha

  12. hai…I was a silent reader till now…by your story has made to speak up….want to know if the radhika of arjun’s past is the same radhika who has entered into arjun’s life recently.

    1. Hey Lavanya dear hi!!!!!!a grand welcome to u…..ll u b my friend??plz??

      Sry its me replying n nt nive…no tis rads s nt te rads f arjun’s past….infact arjun’s past s a mystery wich nive hs nt yet revealed…..we only know tis mch: te rads n arjun’s past died n he ws heartbroken…….

      1. hy aastha my friend u hav done my work , lov u ,, my friend are like me …

    2. hey lavanya , its like relply ing to myself , dont get confused actually my alis name i also lavaniya .. i know aastha has answered ur question ,.. thanking u so much that u liked my ff an lov u …. friends ???

  13. Hii.. I am also a silent reader of ur fan fiction as lavanya.. I just read ur fourth part.. The way u write is so interesting which made me read all ur written episodes and upcoming episodes.. I wish u have to write many interesting episodes as this.

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