A strange feeling may be love (chapter 5)


Hey guys thank you for liking my ff , love u all .. hope u will enjoy this chapter.. lov u loads so lets start with the story ……..

@ Radhika’s home
Radhika : maa i am going to work with Arjun mehra , I will be able to learn more about business , it will be a great experience ma an exited ..
Mala : I know beta he will like ur presentation .. god bless u dr .
Delip : congrats beta , hope u will join our company after this project .
Radhika : may be papa , but let me first complete this project ..
Mala : come lets hav dinner
All three had dinner and radhika went to her room .
She was very exited to work with him so she was not able to sleep , she thought about Arjun and she could his touch in her waist , she felt strange about it but a smile appa=eared on her face .

She was on her bed trying to sleep few hours passed she had slept she jumped out of the bed with a jerk and her face was so disturbed , ya she had a nightmare, she turned pale thinking about the dream .

She sat up on the bed and thought why would she hav such a nightmare , she met him only once . she thinks maybe their first encounters effect.

Radhika in a beautiful black saree with sleeveless and backless blouse her hair was in curls she is wearing a beautiful diamond set .
the place was a poolside and it was decorated beautifully decorated with red rose petals and the pool had small candles floating in it . there was a poolside fountain there .

there was a table arrange with two chair in opposite each other and a wine bottle and two glasses there ,

radhika was just enjoying the environment she felt a hand on her wait touching he bare skin she tried to turn but she was in his hand he back touching his front .

he placed his chin on her shoulder she could feel his breath in her neck she closes her eyes he say u r looking beautiful , yep this Arjun voice radhika blushes to it and Arjun lead her to the table and he puld chair for her and sat opposite to her , there was mild music playing in the background and asked for a dance and radhika compliled ..

Arjun placed his left hand in her waist and caught her left hand with his right hand , and radhika place her right hand on his shoulder .

kaise kahun ishq mein tere
kitna hon betaab main
aankhon se aankhe mila ke
chura loon tere khwaab main (x 2)

arjun pulled her close there was no gap between the for air to pass between them ..

mere saaye hain saatha mein yaara jis jagah tum ho
main jo jee raha hoon
wajah tum ho ..
wajah tum ho ..(x 2)

Arjun gently moved his hand on her waist at her back touching her bare back .. they were lost in each others eyes ..

hai ye nasha ya hai zehar
iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
hai ye nasha ya hai zahar
iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein

radhika was not able to stand his intense stare and she moved back , but she could not even move a bit becoz Arjun has tightened his grip and whispered in he ears that dare not to do such a thing …and he started kissing her in her neck and ear..

kab se adhuri hai ik daastaan
aaja usey aaj anjaam dein
tuumhe bhuloon kaise main
meri pehli khata tum ho

mein jo jeer aha hoon
wajah tum ho ..
wajah tum ho..(x 2).

Arjun spined her and her back was touching his front and he holded radhika in heis hand and he was caressing her bare belly which created hav hoc in her body ..
Her body got heated up in his touch and she tightly closed her eyes..

Kua jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saansein chura ke
(saansein chura ke )
Kya jaane tu mere iraade
la jaunga saansein chura ke

Arjun was giving her wet kisses in her shoulder and in neck nape ,…radhika could not take it anymore moved away from his grip just then arjun hand caught her pallu and pulled her back with a tug she fell on Arjun ..

dil keh raha hai gunehgaar ban ja
bada chain hai inn gunaahon se aage
main gimshuda si raat hoon
meri khushnuma subah tumho

he removed her blouse knot and kissed her back .. all that radhika could do was stand still like a statue .. then Arjun turned her and made her face him .. they had a romantic eye lock /…

main jo jee raaha hoon
wajah tum ho..
wajah tum ho..(x2)
wajah tum hoo..(x4)

the eye lock followed by a liplock . Arjun started kissing at the corner of her lips and slowly he was sucking her lips .. and he lost in her and deepned his kiss and his hands was exploring her ….

##dream ##

Radhika got tensed and she started cursing herself about the dream then she was not able to sleep .. so it was a sleepless night for her ….

Becoz of her sleepless night and the dream she was a bit dull but as ell as exited and tened ..

She took a beautiful red saree with golden border and a golden blouse and got ready for office went down and breakfast she was quite all the while and her parents noted this ..

Delip: radhu what happen dr u look dull and why are u quite .
radhika : nothing paa just thinking about office …
she had her breakfast and left to office ..

@ mehra mansion

Arjun got out of bed and got ready to office he is wearing a formal 3 piece suit black with a red tie over it , he went out took breakfast , all the while thinks what has he done and radhika face is been flashing in his mind . he want radhu to be with him becoz he feel a bit relaxed an seeing her and his bitter past might not disturb him …

He thinks about his girlfriend and all the memories fash in front of his eyes.. he then brushes off the feeling and get out of the house and leave for office …

@A.M group of companies

Radhika reached early becoz this was her first day . she was exited and she was also scared becoz of her dream she decided to stay away from Arjun ..

She reached the reception and told about her the receptionist told her to wait in the lounge , as arjun has not yet reached . Arjun reached 15 min after radhika reached actually he is on prefect time radhika came early .. on seeing her on the sofa Arjun was stunned .. he is not able to eyes of her but he maintains that he did not notice her and left to his room as quick as possible after reaching he thinks why he cant resist him self about her ..

He intercoms his PA to send in radhika ,.
Radhika reaches his room along with his PA tina ..

Arjun says to tina to xplain the work here and show her the cabin and also said to get details of the project and make the regarding files and he said radhika to meet hi in an hour after all the breafings are over , and then both radhika and tina left he room , then Arjun was bussy in work ..

Tina lead radhika to her cabin which was just beside arjuns cabin and only a glass wall seperates both room and there is a door interconnecting the rooms . tina briefed about her job and collected the files directed her to go meet Arjun in the correct time becoz be is perfectionist .

Tina left the room and radhika saw Arjun through the glass door . both the room has single sided view through glasses so that no one can see them from outside but the glass in between is a normal glass..

All the while arjun now and then looked at radhika and he understood that she is tensed but he is not able figure out why?

At sharp 10 that is after one hour as Arjun told radhika nocked this cabin door he looked through and found radhika and she slightly opened the door and peeped in . he said to come in and radhika entered his room all alone . she felt nervous of this sutivation .

Arjun told her to take a seat and she sat opposite to Arjun .ant they had talk about business and the project after a half an hour discursion Arjun got out of his chair radhika senced something different but did no show anyting in her face .

He walked across the table and leaneh on the table next to radhika . her heart stated beating fast she was not able control herself her nervousness was clearly seen by Arjun now , he was a kind of liking this response from her . he thought of making her more nervous and leaned forward and said in her ear “ you look stunning dear “ .

Radhika was shocked at this she was not able understand anything she thinks she ais again dreaming and says to herself “ oh god chasni what has happened to u first the dream at night and now this Arjun sir can never say like this stop dreaming and come back to this world “

Just then he finished saying this Arjun got surprised and he too felt happy for this .. and radhika came to sence when arjun careses her cheeks .. she was shocked that this really happened and trien to get up from the chair . when she got up her face was just few inches away from arjun’s face .. she sences something and moves back and tried to run away from the room ..

But in vains she hurt he legs in the table , so that Arjun caught hold of her and made her sit an the chair and did first aid , and lead her to her room through the connecting door , the rest of the day radhika was not able to concentrate at her work .. she just stared at him he njoyed this . he wanted her eyes always on him so he did those … he didn’t want to miss her ..

Precap : nesam …

Thatz all for today guys hope u will like it meet u all soon lov you alllll……..

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