A strange feeling may be love (chapter 3)


Here we go guys aradhika meeting ….

@ srk office
Radhika pov
Radhika finished all the final touch and then she remembers that she has the clumsy bun on , and goes to the washroom and removes her bun and brushes her hair which flows up to her waist. She comes back to the conference hall and wait of the client there . her mom mala just called her and she left the conference hall and was walking out .she was very much indulged in talking to her mom.

Arjun pov
Arjun entered he office and he was welcomed by the manager and led to the conference hall he was walking talking to the manager and suddenly collide with a girl and she was about fall at the neck of the moment Arjun caught her by her waist at the neck of the moment and as the girl was wearing a saree his hand was in her bare skin . Arjun looked at her she was closing her eyes , he feels something strange by the touch and the she slowly opens her eyes and sees Arjun still in his arms in the leaning posture they had a small eyelock they were lost in each others eyes . after a few seconds they composed themselves .
As the clash happened all of a sudden her phone fell on the floor she bend down to take the phone and Arjun was just staring at her . she took the phone and tried to go when she felt her pallu is been puled just then she turned back and looked her saree got stuck into Arjun’s watch and he released it and walked passed her to reach the conference hall all the while they didn’t utter a word.

Radhika pov
She was talking to her mom when she was hit strong built structure and was about to fall , out of fear she just closed her eyes and then she felt some strong arm holding her by her waist the hand was on her bare skin that touch was enough to create hav hoc on her body . she had a hacked breath after that .
She slowly opened her eyes and say a pair of hazel brown eye staring at her she could not take her eyes for those eyes there was a small eye lock then after a few seconds she saw him clearly and composed her self .
She took her mobile and turned to leave and found her saree tucker in his watch , he released he saree and walked passer her..
Radhika was in shell shock becoz he was the client whom she has been waiting for .. and she cursed herself for her clumsiness of her self and followed him to the conference hall .. she tried to call him and ask for forgiveness becoz she knows him very well that he hate clumsiness at work she had heared about him from many ..
Her friends at office has told her about his char and hw handsome he is and also the devil character in him she thought to her self that she is fired today …

@conference hall
Aridhika entered the conference hall ..

Arjun pov
Arjun would have have fired if it was someone else but don’t know what he has to do he is lost in her eyes after a long time he sees such a eyes with so much innocence he felt some connection to the eyes even if he had seen the eyes for the first time .. he couldn’t just come out of here thoughts ..
He heard a voice “am sorry I didn’t mean to do that it happened I was talking to my mom and did not notice u am sorry sir”..
He got mesimerised by her voice but he is still not clear why he is feeling something toward her and he could not make out what is it .. he just nodded his head ..
Radhika pov
I come inside the conference hall and looked at him he was I thoughts and I slowly went near him with lots of hesitation I told him “am sorry I didn’t mean to do that it happened I was talking to my mom and did not notice u am sorry sir”.
He just noded in acceptence , this made me feel some wat good ..

Both were in their own world and came back to sence when they heared samrat voice .. he greeted Arjun and introduce the chief designer incharge for the project …
Samrat said pointing to radhika “this is the chief designer for interiors , she is RADHIKA MISHRA “
Arjun was totally take aback . almost tears were ready to flow from his eyes hearing her name but Arjun is always Arjun he knows how to hide his emotions from others .. and he just facked a smile at that ..
Then they just proceeded with the presentation
*** presentation ***
The presentation staretn and radhika was explaining each and every detail of the room lobby lounge etc .. the color of the walls the paintings on it the frame design the materials the furniture the size colou tables flower vase shape size color the curtains etc ..
All the while Arjun just kept staring at her .. finaly the presentation completed .all are impressed about the interior and there is only Arjun approval needed , but Arjun left the place withought uttering a single word

Arjun pov
“RADHIKA “ god what is happening all these long 10 years I did not here this name as isolated myself from this world and did only concentrate my business ..
Today morning only I thought of taking only the happy moments of my angel , but all of a sudden I was not ready to see someone around with the same name and same innocence from the first time I saw her today I kept thinking of her but why she should hav the same name , from now only when ever I see her I can think only of my angel .
I don’t know wat destine had desided for me and he thought about the presentation and he got confused whethe to accept or not …

Precap : aradhika moments and the decision of the project …

Hey guys hope u all will like this .. love u all..

Credit to: [email protected]

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