A strange feeling may be love (chapter 1)


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@Mishra’s mansion
A beautiful bungalow which has a big lawn in front .. when we enter there is a big living room beautifully decorate with interiors . there are two sets of sofa with brown leather cover with perfectly matches the living room mild creamy brown color with dark brown border .. and a glass table in the center .. there was world famous picasso paintings on the wall.. and huge French windows .. there was a pair of deep red long sofa near the window in the east . A man of about 50 was sitting on it with a cup of coffee .he is our cutie pie chani’s dad Dilip Mishra .he calls out for his wife Mala Mishra to wake his princess and says its her important day ….
Dilip Mishra is a big business man . he is a gud hearted business man .. he runs construction business and he is a man of great values ..

Mala enters into radhika’s room .. and wake her saying radhika wake up it 6 am u hav to be there by 10am get ready fast dear and come to dinning table for breakfast…. U are nowadays skipping breakfast dear its not good for u .. she is a typical mother and a good housewife ..

Radhika wakes up with a sweet smile in her face . her room is in pista green with square patches of cream color her room was so neatly arranged her wardrobe was at the right to the bed which was white in color ..and perfectly contrasted with the pista green .. radika opened the wardrobe and took out a beautiful dark purple saree with black border and black blouse and went to freshen up.. to the left of the bed is a beautiful teak finshed study table and nest to it is a drawing boad …

Radhika came out of the washroom wearing the saree with wet hair flowing till her waist radhika went near her dressing table next the wardrobe .. the window next to the dressin table was open and suns rays entered her room she was look like an angel down on earth when the sun rays hit her face .. her hazel brown eyes and her long brown eyes shined in the sun … she applied light makeup and went down to the living room… it was 7 am by now she went to her dad and got blessings and both went to the dinning table …. Had their breakfast together .. and radhika left for the big event …

Yes the big event of her career .. radhika does not work with her father she want to find her identity by her own an so she joinde srk company .. which is owned by samrat khana …
Radhika is a interior designer and works for srk company .. he reached her office an waiting for the clients to arrive .. it’s a big event for her becoz she is going to lead interior designing for her company’s upcoming project ..

Which is in tie up with???? Guess whom?????
I know it is small but sry guys had very little time to write this due to my university xams .. but soon will update long chapter …….. lov u all once again thanks to all of you guys your comment mean a lot .. love you all………..

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  1. Wowww tie with arjun am i right ahhh so short yaar…. awesome update

    1. .HY HAYATHI ..
      am sry dr this was small a firt 2 3 chapters are small due to xam but once this xam are over i will update long ones for sure ….
      thank u so much dear..

  2. Superb. Update the next update soon

    1. sure cherry will update soon … thank u for comments

  3. Oh so superb intro of chasni. i’m loving it. aha. it was superb. interior designer, n ofcourse with whom other than mr. arjun mehra. right?? i’m so excited for their meeting. it was sweet n simple. i love the DP used. it is one of my fav pics. 😉 thank u for that.
    waiting for the next update n i wish it would be their first meeting.
    all the best for ur exams dear.

    1. Hey manha dr mee too i love that dp it was awesome

    2. u guest it right dear but wait for their first meeting .. theres a lot to goo … as arjun’s suprice is waiing on the way….thank you so much for your wishes and the dp image is my faav img also … love u manha

  4. Wow… U explained each n every thing very nicely actually i was imagining those things .So rads is interior designer in our story.obviously it’s A.M. group .Also the best for ur exams.love u dear.

    1. lashmi thank u dear .. lov u lot … actually i stelthly put my passion as radhika’s profession

  5. Good going . Post next part soon. Tc and do well in the exams. All the best. 🙂 🙂

    1. advaita thank u so much yarr ……lov u …

  6. The description abt Radhika’s early morning deeds and the interiors of her room awesome….

    Yea tie up is gona b with Arjun Mehra for sure …..
    Looking forward on hw u wil describe Arjun ….. …..plz continue

    1. devga thank you dear lov u……..

  7. Jst aftr a gap I am here at ff page…I got so much happy thinking tat new aradhika…new love …wow today this episode is so nice

  8. thank u harani lov u dr glad u liked this ….

  9. Wow!! It was cute … So radz is interior designer… Nice …..

    Keep going dear.. All the best for your exams … It’s k if its short.. Study well… Well wait.

    Love you loads… Tc… Keep smiling.. Bear hug..??

    1. thank u sree … lotz of lov .. thank for wishes dr the paper was easy..

  10. Awesome episode, wowwww it’s lovely…loved the detailed description of house n rads room, her beauty…also loved the story line n plot of this story…rads an interior designer wowwww…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, also loved atdhika’s image very very much, it’s superb. ..love you loads

    1. thank you dr roma … lot of love …

  11. hey nive what an episode dear. really loved it I think the client is arjun and what an intro of chaashni dear luv it a lot . and now the time will come soon when they both met yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love the option of career intereior designer.

    hey dear luv this part a lot now need to read ur next part going there luv u dear.

    keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.n

    1. nishu lov u dr … am happy u like this .. ya dr the are meeting soon but lots are going to happen before itt…

  12. Heyyyy Nive…suuuuuperbbbb dear…so our chashni is an interior designer…wooowww soooooo sweeeeet…

    Eagerly waiting for d nxt..nd All the best for examz..

    Love u loadZz

    1. thank u hareem dr love u …

  13. I loved it…superb….update soon…luv u??

    1. luv u too ameena .thank u ..

  14. nice dear I like it

    1. thank u dr maya .. lov u …

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