A strange feeling may be love (chapter 1 continues)


Hy guy lets look wat was arjun’s so Called surprise. Hope u will like it………..

It is a Mercedes bens black with chrome finishing . it looked elagent with the sharp tail light and the silver strokes in the side . neil is driving the car , sam sat next to him and arjun in the back seat blind folded .
Arjuns pov

Arjun can never forget this day in his life . he also know that they want him to forget his bitter past and lead a happy life .. he know that these idots will do something or the other on this day every year to make him smile but today this was realy different where are they taking me blind folded , i couldn’t guess …

But he knows that they want him to be happy . and had a bussy schedule for him today so that he does not think about the bitter past ..

He has meeting at 10 in srk company for the new set of hotel in Mumbai , he has to meet the interior designer for the project and he then had a meeting with samrat in the noon .. and after lunch his extra usual work in his office .. and in evening as usual with sam and neil … but he did not know wat the meeting going to change in his life …….
Sam pov

I know Arjun y are u like this , u r not able to forget that incident till this long 10 years , am waiting for the day when will I get my old Arjun back .. I am helpless Arjun by seeing u like this .. u know how much u mean too me . I cant see u in pain that too in such a pain because of be ..

While thinking sam had tears in her eyes .. neil notice it and sign her not to cry … because Arjun can sense u easily …….
Neil pov

I know Arjun is hurt but sam is also equally hurt to see her bestie in pain even if its not her mistake she is been blaming her for this all these years … if I need both my friends happiness I should any how make Arjun back to normal ……..
@ cliff
The car stops on a cliff . its early morning and the sun has not come up yet .. both sam and neil got down of the car and brought Arjun out and took him with them still blind folded … the area was beautifully decorate with a table three chairs there was a white tent on top of where the table is located … the were white lilly there in the center of the table , and a chocolate cake , three beer bottles …

Neil took arjun to the table and removed his blind fold , Arjun still cannot understand what these idiot is up to and he signed sam what all this she just said the neil had told to arrange all this and this is completely his plan …

Whats neil plan???? How is sam be the reason of his pain ??? what is actually Arjun ‘s pain ????
Sorry yar today also no radhika scene but will update soon ………..

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  1. Wowww arjun neil sam friendship was awesome yaar

    1. hayathi nice to here frm u dr lov u

  2. Nice. Keep updating. Awesome story line

    1. cherry thank u dr ya sure till the story ends …

  3. It is awesome dr..jst luvd it…waiting to watch the mysteries to clear and aradhika to meet …?

  4. Arjun,Neil n Sam friendship bond was superb.will be waiting for next update.

    1. thank u .. updateing soon yar..

  5. U hd described rads house n hr room nicely……..
    . the friendship f Arjun n nesam s gud……ll u Tel us abt Arjun’s bitter past inte nxt epi?n also add ardhika scenes in te nxt epi….plzzzz??????
    Plzzz update sooooon nive….

    1. thank u aastha for the comment .. love u dr but wait for their past it will be reviled later

  6. O. . .so arj is the client rady is waitng for. . .Wat is arj past. . .?

  7. So beautiful…..plz update soon.i can’t wait.

    1. thank u love u ya sure will update soon

  8. Awesome

  9. It was kindaa short but still i luvd it…wen is radhika’s entry…update soooooon…!!!

    1. thank u i know dr its short but has very less time will update soon and longer parts..

  10. Wow wow!! These three bond so well!! What is Sam blaming herself? I hope you’ll reveal it soon … Update soon..

    Love you loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug??

    1. u will come to know shree soon thank u so much and loads of love and hug..

  11. So lots of fb r there. Loved arj-nesam frndship. So plans n surprises. But i think the biggest surprise for arjun would be meeting radz. Lol. I’m waiting for u to reveal the surprise.

    1. ya thatz sure is the biggest suprise .. thank u manha love u ….

  12. Awesome, wowwww loved it very much…all the povs were really wonderful…making me more curious to know their past n pain arjun going through…anxiously waiting for ardhika encounter…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. thank u roma dr lov u loads … and do suggest me should i change my style in naration lotz of lov an warm hug /…

  13. Supr interesting… Loved it

    1. pleasure u loved it ananya love u

  14. hey who said that short is not interesting I to said that short is a bomb actually my sweetheart dear nive.

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee their bond of friendship and the celeberation came with a lot of suspenses to think .

    why is sam a reason for arjun pair, what arjun pair came with a lot of suspenses luv it dear. I just so much luv it and waiting eagerly for next dear. ]

    keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. lov u so much sweet heart .. will break the suspense soon and there a very big chatka waiting for arjun … and haniss ke bat kabi thank u mat expect kar na for ur comments mai kesi friend ko thank u and sorry nai boliti hui …
      love u meri jhan ummaaaa…..

  15. Its really nice and hud going.waiting fr next part dear.mostly ardhika scenes

  16. Interesting… what’s next buddy….

    1. check it with next part hope u like it

  17. Hey Nive..wooooowww…loved their frndship bond..reveal soon Arjun’s bitter past..it seems interesting nd Sam blaming herself for it..

    Waiting eagerly..update sOOn..

    Love u loadZz

    1. hareem lov u dr thank u for the comment will soon update .. loads of love

  18. hey I love this extraordinary waiting fr next episode

    1. maya i am glad that u love this .. an love u so much

  19. Superv..yaar..and lv the frndshp of the three…
    Pls guys continue this..don’t gv up..
    All the best.

    1. ya sure am gng to write till the story ends .. and lov u geethu

  20. hey nive me too dear me too beleive that in friendship no sorry no thankyou. and moreover I don’t need thanks to read I read because I genuinely love ur story and yes because I love u too. and u can see me and my name till when I visit tu ki galiyaan dear.

    What to do bear me coz I luv dear my sweet jaanmann.

    keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. u hav to also bear me babe … lov u ..

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