A Story’s Dream (KRPKAB)(Vishkanya)-episode 5


In pink,Sona looks cute..While seeing,Dev remembers the first meet of them..

Shimla-A Road..Mountains r seen in sides..Hearing”Lakh Lakh Thora”in earphones,Dev was walking with his travel bag..Dev sees a house in top of the mountain..in his opposite..n luvly,Sona is sitting in a tyre hang on rope..in front of the house n she is busy in making a doll..
Dev sees this..n strts to walk in mountain..
While he reaching top,he see Sona seems sad..n walks towards Sona..
Dev asked”Sorry for the disturbance,Miss..I just see U sad..Tats Y I asked..What happen?”
Sona see Dev n said”Nothing happen..Mr..Dont interfere in my life..”
Dev sees her bt the doll is missing..Doll is on the surface.. n its face is designed as sad..in its half completing lips..Dev realises the pblm n touches the doll..
Half completing lips r changing into complete..n also smile comes in its face design
Dev calls Sona,”Miss”n give the doll in her hands..
Sona see the doll n turns to be happy n also see Dev crosses the path..
Sona tries to stop..by running n with calling”Hey..”
Dev’s eyes slowly opens..
“Hey MagiciaN.. ”
Dev see Sona tries to make him wake-up..
Dev thinks”Is it dream?I get mine as a powerful one bt who is Kiyaan n Raaga..?”
Hope U like tiz frndzz..
100%complete..25%in real..
FF ends…

Thinking of losing individual style in writing..Tatsy making end..Sorry for tat frndzz..Tanq for reading..Share Ur thoughts..

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  1. Nice one

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi..Hope U like tat epi..

  2. Kathy

    Who is kiyaan n raaga… Unanswered question…. Felt sad u end this… Looking forward to ur new ff…. It’s been a wonderful journey…. Tnx for entertained us… Keep writing… ??

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Kathy..It ‘ll be get if I unends it..Bt in CaramelS2 n A Story’s Dream,I failed to give the best.. In A Story’s Dream,I made a new Dimension.. Dev fans feels If it is only one couple,it ll be best..Bt,I started with two couples..Bt reboot..the Caramel Story..like an old one..soon..

    2. HarSHaN

      Sorry Kathy for making U sad

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