A Story’s Dream (KRPKAB)(Vishkanya)-episode 4


PreEpi:Dev is a magical/supernatural one..Sona is his Cutie..
Dev reached the place where Kiyaan n Raaga is..Dev enters the Raaga’s house n goes to upstairs..While touching the old painting,it turns full red..

While touching the old painting,it turns full red..

Loc:Dev’s house..In kitchen..
Sona shocked while seeing her sudden change..Her dress slowly changed n she feels more perfect she had never feel before..
A pink saree..with pink rose in the painting which Dev touches in Kolkatta actually Sona’s painting by him..get real one in Dev’s house…Itz colors finally got itz cutie…by a divine touch of Dev..Finally Sona realised Itz all by Dev’s..Sona smiles..

Loc:Kolkatta,Raaga’s house..
Sona’s smile only appears in red painting board..Dev smiles while seeing n thinks something old..
Dev comes down n reached the entrance..
Kiyaan n Raaga r near entrance ..
Dev goes to angry while seeing Kiyaan..
Bt he tried to be calm bcoz of Raaga..
N calls Raaga n Kiyaan inside..
Dev said”Raaga..I’ll asked U many times to come to our house..Bt U didn’t come.Now,U’ll come to our house”..n “Kiyaa..I don’t want to see U again”..
Kiyaan makes his head down n says”S..Bha..i”

Loc:Dev’s house..
Reaching his room,Dev helps Raaga to reach downstairs”Why She didn’t want her view again?”n his eyes tears..He controls..Kiyaan steps down slowly behind them..
Dev calls “Cutie..”
Sona comes in the same pink..
Dev smiles n said”Raaga..Ur cute ma is coming..My wish is U see her..I m very happy if U get ur vision again one time”..
Raaga smiles n touched his shoulder by her searching of her fingers..

Hope U like tiz,frndzz
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  1. Good one but it is a lil confusing

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi
      Story:Kiyaan is missing who is actually going to meet Raaga..Dev is a powerful one n his luv is Sona.A long time ago he draws a painting of Sona..It is in the upstairs of Raaga’s house..While touches,The pink colored saree in the painting disappear n reach the real Sona actually in Dev house n her dress changed into pink coloured saree .Tats by his powers..It is actually maybe nyc n little understood in imagine…Sona knows about Dev’s powers already..Why Dev hates Kiyaan..Is Raaga really her sister?Y the painting is in Raaga’s house..Tats the remaining..Still I doesn’t m
      know..Hope U get tiz all,Ayushi?

  2. Kathy

    Good episode harshan… So raaga is blind..n Dev says that she gets vision once again… Means she was normal earlier… Hmm I think she lost vision because of kiyaan …. ??. N is she daughter of Sona???? Excited for the next episode … Keep writing…

    1. Kathy

      *dev wishes…. That…

    2. HarSHaN

      Tanq Kathy..Bt vision losing is not because of Kiyaan..

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