A Story’s Dream (KRPKAB)-episode 2

Few hrs before:”Cuckoo..hoo..Oreyro”
Sound make the birds waves its wings n close the new light of the Sun..in tat place..
A jean-clothy man opens his empty hands n waves..Seeds comes frm his,actually Dev’s hands n mix in the air through the airbreeze (wind)..While the doves r eating,Dev running towards the downstairs..The birds also coming behind him..While Dev turns back n see the birds,the birds r going back n fly above..
He reached the entrance of the house..n see his Apsara(Angel) is coming..towards the entrance..
An angel with veil,Sona comes like entering his heart..
Dev goes near her n said”I miss U Sona”..
Sona said”I m also going to miss U to see U by my today’s look”
Dev asked”What?”n reveal her veil..The clown faced Sona smiles n express her surprising expression..
Dev laughs n asked “Y?”n make the place stop n click her pic by his fingers..
While his fingers make click sound,the pic stored in his Infinitivememory Hard Disk.. n also the place again comes to conscious..
Sona said”I’ll go to prepare food”
Dev smiles n makes her go..
n going upwards n lightly sleeps..
While he comes down,the waiting people stands..Helper comes towards Dev n said”All Politicians,Industrialists n Powerful persons in India r coming to meet U..”
Dev said”I know why they came..”
Kiyaan asked”How r u Raaga?”
Raaga simply nods her head with a tear..
Kiyaan asked her to go to her home..
Kiyaan &Raaga strts travelling in Train ..
“Thadak Thadak..”
Hope U like tiz,frndzz..
Kindly Write ur cute (including -ve n silent)comments after reading..Tanq for reading..


  1. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Yeh…. is kiyaa related to Dev???? I luv Dev n sona… Part… Interesting… Waiting for the next episode … Keep writing…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.