Our Story-{YHM & SNS} EPISODE 2,3,4


ruhi and kiara come early from school.they find no one at home so go to rashi jr house{modi}
they play
meanwhile kahaan and raman arive in lucknow.they go to a five star hotel.where ishitaas clinic is there.she is the lead dentist of kolkata.
kahaan gets tooth pain and tells raman,raman is not that angry but angry with ishita only.
they go fast because he is getting pain.she treats him.her phone falls and he sees young adi[gautam ahujas]pic with ishita and raman .he gets wondering.he tells her he’ll bring his dad.he convineces raman too come.raman goes in without reading the name plate.ishita is talking to adi on the phone .raman hears her voice and gets angry and shouts ishita.ishita turns and gets shocked seeing raman.her phone drops and the phone becomes on speaker.
ishita cuts the phone.raman goes towards ishita and slaps her.kahaan gets very wild and says “dad”ishita gets shocked hearing this and faints.
k-dad!look what uve done she was so nice
r-if ure done can we leave.
k-what else.
but he takes ishitas phone with him
ishita wakes up but doesn’t remember kahaan calling raman.or raman slapping her.she just remebers raman.seeing him
at home gopi is crying kiara and ruhi ask her what happened

gopi and ahem get married.gopi is sad but ahem is happy.after their wedding gopi tells ahem that she doesn’t love him and married him for her dads property{she is very rich}ahem gets sad and goes in depression but gopi helps him and then they fall in love.they consumate and have a daughter meera and after two years they again have a daughter called vidya.after 8 years they go for a picnic.ahem falls of the cliff everyone blames gopi.she is kicked out .her kids support her.there she meets ishita.
fb ends

k-then what about mamma
g-im sorry i cant tell you
she leaves
after a while ishu comes home
she tells gopi
raman throws ishita out of the house when he finds her in a wrong position with subbu.she delivers twins and is told that the 3 rd kid is dead.she runs from home with her kids and comes to lucknow where she meets gopi
fb ends
kiara who was recording all this cries silently.
she goes out and decides to seacrch for raman bhalla.just then she bangs into raman.
k-im sorry uncle
r-no problem beta.listen can you tell me where this address is?
k-that’s rashi jr house.modi house
r-ya i have a meeting with mr modi.
k-we were there.but they went out
r-are you crying
k-no you can call from my phone
r-okay thx
just then ruhi comes and says kiara.
r-dude your bf is searching for you.
k-hello dude he’s not my bf.
r-shut up whats his name,kahaan bhalla.listen don’t tell bro,you know na once mamma said and he got so angry
r-dude whats wrong with bhallas
k-hey dude ill tell u
she takes her to raman.
k-uncle can i have my phone
r-ya thanks.take this
k-how do u know i like it thank you i love you uncle
r-how sweet.bye
k-bye uncle
our story-{yhm & sns} episode 3
raman goes and rings the bell of mr.modi’s house
jigar opened the door
j-mr.bhalla hi.sit bhai will be coming
ahem enters talking on the phone.seeing raman he cuts the phone.
r-arey ahem
r-but you

after few days kokila found ahem he was in a critical state .he was in coma for 8 years.then 2 years ago he woke up.kokila told him what she did with gopi.he shouted at her and she got a heart attack.but the modi family let her die for her sins.
fb ends

a-what about ishita?adii and your tripelets
raman found ishita and subbu in a wrong position.he threw her out.adi came .raman ignored him.so he went with ishita.ishita gave birth to tripelets but she was told .one died.so with the 2 she left with adi and went somewhere.and santoshi brought kahaan home and told him that 2 had died and ishita left this kid and went away.she turned around as if she was crying but she was smirking
fb ends-

a-now on buisness
they then discuss buisness
armaan ,meera and sanky are college friends.meera is talking on the phone with armaan when sanky comes and says meera
m-he got my phone number and u my adress
s-no dude why will sanksar modi stalk meera…
s-shit im sorry’
m-its okay .
s-listen na.help me with this address
s-come na
m-no na
s-ya na
m-okay na

they go to the house
jigar opens the door
seeing him meera gives a bone crushing hug.she then realises what the modi’s had done.
she moves back and faints
j-excuse me
s-meera.but why will she give you a hug.
j-maybe im hot and handsome at this age too.
s-bade papa.lets take her too her house.
s-no best friend
j-who lives with her
s-sis and gops
s-her mom
they reach the house.
v-coming sanky
s-her sis
vidya comes but doesn’t see jigar.
v-what happened sanky?
our story-{yhm & sns} episode 4
v-what happened sanky?
then she sees jigar .she runs from the first floor.she comes to jigar and hugs him tightly ,jigar hugs her back.they break the hug
s-dude stop.u and ur sister are same.why are you hugging him?
v-but what happened to meera.
s-dude hold her
v-listen i cant hold her ..
s-call gops
v-listen sanky only family has the right to call her gops .and ur only meeras bf?btw what happened to her

v-listen if kaki comes na
s-ik ik were dead.you saw how she slapped liu
they laugh.then they notice jigar.at the same time they say
v-kaka,s-bade papa
v and s-what?
v-woh nothing he’s my dads bro
s-even he’s my dads bro
v-sanskar s-vidya
they hug
meera in unconcius state-mamma,mamma
s-dude call gops
v-she went
s-where?oh there again.dude ur mom needs to know she has 2 kids
v-kidding shes here only
scene shifts to the other side.when gopi is wearing a short dress and coming ahem is the same way.gopi is on her phone.but ahem can see her but cant recognise.
ahem tries to flirt.gopi and ahem are facing the other way.
g-married with 2 kids
ahem thinks the voice familiar
she pulls ahems collar and makes him face her..
they hug each other tightly.

then gopi realises what she had done and runs to the the house.ahem runs behind her

Credit to: VIANCA SHAH

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  1. who is v and s? can u plz write their full name if u can??? only if u can though!!!!! ramadhan kareem!

  2. Aami

    excuse me i am in a big confusion…. r u the writer of kaisi yeh kahani….. bcoz the both stries r sooo much similarities….. abot gohem stories ishras stroies n the childrns n almost 95%is smilir only the chnges was with KYK include Thapki also n new chrctrs in meera n vidhyas college….. ishras childrns vere amaya n arjun….. f ur the same wrtr thn plz continue tht stry… bcoz i lvd it sooo mcuh n missing it tooo…

  3. Agree with u aami its the same with kyk and if u are the writer to that pls continue BTW nice

  4. Exactly….i am also in confusion….these episodes r just lyk….kaise yeh kahani ff…

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