gopi-from sns
ruhi-yhm{ruhaan }
kiara-played by kiara bose roy{daughter of rohit roy}check google for photo
kahaan-played by young ashok from askoka samrat
arman kapoor-played by karan wahi
sanky modi aka sanksaar-swaragini
aliya kapoor-played by krishna mukherjee
adi,ruhi ,kiara and kahaan are kids of ishra{real}
arman is meera’s love interst
sanky is meeras cousin but they don’t know this.he will be paired with swara later but first with meera.
aliya and arman are kids of ram and priya.aliya is adis love interst
kiara and kahaan are 16 year old tripelets of ishra.with ruhi.new charecters

our story-{yhm,sns & swaragini} episode 1
a lady is seen in a s**y nighty cooking.she turns and its our gopi.but with no mangalsutra and no sindoor in her maang.a girl in a jumpsuit comes and hugs her and says ready maa.you can guess who it is its vidya.
g-vidya!baby leave me..where is your sis?
v-maa!she’s still sleeping like that lazy ruhi
g-okay!what about kiu
v-idk maa.
vidya leaves.
she runs to a frame.she sits down and cries..
ahem falls down a cliff.gopi is blamed.kokila kicks gopi out of the house.meera and vidya support her.and leave the house too
fb ends-

v-i hate you dadi .i really hate u
she hears some noises so she runs from there.

gopi opens the room and sees meera not ready and shouts but kiara supports her.so gopi stops .ishita enters
m-kaaki maa,see na mom is shouting somuch
g-sorry ishita
i-hmm good.wheres adi
just then someone covers her eyes.its adi
i-adi leave
a-mamma how do you guess its me
i-mr bhalla
adi gets angry and goes away
k-mom mr bhalla?
ishita realises what she said and leaves
kiara in her mind-i have too find out
g-kids now leave
kids-yes gops

while going gopi sees ahems pic and says i didn’t kill my ahem.kiara and ruhi are shocked by that they decide to find out after coming back from school

Credit to: VIANCA SHAH

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..