my story wid my own characters (episode 2)


Rashi lands in the airport and reaches hotel for meeting but she gets informed that it was postponed.Rashi scolds Ahem saying wat these modis are they thinks themself to be gods but they dont respect others time.she gets a call from urmila asking of her safe landing and asks why didnt you call me after landing.Rashi says sorry maa mujhse galtee hogayee agli bar kabhi mein aise nahi karoogi maaf kardhona.urmila says its okay now go and meet gopi and give her a gift i gave you on my behalf.Rashi thinks of gopi and her maa’s bonding how cute these people are.Rashi reaches gopis office and gets into her cabin where she finds gopi dancing and relaxing.rashi shocks.where in modi’s mansion Ahem drags jigar and makes him sit in the car. He takes him to the office and asks his assistant to cancel all his meetings and there in his cabin Ahem was very serious on jigar and shouts at him but jigar never cares and tries to leave ahem stops him and says he cannot escape today and slaps him which makes jigar angry and tries to shout how dare u but ahem beats him and tells i have lost a project bczz of you and i cant tolerate this anymore.there rashi knocks gopis door and comes in gopi hugs rashi and says i am missing you so much rashiben.rashi says i miss u too my gopi.rashi handsgift to gopi from her maa.gopi thanks her and opens it and says ye gift bahut acha hey.thank to maa.rashi leaves as he has to catch flight.Gopi gives the gift which is a sari to her maid.
PRECAP: Ahem orders Jigar to be good and come to office or else he vl b fired and rashi says to her maa that you have a very sweet daughter gopi who loves you a lott.where in delhi gopi says you can never be my maa urmila shah.

Credit to: aruna

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    gopi is so spoiled.she avoided rashi 1st in d name of work,now dancing instead of working in office n she gave the saree to the maid which rashi gifted on urmila’s behalf.ahem lost his control on jigar

  2. Yeah but just wait how their lives turn at a single point and how gopi changes realises her mistakes of leaving her family and running after money

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