THE STORY OF US – ishqbaaz ff – chapter 8 ( Anika & Shivaye ) by Sana

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I am very sorry for the delay and this ff will end soon as I really don’t have any kind of idea how to write ahead. If you people have any suggestions and advice please do tell in the comment box. Thank you so much for everyone’s love till now .
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Last night I went to sleep after a long time.
I wish that I could give a tight slap to Rohit , thank God that Mr. Oberoi didn’t say anything to Dad else I would have been caught. I am grateful to Shivaye too because if he hadn’t been here then Rohit will surely take advantage of it. Thank God ! Rohit had bid-bye last night when everyone left . I had hard time pretending normal and went it was time to sleep. I dig my head in the pillow and cried thinking about my fate.
From Morning Sahil and me were unwrapping the gift that I had received , there were so much of expensive items. I didn’t have any interest so I went down to see what dad was doing. He was on a call and telling someone not to come today because he have other plans for the day . When he finished and saw me he said he was talking to Shivaye and that he have to go to the factory soon . I wished to see that bhagad Billa again but I don’t know why . He is arrogant and rude but arguing with him makes me a little relaxed.

All night I was thinking about her . It is not like that what you think , I was thinking how can ever a person be like in Sahil’s case . I was eager to go to Bansal Mansion , not for the deal but to say a little congratulations to her. I was getting ready when I received the call from Mr. Bansal apologizing for not being available to do the deal today . I said it’s completely okay and ended up . I called Omru and talked to them for more than 2 hours . I didn’t know how much time it took but it’s true even if we talk till the whole ocean dry our chat won’t finish . At evening I went to see the city. There was nothing much for the rest of the day.

I wanted to get back to Mumbai as fast as I could. Staying with dad and keeping the secret is not helping at all . I took the morning shower and went to have breakfast. Sahil had went to school early morning so me and dad alone was there .
Anika : Good morning dad ! ( Smiling )
Bansal : good morning dear , come and sit .
( Anika sit beside him and started their breakfast and Anika was looking at all time thinking for a perfect time to say to him )

Anika: dad , I want to tell you something .
Bansal : tell me .
Anika : Actually dad ! I m thinking of returning to Mumbai , I don’t have anything to do here and Sahil’s school started too. So I thought to do something there .
Bansal : you know that dad always listens to you , If that is your wish then it’s fine but I will miss you but you left that apartment so you will have to find new one and what do you want to ?
Anika : I was thinking of doing something . Anyway I will see it .
Bansal : if it is business , will you take it ?

Anika : sure dad , look like someone need my help.
Bansal : haha yes I am getting old and I won’t be able to travel to Delhi even though I can. Actually you know after 7 days Shivaye you know right ? He will be leaving here doing all the formalities of the deal here but there is something that I had to do by going over there , so I will be happy if you help me !
Anika : it’s my duty dad , I will happily do it . But seriously working with him is like being in jail . I guess.

Bansal : you will like him when you get to know him and you know dad only do business with good people who impress me and you know what all takes me to get impressed so he had passed it and he is really great.
Anika : whatever dad , I will but where will I Stay ?
SHIVAYE : you can stay at Oberoi mansion.
Anika : what ?

Bansal : no need Shivaye , it will not be good for your family.
Shivaye : there is no problem for that , she is my guest and everyone will be happy for that.
Bansal : then everything is cleared .
Anika : but dad !
Bansal : listen beta , everything will be alright.

Sorry Shivaye , how long have you been here. Did you have your breakfast ?
Shivaye : yes I did . I will wait until you are done
Bansal : ok fine.
From that day Anika and Shivaye started to work together . At first they used to argue for every little thing and when days for them in Delhi decreases they started to bond. They use to work for long time and talk until their Throat becomes dry . They shared every little thing except their personal life. After seven days Anika leaves to Mumbai and it was so sad both father and daughter were finding it hard to leave each other. Shivaye consoled a crying Anika throughout the journey and they were returning in his chopper. After crying for a lot Anika finally sleeps on Shivaye’s Shoulder. Shivaye felt some weird connection between him and Anika but didn’t know what it was and finally they reached Oberoi Mansion.

____________________________________________ANIKA’S POV

I woke to find I was sleeping on Shivaye’s Shoulder and he was staring at me . I quickly composed myself and said a sorry . I find that the chopper was longer moving and it was stopped I looked at Shivaye when he said that they had reached their Destination. I walked to find a beautiful Mansion and the golden plate in the gate read ‘ Oberoi Mansion ‘ . I smiled and we walked ahead. All this family was there in the entrance door and gave me a warm welcome. Shivaye introduced me to everyone and we had our lunch together. I could see that Shivaye is blessed to have whole family and everyone had love for eachother in endless way .

His brothers Om and Rudra mingled with me easily while Om was a little serious and is a Artist and his veiw about life impressed me and Rudra was exact opposite of Om like he is like a little child all time. After a week I find that whole mansion was being decorated and I asked Pinky aunty who was there what it was for . She said that her would be bahu Tia is coming , Shivaye girlfriend. I felt a little low but I didn’t know why . Later everyone assembled in the hall to welcome her . Then there she was coming in her heels and dress till her knees when I saw her I couldn’t believe , I screamed ” what are you doing here ? Why did you come here “. Tia get shocked seeing Anika there and everyone look at both of them shocked and surprised.
Hope you liked it and I know I am making it so quick , very sorry dearies . Tell me your views in the comment box and love you all . ?

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