THE STORY OF US – Ishqbaaz ff – chapter 4 ( Anika ) by Sana

Hey sana here , I am so sorry that I didnt update the next chapter because its my cousin’s wedding and I am busy , but today I made some time to write down and yeah thank you to everyone of you who commented , it made me so happy and that’s why I am here today . Hope you like it and dear silent readers please do comment and tell me what you think !
Those who didnt previous chapters here is the link below

Now , we can go to the story ! 🙂
Railway station , bus stand , airport etc are the places that I like to go and see . So many people and so many noise . Everyone are there for different purpose not knowing what the person next to him is going through . I love meeting and greeting new people , different from us in everyway . Talking and knowing a person whom you have never known and majority of their life path never come across us . I have made some friends and do have contact in with them . Sometimes when I am alone and dont have anything to do I come here and watch the scene but today I dont have any mood for it and my mission is only to reach home and hit the bed . A few shop sellers whom I know , waved their hands but I walked from there giving a faint smile .
I directly went to the train and took my seat , I didnt even care to check my companion . I recalled all that happened today , the scene came in my mind again and again , I never want to see him again but I need to for my father’s sake .I took a book from my bag and begin reading but nothing was registering in my mind . I took a deep breathe and closed my eyes .
It was after a few minutes I heard a sound of angry person , I opened my eyes and looked at the angry man , he looks short and I cant measure it because he is sitting and looks like he is same height of me .he is well dressed and do have some files in his hands look like he is going for a meeting . He was sweating and I think I should put a bucket over there . He is talking on phone and is shouting on the top of his voice like we all dont exist .
Shivaye : who are you my mother ? Just shut up
Shivaye : make arrangments for me ! Okay ?

How rude is he , how can he order someone like that and looks like he is talking to his assistant or manager and this guy looks rich too . After sometimes another ringtone was heard from his phone and I was all ears .
“Anika , bad habit . How can you get into him , you are doing wrong” . I said to myself and all I know is the naughty one inside me woke up and for one time I forgot all about the morning scene .
Shivaye : yeah Tia
” So , he is speaking to a girl named Tia . So already taken , Ugh Anika , it can be sister or friend too . Just because he is quiet attractive doent mean everyone is his girlfriend . Stop it Anika ”
Shivaye : I know , bye I busy busy
” Means she is someone he doesnt want to talk , maybe she irritated him ”
Now he kept his phone aside and was looking outside , I thought the scene is over with this arrogant man .
I took my book again in my hand and started reading when I heard a fight goin on .
Shivaye : see yourself dirty fellow
How dare he call that man like that , he is much older than him and that man has put a lot of effort in it and his wife made it . What kind of person he is if he dont have humanity ? Who gave him the right to call someone like that ? Who is he for that ? My blood boiled seeing the upset and teary eyed oldman , I asked him to apologize but he said that Shivaye Singh Oberio doesnt apologize to anyone , will not the word sorry comeout of his mouth and he is a Oberio I have heard of them in Mumbai but I dont care who the hell is he ! I repeated him to say sorry but he stayed stubborn , I didnt want to waste the kaka’s time so Iapologized on behalf of that and decided I will see him later . I was feeling so hungry and I ordered my favourite aloo puri , I took the whole into my mouth while he was staring like I killed someone , I raised my eyebrow and he nodded a no and turned around . I paid the man and said it was the best . You should see his smile , a smile that have a little pride and statisfication in it .
That made my day ! 🙂

I called him bagad billa too , it suits him very well and his eyes , the blue orbs are too attractive too but he dont value other , he is arrogant and rude . He doent apologize what does that even mean , is he a godson that whatever he does is right .
I looked at him and he caught me
Shivaye : hey you , why are you seeing like that
Anika : I was just looking out ! What’s wrong
Shivaye : who are you to call me such name , dont dare to say that again
Anika : what did I say bhagad billa ? Did I say bhagad billa to bhagad billa , bhagad billa is a super name , what’s wrong in calling you khanji ankhowala bhagad billa !!!
Shivaye : what language do you have ? Yuck
Anika : so now , you are feeling michmichi
Shivaye : what’s that now ? Just shut up okay
Dont ever think of calling me again that name
Who are you ? The language defines you better
Anika : ooh , then who are you ?

Shivaye : you dont know SHIVAYE SINGH OBERIO , one of india’s largest group of company is Oberio and india’s one of best bussiness man and you , a roadside trash !!
Anika : seriously , you yourself decided everything ! Whatever you are , respect elders. Put your attitude only to those people who dont get tired after hearing SHIVAYE SINGH OBERIO , SHIVAYE SINGH OBERIO !!!!!
Shivaye : just shut up okay .
Anika : lets keep it aside !! Where are you goin ? I mean in delhi ?
Shivaye : why should I tell you ?
Anika : C’mon yaar , tell !!
Shivaye : I am going for business , not your local business ! I am going to make a deal with one of most richest and famous business man , you wont even know
Anika : let me see ,
I couldnt control my laughter like anything , he is such a idiot ! I had argued so much today but looks like losing to him is like killing myself , so much attitude ! He was looking at me puzzled while I just tried to control my laughter , then slowly I turned my head towards the window pretending like I didnt care the name that’s when his question came
Shivaye : why are you laughing ? Did I say some joke ! Just shut okay .
I did what he said , sit silently and see trees rushing behind , beautiful places , many people and more . I can’t wait to reach home .
This is it , hope you like it .
Sorry to everyone who asked me to write both of their point of view together but I didnt have much time so I am very sorry for not keeping my word and more I dont whether I will be able to . So is it a must thing to write both of them together , if you are not satisfied do tell me. Thank you for reading 🙂


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  1. That was lovely…but i felt it short …bcos the incident was repeated in her pov…i felt like the half ff was previous incident…i wanted to read more…pls update soon next time…?

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thankyou sabhya for your valuable comment . Actually I thought of writing what Anika thinks about Shivaye and which way if that’s is boring and not required please do tell me . The length of the chapter I will find a way maybe I will write it long or write their perspective together , tell me which one do you want ?
      Tysm again .
      Keep reading 🙂

  2. Superbb…….

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thanks Banita .
      Glad that you read and liked it 🙂
      Keep reading 😉

  3. Awesome….

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you Lilly 🙂
      Thanks for your daily support and comments , it means a lot 🙂

  4. ??I wanted to read more.. Nd it was longer than the previous parts??.. Nd if u r too busy, no need to add both their POV together.. U could just split them…like u did on the previous parts…But plzz make it a bit more lengthier??.. Well, eagerly waiting for the nxt.. Cant wait to find out shivaay’s reaction… Update asap!
    Nd r u a malayalee?

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much Bhavana ! Happy that you read it and liked too . The lengh of the chapter is my major problem now but now I will work on it . Even I am too eager to write next and update to see your response . Yes , I am malayalee from kerala 🙂 .

      1. Aayo!njanum malayalee aanu.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Thedreamsoul

        Ooh , pettan cheyan shramikam , idoke vayikumbol nalla sandosham und 🙂
        Thank you bhavana .

    2. Thedreamsoul

      Haha , sherikum ? Kure keralite fans undallo 😀 . From which part ?

      1. Kollam, chechi evidunna?

    3. Thedreamsoul

      Nan kannuril ninn Ann , I m just 15 and call me Sana dear 😉
      Nan malayalee annen engne manasilaayi ?

      1. Oru malayalam cmmnt kandapol manasilayi….NJan 14 annu…
        Enni adutha partu eppo update cheyum…enniku vaykan kothi thonnunnu…

      2. Thedreamsoul

        Ooh , pettan cheyan shramikam , idoke vayikumbol nalla sandosham und
        Thank you bhavana .

  5. Pooja26

    awww its not fair !!!!!!!
    i want more 🙁 🙁
    amazing part dear/////
    loved it !!!!!!
    post asap….. 😉 😉 😉

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Pooja thank you so much for your comment . It means a lot ,I will make it longer . Will try to update soon and keep reading dear . Take care to you too 🙂

  6. annanyaabitha

    Nice.who is that man that shivaye is going to meet

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thanks annanya . Check my first chapter to know who is that man ! He is a business man and shivaye is going to make deal with their company . You will know more about him in upcoming chapters and keep reading .

  7. Aryaraju

    Good one ??

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Tysm Arya , it means a lot dear 🙂

  8. It is nice one dear..

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you Nikitajai 🙂

  9. Archisha

    Awesome and I guess Anika is the daughter of Mr. Madhav. As I read only this part so just guessing

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thanks Archisha !
      Keep your guesses on , lets see what happen 😉
      If you have some time please do checkout the previous chapters . 🙂

  10. Awesome

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      Thanks Niriha !

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    Lovely updt

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      Thank you so much Ahaana , you have commented in my wall post it made me happy . Keep reading dear 🙂

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Wow!! Fantastic Sana. But its short one. Next time make it bit longer… And I also guess Anika is Mr. Madhav’s daughter! Post next part soon.

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hey Gayathri , thank you so much .
      I will try making it longer , keep reading to know whether your guess is right or not ! Ty again 🙂

  15. Jerry_36

    Hey Sana di !! Your ff is getting more interesting day by day. Loved it. Post soon☺

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you jerry so much ! I am very happy to know it .I try to update asap . Keep reading dear 🙂

  16. Neha_Pheonix

    Fanrastic update dear…..reading again a new found interest is developed in me….Love ya?Great efforts

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thanks again Neha de for your valuable comment . Glad that you liked It and keep reading dear . Love you too ?

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