THE STORY OF US – Ishqbaaz ff – chapter 3 ( Anika ) by Sana

I am back with another chapter of my ff . We can directly go to the story .
Please ignore grammatical mistakes .
What the wuck ! This place seems more than I expected . Such a dirty place with so many people who doesnt have themselves a identity or name lying here and there in the floor . I quickly went in the train , here again so many noises . I searched my seat and when I finally I found I let out a breathe . Ugh ! How many people had sat there . The smell of local food is hitting my nose . I covered my nose and mouth with my handkerchief . I hate this . The train has slowly started moving and I prayed it reached fast . I checked my phone to see if there is any news I saw a call coming it was khanna . What the hell now ? I attended it anyway
Khanna : hello sir
Shivaye : yes tell
Khanna : sir , I called to ask you if you are fine
Shivaye : what the wuck , who are you my mother ? Just shut up
Khanna : sorry sir , your mom asked me to
Shivaye : huh , tell her I am okay , she herself put me here . Make arrangements for me in advance when I reach ! Okay ?

Khanna : everything is arranged sir .
Shivaye : ok bye .
Khanna was my assistant for years and is honest about work . He is like my left arm . He had been there always for when I needed help but it always ended up me shouting at him . As I was staring at my phone another call came up and it was Tia . Irritated I picked up the call .
Tia : hello , shivaye baby
Shivaye : yeah Tia

Tia : shivaye I am so sorry for you . I just heard that you had to go in a train . That’s awfull
Shivaye : I know , bye I am busy
Tia : ok baby , call me when you reach .

Saying that I ended the call . This tia is really something . I dont know why on earth I accepted her proposal but marrying her will bring profit to Oberio company . I can’t even imagine my future with her calling me baby all the time . I was totally irritated now and I just looked at my watch to see how many more to go and then someone was tapping my shoulder , I turned around to find a old man who wore a dusty old dhoti and a white shirt which have now turned to brown with a tray which has so many local food items wrapped in it .
Seller : Sir , lunch is here . What do you want ?
Shivaye : what the wuck ! it is unhygenic food , ugh

Seller : sir , this is very good , my wife made it
Shivaye : see yourself dirty fellow , who will buy something from you , I can built a restaurant here , just get lost
I was totally frustrated and this one doesnt seem like leaving . Something that I hate about train is irritating vendors . Then from nowhere I heard a sound that said in a commanding tune .
Person : Apologize to this kaka
Shivaye : why ? Why would I ?

Person : because he is not your slave that you can tell all this to him , I said apologize
Shivaye : SHIVAYE SINGH OBERIO doesnt apologize to anyone .
Person : I dont care who the hell are you . Apologize
Shivaye : Never ,
Person : kaka , sorry on behalf of this bhagad billa , well…….
Shivaye : what did you just call me ? How dare you ?

Person : shut up , now let me choose , do you have aloo puri kaka ?
Vendor : yes beta , here it is…thanks
Person : bye kaka
What kind of a girl is this , I just turned to have a clear version of the girl who had said against me , who dont care that I am Shivaye Singh Oberio , her choice of food itself says that what kind of girl she is , maybe a roadside trash , when I turned only I noticed HER .
Actually I know its short and I am sorry for that ! Please tell whether I should write anika’s and Shivaye’s together in a chapter sl it will be a longer one . I tried making it longer but this is it . Hope you like it !


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    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thanks , will update soon

  2. It will be funny to find her as client daughter cant wait for more

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      Yeah lets see the fun , ty ishqbaazi

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  7. Superbbbbbbbbbb… Loved it…
    Yes, plz do write anika nd shivaay’s perspective together in a chapter…
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt…

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Tysm bhavana , I will try to put them together , next chapter will take some time because its my cousin brother’s wedding so I will be busy but I will try to update as soon as possible .

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  11. Nice… Waiting for the next update.

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      Thanks nikita so much , I am sorry I wont be able to update soon bcoz its my cousin’s marriage and I would be busy with it . But I promise I will post asap . 🙂

  12. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing…. Yes please write Anika & Shivaay in a chapter….. Eagerly waiting for next chapter.

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      Thank you so much Gayathri , yes I will do that from next on but my next chapter will take some time because I am quiet busy with my cousin’s wedding

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  14. Kanfi

    Hey sana,,i wasnt here so i couldnt read ur ffs,,nt i m here today,,,it was fabulous,,good storyline,,keep it up

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      Thank you so much kanfi , glad that you liked it . It means a lot 🙂

  15. Jerry_36

    Curiousty is at its peak, update soon☺

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      Thank you jerry , will try to do soon but I m busy and I am not even able to check my phone , today somehow I managed to do and its my cousin brother’s wedding .

  16. Neha_Pheonix

    It’s awesome…I loved it. You are developing interest more and more. Sry, I am commenting late. Shivika meeting in a train ..Oho!..Enjoy your cousins wedding! Have fun! Love ya!?❤️

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      Thank you so much de !
      Your words make me so happy and make me gear up for next . Yeah , the wedding is goin good and fun 🙂
      Ty again
      Love you ☺

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