THE STORY OF US – Ishqbaaz ff – chapter 2 ( Anika ) by Sana

Hey here is Sana with the 2nd chapter of ff
Hope you like this and if not this is going to end soon with a simple ending . Please do ignore the grammatical mistakes .If you have any questions please ask it below.
Those who didnt read my 1st chapter here is the link below :
ANIKA is a girl who is a challenge for boys . She has created her own identity and is leading a independent life . She has a brother Sahil who is now in a hostel , it is not her own and she have adopted him when he was 6.
(Story will be mentioned) .
( Anika is not orphan in this ff and her family will be relieved later )
She is engaged to Rohit Sharma
I opened my eyes when I heard my phone ring . I was wandering who on earth was calling me at this early morning , I lazily took my phone and attend it . The voice on the other end seemed unfamiliar .
Caller : Good Morning , Is this Anika ?
Anika : Yeah I am anika , you called me right ?
( she said sleepy )
Caller : Sorry madam for disturbing your sleep I am calling from Whiteline in Delhi .I am happy to inform you that the Designed you submitted for the Project is selected .
Anika : what ? Huh ?
She sat up with a jerk and pinched herself to check whether it was real or not .
Caller : Yes , madam . Please do report at our office at tomorrow morning .
Anika : sure , thank you so much
Caller : see you tomorrow ma’am , bye

I couldnt believe what I heard . My design is selected and that is the best news I have heard recently . I called home and told them what I just heard now . The next whom I thought of calling was Rohit . He would be happy , even though he wouldnt encourage it.
I quickly dialed his number and to my upset it was switched off . Since I dont have any work today , I decided to go today itself . I checked the train time and I found the closest was at 11 . I thought of giving a visit to Rohit before leaving so early I took a bath and dressed up .
Did my packing , had my breakfast and gave the key to the apartment owner and took a cab to his place . When I reached there , the scene that I have seen made me turn my face due to disgust and I quickly walked out of there but he caught my hand
Rohit : Anika , its not like that
Anika : enough is enough Rohit , even though it was obvious , I ignored everyone’s words and trusted you . How silly
Rohit : okay , Anika
What you have seen is true , but what the hell are you going to do ? ( he said with a smirk )
Anika : I…I
Rohit : are you going to tell to that old man , haha he is already going to
Just then a hard slap landed on his face . He saw a anika who is standing there with red eyes . A lone tear escaped her eyes and with tears she said whatever was in between them was done . She was already tired of not getting his attention . She wishes to end it here , but for the sake of her father she is forced to be in that . Then she looked at him and said ” Thank you for everything Mr.Rohit Sharma , the game of pretending will be begin now ”
And then she stormed off from there . She was trying to be bold and but she couldnt help it and she completely broke down in the road and then after sometime she picked up herself all together and went to railway station . This relation was something she tried to save till now , even though she knew that something was wrong in it , she acted like she didnt get affected . He never took her out when his friends was present . He hated her being possessive and more . She didnt know what held for her in the future . She tried to brush it aside and it kept on flashing in her mind . She thought to focus on her project and closed her eyes . Just then the driver turned around and said that they reached the destination . She paid him and took herluggage inside the railway station .
I know it is not that good and it wont reach the level of other writers but still please do tell me whether you liked it or not . Thank you for reading .

Sana ?

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  1. Alekhika20

    Nice part

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  2. Hey! first stop telling that you are not up to that mark… Its beautifully written nd as far as i can see its completely flawless although there are some(minor) hitches but instead of blaming yourself, try to improve yourself, with the each passing day… Nd coming to the epi, i loved it…its superbbbb..
    Nd plzz make it a bit longer nxt time! eagerly waiting for the nxt..?

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Sorry for that one , I promise you i will try to improve . Thank you so much for reading and commenting too . I will try to make it longer too . Thanks again 🙂

      1. Hey..i didnt mean to hurt sorry if i hurt ur feelings.. <3

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        Never , I took the positiveness in your comment and I am so happy .

  3. Neha_Pheonix

    Great efforts…don’t compare with others you are unique so is your style and thoughts….I loved the bold and courageous version of Anika and her achievements…..Splendid..??

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      Thanks Neha de so much , your comment means a lot to me . Yes , I would never do it again . Love you ?

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    Its excellent….but very short.

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    Eagerly waiting for their first conversation. Fast….waiting?

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      I have updated next chapter dear .
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