THE STORY OF US – ishqbaaz ff – chapter 10 by Sana

Hey friends , this is Sana back again with another chapter of my ff . We can directly go to the story now . Thanks to everyone who is supporting and encouraging me to write more . A big thank you .

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I didn’t know what was happening ! Anika and Tia both knew each other . Well , Anika knows Tia is my girlfriend but never she had said she did have a friend but now it doesn’t look like long lost friends were meeting , Anika was uncomfortable and there was a kind of fear in her face and Tia was also tensed , she wasn’t in her usual self .

Every one was looking at me now and before I could ask them anything , Anika left to her room and Tia was hesitantly following her . Something is up with both them.


A friend ? Seriously she mentioned me as her friend when she is my fiance’s girlfriend . Everyone was surprised when she said that which left me tongue-tied too . All were looking at me and many of them were smiling but Shivaye was looking at me with a expression why-didnt-you-tell-she-is-your-friend look. If that is what he means I didn’t even know her name.

I quickly rushed to my room, so that I can be alone with my thoughts but the girl was here too . I gave her a death glare and she was worried , the smirk is not in her face .
If anyone ask me what I want to do then ?
I will be shouting on top of voice asking her leave with a hard slap of mine. But I know there are people outside and they all think we are damn frineds !

“What the hell do you want , Tia ?” I scowled at her and she still was standing and twitching her fingers .

She looked at me with pleading look and said ” Please Anika , I’m Sorry and I know you are more angry with me when I mentioned you as my friend but i’m helpless that’s why ” . I looked at her face to see if there is any lie but it was pure innocence .

“Seriously , you are helpless . What helpless taht you have to ruin people’s life” i wasn’t going to forgive her easily and she look like she knows it . She took a deep breath and said ” if you are ready to listen to me then I will tell you everything ” . I don’t know what she was going to tell but still I want to know her side of story too.

She prepared herself and took a sit in the coach facing me and said it all in a breath ” I loved Rohit , Anika . We were having a great relationship until you came. He was with you more and he made me feel so little too . Once when I complained to him , he promised me that this was all a game and after taking your money he will leave you . I know it’s wrong and I tried talking to him about it but being the stubborn he is , he won’t listen to anyone’s word . I was serious even though sometimes I did have second thoughts about my relationship with him . My family’s company was enemy with Rohit’s and that’s why I didnt tell them.” She glanced at me to see if I am listening then continued again ” the day that you caught us , Actually that was a first and he forced me to . He was hell angry and put the blame on me and he called me names that was so bad and we broke up , he was seeing other girls at the same time . ” a tear escaped from her eyes and her body stiffened .

” Good for you but why Shivaye ?” I was more tensed for him and I need answers . I didn’t want to know she was two timing Rohit and Shivaye , if she is then she is going to be killed . She nodded her head and mumbled ” it is my mom’s stupid plan . She want me to get married to Shivaye and take his money leaving the Oberio bankrupt . She wants to take revenge on it , a revenge which doesn’t make any sense . Seriously , Anika I swear I don’t have any part in it and I really dislike it .
Shivaye is good person and i m not that bad to ruin someone for nothing ” how causally she is telling about taking revenge , I won’t let that happen and I think Tia will be only one who could help. I told her ” don’t do that” I know how much Shivaye had gone through to built this empire and I won’t let a little thing like Tia to ruin it .

Tia smiled sweetly and then said ” I will stop it when I have my own man ” I didn’t understand ” what do you mean ” I asked her and she replied ” well , I have a thing for someone until that person accept me I won’t go from here beacause I will end up with nothing ” .

“Care to tell who is it? ” I spat at her and she shrugged and said ” don’t freak out okay ? It is Robin ” . What do you expect from me other than just freak out , is she kidding of what ! Seriously didn’t she find anyone else other than Robin. He is Rohit one and only Brother , a good person who respect moral values . I’m sure that he will never ever accept his brother’s ex girlfriend . She nodded her head and continued ” I have always loved Robin but he never gave a darn about me. Rohit was different , it was infatuation and attraction . He always considered me as a friend and I want more but I promise I will not do any stupid cheap tricks here , I will be direct and I will let him choose ” .

“Whatever” was the only thing that came out of my mouth . I wish Robin accept her so she will leave Shivaye’s life . I care for him , yeah I do care for him as a friend and for his family.

She giggled ” so that what I said at hall is okay ” .I raised my eyebrow and said “it doesn’t mean that we are friends , Tia ” .

Her facial expressions changed to a puppy one and replied ” I’m not that bad Anika , I know I m crazy and people will laugh when they hear me falling for ex boyfriend’s brother.
It’s all messed up and I…” I couldnt help but laugh at her as she is really crazy and yeah she is not that bad .

I know it is a crazy chapter and sandals , eggs , tomato everything is expected . Good or bad , please don’t forget to comment dear because even your little words encourage me a lot . The last chapters had less comments and i was really upset , please tell me honestly if you find it boring . Thank you to all my wonderful friends who commented and that’s why i’m here . The next chapter would be a super fun and I would be posting it tomorrow or day after tomorrow , keep reading and showering your love.


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  1. Haridhra

    Hellllllo Sana … How many day had it been u came on TU haan, anyways I’m taking my words back yaar guess u r making Tia more of a positive character here well good job becoz even I loved Tia’s funny n positive role in the start….

    Happy nonoooo Super happy to see u with an. Update n I’m giving a hearty tnks for clearing way for our Shivika .. This is 4 u????.. Missed u a lot plz do post next one Asap waiting?

    Love yaa❤❤

    1. Thedreamsoul

      hey Hari , i dont like villians even though they make it spicy and glad that you liked Tia’s character and i should be the one thanking you for your daily support and cheering up dear .
      i missed you to my darling and well next post will be soon and love you , take care <3

  2. Nice one. ??

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you dear 🙂

  3. Nita D

    Nice chapter….and nice twist in the tale….

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much , glad that you liked it Nita 🙂

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Waiting for the next update

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you dear , will try to post soon 🙂
      Keep reading .

  5. Awesome update sana?….
    Atleast tia will not come in between shivika….
    And its really good that you gave tia a positive role rather than making her a villain….
    Please dear post it tomorrow…
    I was waiting for it..
    Post asap ??…..

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hey Sofiya , thank you so much dear and glad that you liked the positive character of Tia . Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday and I promise it will be today and love you ?

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      Thank you Niriha , keep reading 🙂

  7. Arthi

    Hi sana dr…. Where did u go???? And this part superb dr…..nd am a regular reader of ur ff so do post next part soon dr…..

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      Hey Arthi , I’m here only just caught up with school stuff well thank you so much for always being there and I will be posting soon 🙂 keep reading ?

  8. Welcome Back!!!!
    Awesome Update….
    Thanks for making Tia a positive character….
    waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hi Shivika dear , thank you so much and happy that you liked it . You will love Tia more now , keep reading 🙂

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    Nice update…plxzpost soon…

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      Thank you so much Anu 🙂 . I’m waiting for Telly updates to publish it .

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  11. Kanfi

    Hey sana…
    U r sooll late….
    Coming to episodd’..
    It wss fabulous….liked it…

    Atleast tia is not that much negative….
    Waitig for fun part….
    Take care

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hi Kanfi di , Sorry I was busy since school is going to start . Thank you so much , glad that you liked it .
      Love you and take care ??

  12. Awesome epi….

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      Thank you so much Lilly di , keep reading 🙂

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    Liked it.

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  14. Sorry sana dear for not cmmnting on the previous chapter..entho cheyana ente school thorakarayi T_T Athilil busy aanu..njan eppo tellyupdates open pollum cheyunnilla…njan school thorakumbol mikyavarum invisible aayi povum T_T ,I guess….pakshe enniku samayam kittubol njan cmmnt cheyam…’pinky promise’ XD

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      Hey Bhavana , it’s okay I understand karanam ente school start cheyanum aayi . Adkondan update cheyan time edkunnad .
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  15. Jerry_36

    Hey Sana. Sorry for commenting late but I must say that you nailed it. The words you displayed were crystal clear.
    I really adore your writing skills. Keep writing like this and I am glad that you kept Tia as a positive character.
    Anika and Tia’s conversation was also very nice and well expressed. Well ! You really are an awesome writer.
    Cuteness overloaded but its such a small chappy. Now do post the next one soon. I am waiting. Lots of love to you. Again come with a khidkitod chapter❤

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hi Jerry , ignoring the ‘late’ part since we are same . Thank you so much dear , this is the best that I have heard . See who is telling the one who can make the feeling of magic with her words . I really adore you .
      Happy to know you liked Tia’s character and you will love her more .
      Thanks again darling , it mean a lot to me . I have already submitted dear and yeah when I have such khidkitod reader I will surely try to make better .
      Love you , take care ❤??

  16. AMkideewani

    Superb dear

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        I will sista?

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  18. Neha_Pheonix

    Hey, Sana! Hie dear..I am solly for late comment
    Glad to read Tia’s part of story
    I hove Rohit gets what he deserves. Yes, I have read the next chapter…and both of the are Splendid..totaly!
    Next, time a long update. Don’t stop before completing the story…I am eagerly waiting fot the nexrt to next one
    How is school gng on? How are you? Missing you nowaday..a lott!
    Amazing and Awesome work
    LOve ya!

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hi Neha di , it’s okay I am happy that you had a great time with your cousins !
      Keep reading to know more of Rohit dear ,!
      Thank you so much and really happy that you read it , it means a lot to me .
      The effort taken for reading , tysm darling !
      I love you way more now ❤

    2. Thedreamsoul

      School is great and since I’m in 10th every teachers repeat the same lines of studying ! That’s why I’m not here now a days ! Sorry and yeah I missed you too ? .
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