THE STORY OF US – Ishqbaaz ff – chapter 1 ( Shivaye ) by sana

Hey everyone , this is Sana and I’m here with ff in chapters .I have wrote two one shot ff story and thought I wont be able to write a long based one but now I m here and hope you like this and please drop down what you think about it
SHIVAYE SINGH OBERIO is the heir of Oberio Group and is the son of SHAKTI SINGH OBERIO AND PINKY SHAKTI SINGH OBERIO . He is all in all of the company and awarded many a times as the Best business man . He is also a shield to his family and always protect them from every problems by risking his own life . For him , his family was everything . His brothers OMKARA SINGH OBERIO AND RUDRA SINGH OBERIO considered him as their second father because Shivaye was the one who looked after them and took care of them . He have a arrogant personality towards the people who aren’t his family and he have great belief in blood , lineage and surname . Neatness and punctuality is important for him . He is in a relationship with Tia Kapoor .

I was walking like a pendulum for an hour or so. I have never thought that I will have to travel in a train and going in a train made me feel so uncomfortable . It was this morning that I heard the news that I can’t go in my chopper because of the weather . Everyone especially mom warned me not to go but for me , dad and bade papa this deal is important and is something that we were working hard for years and when it is about to be in hands there is problems . I had to reach delhi by evening and a car wouldn’t help so rudra was the one who came up with the idea of going in a train and everyone supported it , the first decision that he took which made some sense . I cant even imagine it and the thought of going in train with rush , noise and crowd irked me but for the sake of the deal I agreed to do so .

I was going to meet Mr. Madhav Bansal who is the owner of the largest company Bansal group and is one of best business man in india .
It was at 11 the train and now it is 10:25 .
Frustrated I took a few clothes from the wardrobe and shoved it to the suit case and took important files required .it was Om and rudra who were going to drop me and didnt leave a min to irritate me through the journey . At the end we reached the railway station !

This is first chapter and I know this is a short one but from next on it will be long .I m writing it by switching between Anika’s and Shivay’s point of view . In my next part I will introduce Anika’s Character . Please tell me your point of view too =)

Sana πŸ’•


  1. Neha-17


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    Nice …Splendid ..update….SWaiting for the next ..I will love ❀️ to Anika comes into picture , maybe she is daughter of Mr. Bansal (just guessing) ….Great thought Shivaay in train…haha…..πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜

    • Thedreamsoul



      Thank you so much Neha again , I was waiting for yours . Well , keep your guesses on , let’s see how shivaye act on a train . Ty again and I would like to know more about you neha !

      • Neha-17


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        Sure, Even I would like to know a sweet person like you😊. Dont worry I will PM you…We will surely be great friends!

  2. Jerry_36


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    Hey Sana ! Sorry for the late comment. Just one word wow !! You wrote so amazingly. Fallen for your ff. Fantastic. Keep writing☺

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