Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-3)

Heyyy guys this is sanskriti back with another update of u and me……
“tell me na shivaay am I not hot???”
Asked anika with almost in a childish yet husky voice which was distracting shivaay to hell. He was controlling his eyes from reaching her lips her eyes…
His thought process is disturbed by annika’s squeal in anger as shivaay was not replying.
Now shivaay flipped anika now she is in between wall and shivaay. She was startled with sudden reaction of him.
Shivaay started moving towards her he went near her ear cupped her face lovingly his another hand made his way to her spectacles he gently removed them and said in slow husky voice “your hot anika but these glasses of yours are restricting my eyes from yours. Your cute enough to make me smile .your innocence is making more difficult for me” after listening to him anika poutes and says “then why didn’t you kiss me yaar” Now shivaay was double shocked. She comes near shivaay and keeps a typical pout and indicates her lips to shivaay. He asks “what???” “Array kiss me ” said anika still pouting. Shivaay looked up in air and said to himself” god why you always do this to me…. You already know how hell difficult it is to resist her now your keeping tests for me plzzz save me from this situation”. Then anika started to say something she was saying “shivaay you know I’m not broken am not afraid of that cheap girls gang in college but after that day I became like this. That day was the worst day of my life. You know….. I was never like this…… This is not the real anika. But from today if that girls gang will come near me then for sure main un logon ke face pe basket ball phek dooongi. I will spoil their face with basket ball” said she between her sobs and ecups. Shivaay was not understanding what she was saying. But one thing was clear she is having a painful past which she never disclosed to him. He went towards table to fetch some water for her but when he turned his eyes didn’t see anika he got tensed but his expression changed in second as he saw a perfect “AWWW” Situation in front of him. Anika was sleeping on his bed still with a pout on her face and she kept her hands and legs closed to her body like a kid. He went near her kissed her forehead and started leaving towards couch until he realized anika caught his finger as tight as she can. He went forward to remove her clutch but suddenly it strikes in his mind of he gets up again then she will again start her kissing drama. He was afraid to hell so he thought to sleep beside her. As soon as he laid down beside her she cuddled into him and hugged him as if he’s leaving her and slept.
But sleep was far away from his eyes he was thinking about what anika said but he got concluded at one thing whatever the thing is it is related to basket ball. Because even being drunk ao high she talked about basket ball

In college:
Everything is normal in college the corridors were hussy bussy, students were moving towards canteen, some boys were busy flirting while the girls were showing off their new handbags and shoes to their friends. Every thing was normal. But there were two souls which had a different feeling. One was falling in the magic called love and the other was restricting it to friend zone.

Almost one week of that nyt when anika was pouting in front of me to kiss her but now she is ignoring me. In this week she barely saw me but I was always looking for her. There I saw her again she is looking elegant in her kurti paijama as always. She never shows her off like other girls in the college. That is what I firstly like about her. Now I saw her eyes………Damn again those idiot glasses stopped my way to reach her eyes. What should I do should I tell her how madly I love her or should I wait till her messed up past which she is not sharing with me is settled……but I have to do something of her Passt…..ummmm.Yaaa idea
POV ends
Anika enters the canteen she sits on a table over their with her friend mallika they were chit chatting something …suddenly anika caught something
Ahhhh not again he is again checking me out…this is not for the first tym this full week he was following me every where he thought that I didn’t observe that but I saw him times when he peeped in to see what was doing where was I going. Though I didn’t confront him about it because if I go in front of him again that kanji aankein of him stares me and I can’t take away my sight from his cut face……….wait!! What !!! Did I call him cute….ahhhhhh what is happening to me…come one anika focus on studies I said to myselves
But my heart and brain are still in week ago that morning

Flashback (POV continues)
This sunlight again spoilt my sleep I said to my self and got up then I sensed some ones arm around my waist I know whose this “Ishana” I said in sleepy and my eyes closed … ” Ishana you get up or let me get up yaar its late….” I said and touched her hand there were hair on her hand. “Ishana what is this….. Hair on your hand…..” I said still my eyes closed……finally after not getting any reply I turned towards and opened my eyes……..
Biggest shock of my life was in front of me……wait is it a dream yeah its a dream I thought and pinched my self no no no……its not a dream. Its real shivaay was beside me in my bed he was smiling and watching me.
” what the hell shivaay……. What are u doing in girls hostel you idiot what are you doing on my bed… are such….what to say if you wanna meet me then you should have told me I would have come to meet you….oh my god if warden comes then I will be expelled from college ” I was just scolding him then suddenly with a jerk I fell on bed and in next second he was on me I was baffled with his sudden reaction I thought to shout but he closed my mouth
“Ssshhhh!!! Anika kitna bolti ho tum.. What do you think I’m in your hostel idiot once look around he said….what I thought ….obviously I would be in hostel then why is this stupid saying like this I thought and looked around …… This was second shock in my life I was seriously some where else I don’t know where I was …where did he get me ….suddenly I felt that he loosened his grip on my mouth and I asked him where I was what happened at nyt ….. He was shocked beyond limits that was clearly visible on his face but why what happened yesterday night that he was shocked and I’m here at an unknown location …. ” don’t you remember what you did yesterday ” he said what did I do I was scare did I reveal my past to him …no. No no it can’t happen I said imagining the consequences if he comes to know who I am… I kept pressure on my mind then I got some flashes in my mind ……………. I immediately asked him where was I he replied that this is his room ….ohhh so I was in his house ……….. Whattt !!!!! I was in his house in his room all night and now its morning I’m still here what if some one come
“Oh my mata !!!!!”said Shivaay …that sounded really funny but I was not in a state to laugh I just stared at him he was soo much scared and then I got to see a window in his room I thought of getting up but I was not able to get up then I realized he was still sitting on me …I asked him to move away, he did as I said I went near the window it was not much high from ground … I was just in first floor I can easily get down from here with the help of pipe line I immediately did it as I can’t stay here any more because it will add more trouble to him he is such a kind person he didn’t took advantage of a drunk her without further delay I jumped from the window…. ” anikaaa ” I heard his scream I went down and gestured him that I was fine and thanks for what he did and left the place…….
Next day he even confronted me how could I just jump from a window which is at first floor. But I left from there because I can’t come in front of him after what I did that night…..
Flashback ends
POV ends

Mallika was calling anika from past 15 minutes but she was not listening she was not in her senses. Irritated mallika shouts on top of her voice “ANNIKAAAAAAA” all the people in canteen stares at them anika was not expecting this so she asks mallika the reason behind he’d scream. Mallika explains the reason behind her scream an embarresed anika leaves towards counter to get some food
Anika was walking towards counter suddenly Shivaay throws a basket ball on her face at nick of time anika catches it and turns towards him and throws it towards him with a different technique Shivaay ducks it hits some other guy
Shivaay walks towards her with ball in his hand and asks her
S: anika actually I have some doubts in that theory which you were explaining the other day could you please explain me today tommorow we have a test right
A: yes I will explain where should I come
S: basket ball court
Anika was shocked
A: wh…whee…where??? ( she asks stammering)
S: basket ball court yaar….. Actually I had a match tommorow evening and test is in morning I can’t neglect both so please help me na yaar
A: sorry shivaay actually I had a work today evening so please excuse me (she lied)
S: achaaa i helped you so much that night now you can’t even come to a court to help me in basket ball
A: what in basket ball sorry I really don’t know about ba….basket b..bal(she said stammering again)
S: I mean theory … Theory sorry please
A: okay fine I vl.come…

Anika enters the area and sits outside net where the seats are arranged. When shivaay saw anika he said: Just fifteen minutes anika I will be their as my practice is over
A: its okay I will wait you continue
“Control anika you should not get distracted you should stay focused don’t see the court” she said to herself
Here inside court Shivaay called a guy near hi. And said: be ready!! She is here we should succeed in our plan. He said and started working on the plan
S: Okayy guys let’s play a past time and wrap up.
Saying so they started to play the game. Even though anika thought not to play interest in game but she was observing every move of shivaay and other players
There shivaay’s friend was not able to shoot the ball and shivaay was kinda showing fake anger on them. Then he himself thought of playing of court and shooted the ball that just missed
Here anika was having hard tym controlling her
Now shivaay was about to shoot another ball then he sees excited anika and misses the shot wantedly and says toh himself “come on anika say something ”
Saying so he again shoots the ball and misses it wantedly
A: shivaaaay idiot you don’t know how to shoot…. Saying so she enters the court
S: who the hell are you to say me how to shoot. Do you even know how to catch the ball
A: do you know to whom your asking about basket ball
S: of course the biggest nerd of college
A: No…!!!! You are talking to state basket ball champion
Pheww!!!! Guys this is really a long update and I’m really sorry because I was late this time and guys tommorow I’m having my results so please wish me luck and I wanna clear one thing you guys can ask me any sort of doubts it can be abt my ff or personal….

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