Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-2)

Heyy this is sanskriti back with another shot of u and me
Here goes the update

“Did they again made u fall??”questioned mallika her room mate in hostel as soon as anika entered the room. There in their hostel room lives three girls including anika. ” Yes!!” Replied anika for the question asked by her dear friend mallika. “Not again anika… why don’t u reply them in their way…. You should be strong” said Ishana just coming out from washroom and hearing what has happened with anika in college. “I thought of …….but shivaay managed to Handel them …so I left from their” anika managed to say. Anika,Mallika,Ishana are famously called three musketeers,because there bond was unbreakable. They three were almost like sisters. Anika will behave totally different whenever she is with her two buddies. They three always do all stupid things in college and even in hostel.
“Well tommorow is college fest….for which I’m waiting for sooo long” said mallika in excited tone. “Oh my god” exclaimed anika
Both mallika and Ishana were startled by the sudden reaction by her dear idiot friend but they managed to ask for the reason behind her scream. Then anika replied ” tommorow is college fest and again I have to get embarresed for my looks and everything by those stupid gang”said anika almost in a disappointing tone.

Every thing was colourful. The walls of the college were fully decorated. All the performances were going to happen in the ground which is at back of the college
But anika was surrounded by her unlucky fate both her supporters mallika and Ishana were not their to protect her from the colg girls gang
Ishana went on her first date with omkara the long haired oberoi. And mallika was really busy for her performance on stage.
The fest started and it was around 11:00 pm all the college guys and girls were having their food and some one from popular girls gang had even brought alchohol without permission,and were enjoying it
Then suddenly Tia’s gaze got fixed on college biggest nerd ANNIKA. She thought what would happen if she pulls a stunt on anika.
Here anika was talking to few of her friends whereas mallika left to hostel to take rest as it was really a tiring day for her. And Ishana has not even returned. But anika has failed to notice that their was some person who was continuously watching her and it was the flirt guy shivaay,who was lost in her.

Shivaay POV
oh my god …! This girl is making me go mad. But one thing is missing why this girl doesn’t take care of her looks. And that idiotic spectacles has damaged all her looks. I have do something of that spectacles……
POV ends
Here anika drinks alcohol mixed drink thinking it as orange juice.
And she gets into hangover.
And she is smiling like an idiot
Anika POV
Ahh ….kitna achaaa mausam hain ……… Mujhe udna hain.. I wanna fly I wanna fly saying this she spreads her arms in air and starts singing some stupid song
POV ends

Here all the college ppl are laughing seeing anika.
Shivaay couldn’t tolerate anika being embarresed so he comes to her and they conversate as follows
S:anika…!! Let’s go ur not in your senses
A:ohhhh shivaay…!!!(almost shouting in excitement) what are u doing here in sky.. !!
And she gets shocked and asks “u too know how”
S: anika its not like that …. Please come with me
And he takes away anika and thinks to drop her in hostel…
While walking on road shivaay drops his wallet. When he realizes it he starts searching for it leaving drunk anika.

Here anika comes in front of two buildings
Seeing them anika thinks
“There are two buildings one is boys other is girls …. Where should I go …….Haaa!! I think I should go to right one it is girls hostel because girls are always right …I’m very intelligent” said anika to herself almost praising her for her stupid analysis. And she started moving towards right building. When shivaay found her she was trying to jump the wall and was falling. At the right time he went and saved her.
He kept her back on ground And thought to drop her back in hostel but to his badluck the hostel gate was closed. So with no option left he drove anika to his house the great OBEROI MANSION

Shivaay has managed to get anika into his room without any ones knowledge and closed the door
When her turned to see anika he saw something really embarresing
Anika removed her coat which she was wearing over her and was even trying to remove her top
“STOP!STOP!”…..” What are you doing” asked shivaay almost covering his eyes. “I’m removing my clothes its really hot” said anika as a matter of fact…….suddenly anika gets sad and starts crying dramatically
“Why are you crying anika plzz say what happened” asked shivaay who couldn’t see her crying.
“Shivaay I vl ask you something will you say??” Questioned anika
“Yeah…of course” said shivaay not knowing the disaster which is on his way
Anika listening a positive reply from shivaay, started moving towards him removes her spectacles. And asks”Shivaay!! Am I HOT…???”asked anika to innocent shivaay.
Shivaay was standing near wall and anika blocks his way with her both hands comes near him and asks again “Shivaay batao na am I not HOT”………..
GUYS here it is pleaseee comments and I wanna say more drunk scenes are awaiting in next episode so if u want me to update fast then please comment. If no. Of comments will be more then I vl surely update it fast

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