Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-19)

Heyy guys this is sanskriti back with another update.. Thanks to akk the people who commented, guys it really means a lot!! And silent readers please do comment!! Or else I’m gonna end this!
Here goes his update hope y’all like it
As I enter the canteen,,, I still remember that night it was such a …….errrr I don’t want to define it!!
And kiss!!!!! Ummm!!! I wouldn’t tell it was bad….
“what are you doing anika!? Thinking about your kiss?”
Ughh!! Ishana is again pulling my leg! It was my mistake that I told her everything in a flow..
“Ishana! The answer of your question is a big NO” I lied.
“Okay!! I don’t that think you are gonna say it out” I can easily see the smirk on her face.
“Leave me tell about you and omkara?” Topic diversion is the thing in which no one can beat me.
“Ohhh!!! Omkara..” A pink blush was arising on her cheeks..
“Woohoo!! blushing huh!!!! Tell me tell me what happened?”
Women like to gossip but I love to!
“Actually!…” Ishana neared me
“Our parents met!” She slowly whispered in my ear so that no one in canteen hears her
“Whattt!!!” I screamed!
“Anika!! Hushhh!” She indicated me to be silent
“What are you saying?” I asked her.
“Anika please sit first or else I’m gonna kill you!?”.
Why will she kill me if I ask her a reason,
And why the hell is this canteen so silent!.
I turned around to notice all students and whole bunch of canteen staff staring at me in amusement!
Then is when I realized I just screamed!
I mumbled a small sorry and pulled ishana from the canteen to corridor.
” What the hell ishana? ” I said folding my hands against my chest.
“What!?” She looked confused.
“I hate that ishana!! I’m just hating it?…” I just expressed my anger! Thank god there was no one in the corridor.
“Yes!!! Even I thought that you would hate this coloured shirt!! But see na this ash is not that bad colour” ishana exclaimed her admiration towards her shirt
“I’m not talking about colour of your shirt dammit,!!” She shouted.
“Then what happened?”Ishana questioned again.
” why didn’t you tell me about your parents meeting omakara’s parents!!! Ishana, you know I hate it when secrets exist between us!”..
Friendship is such a relationship in which the existence of secrets should be banned! Sometimes though the hided matter is happy one,,, they don’t show there effect when they are hided from our dear ones! Instead they gift us an undefined distance between us nd our loved ones.
“Anika I’m sorry yaar! But you know everything happened in such a rush that even I wasn’t understanding anything! And you! Even you were dealing problems right! So I thought I would tell you when everything gets final!” Ishana explained her view! Of not giving tension to her friend when she herself is in a maze of problems!
“You should have told me” no one can really make up with such a ziddi anika.
Ishaba was regretting her decision. Of keeping a secret from anika!.
“You know! Omkara’s parents!!!
O-M-G they asked me sooo many questions!. Like.. ‘Do you know how to cook?’. ‘Do you know singing? Then sing a song’ . ‘do you know how to sweep the floor! And how to wash clothes……………” And ishana kept on repeating the questions! And was trying to bring a small smile on anika’s face, and her arrow has hit the nishaana when ishana brought out the perfect question which made anika laugh!
” they asked ‘do you know how to kiss?” Ishana said that line in an over dramatic way!
” what the wuck? Ahahahahahahh! Did they really ask that question?” Anika asked her dear friend forgetting the anger which she had few seconds before!
“NO” replied ishana catching anika by shoulder!
“Wait! Then I guess they didn’t even ask all the questions which you mentioned right” asked anika suspiciously.
“YES!” Ishana replied thoughtfully.
“Then why did that questions arise in our discussion” anika asked removing ishana’s hold on her.
“Anikaaaa!!! My anika!!! Kitne sawaal puchogi yaar! Maine woh Sab drama isliye Kiya kyun ki mujhe tumne haste hue dekna tha! And bhagwan ki kripa se tum hasi!” Ishana replied again catching anika by shoulders.
Anika chuckled a little on listening last sentence!
“Ohhhhh!!!!!!! You smiled! Thank god my drama worked!?” Ishana said while looking into sky.
“Yea!!! It worked!” Anika said while shaking her head in disbelief.
“Sorry!” Ishana said while making a puppy face.
Anika melted at an instant seeing her like that.
“Chal! Maaf Kiya” even anika is not less in doing drama she said those words as if she was giving a boon to ishana!.
“Pagal! Ab bata are omkara’s parents good! I mean are they accepting you!?”
How much ever a friend is angry on other they never fail to take care of each other! Anika was of that kind.
“They are not good!!!! Because they are toooo great! They are such a sweet couple! They treated me as there own daughter. And tej uncle he even took my side sometimes while pulling Om’s leg. I’m so lucky to get them anika” happiness is clearly visible on ishana’s face.
And why not she will be happy afterall she got such a caring love for her.
“I’m happy” anika replied contentedly.
“Ani u wanted to tell something (anika nodded in approval).
! After meeting…..Tej uncle ne Kaha ki hame roka karwa dena chahiye! So our parents decided the we I mean omkara and me will be getting engaged anytime soon!” Ishu said squealing in happiness and making ani jump in excitement.
“Suno suno! College walo!!!!! Meri best friend is getting engaged……” She turned her book into speakers and shouted.
“Hushhhhh!!!!!” Said ishana bringing anika down!.
“Whatt! I want to share this news with whole college!” Anika said in one go with excited tone!
“I know ani! But still the roka topic is not final, when date is fixed we will tell whole college” ishana said catching hold of anika,who was on a mission of spreading the news to whole college.
“Achaa! Teek hai!” Ani said disappointed.
“Okay! Ab meri ek class hai! So,I have to go………… And I think even you are having a class so let’s go” ishana said glancing at her watch and her bestie.
“No! You go. I’m not going to class.” Anika said raising her eyebrow.
“Then what are you going to do.” Ishana asked as at this time even canteen will be empty as everyone was having classes.
“I’m going to bunk the class and even college” anika said keeping her voice low and giving ishu a jhatka.
“Kyaaaaaaaaa!!!!” Ishana screamed in shock as her friend anika who was a typical nerd,turned into a trouble maker who is literally ready to bunk college, ” Anika!!! I’m not going to leave you alone! And you are not going out alone understand! Let me complete this class I will come with you!” Ishana said keeping her as strict as possible.
“Who said I’m going alone?” Anika double questioned her.
“I’m not coming with you! Mallika is already in class! So who is accompanying you idiot” ishana spoke as a matter of fact.
“SHIVAAY!!!!!!!” Anika said her voice excited and a little bit dreamy.
“What! You are spoiling my bhayya.?” Anika said keeping her hand on chest.
“Hainnn!!! Bhaiyya? Kaika bhayya? Kabse bhayya?” Anika asked removing her hand from her chest.
“Jab om mera VOH hai toh shivaay toh mere bhayya hue na” ishana said blushing while taking Om’s name.
(“When om is my VOH then shivaay is my brother na”).
“Hoye hoye! Bhayya ki chamchi! Do you want me to go alone? No na! Then your pyaaare bhayya should sacrifice his class for me.”.anika said running towards shivaay’s class.
Anika ran towards the class and stood by the window.
” I’m damn lucky” anika mumbled as she saw shivaay sitting by the window and it will be easy for her to get him out.
Anika peeped her hand inside the window towards shivaay who was sitting just behind the window. It is looking like shivaay that side to window and anika this side.
Her hand went on his and she pinched him hard.
“Ahhhhhhh!!” Shivaay screamed gathering everyone’s attention in class.
“What happened shivaay?” Questioned his professor.
“Nothing sir!” Shivaay said to avoid chaos in class.
Seeing shivaay perfect the professor turned towards board and started the lecture again.
“But something bit me!” Shivaay mumbled and turned towards the window. Where he found a chit.
He opened it and found a familiar hand writing
“First throw your bag outside and afterwards jump outside from window, we are bunking the class”
Is what written in the slip.
“What the wuck! Does she wants me to get expelled from college! No no no I’m not going to do this.” Thinking so he threw the chit outside.
Anika seeing no response from him peeped one of her eye in class,shivaay saw her.
Anika gestured him to throw himself outside the window.
Shivaay nodded NO.
Anika made puppy faces but shivaay maintained his face neutral.
Anika being pissed off,checked her surroundings and left.
“Shukhar hai she went off! She wanted me to bunk! I will not do that till im alive” Shivaay breathed a sigh of relief and continued to listen the class.
Suddenly anika popped on the window seeing no one noticing her she stretched her hand and caught hold of Shivaay’s bag,she immediately pulled the bag.
“Thank God none saw.” Anika thought
HIT!!!!!! Another chit hit shivaay!
He carefully opened that and found something scribbled on that!
“This girl na! Her handwriting is s bad!..” Shivaay wasn’t understanding a single letter
“”Iphone 7plus not bad baghad billa!!?””
Was written on that chit with an emoji at end.
After reading,shivaay instantly started searching for his bag. But his luck didn’t save him. His bag was unavailable.
He turned his head towards the window with rage in his eyes.
Their stood anika slowing peeping her eyes and a hand with his mobile.
Shivaay nodded his head in negative direction vigorously, and anika smirked and gave a vigorous nod indicating yes.
Shivaay joined his hands and pleaded her, then she indicated him to jump outside the window.
Danggg!!!!!! In one go with checking his surrounding shivaay broke out through the window to the corridor dragged anika away!
“O-M-G shivaay you are spiderman! Aap toh daaanng ek dum kidhkithd nikle! Ek hee jump main bahar aagaye” anika said her eyes wide in amusement.
For a second shivaay forgot everything seeing her innocent face. But then realization hits him.
“WTH! Anika why did you pull that stunt?” Asked shivaay snatching his bag along with his mobile which has many secrets.
“Hainnn!!!! Heloooo!!! Mister you were the one who performed a stunt by jumping off the window in spiderman style not me” anika said as a matter of fact.
“Okayyyy!!! Why you want to bunk the classes?” Asked shivaay,making sure he took all his things from her except his heart which already belonged to her.
“Woh!!! I wanna go somewhere! Away from this,so!!!” Anika said in a very cute matter.
“Let’s goo then” shivaay said taking her hand in his.
“But where?” Anika asked being confused.
“My HOME..OBEROI MANSION…….” shivaay said making her sitting in car and mumbled “your sasural…..”
Okay! Champa chameli chamki Jo bhi hai jaldi phenk do! I know this time I crossed and breached the limit of being late.
But what should I do! College work keeps me busy!
I have typed this epi for 5 days I mean small parts divided.
So PleaseeeeeeeeeeByeecomment guys! This really means a lot I know I’m not that worth writer but even criticism is welcomed I wanna improve my self .
I have given a longer update to repent the late.
Whatever the thing is I will make sure this ff gets proper ending! No rough ending will be given.
Thank you for all your love till date.
Please let it come till the end.
You and me….

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