Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-15)

Heyy guys this is sanskriti back with another update… A biggg thanks to all the people who commented…
Hope you will like it
“Come sit here!! How long will you stand there,and try?”shivaay was irritated because anika was still near the door and begging the door to open..
As I said her to have seat,she reluctantly sat in a seat which was 10 seats far away from mine,,,,,,,,,
I smiled,,,, she is soo cute,

The most important thing in our relationship is neither of us confessed,but still we feel safe in each others arms.
Whenever I move towards her,the first thing I take care of,
Is she alright with my proximity?
Her comfort first, after all she is future Mrs. Shivaay Singh oberoi…

And always the answer for the question is YES.
YES,whenever I’m near her,I can sense her relief,,,ya even it is fact that nervousness is bonus for that relief.
But,but that nervousness lasts only for few minutes later on that feeling on her face changes into a pink blush…. And that pink blush changes into its deepest shade.
When she blushes na,,…. Haye Haye!!. Main mar Jaaava.,pyaar tho itna aata hain ki Jaun Aur jhap karke usse gale lagake,pyaar ki jhapki dedu…… But I have to control myself, if I would do anything of that sort then the result will be something like this….. Sitting 10seats away from me.

“Anika why are you like this yaar,tumhare ye silly acts hahaha” I think I said those words loud enough
“What!!!??? What did you say?” She caught my words and I guess the sherni in anika woke up.
“What did I say,I was silent anika?”
I defended myself.
“Acha!! Then what was that,anika you and your silly acts and all that” she is mimicking me,,in a funny way yaar.,

“Was that audible?” I asked rather than mumbled to myself.
“Ji haan!!! It was audible!,I’m not mad okay! And don’t you dare say me silly. I’m not silly understand!”
I bet she was not in a good mood.
“What happened anika?! Are you fine?” I was concerned,her mood was not at all fine.
“No I’m not fine” She said falling in her chair with a thud.
“see if you have any problem you can share with me” I want her to speak her problems out.
I wanna say she is safe. And the most important thing I want to convey is I’m safe for her,I’m trustworthy!!!

“Problems!!! Huh”
Her voice was hurt, tears were brimming from her beautiful eyes.
Was she crying? But why?

“Anika what happened?? Please say!!”
He was concerned as tears were making there way,and no words were spoken.
“Nothing!!!” She indicated by moving her head in negative direction and stopping her tears.
Shivaay understood that she isn’t comfortable about speaking further so he thought of diverting the topic.
Shivaay: Anika,we are here,all alone. Let’s do something. I’m getting bored yaar.
Ani: are you out of your mind!!!, here we are closed and you are feeling bored,idiot. If you wanna do something then shree shree shree kanji aankon wale maharaaj kripaya karke,mujhe pareshaan mat kijiye Aur idhar se bahar nikalne kliye kuch sochiye.
Shivaay was terrified by anika’s outburst but was not understanding what to do.
“Do you think I’m god to do some sort of magic and open the door” shivaay asked with pinch of anger and sarcasm in his tone.

“You are the one to close the door first!! If you would have not closed the door from inside then we would’ve not been here.” She threw her hands up and was shouting by shaking all the court.
“See anika,I know that I bolted the door,but the whole mistake wasn’t mine okay…..”
Listening this she was ready to protest
“And we have to spent all night here. So I don’t want to fight with you,can we sit and talk please” he knew that if this fight continues then it will last till next day morning and he wasn’t having that energy for fighting with her whole night.

Anika sighed and sat down in middle of the court,on floor.
First shivaay hesitated to sit on floor,but he don’t want to lose the chance of sitting beside anika,so immediately he sat down beside anika. He even maintained a safe distance from her,remembering her previous outburst.
They both were sitting in pindrop silence for few minutes…

But that silence was soo hard to bear,so anika broke it
“Okayy!! Say something,if this silence continues then I will sleep,and I don’t want to sleep with you beside me” she still remembers the watch stunt which he performed.
“What do you mean by. Me beside me huh!!!, do you think I will do something wrong, for your kind information I’m not of THAT kind understand!!!” He was enranged by her way of addressing him.
“That was just a tongue slip!! Sorry,” she understood that this fight will lead them to nothing,and was even feeling sorry for her tongue slip,even she knows that shivaay is very SHAREEF and even respects girls.

But she doesn’t know that her SHAREEF shivaay turns into HARAMI shivaay when she is around.
“What do you want me to talk,?” He replied with annoyance.
“Say anything,about you. I wanna know something more about my best friend” she indirectly want to get complete information about him. Her heart was forcing her to know more and more about him. His habits, his family,his interests.. His everything.
She doesn’t know why….. but just wanna know.
Shivaay was still in shock,because he never saw anika speaking her heart out,she always buried all her feeling inside her. But what made him sad is the word friend. Why she always draws a line between him and her.

“Only friend” he asked with smirk and pinch of sarcasm.
“Huh..!! What!?” She was not expecting such an open question from him.
“I asked only friend!?” He repeated his question.
“Ummmm… Fake boyfriend” quite smart answer was given by her.
“Okayy!! My FAKE girlfriend” he covered his hurt with a fake smile.
The word fake made anika little sad but composed herself saying that she was the first one to say the word FAKE.

“so say something about you,your childhood,your family…. Only if you are comfortable” she completed with a faint smile.
“Okayy! We are four siblings. Prinku,rudra,omkara,shivaay…………….” And then he continued saying the history of oberoi khandan.
He said her evrything,his badima’s broken relationship. Omkara’s sufferings. Rudy’s chillness,his mothers anxiety, his fathers priority,prinku’s sensibility….. tej’s realization and not to leave dadi’s ishqbaazi.
“Your family is just…..just. I’m at loss of words.. How I hope to meet them once.” She always craved for a family. So meeting them would give her a great feel.
“Yeah of course. You can once come home when you are free” even he wanted her to visit her future sasural.

“You are very lucky to have such a caring family shivaay. Family is your ultimate support….. You should feel so haapie,haapie……haapy” she said with each word having a very deep meaning and sense.
“Yeah!! I love my family; now say something about you anika, your family.” He was excited for listening her story.
“I’m not fit to have a family shivaay,I don’t think so. I’m fine with me being alone.” She said with wet eyes.
“Its not like that you can be part of family” he encouraged her.
“What do you know about me shivaay!?.” Question was raised by her.

Shivaay was silent because he really knew nothing about her.
“Absolutely nothing right, so how can you say that I can be a part of family” she answered her own question while tears were making there way.
“Please don’t cry anika,I can’t see you while crying” he said rubbing off her tears.
“I’m a moron shivaay. An idiot” she started crying vigorously.
Shivaay tightly hugged her,he wasn’t able to see his ladylove in this condition.
“Shhh…… Anika please don’t cry!! No please… Share your problems anika,mann ka bhoj halka hojatha hain” he said while rubbing her back.

“Shivaay I will ask you something will you be frank and answer me?” She said between her sobs,while directly looking into his eyes.
For the first time shivaay saw a kid in Anika, a kid who was craving for love,who is afraid of commitment. He saw a kid who is crying not to leave her….
“Anika,,,,I will scold you,yell at you. But leaving you is something I cannot do. No I will never leave you” shivaay said while hugging her. He conveyed her what was actually in His heart.
“Shivaay!!!!! You wanna know my past right!!!” She said while parting from him.

Shivaay just nodded his head.
“So listen!! The person infront of you killed her family… Yes shivaay!!! Yesss I’m a killer,murderer because of me my whole family is dead” she shouted and started crying again.
Okay!! Guys I’m ending today’s epi here. I think most the people will be disappointed with this epi because of no shivika romance. Sorry for that and shivika romance will be seen in next episode,after anika’s past confession.
And guys I wanna clear one thing that is age of shivika.
Shivaay- 26year old
Anika-24 year old

If there is any problem with age, then do tell me.
Hope you all are okay with it… Please do comment.
If the no. Of comments increase then the next epi will be updated sooner.

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  1. Haridhra

    Hurraaay at last u r opening up the mystery hmm good … Even my heart aches to see Anika in such a situation hope her turmoil ends soon n both confess their Feelings.. Waiting 4 next one n sry today I couldn’t give big boring wala comment..?

    1. Sanskriti120

      Yaa the mystery is getting unfolded.?.
      Yaa they both will confess but after the past revelation?.
      And you don’t need to be sorry. I understand and as I said it is not boring to read your comments??.
      Tha ks for commenting?

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you alekhika?

  2. Nithu


    1. Sanskriti120

      Yaa cliff hanger?.
      Thanks for commenting nithu?

  3. what the wuck…how can she kill her own family???????but i like the twist and love shivaay’s dialogues…. awesome epi dude….

    1. Sanskriti120

      Actually there is a little twist!! Lets wait for it to unfold?.
      Thank you preetha. I’m haapie that you found it to be awesome?

  4. Dhar

    Awesome ?? waiting for them to confess

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you dhar. And they will surely confess but after the past revelation??

  5. Nita D

    No Sanskriti….U can’t leave it at this point…..not a cliffhanger once again……

    But awesome episode…..and I feel it is not necessary that every episode must have romance….this was a major filler episode with revealed Shivaay’s views abt Anika and also a bit of Anika’s views…

    Finally rude past will be revealed….Plz update next party soon….

    1. Sanskriti120

      Sorry !!!I love cliff hangers allloootttt??????.
      Glad that you liked the epi.
      And Yaa you are right about the romance part,but I thought I wasn’t up to the mark. So apologized…..
      Thanks for commenting Nita???????.
      And Yaa the past revelation is on the way. I will try to update the next soon????

  6. Akshaya_13

    Yaar koi USS age mein bhi college jaate hain kya? I mean till this age woh toh graduate hoke working personalities honge…aurkya shaadi late 20s mein karenge….?! Change age yaar otherwise I’ll feel as if they are elderly kinda couple….aisa lagega to nahi ki they’re in college……

    1. Sanskriti120

      Maafi!!!!?????. I actually was thinking of this but nazar andaz kar diya. I’m glad that you noticed it…….
      Actually,after submitting the post I realized that the age was tooo high. So hope you will forgive me for the mistake what I have done out of my foolishness.????.
      So the age will be of
      Shivaay- 22[last year of his college]
      Anika- 21[ even she is last year in college,and the fact she is one year younger than shivaay because may be she missed her KG]
      Hope you are okay with it. Please do tell if this age is OK?

      1. Akshaya_13

        Yaar! Need not be sorry…I was just suggesting u aur uske badle mujhe Sorry milega toh I’m sorry for suggesting…cz I didn’t expect ki suggest ke badle sorry milega…

      2. Sanskriti120

        umm…. so ssuggest ke badle sorry ko wapis lelenge aur
        thank youuu akshu{hope i can call you that}….. for suggesting
        love you yaa

  7. Awesome. Please post next ASAP.

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thanks dwet?. I will try to post soon?

  8. Amazing update dear?….
    Shivika were really emotional….
    Waiting to know Annika’s past….
    Post soon ??

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you sofiya?.
      Anika’s past will unveil as soon as possible Le.
      And I will try to post the next soon?

  9. Sanskriti120

    Shivaay- 22[last year of his college]
    Anika- 21[ even she is last year in college,and the fact she is one year younger than shivaay because may be she missed her KG]
    Guys there is a little error in the age hope you guys will forgive me for the mistake??

  10. Jerry_36

    Hey Sanskriti.
    The update is fabulous. In love with your skills.
    I loved Shivaay’s pov. The way he said haye maar daala was just awww.
    Yaar again a cliffhanger, but still I loved the episode.
    Do post the next one soon as I am eager to know the past and also for Shivika romance?
    Love yaa❤

    1. Sanskriti120

      Heyy vedu.
      Thanks a lot for commenting
      Even I’m in love with your comment?.
      As you know I jjjjuuuuussst love cliff hangers??????.
      And after the past revelation there will be some romance??.
      Love you too???

  11. Ashwathy

    O my god such a wonderful episode………. Waiting for Anika’s past……. Hope u ll update it faster………

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you ashwathy?.
      I will try to post the epi as soon as possible?.

  12. Aryaraju

    It’s superb yaar.. Loved it… Eagerly waiting for the next update ?

    1. Sanskriti120

      Haapie that you loved it
      Thank you aryaraju?. I will try to post soon?

  13. Awesome dr…. Finally anika’s past will be revalled…. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Sanskriti120

      Yaa the past will unveil in next epi.
      Thank you banita,I will try to post soon??

  14. Surbhi Sharma

    Wow di !! U nailed it again . Loved it . Seriously, can’t wait for next. .
    Plzz post soon . ??

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you surbhi???????.
      I will surely try to post soon????

  15. Niriha

    Awesome..fabulous part eagerly waiting for next part update soon

    1. Sanskriti120

      Haapie that you found it awesome?.
      I will update soon?

  16. Madhuani

    A cliffhanger…ugghhh
    Atlast mystery is unfolding

    1. Sanskriti120

      Yaa mystery will be unveiling soon??.
      Actually I love cliff hangers so?. You have to wait?.
      Thanks madhuani

  17. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear…

    1. Sanskriti120

      thank you nikita 🙂

  18. Arthi

    Awwwwwwwwe superb dr……just loved it dr…..don’t make it late to post next post….

    1. Sanskriti120

      that was indeed a super comment arthi
      i will surely try to post soon 😉

  19. Tanz

    Ufff itna mat rulaya karo hamari Anika Ko….But I think this was needed… I remember Dear Zindagi’s dialogue – agar Khul kar royege nahi toh Khulkar hasoge kaise… I know she’s going to have a beautiful and happy life ahead.(Too much philosophical) The update was awesome . I am not at all upset with it because sometimes some seriousness is required. Your POVs are just superb… I love them and I will be waiting for the revelation…
    Now, Shivani is a beautiful name and I am realising now that even my name contains some part of Shivika
    Also, I am late coz yesterday I got my tenth board result (I hope I’m not too late)??

    1. Sanskriti120

      Heyy what was your result I’m eager to know☺☺☺☺☺…..
      And that wasn’t tooo philosophical……….. It was true indeed.?.
      And I’m haapie that you loved the seriousness in the update… Because I expected chamelis in response after you guys reading this update.?.
      POV compliment kliye thanku(gauri style)
      Past will unveil in next epi…… Let’s see what made anika a nerd….?.
      Thank you for your name compliment..???.
      And what’s your name… I’m eager?????,both for your name and result let me know???

      1. Tanz

        I got 97.2% and I topped my school and my name is Tanisha (ani+sh)

      2. Sanskriti120

        Mera naam roshan kardiya yaar tune………… Beti hamesha khush rahe…
        97.2℅……. School topper… Arrey mitayi Kaha hain bhai!!?. Koi lao sweets…???.
        Tanisha?????. Such a sweet name… I will call you isha. If you don’t mind??????

  20. Wonderful update dear.. loved it..

    1. Sanskriti120

      Tq ankita

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