Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-14)

Heyy guyss this is sanskriti back with another update. A bigg thanks to all the people who commented…
Hope you all will like it
“Not done anika it is you who always take away the opportunity of having fun but….” Shivaay’s thoughts were disturbed as anika was constantly trying to take the ball from him,,,,,,,, shivaay while bouncing the ball went near anika’s ear and blowed air,,,, anika felt it and stopped for a milli second and this is it…….shivaay went near basket,,,jumped high then soo easily the ball came out from the basket….. Whereas anika is still standing as a statue not understanding what just happened

“……but this time I will have the fun” shivaay completed his sentence.
“Shivaay this is not done,, this is cheating” anika said slightly blush appearing on her already pink face.
“What did I do!!” Shivaay can be declared as most innocent kid in college.
“You…..y.o.u….. Don’t you know” she was shy to even say what he did.
“How can I know anika!!!! Okay you do the same thing which I did,,, OK come on say with actions what I did” situation ka phayda utana ho tho koi shivaay se seekhe.
“Noooo!!! You did nothing,, let’s continue the game” anika indicated her palm and resumed the game…

“As you wish” he concluded the argument.
Game was again in full swing,but this time ball was in anika’s hand and she was not allowing shivaay even near her. Though she loved what he did she wasn’t ready to accept.
Anika while serving the ball lifted her head to have a look on the basket and then her eyes caught two beautiful orbs which were in her dreams from past days… It was a really difficult task for her to take her eyes off from the ocean filled eyes in front of her.
But not now she wasn’t ready to lose herself for him again,,,,,, but those eyes and lips did something unimaginable which left her again being baffled.

Shivaay winked at Anika and left a flying kiss,,,,,,
And again anika shocked,shivaay rocked…..
“Yayy!!! One more point in my basket”he screamed as Anika was thinking how to face him,,,,,,
” cheapde” anika was just able to say this word.
“Haww anika what did I do???,,,,, and I’m not any cheapde,veapde I’m Shivaay Singh oberoi” shivaay cannot do any compromise with his name.
“You are!!!!! You are such an….. Urghhhhh no words to describe” she was at loss of words.
“Okay come on anika what did I do,,,, enact and say” even he wanted a flying kiss from her.
“Kyaaaa??!!!!,,,,, dimag ka na dahi jam gaya shayad” she entered into Hindi so that she can yell at him to any extant.

“Are you mad???? I didn’t apply any curd on my head…. And for your kind information its gel for styling” touchy topic of shivaay is his hair and not leaving his height.
“Urghhhhhh did you leave your brain outside the court,,,,, curd on your hair HA HA HA” she started laughing at shivaay’s idiotic reply…..
While shivaay was lost in her smile and laugh… Anika was laughing her heart out.
“OK OK stop laughing anika… And I’m not idiot” how can a person make fun of the great SSO.
“Nooooooooo,,,,,, I will laugh!!! If you can then make me quiet” challenging anika was out.
“Don’t challenge me anika” SSO was coming out from shivaay.
“I will” anika was adamant at their just now made challenge.

Anika hit the wall of the Indore basket ball stadium…. It was equal to a big room…. At court in between and seats all round….
And when anika was trying to move she felt grip on her hand….. She lifted her head to see shivaay standing veeeeeerrryyy. Lose to her and twisting her hand……
He was having a naughty smirk on his face.

“S..shivaay what are you doing” sudden change in her position made her baffle.
“I said you don’t challenge me,,,, but NO you challenged so now bhukto”personal interest in the challenge was more than what he actually said.
” anyone will come shivaay it will not be good,,, leave me”anika made an effort to make shivaay realize that they were in a court…
“Anika we are in an Indore basket ball court so no one will see us” shivaay said fact
“B..bbbuuut anyone can come suddenly by opening the door” she was shivering as shivaay was making patterns on her neck while she is speaking.

“Anika,,, the door which you are talking about is bolted from inside and may be I did it” shivaay said still making patterns on her neck and blowing in her ear occasionally.
“Y…y.o…uuu b..bol…ted the door. But whhhy” she realized that they were all alone in the biigg basket ball court that too an Indore one…
“Privacy” shivaay said that in the flow of him doing patterns.
“Whattt” butt his answer received as a shock to him…
“Yaaa if anyone disturbs us in between our game it will be a problem na so I bolted,,,,,,” shivaay covered his real intention with a easy lie.
“Ohhhhh I though…”

“What you thought” shivaay wanted to hear some naughty words from anika’s mouth.
“Nothing no nothing” she said while moving her head in negative direction furiously.
“OK OK I got it no need to shake that furiously” shivaay said contolling his emerging smile.
Anika was now more nervous as she got to know that there was no one around them.
Shivaay was still standing very close to her.
Anika was losing her with each passing second…….

He was staring at her lovingly,,,,,,,,,,, his vision caught hold on her luscious lips which were baby pink in colour,,, they were attracting him. “How would it be if I kiss them senselessly” thought shivaay..
With the same thought he started moving towards them…
Anika was enjoying that magical moment,,,,, though she didnt accept her love for him even she knows that she has some feelings for him..
“TING!!!!!,TING…..” Alarm set up in the watch of shivaay rang disturbing there precious moment.
While shivaay moved his head to have a look on his watch….
Taking this as the chance anika escaped from his hold and ran towards the seats where she left her bag.

“What was that alarm for??” Anika asked to avoid awkwardness which was filled in the air.
“Woh,, today after college I thought of going for a drive so I set up an alarm” said shivaay searching for his things.

“Oh k,,” saying so anika left towards the door to open it..
Anika opened the same bolt which took away her life nearly. But to her surprise it wasn’t opening,,,, ya the bolt was opened but the door was not opening..
“Shivaay could you please open the door” anika was still trying to open the door.
“Anika you need to open the bolt first see I will tell you how to open a door,,, see and learn” self praising and we can even say TADI which shivaay always show.
Shivaay went near the door and the scene in front of him was shocking
“Bolt is already opened anika” he said as the matter of fact.

“Shivaay Singh oberoi kuch bhi kar sakta hain” she said mimicking him.
“Anika I think the door is jammed see I will catch the bolt you catch me,and then I will count 1…2…3. Then I will pull the door you pull me” shivaay executed the master plan.
“Okayy” she gave a green signal to his khidkithod plan”
Shivika were pulling the bolt furiously.
Anika was catching shivaay by his stomach and pulling it
“Jhor lagake haishaaa…..”
Shivaay lost his hold on bold and both fell on the floor,making them groan in response…….
Suddenly something striked shivika’s mind, that they were playing basket ball after the college hours and they were immerged in there game that thy forgot that the peon closes all the doors of college at day end and leaves from there.

“That means we are lockeddd” they shouted in unison.
“And we are all alone and I have to stay all night with you today” said anika shockingly


Hope you all will like it because I wrote it in little hurry….. If you have any complaints then please do convey them through comments I will consider all your suggestions…
Pleaseeeeeeeeeee do comment guys because they encourage me to write more and more..
And according to me the most funniest part was shivika pulling the door,,, if we imagine the scene of anika catching shivaay and shivaay catching the bole it really made me laugh as hell. Do share which scene did you like in this episode

And next update will be of anika and shivaay locked in the court and trying to spend night over there… And it may even change
If comments increase then next epi will be updated soon..

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    The most hillarious one was shivika pulling the door ???
    Too good ??
    Post soon ?

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      Even I found that pulling door part funny???. Im happy that you found the episode funny. And I will try to post the next soon???

  5. Really superb please update nxt part as soon as possible

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      Im haapie tanvi that you found it to be superb.. thank-you for commenting???
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  12. Akriti

    such an awsome episode….
    gal your imagination is hilarious shivika pulling door….it made me laugh while I imagine it….
    post next part ASAP….

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      As I said that actually I was in hurry,and your thought is absolutely correct it is some what fast forward sorry for inconvenience I will not repeat it again… Glad that you are noticing the points in ff?????.
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    But I thought last part was in fast forward mode(thought so only).
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    Hey Sanskriti. This is called a dhmakedaar episode. So in love with this one. You are na just fabulous.
    Shivaay ne toh naughtiness ki line hi cross kar li. The update was super romantic.
    I am blushing, gonna hide my face in my hands.
    Indeed the most fabulous and hilarious part was that when shivika were trying yo open the lock, I can imagine them doing this. Gosh, kitna maza aata na agar yeah real ib me hota. Still the update was super duper fab.
    Post soon. I am waiting?

    1. Sanskriti120

      Jerry even this is a dhamakedhar comment yaar?????.
      You blushed????. Even I blushed while typing,,,,,,,,,,,, my mom was asking me that why was I smiling seeing mobile screen..????. I covered saying I read a joke..?.
      Even I wanted that lock scene in real ib but kya karein gul maatha ke Mann main toh kuch Aur hee hain????. Haapieee that you found it super?????.
      And I will post the next as soon as possible?????

  21. Superb update.. Eagerly waiting for the next update..

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  23. U r my favourite writer. Plz give fast updates. Love u and Ur khidkitod episodes.

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      Even I love you??,and your khidkithod comment???.
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  24. Haridhra

    Awsm Shivu ..???
    Shivaay Bhaiya this is purely cheating I can’t accept today I’m in my Di’s team.. Really tnk so bhaiya got afraid of our dabaang di ? that’s y he is using his charm.. But I loved the fact she enjoyed n loved his flirty side. Today I have got a bunch of names for our Bhaiya hope u like
    it.. Cheat Singh oberoi, Flirt Singh Oberoi, Cheapde Singh Oberoi,Charming Singh Oberoi, Naughty Singh Oberoi, Idiotic Singh Oberoi, Romantic Singh Oberoi…etc

    That’s it n I thought today is Bhaiya’s day he gonna capture her , arrghhh tis idiot watch in corner also happy that Ani di got saved but only to be with him for whole night all alone in a indoor stadium.. K Shivu is something cooking up in ur mind u naughty girl hmm.. As always it had a tinch of humour with that bolt scene I was like a maniac after reading that one ..???
    Hey sry to disturb u with my long boring comment also for being late ..

    Love yaa❤❤.

    1. Sanskriti120

      First of all who said that your comment is boring huh….. It made me speechless yaar…… ??
      No need to be sorry for late comment you commented that is enough….. By the way I enjoyed reading your comment thoroughly???????.
      And your guess is right……. Shivaay is using his charm infront of anika because only that works???.
      Whattt!!!!!???,you are in anika’s team,,, but me in shivaay’s team yaar?.
      And obviously she loved his flirty side and she will be loving it until then when he is flirting with her,,,,if he flirts with other cheapdis na anika uska gangaraam kardegi,,,,, lets wait we will even see that fade in their love story.???????.
      And theeeeeseeeee many names you gave to shivaay yaar,,,,,,?. I think even anika didn’t give thaaaaaat many different names????. Tum tho aaj shivaay ke peeche pad gayi??
      Watch????⌚⌚. It shouldn’t have come in between yaar?… But what to do it happened like that
      Indoor stadium hain hari???,its not oberoi mansion’s bedroom that something naughty will happen?????.
      Butt there is a chance of happening something(yep I’m naughty) let’s see what my brain is cooking up?.
      Haaapieeee that you loved the bolt scene,,,, we have same preferences I think because even I loved the sceenee???.
      Love you loaaadsszzzzzzzzzzzz?????????????????????????????.
      Shivani aka sanskriti aka your shivu??????

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      Rutuja I’m realllyyy very very much glad to know that I have such a sweet reader…..??????
      I’m haapie that you found the epi amazing…..
      And I will not make you wait much the epi will be posted as soon as possible for sure????????

  26. Arthi

    Oh my baby…….this was fab…..and I loved the whole episode and jus loved shivay’s magic on her and it was awwwwww and I’m dead…..I was jus imagining and I felt really great and superb…… post soon dr I can’t wait anymore do post soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…….

    1. Sanskriti120

      Reading your comment is also making me feel fab arthi baby?????.
      Actually woh kya hain na,,,anika ke saamne shivaay ki bilkul nhi chalti soo he is using his charm which had a greattttt effect on her????.
      Haaapiieee that you found it greattttt???????.
      Thanks for commenting arthi
      And I will try to post the next soon,because I don’t want my arthi to wait???

  27. Tanz

    I’m late….I know, I know…So sorry…..I’m typing this with my cheesiest smile….
    The part which I liked the most was their falling down and then their realisation….stuck in the same room for a whole night….I can just imagine their expressions….specially Annika’s….
    Kya master plan tha Shivaay ka…mujhe to laga tha aaj to gate gaya but peon ne saari mehnat par paani pher diya…
    It was all cute and sweet.I just loved it…..every part of it…keep giving us these khidkitod updates…

    1. Sanskriti120

      You are not late no not at all.. No need to be sorry?.
      Even I’m replying your comment with a broad smile ha ha ha???.
      I loved reading your comment tanz…….. Love love love????.
      And shivaay is none other than great SSO soo he is master at planning????
      After reading your comment I re-imagined anika’s expressions and you know what,,,it resulted by me hearing scoldings from my mom…… Because I laughed soo loud you know???????????????.
      Even your comment is cute and sweet ….. Thanks for commenting tanz?.

  28. Alekhika20

    Nice update

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you alekhika???

  29. Hey Kriti!!! I was not able to comment on last part, so I’m commenting now- it was great!! & ha finally mera Rudy aa gaya… Those O bro & Shivika moments were v. awesome as the real ones. I thoroughly enjoyed that part…
    And for today also… Grt & awesome…. I became speechless while commenting on ur recent parts of ff (still writing these long comments 😉 😀 ) There were constant goosebumps on my body while reading & imaging today’s Shivika moments…….
    Finally the flirting moments of shivaay, dono ki wo as usual confession wali nok jhok , SSO accepting chalLenge & last but not the least… the moment they realized they are locked were my fav. from this. In short I loved this whole part of ff
    Bye & love u loadz…Eagerly waiting for the nxt one

    1. Sanskriti120

      Sorry for late reply yaar actually gharwale zabardasti ek function ko leke gaye….?????.
      Abhi abhi aayi ghar ko
      /yaaaaaaa!!?????. Tumhara Rudy aagaya????… Glad to know that you found the scenes realistic?.
      You know hat you were having goosebumps while reading and I was having cheesy smile while typing 2,3 times even my mom asked the reason I just covered the topic??????.
      I’m verrrryyy verrryy much haapie that you enjoyed reading this part…khushi ke aasu?.
      Even I lobe you sooooo much???????.
      And I will try to post as soon as possible.????????

  30. shivaay k expression soch soch k mein toh maar rahi thi… I mean he is jst so cute , hot, handsome, dude, sweet kind of guy in eVery senses at tje same time..
    I guess JanKee is one of the most luckiest girl in the world( sirf Nakuul ki wajah se, jst bcoz he is flawsome…) #Nakuulian

    1. Sanskriti120

      He is really sooooo cute yaar,
      Actually I came across some pics of his in Instagram and arrayyy yaar,banda kitna kcute hain,,,,,
      And in some pictures he was giving poses with puppy face and I was like ab main jiyu ya Mary??????????.
      Even I’m a nakulian HiFi?????????.
      And sachiii JanKee is really lucky to have him?????

  31. Ruksy

    Totally totally amazing loved it post ASAP please

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      Thank you ruksy…. Glad that you found it worth???.
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