Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-13)

Heyyy guysss this is sanskriti back with another update……. A biggggg thanks and a bone crashing hug(Rudy style) to all the people who commented.
Hope you will like it
Entering college never felt soo great…… But today there was some other spark in college as well as in canteen….
As I entered canteen I saw my girlfriend….. Urghhh,Sorry FAKE girlfriend and soon to be girlfriend..
As we were s couple I went and wished her good morning accompanied by a sweet cheek kiss.
I loved her cheeks soo much.. When I brushed them against my lips… I felt spark all over by body..
I felt some pain on my right cheek…
Wait!!! Whattt!?. Did she slap me??
“I helped you and I’m acting as your girlfriend doesn’t mean you cross your limits.. Okayy… Stay in your limits and how dare you kiss me idiot? Did you think I will let you do whatever you want.. Wait I will show what anika does with the people who takes advantage of her.” She was enranged with the stunt what I performed. And where she go now.
Hey bhagwaan mera kya hoga

Suddenly I felt some ache over my back…… I turned to see it resulting a bbiiigg basket ball hitting my Mr.India face.
She started hitting all the balls over me…
NO..NO..NOO….. And then I got up from my bed with a jerkk… It was a bad dream.. A very bad dream.
I cupped my face with my palms to check whether every thing is fine with my Mr. India face…… If anything happens to face then rudra had made fun of me whole life. I turned around to find myself in my room beside rudra cuddling into me… And om hair all over his face.
After seeing anika’s dabang avtar I have been thinking of her too much…
I turned to other side of bed to have a look on the watch…
Whatt its 5:30 in the morning…
People say early morning dreams come true….
“Oh my maaataaa” the famous words made a way from my mouth….
What if this dream comes true……
“Kya bhaiyaa you woke me up” rudra said getting up still in sleepy mode.
“Rudra get up its 5:30 in the morning,,,,,,you have to get ready for your college” if my sleep got spoiled how can I let my brothers sleep.
“Kyaaa! 5:30….!!! Arey bhaiyaa yeh time pe tho koi dhoodh wala bhi nhi ut’tha”
I ignored rudra words and went for omkara
“Get up om its 5:30 in the morning”
No response
“Om get up!!!” No response.
“Arey shivaay bhaiyaa if you do like this om will be sleeping for hours and I don’t want that to happen after my sleep got oh my mata”
I saw a pinch of naughtiness in rudra’s tone and even face.
“Let’s wakeup om in Rudy style.”
“But how?” I was as always desperate.
POV ends.

Rudra went near Om’s ear
“Shivaay bhaiyaa aap kya bol rahe the ishana aayi hain om bhaiyaa se Milne”rudra ended with a wink
Shivaay understood what his baby brother want and he started to act.
“Haan rudra actually I went for a walk and unexpectedly ishana was also there and she wished to meet omkara” shivaay was no less than rudra.
“Shivaay I thought you were intelligent one but how you became equal to rudra over one night” omkara the philosophical oberoi spoke his eyes still close.
“You awake??” Rudra was astonished
“I’m not duffer as rudra” shivaay’s sentence made rudra frown and omkara smirk.
“For your kind information,,,, ishana doesn’t go for a walk in morning,, and your so called lie hahahahaha I caught it” omkara had every single information about ishana.

water all over omakara’s and shivaay’s face….
“What the wuck” both elder oberois spoke in unison.
“Punishment” rudra indicated with a logic sigh.
“Kis khushi main” omkara was hell angry for spoiling his hair as well as his sleep.
“Mujhe DUFFER bulane kliye” rudra was still angry with the small word said my his brothers.
“You are” shivaay was cleaning his Mr. India face.
“Abhi leave these all things and have obro moment…” Rudra was ready to escape from his brothers wrath.
“That is the reason we call you duffer…….” Omkara gave a reason for rudra.
“For what???” rudra was still unaware.
“You want To have obro moment at morning 5:45” shivaay completed the sentence of omkara.
“Areeyyy aap time pe nhi feeling pe jao” rudra was adamant To get a hug from his darling brothers.
Saying so he dragged his brothers into a bone crashing hug…
“Poori neend ki oh my maata kardi” rudra was dramatically weeping for his sleep.
“Shut up rudra” shivom concluded there moment with there ever famous dialogue.

shivaay entered canteen with fear clearly visible all over his face.
His eyes searched all canteen but she wasn’t there… He was happy and sad at same time…
Happiee because his dream will not come true.
Sad because he couldn’t see her……..
It was like his bleeding fate was still smiling.
Suddenly he felt a ache on his back…. Shivaay was baffled because last time when he felt an ache it was in his dream when anika threw a ball on his back… He was unable to believe that his dream came true….
“But wait!!! Why am I feeling some hardness around me…. ” shivaay thought
As shivaay turned he saw two hands hugging him…. As he saw the owner of those soft hands his mouth fell…….
Anika was hugging him as if he was her teddy bear, how he wished that this moment will remain forever…. But to his badluck she broke the hug..
“Shivaay where were you yaar!! I was searching you since morning” anika frowned as she was wasting her time when he was enjoying in canteen
“Ac…. Actual….ly even I was searching for you” he was stammering by the remembrance of his nightmare.
Anika hugged him again
“Hye…. Tum kitne bhulakkad ho… Don’t you remember we are in a FAKE relation and you need to act…. But sorry to say your acting skills are useless” anika whispered in his ears…
That was it shivaay was waiting for this time from the moment he committed for this fake relationship.
He bent down and kissed her on cheeks.
“Sorry anika I was having some important work” shivaay completed it with a wink…

Though anika was baffled, and many more things were revolving around her mind and beautiful face.
Though she liked the feel….. No no she didn’t like it but she was feeling it as eternity…. How even she wished it to stay forever. But her mind scolded saying that he was just her friend….
“Shivaay did you forget we thought of a basket ball match today” anika wanted to play a match to relieve her strain.
“Yeah of course” though the match came as an unexpected one which they have never discussed. Shivaay’s mind were having some other plans for this game.
Shivaay and anika left the canteen qithalk the shocked and surprised faces behind them
[email protected] BALL COURT.
Shivika were opposite to each other and the whole court was in pindrop silence… No one was there in court only shivaay,anika and basket ball.
Anika was serving the ball.
Anika went near the basket and jumped towards the basket to throw the ball in it.
Then at that very moment shivaay caught anika’s waist and brought her down and intentionally brushed his lips against her cheeks…
While anika was in her trance shivaay took away the balk from her. And after few seconds anika realized what happened.
“You wanted to play a game na anika!!! Then let’s playyy…. You play normal basket ball game and I will play a unique game with a pinch!!!! No no no with a bunch of romance” said shivaay under his breath….
Done with the update guysss!! Hope you all will like it and Pleaseeeeeeeeeee do comment all champa’s chameli’s accepted here but healthy ones?.
Dimple tumhara Rudy aagaya!!!! Hurrayy!!
And some of my sweet and cute readers asked about anika’s past revelation soo the answer is the revelation will take some time. Hope you will like it…
I would like to thank all the. Members who commented.
Thanks for your showering of your love.

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      Even I’m the elder one yaar,,,,,,I feel soo bad abt it my brother always pushes all the blames over me???. Even I’m not less???.
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