Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-12)

Heyy guys this is sanskriti back again with another update. A biiiggggg thanks to all the people who commented….
Here goes the epi,hope you will like it

“Let’s be romantic anika”
As soon as these words escaped from shivaay’s mouth,anika got a mini heart attack.
“Shivaay,if anyone sees,it will be a problem” anika suffered a lot to say these few words,shivaay ko itna paas dekhne se anika ki saansein halchal kar Rahi hain. Nervousness was all over her.
“Even we want that na anika, if someone sees us like this then only our plan will work” he was taking whole advantage of this situation and why shouldn’t he…….. afterall he loves her.
“Shivaay if principal sees us then you will get suspended from the college.” Anika thought that shivaay will atleast have some fear for the old,bald man.
“I don’t care anika”…..but anika’s plan was complete flop,shivaay didn’t even spare some fear for that old bald man.
” I think love is in air” a voice from behind interrupted the magical moment.
Immediately shivaay anika parted and composed themselves.

When they lifted there head to have a look on owner of the voice.
“Lady baba, she will never leave me in peace” shivaay muttered under his breath as he saw tia standing over there with an annoyed expression.
And for the first time in her whole lifetime anika silently thanked tia for coming in between,otherwise she would have lost herself completely to shivaay.
“Anika I never expected this from you, I already said you what shivaay baby did with me,this is wrong,universe will punish you” Tia has a lot of drama in her thin and slim body.
Anika was fuming in anger whereas shivaay was afraid about the consequences. He was scared for tia,though she did wrong,and he was still angry on her,but he can’t forget the fact that only because of her… Now he and anika were in a fake relationship which shivaay sweared to convert into a true and deep relation for sure.
“Tia you are right love is in air, I’m really lucky to have shivaay in my life” anika was really in a bad mood.
“This is not right anika, shivaay is a bad guy,you didn’t help me in getting justice,and anika dear shivaay is not of your kind,you need someone with nerdy glasses and sweeper in hand to sweep the basket ball ground” saying so tia turned to HiFi her ao called friend ria.
When she hified her friend ria and turned
“THUD!!!!!” A basket ball landed right on Tia’s face hitting her mouth.
“Shivaay!!!! I just hit it right on her mouth,I improved my shooting skills” anika’s excited face was glowing.
“Yeah anika, this time it straightly hit her mouth,which was talking sh*t….. That time about you now about…. Me” shivaay was glad to know anika cares about people him. He today’s act he realized that anika will never let him down at any moment.
“What was thattt????” Tia was burning in anger.
“Hoi hoi tia dear, you wanted to HiFi right so even my basket ball wanted to HiFi with you, and how can I deny it???” Anika was having a huge grin on her face.
“I’m not gonna leave you idiot”tia was burning with anger,she was pointing her index finger towards anika.
” don’t you dare!!!! You can’t even touch her till I’m here,I love her and will do that till her last breath, you zaaaaa even pluck her hair” shivaay was not ready to hear a single word against his anika…

Did he just say that he loves me!!!! I’m in different world hearing this,but wait!!!! Why am I feeling like this????
he is just my friend,I should be in my limits…
But why did he say that he loves me,,,,,, Yaaa I got it!!!!!
According to tia we are couple,may be he said to make her believe that they were COUPLE.
“I have pictures with me as proof,I will complain to principal then police and then media understand!!!!” Tia was having full confidence on her photographs.
“Whatttt!!!!! You have pictures” anika said over dramatically.
“Shivaay did you listen she is having picture……………..!!! Haye Haye main lut gayi main barbad ho gayi…. What should I do now,,,, please tia don’t do that Pleaseeeeeeeeeee” anika went near tia folded her hands and was crying like a small kid for chocolate.
“She really cares for me,,,, she is crying like a small kid in front of her biggest enemy to save me, she is sweet” shivaay thought.
“That is great!!! Now say sorry by touching my feet,I will forgive you” tia was using her situation.
“I can do anything” anika was ready to bent down in front of tia for shivaay.
“Anika leave it you shouldn’t have to do this,,,,!!! Let her do whatever she wants I don’t care!!!!! Just don’t do that!!!!!!! Pleaseee” it was unbearable for shivaay to see anika bending infront of someone for him,he went forward to pull away anika from tia but paused a second to understand what happened in that milli second of him taking a step forward

Anika bent down and instead touching her feet she pulled her foot which resulted in tia hugging the floor.
“You idiot do you really think anika will touch your feet,,,,I’m anika I will never touch anyone’s feet, self-respect first ” anika cannot compromise with her self-respect.
“G…great..!!! Move anika” this is what shivaay managed to say after seeing anika’s act,he mentally made a note that he will always be careful whenever he is with anika.
“You b*tch!!!!! See after your this stupidity what I’m gonna do!!!! I’m gonna lodge a complaint against your so called lover shivaay” tia was enranged.
“Go to hell!!!! Baby you have only photos but I have video of all your khaala kartooth.” Anika was ready to kick that tia down who is talking bad about her best friend.
“Whatt” tia and shivaay said in unison, both were shocked to know the new discovery.
“Yeah today morning after you telling me idiotic things again shivaay I thought of following you…… Then I saw you Miss. Tia kapoor and her best friend Miss. Ria,discussing their plan, so I took the video have a look” and then she played the video.
By seeing the video one was sinking down and other was shining High. Tia just got a shock,,,,,, and shivaay did nothing but kept smiling.

Tia took a step forward and trued to snatch the mobile from her hand
“Ah ha ha!!! Tia baby is very desperate huh!!! You were talking about some complaint,,,, what are you waiting for just go for it…… The. I will just release this clip to media”
“No no no!!!” Tia was receiving continuous shocks.
“Yes yes yes,,, it will be fun watching you in TV….. In tommorow headlines,,,,,,… Shivaay just guess tommorows headlines” anika was playing game of thrones with tia
““TIA KAPOOR stooping so low for money“ I guess” now even shivaay started enjoying the state of tia.
“What should I do??” Check mate now there was no way for escape all tia could do is surrender herself.
“Great!!!! Get those photographs and burn them here in front of me” she want all the idiotic pics to get deleted.
“No wayy!!!” Tia cannot spill water on her own hardwork.
“Then decide the newspaper The Hindu or The times of India” she was giving choice of newspaper for her news to be stamped.
“No no!! Ria just get those damn photographs” tia ordered her bestie.
Ria went brought those photos and they were burnt……..
And as of now shivika started leaving the place
“Wait!!! Please delete that video! I have done what you wanted so do delete the video” even tia want her safety.
“Why so hurry sweety!! I will delete it as soon as you change yourselves” anika was not done with her game of thrones with tia.
“So as of now byeeee” shivaay was fedup with these two fighting because anika was continuously showing tia her AUKAAT and seeing tia repeatedly at same situation was boring for him.

Anika was sitting in canteen suddenly shivaay enters the canteen and kiss anika on her cheek
“Good morning baby”shivaay was in great mood.
It directly fell on his cheek.
“I saved you and I’m faking a relationship with you that doesn’t mean you cross your limits, and please don’t BABY me…. Did you get that” anika lashed out at shivaay.

Quiet late na I know,,,,, actually I was in my village where getting signal was great…greater….and greatest thing
And as its my bad luck that great thing didn’t happen to me…..
Now I’m back soo please excuse me for late update but I even had my exam…….. You know when your college people are still not satisfied by you getting 97℅ in intermediate then they want you to write improvements,….. So yes I’m stuck with this. Sorry!!! I will post the next soo soom if the comments increase.
I’m reaaalllyyyy sorry for not replying your comments cholly(sorry).
It will not repeat again,I will reply all ur comments and I didn’t even comment on my fav ff’s I will even do that,hope u vl forgive.
And Pleaseeeeeeeeeee do comment

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  1. Aryaraju

    Loved it ?

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      Thank you aryaraju?

  2. Akshaya

    What the wuck? Dabangg annika is back. Loved it

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      Yes akshaya Dabang anika is back,there in dbo dabang gauri is back and here dabang anika is back yayyyy!!!!! Thankyou akshaya?

  3. Amazing! Please update soon.

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      Thankyou praps?

  4. Awesome!!!!!! Waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thankyou banita and ya I will post the next soon??

  5. Wait!!! What was that?? Anika slapped “Shivaay baby”!!!
    Hey Kriti!!! Sorry for not commenting on previous part. As there was last week of my tut.s before holidays, there was lots of chaos & I was stuck badly! Finally new part is out after such a long wait….. Both the parts (previous & this one) were jst awesome & rocking!! Shivika rocked as usual…
    I have commented something regarding Luna on part 10… Plz do see!

    1. Sanskriti120

      Yessssss;!!!! Anika slapped shivaay BABY.
      You need not to ve sorry dimple yaar,I know you were too busy. I’m happy at least you are reading it and even commenting on some parts.???
      And I really hope all the chaos end fasstly??.
      Actually I was busy and now I’m back.
      And yeah shivika rocked again?????.
      Dimple I already saw that comment and even replied it, when you have time look at it?????.
      And thank you for commenting???

  6. Read all parts in one go. Love the story

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      Haye Haye you read all parts?????. Thankyou soo much fffan1234????.
      I’m glad that you loved the storyline??

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  8. Haridhra

    Heyyy a big wala hi Sans .. N today naa I felt like killing that Cheapde Tia with my own hands ??… Par at last why Ani di slapped him oh god Poor Shiv bhaiya..

    1. Sanskriti120

      A bone crashing hug to you hari……???.
      Even I felt like killing that tia yaar…par kya karu if I kill her entertainment ka puncture hojata???.
      Anika SLAPPED shivaay bhaiyaa?. But let’s wait for next???????
      And thankyou for commenting???

  9. Shraddha-DBO

    Superb yaar, I’m just loving it??

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  10. Nita D

    Hey Sanskriti…..
    Remember me?
    Well I am back…..
    And I read all the chapters that I had missed…..
    The story is awesome as I already had told u…..
    I am loving the dabbang Anika…..the basketball match and Tia’s insult after that and today was hilarious…..
    I loved that Virat Kohli n sleepwalking wala scene…..
    I also liked the forest scene. But waiting to know the complete story behind….
    When are u revealing Anika’s past??

    1. Sanskriti120

      Heyyyyy Nita D how can I forget you Haaa????.
      I remember you sooooo much even miss you????. And finally you are back with a banggg.???.
      And a perfect “AWW” As you read all the parts……. I’m really happiee
      Even I loved the virat kohli and sleepwalking ???.
      Forest scene a little emotional one I’m glad that you liked it???.
      And anika’s past it will take time and I’m don’t want it to get revealed so fast?. Hope you are OK with it???.
      And thanks for commenting yaar

      1. Nita D

        As if u have any option?
        N call me Nita na….Why did u go back to ‘Nita D’?
        N since when did u start thanking me?? It’s seems u have pakka forgotten me now…..
        Anyways post next one soon….

      2. Sanskriti120

        No no Nita its like I thought “D” to be your surname so galti se mistake hogayi yaar???…………….
        No thanks vanks so….
        And I will try to post soon????

  11. Tanz

    Your college people are insane…..and it’s Ok, I forgive you ?
    So, coming back to this part….Bechara Tia baby…..All her plans failed… basketball bhi khaani padhi muh par dobaara…..and Annika rocked it today….kya band bajayi Tia baby ki????
    We know Annika tumhare Dil me halchal kyu ho Rahi hai?? but you should not have slapped our Shivaay ?…. I thought she would give a surprised reaction but seems like her action mode is on??
    Waiting for the next update Sanskriti ?

    1. Sanskriti120

      Yaaa yaar tanz out college people are insane????????????.
      When I was reading your comment I have a broad smile on my face yaar.
      Ti ke plans ka hamesha puncture hee hotha hain jab tak shivika ek saath hain. And even I felt that anika shouldn’t slapped Shivaay but I have to do this????.
      But wait till next epi let’s se what’s there in anika’s mind???.
      I will not make you wait for long I will post the next soon??????

      1. Tanz

        That’s like a good girl ????

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    I like it

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      I’m glad that you liked it archisha???

  13. Awesome episode dear?….
    Lady baba ki toh Oh My Mata hogai! ???…
    Great job Annika -Shivay ????✌…
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      Lady baba ka oh my mata?????.
      Thanks a lot sofiya??.
      And the next I will try to post it soon??

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    1. Sanskriti120

      First of all sorry I didn’t see your comment and as soon as I saw it I felt soo bad for not replying in time so maaf kardena
      And part 13……… It may get updated on 21 evening…. You know I have chemistry exam?????.
      And blue eyed guy reaction uske paseene chootne wale hain???

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      Thankyou rahanuma….. I’m glad that you loved it???

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    Omg !! U again nailed it . But so late . Is baar maaf kiya , bot next time NOOO .okay !! It that clear ?
    Just kidding . But I need the next part asap . And no maafi. Understood ?
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    1. Sanskriti120

      Yaar I don’t want you guys to wait soo long but cholly the next

      1. Sanskriti120

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        Thankyou soo much for commenting??
        Aur ham bahuth khush kismat hai ?????.
        Love you loads surbhi yaar ????

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        Love u ???

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    Hey sana dr…. I hope I can call u Sana…….and update superb……..slap unexpected…………..but I really want Anika to realise her feelings for Shivay. . ..and I love ur ff as always….. Love you dr…..

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      Arthi yaar tum mujhe pyaar se paagal bulaye tho bhi mujhe manzoor hain,,,,,
      Sana is really a cute name…..
      Anika will realize her feelings for sure but the confession you know It may take time?????.
      I’m glad that you like my ff
      And yeah yaaarrr I love you sooooo??????????

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      Yaa shivaay got a slap???. But anika like always she rocked it??.
      Thankyou for commenting niriha??. And I will post the next soon???

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      Aashi yaar you don’t need to be sorry at last you have broke your silence that is great thing for me???.
      Even I wanted to kill that tia but you know I couldn’t then there will be not entertainment?.
      Haye Haye tumne Itne ache se poocha I will accept you as my sis yaar but I’m just 16 if you are 14 or 15 den don’t call me di but still I’m your sister and you are mine????????????

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      Madhuani yaar you don’t need to be sorry…….I’m happiee that you commented now…… Keep loving
      You reading all the parts haye Haye it made me haapieee?????????.
      Ha ha ha Yaa anika made OMM of shivaay??.
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    Hey Sanskriti. How are you ?
    I missed your update so much !! This episode was fabulous. Omg, tia ki tai tai fish ho gayi. Lol??
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    1. Sanskriti120

      Tumne mera episode jitna miss kiya Maine bhi tumhare comments utna miss kiye….
      Tia??????. Bechari ko bone crashing hug mil gaya floor ke saath
      And congratulations tumhare vibes sach nikal gaye anika ne tia ki OMM kardi?????.
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