Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-11)

Heyy guys this is sanskriti back with another update. A biiiiiiggg thanks to all the people who commented.
Here goes the epi

What is she talking??? She is proposing me,its something I never dreamt…… Yeah!! Yeah!! I dreamt of me proposing her and she accepting the proposal with a cute kiss. But this is unimaginable. Wait!!! Am I dreaming!!! Let me pinch,..Auchh!!! Damnn its not a dream it’s true, now what should I reply, should I say yes or……Ummmm….. Let me do some nautanki. After all its anika who is proposing me, how can I lose a golden chance like this
“Uhu!! Anika what is this??what are you doing??. See I always saw you in terms of my best friend and only friend. So please!!! We are friends and always be friends but not more than that”

After saying this I can see people starting there gossips, about anika and me. I know I did something wrong,but as we know everything is fair in love and war. And I’m deeply in love with her. Kal tak tum mujhse khel Rahi thi na anika, now its my time……. Ha ha ha
Wait!!! After what I have done anika should be scolding me but what the hell is she doing…………………. She is smiling, wait!what!!. Anika is smiling. Generally after rejection people cry,they make everything upside down, but what the hell is she doing…….
” ahuhu!!!! Anika why on earth are you smiling??. I just said no to your proposal. I think you got a shock,please go and rest, take care”
“Shivaay!! You are such a dramebaaz”she replied still smiling
Why did she say like that
Did she got to know that I love her and just faking a rejection. I’m gone
“What did I do??”.
“Shivaay what did you just do?? You rejected me right!!! You idiot…… how can you reject me when we are already in relation……I mean you are already my boyfriend then how can you reject me”she said suppressing her laughter.
” yeah!! Its a fact” I said loud enough…..
Wait..! Whattttt!!!!?. Did she just say that I’m her boyfriend. When did this happen,I became someone’s boyfriend and I’m unaware of that…..
I just saw all the girls and boys in canteen there jaws were touching grounds…….. Whole canteen was silent.
Urghhh!!! This girl will make me mad one day,she was best in her place when she was a nerd,after that basket ball day,not even one minute I had relief.
“Yaa shivaay, that is what I said, we are in relationship and that is fact,don’t you remember that day when we went to date you proposed me and I accepted” she completed her clarification with a wink.
Now its a fix, I can even tell everyone that I didn’t propose her on that day,because I already lied that I went to a romantic date with her. If they get to know that it was just a lie …….meri izzat mitti main mil jayegi……. God!!!!!
“Shivaay!!!!! What happened?. Where are you lost?”she said snapping her fingers in front of me.
“Ye…yeah!!! I remember that,………. I was ..j..jus…just joking” I said both confused and angry.
She can’t do like this, Yaa I know I love her but this is not the way!!!!.
“Anika!! I need to discuss something about that theory,you know its really hard,so could you come with me”
I need an explanation for the raita which she had spread and she understood what I meant, she followed me silently.

While walking in corridors neither of us talked.
Though I was angry on her,but at some corner of my heart I’m feeling heavenly, for she calling me boyfriend in the presence of whole college.
what must be the reason for her act???…. Ummm!! Anika is not from those girls,who are behind me for my money…… There must be some big reason behind this!! Its better if I ask her directly.”Anika…….” And I turned to see her but the scene what I saw made me smile,laugh. I just forgot what was the issue running presently but this sight is really soo cute,
oh my god how can one be soo sweet and cute at same time!!!.
I saw anika doing sit-ups by catching her ears, she is having a cry baby face and puppy eyes…… Actually this reminded me of rudra,even he is of this kind………
“After what you did in canteen,you should do this!!!!, 100 times come on!” I said keeping a angry face,though I wasn’t.
“What!!!100 times, I’m not gonna do” she said jumping at me for once. I was afraid,but she was even cuter when she is angry.
Huh Anika if I become mad then it will be because of you……..
“Aren’t you sorry for what you did now just few minutes ago?”
By seeing her expression I can easily say that she isn’t sorry.
“Hello! Mr. Shivaay Singh…obbao, I did it for your well being”
“First of all it’s shivaay Singh OBEROI!!!!”
My surname is my pride, I thought she know my surname, every girl is behind me because of my surname but this girl she didn’t even know that! Huh. And then I continued
“And secondly!!! You calling me boyfriend, I don’t think so it will mean any happiness to me”
*IT MEANS EVERY DAMN HAPPINESS TO ME* I wanna scream but I couldn’t.
“Shivaay that idiot tia…….”
She was serious this time.
“What???” I was curious enough to know what that cheapster did! Did she again made fun of anika. I’m not gonna leave her
“Shivaay did you meet tia after my clash with her” hesitation is clearly visible on her face.
Then my mind went into flashback ……………
after my basket ball date with anika the next night I went for a drive….. At some sunsaan place I got down the car and started enjoying the weather, suddenly out of no where tia came and hugged me and started sobbing, I was little bit hesitant to hug her back, I really can’t touch someone like that. So we parted then I asked her the reason behind she over some unknown place at this hour while offering her tissue and water. She said me that dushyanth brought her here and even tried to abuse her,so she was running and then while running she found me.

I saw her,she was continuously sobbing, how dare that idiot try to abuse a women, though tia is someone whom I hate but I can’t see her getting abused, women are meant to be respected, I will surely take an action against him.
Then we went to Tia’s house to drop her, as she was not able to walk I dropped her till her room, then when I was turning to leave I just lost my balance and fell on her over bed. I was really shocked. But immediately I got up,gained my composure apologized her, wished good night and left to my place…. That’s it…….
“Shivaay I just asked you something,did you meet tia?” Anika asked again
I’m sure that if I say the whole thing she will doubt me.
“Ac..actually anika.. Umm…” I wasn’t able to say further
“Tell something Shivaay” she is adamant to know the truth.
“Anika…….” And I said the whole thing to her,throughout my explanation she was having a neutral expression on her face. After ending neither of us spoke,I don’t know what she is thinking,but I’m tensed and if she misunderstood me then by god I will be shattered.
“Tia….. This girl na,I’m not gonna leave her” she broke her silence by these words
“What happened anika please say it clearly”
My head will burst into pieces if this suspense drama continues.
“She instigated me against you”angry Anika said gritting her teeth.
“Is she out of her mind!! What!!… What did she say………just say it dammit”
Instigating??? But why? What was my fault??? Saving a women and dropping her safely at her house
Is this the mistake that I have done
“She said that you…you tried to abuse her” anika said it as soon as possible.”she has shown some pictures of you over her and some sh*t” she added.
“Did you believe?” This was the only question I could ask her after what she had told me.
“Shivaay actually…..”
“Just answer me did you believe what tia said……..,YES/NO”
I just can’t drag this too long, I was impatient to know if anika believes me or not,
If she says no then I will call off our friendship,
Because where there is no trust there friendship doesn’t exist,,,,and where there us no friendship,there shivaay doesn’t exist.

I can see his bluish green orbs questioning me,
His orbs carry a perfect innocence,. But today for the first time I’m seeing rage in his eyes.
What should I tell him,,,,,, that I can feel his touch, that he is innocent,or that I feel Some closeness for him,,
Should I say him that I believe him to the eternity, and even if god comes and tell me then also the trust which I have on him will never break……
What should I say????.
if I say all these, and if he starts asking me reason behind me trusting him blindly, then I will not have answers for his questions.
Even I don’t know why I feel safe in his arms,…
But all I know is ……..
this should be only friendship,,,,,,
I cannot get over another heartbreak.
“Shivaay!!!! Yes!!! I believe you,even if god comes and say me that you have done something like that,even then I would choose you and your friendship over everything”
I finished telling my short speech.
And then I can see his eyes gaining joy again. I just like his eyes soo much,though I met many people having beautiful eyes,but his orbs has some other type of charm, I mentally promised myself that I will never let this charm go away
Even I don’t know why do I care for him sooooo much,,,,,,,,may be because he is my friend,,,,,,
Yeahhh!!! He is my friend and I can’t let anything happen to him and especially joy in his eyes….

People say honesty can be seen in the works done by them,but I can see honesty in her eyes. Her honey brown orbs are clearly reflecting love and care,,,,,,,,,,but I know she is not gonna accept that she loves me,after all she is anika,……….
“Why do you believe me so much anika?”
Seeing such kind of affection in her eyes,I wanna know the reason behind that.
“Shivaay you are my friend,and nobody has right to mess with you other than me, only I have that right”
**FRIENDS**. Why this word always comes the answer,hope I can kill this word,its irritating to be only friend,I expect more…
“But anika,tia instigated you and then you came and declared me as your boyfriend,but why?, what’s the link between these two things”
Confusion was still in my head.
“Buddhu!!!. See she had some pictures of that incident and I heard her talking with her friend ria that she will complain against you,showing those pictures as proof, soo I came to you and declared as my boy friend.” She completed her clarification leaving me still confused.
“How its gonna help out?”
“You didn’t understand!. Chee Chee shivaay I never thought that you are such a dumb, if she complains against you then I will say, that person in the picture is not you”
“And why do you think they will believe you” I asked as my patience is draining out.
“Because you are my boyfriend, I will say that you were with me that night, so there will be no possibility of you being with tia…..” And she continued saying something about her planning,
I just went and hugged her suddenly,I can see that she is baffled with my sudden action,as she is not reciprocating.
Slowly she too hugged me.
“Why did you take risk anika” I still can’t believe that she risked her respect to save me.
“I don’t know shivaay,may because you are my friend” she said as me parted.

S: now what is your next move anika, I’m sure no one will believe that we both are in relation,because these all things happened really fast.
A: I have an idea but I need your help for that!
S: Yaa sure, what should we do?
A: we will fake a relationship, we have to behave as couple as long as we are in college.
Shivaay was shocked to core as soon as he got to know what is cooking up in anika’s mind. He always wanted to be in relationship with anika,but he never thought that one day when he will have to do so,then it will be a fake one.
Shivaay mentally made a note that he will turn this fake relation drama into true one for sure.
“Anika if we need to act as couple then we have to even enact romantic moments,” saying ao shivaay pinned her to the wall,
“Let’s be romantic anika”
Guysss this is really a long one, may be this part will be boring because most of the episode is based on point of views. But I really tried too hard to make the episode interesting, I have never written POV for whole episode,I would love if you give some suggestions and corrections, Pleaseeeeeeeeeee do comment,because if you guys comment the next part will be sooner and even longer

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