Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-10)

Heyy guys this is sanskriti back again with another episode. Thanks aloooottt for the people who commented. I love you all.
Hope you like the update
“Muahh!!!!” There goes the fifth kiss,the calculator Singh oberoi woke up……………………
“What the heck!!! She never kissed me like this and now she is firing soo many free kisses to this virat kohli” shivaay said loud enough.

Anika was really enjoying shivaay’s baffled expression,with her each kiss to virat kohli, shivaay was giving her very funny expressions. To add more fire in the game anika started sleep talk.
“Virat!!!” Her husky,s*xy voice and tone were making shivaay go mad,but the fact that she is calling some other persons name,made full red in anger.
“She never called me like this,with soo much love” shivaay was feeling great michmichi with anika calling some virat’s name so huskily.
“Virat!!! Maine tumhe itna kiss kia you never kissed me back,come on I want a kiss!!!” Anika was not in a mood to let shivaay go easily. “Now she is asking a poster to kiss,shivaay,she is mad, and why is she even asking virat kohli to kiss” shivaay was ready to kill the person who is having more height that him and even his anika is liking him.
“Virat!!!!” Anika shouted and cling her hands around shivaay.
“Is she thinking me as virat kohli” shivaay was haapie and sad at aame time, he was happy that anika is nearly hugging him, but he is sad with the fact that she thought shivaay as virat and hugged him.

Anika was doing all idiotic things to irritate shivaay, but on the other side shivaay was trying to stop anika without any disturbance to her sleep, he don’t want anika to lose her sleep because she had a stressful evening.
Anika started to feel pity for shivaay, though she is irritating him he is trying to hold on her, so she thought to let him go with giving a gift.
Anika started to move towards shivaay, “anika stop I’m not virat please stop there,let’s go and sleep” shivaay was afraid of the consequences, if anika comes near him then he will lose his control over his feeling and sense organs.
Anika just went and hugged him tight
“Sorry shivaay!! You are really a great person, I will greatful to have a friend like you” anika confessed that she was acting till now.
Shivaay was shocked to learn the truth, he was in no mood to let her go after what she had done, so he thought of a mischief and smirked.
They both parted.

Anika kept her one hand on shivaay’s cheek,she then stood on her toes and pecked his forehead. Shivaay was dumbfounded,he was having numerous reactions for the scene that just happened.
Anika just jerked him because he was motionless after her peck on his forehead.
“Shivaay…!!! What happened??” Anika was concerned for him because of his silence.
“Uhu..!! Anika, I need to use washroom!!!” Shivaay needed some idleness after what KHAND anika did.
“Okay its there” anika indicated the washroom door with her finger.
Shivaay directly went into washroom,closed the door, then he started shouting
“Yuhuuuuuu!!!!!!. She kissed me,just now she kissed me I think this is a dream……….. Let me pinch!!!!!……” He pinched himself for confirmation. “Ahhhh;!!!!! Yes this is not a dream, ha ha ha ha ha!!!! She kissed me,this means she likes me and she is in love with me,” shivaay was over imaginating.
“Honey moon keliye Kaha jaye, London,… Nah nah, Paris is best place………………. Agar ladki hui tho kya naam rakhoo, ladka hua tho…. I will decide the names…….” Shivaay was over thinking.”Knock!!Knock!!”anika thought something was really wrong,because from past 15 mins shivaay was inside washroom. “Is everything okay???” Anika asked. “Ya.. Ya everything is fine”. Anika hummed in response. Here inside washroom shivaay mentally slapped himself for thinking toooo much, just because she kissed him doesn’t mean she is in love with him, it can be a friendly kiss too. But then he remembered his mischief which he planned against anika for her sleep walking act. “Ahhhhhh!!! Anika I just fell down could you please help me” shivaay faked a scream and a story. “What you fell down, did you leave your eyes at house???, wait I’m coming inside” anika went to help on her friend without knowing the consequences which Shivaay planned for her.

Anika went inside washroom and searched the whole area but she didn’t find shivaay, her jaws touched the floor, she started thinking that whatever happened till now was her imagination. “Shivaay ka aana, mera usse satana, uska washroom jaana, help maangna,,,,, yeh Sab mera imagination tha, did I imagine these all things?????”.
Then suddenly with a thud anika hit the door, then she realized shivaay stopped her,blocked her between his hands and door.
“Sh..Shiva…shivaay.. What’s this???” Anika was nervous with his closeness. “Shhhh….!!!!!!” Shivaay stopped her from speaking further. Shivaay went near her and pecked her forehead, and then her cheeks. “Remember shivaay Singh oberoi always returns everything with interest.
Anika was not knowing what just happened. They came out from washroom. Then suddenly they heard a knock on the door.
” Anikaaa!!! Are you alone??? I just heard someone calling for help!!!!” Warden was sure that the voice was of some boy.
“Anika you don’t worry I’m leaving.!!! Byee” Shivaay doesn’t want anika to be in any problem.
“But how will you go???”anika wants shivaay to be safe.
” jaise aaya hoon, waise hee jaunga” saying so shivaay went near window. And anika went towards door. Suddenly shivaay came back and hugged her too tight, wished her good night, then went out from the window. Anika was though feeling happy from inside but was not accepting that.
Anika opened the door said some lame reason to the warden.

Shivaay was as usual having fun with his friends. Then anika entered the canteen with mallika, she straight away went near shivaay. Shivaay was confused that why on earth anika was staring him
Anika went near Shivaay, hugged him tight
Shivaay was not understanding the happenings, then he thought about yesterday evening, anika being afraid in darkness,he just patted anika’s back”nothing will happen anika”he tried to sooth her. Anika parted away and took two steps back,she spread her arms in filmy shahrukh khan style and screamed,attaining whole canteen attention

Apologies!apologies! Apologies!. I’m really sorry for not posting soo long, I was stuck with something really important,and out of that my mom is a teacher…. You know when one of your parent is teacher then house is not less than school. And hopefully I’m not stoping this ff because after the response what I got on last update overwhelmed me, I even got some sweet warnings which I loved. Hope you continue to show your love and comment even on this part, if you have any complaints the do tell me. I would love if some one corrects my mistakes. And vivikhta in next episode I will grant your wish, anika and tia are gonna have a clash in next episode. So thanks once again and pleaseesee do comment. Chupke chupke likha hain yeh wala.

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  1. Awww that was such a cute one! ?…..
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      Aww that was indeed a cute comment sofiya. Thanks for commenting, I will post the next as soon as possible?

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    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you soo much arthi dr, even I loved shivaay in this epi ?. And anika’s past it will take some time to unfold. So stay tuned??

  5. Awesome one sanskriti!!! Pls do continue and don’t leave it in the end or give it a rough ending cause this is one fan ff, take this as a warning or anything but pls do not end it?
    Anika’s prank was supppppeeerrr cute
    Shivaay’s was the best!!!! Anika’s way of proposal is so damn ultimate!!!! Shivaay kareaction kya hoga?? Waiting for it!!!

    1. Sanskriti120

      SamSun, it was really overwhelming to read your suggestion, don’t worry yaar main abhi yeh ff bandh karke Itni aasani se aap logon ka peecha nhi chodne wali. And your sweet and cute warning I loved it???. And anika ka proposal????. You will get to know the whole reason in next epi. And thanks a lot for commenting??

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      Thanks a lot shivika4eva. Ya hum tum ek kamre scenes are always good?. Thanks for commenting. And ya I will post the next soon?

  9. Pooja26

    o bete ki !!!!!!!!!!
    ani confessed 😉 😉
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    1. Sanskriti120

      Yayyyy!! Ani confessed but wait till next episode,may be there will be a twist????. Thanks for commenting and ya I will post soon?

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    1. Sanskriti120

      You found it darshana. But I just like him, you know I’m tomboy type, so I don’t love him soo deeply, but Yaa I admire him???

    2. Sanskriti120

      You found it darshana. But I just like him, you know I’m tomboy type, so I don’t love him soo deeply, but ya I admire him???

  14. Wow!!! Ek dum khidkitode epi…. Anika confess shivaay!!!! Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

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      Thank you banitha for such khidkithod comment?. Yaa anika confessed,??. I will surely post soon?

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    Sanskriti it’s Ok if it was a little late,it was worth the read and that’s what counts.??????????

    1. Sanskriti120

      Tanz yaar tumne diya hain warning kaise Naa darthi?????????. And ya coming to your doubt about last line, you are absolutely right, there is a twist, you know somehow this twist takes the story forward??. And hopefully you are ryt. Thank you for commenting and motivating me???

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      Thank you rahanuma?

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      Wow wow wow ayshakhan that was a total’WOW’ comment?. Thanks yaar

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    Shivaay is so damn cute…Loved his possessive nature a lot!
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    1. Sanskriti120

      Yaaa!!!! Bhavana total 5 kisses?????. Shivaay ????. Bht possessive hogaya bechara. Thanks alot for commenting bhavana????. And ya I will update soon??

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  21. Jerry_36

    Hey Sanskriti it is amazing dear. A mast episode. Shivaay was so jealous and I loved the way you showed it. Yesss the calculator oberoi inside him woke up?
    After you made Shivaay give a kiss from anika he must be thanking to you in some corner of his heart?? Great part yaar. Loved it thoroughly.
    Now I know how Shivaay is so good in deals. Had cheez apne saath-saath doosro ka interest dhyaan me rakhkar deta hai???
    Fabulous one. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Post soon. Love you❤

    1. Sanskriti120

      Ha ha ha shivaay was seriously burning while writing I felt his burn soo much????. Thank you so much VEDIKA(Yayyy!!! I got to know your name?????)…… Loved your name soo much.,,, though shivaay is in college usse toh aage jaakar business hee toh karna hai soo Yaa he is good at deals???.. And the nxt post I have submitted it will get posted till this evening do read it???

      1. Jerry_36

        Thank you so much. Btw how you got my name Sanskriti ???

      2. Sanskriti120

        VEDIKA,,,,,, I got to know your name from one of your comment on other ff, and you know I just loved your name. Such sweet name. Even you are sweet???

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    1. Sanskriti120

      Ayyyaaa!!!!!!??????. Meri hari mar gayi!!!! Main lut gayi main barbad hogayi????????????.
      I love you so so so so so and really sooooo much hari,kitna cute sa comment tha,,,,,I had a broad smile all the way reading all the peoples comment. Thank you soo much, array ab tumhara bhoot bhi mar gaya,,,,, ha ha ha????. And you don’t need to be sorry for late comment,you have commented that made me haappppyyyyy… Thankyou Choo much????

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    1. Sanskriti120

      Aapka Rudy is on the way,I’m searching some better ways to introduce him,you know by giving your views, you made my day, I really need someone who say everything straight forwardely. Happie!!! Happiee!!! Happiee!!. Actually dimple yaar there is a twist in proposal,it is straight for some reason?????. I have posted the next epi do see it you will get to know the twist,but also I’m really thankfulbto get some sweet suggestions from you. Thank you soo much yaar?????????

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