Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-1)

hey this is sanskriti back with some sort of TS
hope u all will like it

“Ahhhhh!!not again” said anika after explaining the same theory to the creature in front
of her for 8th time around.Being a studious person in whole college doesnt mean that explaining the same thing
for several times is easy,it is really irritating, but the person in front of her is not at all understanding
what she is explaining even after putting all the efforts she has to……
“array anika im saying right im not getting anything ur saying into my head”said shivaay least interested in stupid theory
Shivaay was a really famous guy in the whole college unlike annika whom people barely know.Shivaay is really a flirt type
guy …but he is really good at studies except some theories which anika, his newly made friend is trying to explain for so long
Though shivaay understood the theory long ago he is really testing the patience of the college
biggest nerd or we can say he is really admiring her antics while explaining him.
“Shivaay im here sitting in library from half an hour and explaining the same theory from so long my patience is done now
im not going for further”anika said out of frustation of being with him in library and wasting her precious time which she
thought of spending in watching a bore documentary film which is really interesting to her…saying
so anika got up to leave the library whose silence is haunting her for so long
“ok ok… i will ask om about the theory i have understood it somewhat and om will explain me further”
lied shivaay with taing the name of his long haired philosophical brother
“okay then im leaving now i have to watc the documentary film,im already runing late”
said anika and started to leave while shivaay also followed anika till door not before muttering STUPID FILM under
his breath.

While leaving the library room and passing through the corridors agirl from college popular gang slided her leg in anika’s way
with which anika has to give a hug to floor again.This is not the first time she is facing this time of treatment from the
popular girl gang ….they used to tease anika,all around college ,in classroons,in washrooms,and where not…..anika always thought
of giving them back ….but the nerd in her had never allowed her to do so
As usual annika got up took her belongings set righted her spectacles and started leaving…but the girls were not done of what they did
“This idiot is fit for nothing” shouted tia,leader of the popular girls gang
Anika turned around and saw them …..tears were making there own way down her cheeks
she thought of giving them back and started walking towards them
Shivaay who was watching all this scenario came to the popular girls gang and in order to save anika
“what happened my dear ladies?? is there something wrong” he said indicating anika to leave the place fastly…..
seeing him all the girls have sarted bluhing heavily………Being the most wanted munda in the college shivaay even had
charismatic eyes ….Girls used to love him to the core but shivaay was least interested in this girls . though he used to flirt them
but that was only for their entertainment…..Seeing shivaay hadeling the girls anika left the place immediately………..

so guys this is a story of anika and shivaay they are in a college
and here anika is a nerd whereas shivaay is popular guy
lets see how love blossoms betwwen them and how shivaay transfors anika
pease comment if you like and give me suggestions to continue

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