story of two sisters swara and ragini (Part 1)

Hiiii friends i hope you all like my FF
intro; this is a story of two sisters swara and ragini there collage love life marriage life every

one lady: you know one thing i listened that when i was not there in town shamista and shekhar married
another lady: yaa yess yess susmila is this the age of marriage chee chee
from oppp side one lady is shouting and coming
nani: aaa keep your words in your mouth if you say any thing again about my son and his wife i wont spare haaa
susmila: what we are saying is right only noo at this age chee
nani; shut up
misti: maaa leave it come inside come
nani : see i will teach you a lesson
misti will take nani inside

on other side
in a coffe shop uttara{ lets think avni in TBST] and her friends are siting
shilpa: in this world no one is as beautiful as me
ramya: no utarra is more beauty ful in our gang
utarra : ok lets see u select any one of the boy from here he will come with me for a coffe tommorow and shila you to ask the another boy may he will come or not
at that time they will see one handsome boy who is wearing jeans and black t shirt on that white coat on a bike near the ATM
shilpa : go go and ask that boy
utarra: that boy ok
uttara will go near that boy the friends can’t listen there conversation
she will come back
uttara: see he gave me the number he said he will say the time
shilpa: what is there in that now you select i will also do
at that time one handesome boy coming from that ATM wearing jeans and white t shirt and blue coat
uttara: that guy
shilpa goes near that guy but he refuses
she comes back
uttara : he gave his number show show
shilpa: nooo
that is uttara
uttara will leave while leaving
uttara: if you what his number i have it
shilpa: what
uttara will leave
she will start her scooty she wil go
she will reach home there that two boys are out of her home
the boy who is wearing jeans and black t shirt on that white coat is laksh
and the boy who is wearing jeans and white t shirt and blue coat is sanskar
uttara; why you guyss follow me?
laksh:uttara we are not following you
uttara:ooo just shut up
sanskar:uttara is this is manners to talk with us and by the way we are not following you we came to there ATM
sujata:why you will always fight with them
uttara:haa mujko kohi kam nahi hai naa iss liyeh
ap:leave it come inside
uttara:noo badii maa should go to practice
sanskar: ha ha go go he looks down and smiles
laksh: sanskar u should not do like that last tennies match she lost so what she need some practice laksh too smiles
uttara: badi maa deko naa
ap: you both come in
uttara leaves the place angrily


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  3. Really gud bt plz reveal the pairs soon.

  4. Where r our heroins???…nice start

  5. Awesome epi just loved it

  6. It’s really interesting dr.. Sanlak n uttara’s intro was gud..

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