Hello guys its sriya and dolly here back with the second episode this is sriya here I know that everyone is liking this ff and esha writing but guys please do tell me if I am writing well or not because I am also working very hard on this story. Please guys I want everyone to comment and respect our work because we are writing this ff for you guys only. Thanks a lot guys for your encouraging comments I want everyone to comment and do tell their opinions to us.

Episode 2
Precap: – Dp comes to know about sanskar’s life matters, he feels angry and scolds him, sanskar signs to take revenge on swara hate story starts!
Sanskar is reaching to home he feels angry about thinking that party incident. Dp is watching news at his home while in the breaking news it was the scene in which swasan incident was being shoot in that it was being saying that the great sanskar maheshwari tried to misbehave with Ms swara kapoor. Dp is fuming anger after seeing this news he switches off the Television ap asks him the reason for his angriness dp tells everything what happened ap also feels angry on sanskar.

Dp calls sanskar and asks him to come home right now sanskar he shouts and cuts the call. Sanskar gets tensed he thinks did dad got know about that party incident oh god I have reach to home fast.
After five minutes he reaches the home and dp asks what is this sanskar I am ashamed to call you as my son u have made my head down in front of the society chi I am ashamed that you are my son how dare u to misbehave with a girl is this is the manners we gave u, once also u didn’t think about my reputation your reputation this
whole family reputation people will badmouth us saying didn’t told you right and wrong and didn’t give u manners. I don’t want u to stay in my house sanskar after u did this leave my house right now pack ur bag leave I don’t want a person to stay in my house who misbehaves with girls and plays with their feelings. Get out of my right now sanskar!
Sanskar gets angry on Dp and ap but is helpless so he packs his bag and leaves to his friends house. As soon as he leaves Ap starts crying and dp also shed few tears. They felt bad for sanskar but they know it was his right punishment to him for trying to misbehave with the girl.

@ Sanskar friend house
Sanskar reaches there and tells his frnd everything what happened. Sanskar says this all happened because of that swara now I have to teach a lesson to swara. Saying this he discuss the whole plan with his frnd and smirks.

Precap: – sanskar start his plan to take revenge on swara. Hate story starts!

So guys how was the second episode. guys shower your love on us with ur comments. Please everyone comment and respect our work. This is sriya posting next episode will be posted by my cute sissy dolly.
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    Interesting dear

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  3. dolly is my sis so are u ok i respect your hard work will u be my sis *in proposing style*& please tell my 1st sis to make next part looonnnngggeeerrr

    1. Sriya

      of course i am your sis i accept your request and ya dolly is my sis too ya surely will tel her to make next part longer thanks for respecting my hard work cute sissy

  4. Deeksha

    Nice but short….. But next time wanted a long episode….. And ask dolly to post meri aashiqui…….

  5. Great yar now it will be interesting to see does sanskaar become sussceful in his revenge or not???

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    post asap……

  7. Jwala

    superb update sriya.. Please write a little more longer.. I love hate stories on swasan.. I’m a southie dear.. from kerala. . and you?

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