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@disco ball
Roll , camera and action ..

Reporter : hello everyone this is reporter pooja reporting live form the disco ball , we are here for the main reason because , we got a chance to meet Mr sanskar maheshwari , who will be here any time and one more celebrity our Swara kapoor …who is also here , these two are rare to watch , so me and my camera man are gonna show u them ….let me first explain the place we r in

The camera shows the place

The place was fully crowded , youngsters age between 18 – 24 were dancing , drinking and flirting
But apart form that our camera focuses on a girl partying wildly …
Don’t squeeze ur innocent and small brain ….its of course our wild heroine Swara kapoor ….

Reporter : omg here is miss Swara kapoor , look at her how charming and hot she looks

Camera fully views her from top to bottom
She was wearing red hot frock …..above knee ….she was ravish in looking …..
Sahil friend of Swara or boyfriend of Swara comes and joins her

Swara goes to stage and announces

Swara : hello hot boys and beautiful girls , today is first love anniversary of me and my boyfriend sahil , so enjoe how much ever u want
Bill is mine
Saying this she opens the beer bottle with sahil …..everyone cheers

Swara : enjoy to the fullest guys ….

Saying this sahil and Swara goes to bar counter
Sahil : aww, Swara u make our each a and every day special na … u baby !
Swara : me too baby …
Sahil hugs her and kisses her neck bitting it
Swara : array baby , I said na I hate romance
Sail : ufff ! Again ur rules …OK ok I accept
Swara winks at him ..
Swara : look u spending some time with karthik ….OK …he needs u
Sahil winks at her and leaves

(Note : Swara may be free , but her dignity is important for her)

Reporter : omg ! Its her first love anniversary ….thats cool a and look who is her boyfriend Mr sahil sen Gupta , the rock star of India …

Swara who was gulping the vodka wildly and texting her friends

At that time , the party becomes silent seeing a dashing , young , hot , handsome , charming boy entering ……

Reporter : there he is sanskar maheshwari …..flat stupid camera man cover him not me
Camera covers sanskar who was wearing black suit coming with his girlfriend kavitha

Reporter : we can see miss kavitha seen Gupta , sister of Mr sahil sen Gupta , I think something is between sanskar and kavitha , let’s watch

Sanskar and kavitha sits on a table
Sanskar (rude) : I said na …I don’t like to come her and all
Kavitha : plz darling only for me ….
Sanskar (rude) : listen u are just a sleeping partner of mine …not my gf
Kavitha : I know , even I am waiting for the day to come when I will be ur gf
Sanskar (smirks) : in ur dreams ….now go and fast meet ur ex sleeping partner and come …
Kavitha winks and leaves

Sanskar talks to one of his officer …about his security
Sanskar : listen no one should know about me coming here OK ….
Officer : yes sir ..
Sanskar smirks and keeps the phone

Then he sees our beautiful angel ….oops hot and ravishing queen Swara kapoor who was smiling seeing her phone
But our sanskar is a devil

He watches her whole body with lust full eyes
Sanskar : omg ! Who is this girl …..can’t even able to take my eyes from her ……I somehow want to have her tonight ….

Swara comes towards him
Swara : excuse me , can u give me ur phone ….I want to make an call ,becoz my phone is dead
Sanskar smiles
Sanskar : here ,
Swara smiles : thank u !

Swara dials someone and starts to talk …
Sanskar was admiring each and every moment of her’s ……he was going crazy

Swara finishes
Swara : here , thanks for the help ….
Sanskar holds her hand and he also stands up , he pulls her closer
Sanskar : will u come with me tonight ….
Swara get angry …
Swara : stop …..
Sanskar : I will give the double amount ur father as ..
Swara : do u first know who I am ?
Sanskar : nope ….
Swara : I am Swara kapoor ….Mr
Sanskar was shocked …as he heard about her but never talked or met her , its first time
Sanskar : so what , I am hot and more ever I guess u r a virgin so come na let’s enjoy …
Swara couldnt take it more , she takes a glass of wine and pours on his head

Shocking everyone around …she breaks a beer bottle and scratches her hand , blood starts ozing ….
Swara : everyone this man is trying to misbehave with me ….

Everyone were shocked

Reporter : omg ! ….come on camera cover this ..this is will gives us a hot news

Sanskar was angry and shocked
Swara smiles winningly

Swara in a low tone : I came here to take revenge from u sanskar , when my friend Riya had a crush on u , u tricked her , played with her na
I thought u accepted her …but u ….u left her and she suicuded na …now its my turn to take revenge
Swara : the painis still jot healing sanskar

Sanskar : what can I do , its her madness on me …its not my fault
Swara (cries) : but u ,…..u ….slept with her right …
Sanskar : haan so what
Swara (cries) : its easy fr ur boys to play and leave . But life long only the girl bears the pain not u

Saying this Swara leaves ….crying

Sanskar felt guilt but ignored it

Media rushed in and covered everything , sanskar was devasted

Reporter : omg omg omg ! Tomorrow our tv news trp will break the record …..
This is pooja tiwari and camera man jiva signing off …….

Screen freezes

Precap : Dp comes to know about sanskar’s life matters , he feels angry and scolds him , sanskar signs to take revenge form Swara
Hate story starts !

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