Story of Two Hearts (KRPKAB) – Episode 1


Hi Guys.. This is my first FP.. I hope u all will like it..
My story begins with Natasha/ Kareena’s entry
All the characters are same as the serial.

Story starts with sona looking for opportunities to confess her love for Dev
She has been sent to Dev’s office by Ishwari(Ishu) to give a file to him for the meeting.
Sona reaches Dev’s office and gives the file to Dev who ask her why did she trouble to come to give the file.
Sona tells Dev that Kichu bhaiya was busy and driver was also not there and that she have to talk to him so she came.

Dev asks Sona what she wants to talk..
Sona stammers and Says Mr Dixit I… I… LOVE… And just then someone knocks on the door…
A beautiful girl in a dress enters Dev’s cabin and says ” Dev r u coming or not”?
Dev says oh ya sorry Natasha(Nat).. Just coming..Nat sees Sona and asks Dev to introduce her with his Girlfriend…
Dev says that She is Dr Bose, mom’s nutritionist and nothing else..
And Dr Bose she is Natasha my business partner and college friend.
Nat and Sona greet each other.
Sona feel bad since Dev introduced her only as his mom’s nutritionist and not also as his friend. Sona bids good bye and leaves for Dev’s house.
At Dev’s House –

Sona is in the kitchen and is still upset abt how dev introduced her.
Ishu comes and thanks sona for taking the file to Dev bec of which his meeting went well.
Sona asks about Natasha from Ishu and ishu tells sona that she is a great friend and the best business partner dev can get. Sona gets jealous listening abt Natasha
Ishu further Adds that if God wishes Natasha could soon be Dev’s life partner. Sona is shocked after listening this.. And asks ishu does Mr Dixit loves Natasha, to which Ishu says that she does not know about love but she knows her son and that her son will be happy with Natasha.
Sona becomes upset… And ask ishu to ask Dev about how he feels about Natasha and then only take any decision.
Ishu does not like Sona’s interference and ask her to stay away from her family and concentrate on her work.
Sona feels bad…
In the evening Dev comes home and sees Sona upset and asks her the reason, to which Sona replies that why do he cares if she is just her mom’s nutritionist and nothing else.. Sona further says thather work for todayis over and leave. Dev Is confused and worried.. Ishu comes and ask dev about his day.. Dev says it was good and ask abt Sona to which ishu sys that leave her and ask him to settle down.. Dev is confused.. He says maa I need to find a girl to settle.. Ishu says u already have a girl in your life… Dev says: Who? Dr Bo… Ishu stops him and says oh ho Dev how can u think of that doc.. Iam talking about Natasha…
Dev is shocked !!
He says to Ishu that he cannot marry Natasha since she is just a friend to him and nothing else..
Ishu says that she is sure Natasha will keep her happy and that she has already spoken with Natasha’s father about their alliance…

Dev gets upset and tells her mom that she should have asked him
Ishu says that why r u behaving like tha Dr Bose… She too suggested me to ask u once but I told her that my son wont go against my decision… But I guess that Dr was right and I was wrong about you.
Dev says that its not like what she thinks but I dont love Natasha so how can I marry her.
Ishu asks dev if he loves someone
Dev stays quite for sometime and then says that he himself don’t know and is confused…
Ishu says then he should stop getting confused and start planning for his engagement with Natasha which is 2 weeks from today…
Dev stands shocked and the screen freezes on his face…

Precap : Sona comes to Dev’s house and Nikki happily tells Sona about Dev’s engagement and just then Dev comes and both look at each other and r in pain….

Credit to: Vaishu

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  1. Vaishu, I think u have written same which will going to happen in coming episodes, i like it very much ,pls update fast ur next post

  2. Awesome episode.

  3. Wow!! This ff is really gud. I am waiting for the next epi…pls upload it soon

  4. Thanks for appreciating… Yes my story is the continuation of what I feel will happen next in the upcoming episodes of the serial… I will soon my next episode…

    1. very nice carry on real one is very boring

  5. Natasha n Ishwari are demons from hell on earth. Typical pathetic ladies.

  6. Thanks Shruti and krpkab lovers… Keep supporting my ff…i will write the next episode very soon…

  7. Wow .plz update next episode fast.. ?

  8. Beautiful !!!

  9. woo… this was really awesome but i agree with Tanya

  10. i just love Devakashi 🙂

  11. No no no no I hope this not real!!!!pls pls really!!!shit shit shit

  12. this is superb 🙂
    i think elena will make dev realise his feelings for sona

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